Sunday, December 30, 2007

And Now for Something Completely Different....

Check out my work site (4 Track Films) for some cool updates on GOD ROCKS! There is a photo gallery to view, a behind the scenes "making of..." video to watch and a free music download of our first single called TESTAMENT to rock out to (btw, Dahlia totally rocked out to this song while in utero when we were in the recording studio this summer...see, couldn't get away without mentioning the baby at least once...).

Saturday, December 29, 2007

2 Weeks

So yesterday Miss Dahlia had her 2 week check up - TWO WEEKS already! How the heck did that happen. She is doing good - gaining a wee bit of weight but at least not losing. She's still not up to her birth weight yet but hopefully will be soon.

She weighed in at 5lbs 12oz....that puts her in the 2nd percentile! I guess she's going to be a little one through life - look at her parents! I mean really, we're a combined height of about 10 1/2 feet so.... She's measuring 18.75 inches long (4th percentile) but that is different than the 19 1/4 she was at the hospital. When I said "oh! she's shrinking!" the clinical assistant said - well, we measure differently here... (?). (weird).

Everything else on the little one looks good. She's pooping & peeing like a champ; she eats mostly good - except when I try to wake her to eat (ay yi yi - soooo not fun). Her heart, lungs, tummy, legs, arms etc are all as they should be...and she's still just delicious.

Auntie Kathy & Uncle Jay visited today and the triplets sent along lots of preemie clothes - yay! She finally has some things she fits in. IT's so fun to see her arms fit into her sleeves. :) My friend Sarah O. visited as well as Sarah B. - it was so fun to show off my little one. Kathy & Jay also brought us food - yay! Sloppy joes, buns, carrots & celery, dip, chips and brownies! It rocked as we were both starving this afternoon. Kathy also did some dishes which rocked my world. We opened presents too - it was a good day. The crying (on my part) was at a minimum - yay!

Still not much milk...but we'll keep trying....

Okay - time to wind down and relax a bit...then feeding time, then Mama-Gets-A-Glass-of-Wine-Time. :)

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Got Milk?


because I need some. This feeding's tough. For some reason I'm just not producing very much which makes for one hungry baby. It is getting a little better but not that much. I'm getting frustrated which I know doesn't help anything...and then I cry (again).

We went to the lactation consultant last Thursday. She was very nice & helpful and way less scary than I thought she would be. She weighed Miss Dahlia, gave us some feeding tips, sold me a feeding pillow (she didn't push it - I just used it there and loved it), gave us some formula samples for supplementing if we needed it, made a "Plan" for us and all was good...but the milk still didn't come.

So we went back on Monday. I started taking the herbal supplement fenugreek on Saturday and thought by Monday it would've "kicked in" - but it hasn't really. We weighed her again and she was over her discharge weight (yay!) but I'm still freaking out because I don't know how much I'm giving her.

I'm feeding her more on demand now than on our schedule because that just wasn't working. Sometimes she only eats at the breast, sometimes she has that and a breast milk supplement (pumped); sometimes she gets formula after all that. I think her cheeks are getting chubbier but I just don't know.

There is so much NOT KNOWING.


I feel like all I do is nurse, feed, pump, repeat. I am now only pumping every other feeding because I was losing my sanity (and the LC said that was fine - she suggested it actually). We go to the doctor tomorrow for her 2 week check up (2 weeks already?!?!?!?!) and we'll see how she's doing weight-wise. I hope it's good.

I might go on Reglan next week to increase the milk supply. I hate the idea of taking an Rx but what can I do? I want her to be breast fed so I have to be willing to do this.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Things I've Learned: The First Week

1. You can never have *too many* burp cloths.

2. No matter how tired you are, somehow you will make it through each day and each night. (although I am still sort of dreading the nights right now).

3. There is a lot more crying than I'd expected - from me, not her.

4. Girls are very capable of spraying you with their pee, just like boys.

5. Just when you think you've outsmarted them by layering a towel over the clean diaper, they will poop immediately upon putting the new diaper on anyway.

6. Breastfeeding is hard.

7. I HAVE to spend time just looking at her and cuddling her and kissing her - I can't imagine not doing that for most of my day.

8. Some days (hours?) I will just feel like freaking out.

9. Having a husband who's been very wonderful and stepping up and tackling more of the household duties, rocks.

10. Crib Sheet Savers should be called "sanity savers."

11. She is the most precious thing I can imagine.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

From Triage to Birthing Center


Steve's Mom called him again and told him to high-tail it back to Duluth because the baby was coming NOW. I asked her to also call my parents and I think she might have called someone else. I have no idea. All I knew was OH MY GOD so this is labor! I was still in the 7-8 range on the pain cycle...I knew there would be more.

They asked me if I could walk (!) over to The Birthplace and I probably, they wheeled me over on a bed. I remember a nurse saying "well, I wouldn't be walking at 7cm either!" I also remember lots of people in a flurry of activity - getting the room ready, turning the baby warmer thingy on, moving me from the triage bed to the birthing bed (not fun). My contractions were strong I was beginning to worry that Steve wasn't going to make it.

I was trying to use my breathing with the help of a lovely labor & delivery nurse. My MIL was hovering near and offering support as much as she good and constantly checking the hallway for Steve. The doctors (there were two, I think one was a resident?) were buzzing around getting ready. My MIL updated me on where Steve was (close!) and I kept breathing through the contractions.

I asked about the epidural and they said they were giving me some fluids so that they could give that to me. Well, that was the last I heard about the epidural. No time. I was ready to push!

Steve wasn't there!!!!! I was freaking out - sort of - but because I was in a lot of pain I was more just in la-la land. Finally I heard feet running down the hallway - STEVE!!! This was about 1:30 or 1:45 or so. Immediately we went into pushing mode.

Pushing was WAY better than breathing through contractions. At least I had something to DO then. So way to be productive. I was trying to remember all the things I learned in my "MIND OVER LABOR" book (which I only got through half of, btw) about visual imagery and going to my "special place" and relaxing all the muscles in my body so that it could what it needed to. I was groaning & moaning. I found the only way the contractions were tolerable (when I had to stop pushing and breathe through some more due to the baby's heart rate dropping) was to moan. Steve was there holding my hand (apparently I almost broke his pinky) and offering me ice chips (refused) and probably freaking out at all the noises I was making.

Then time to push again. I felt like I *got it* - does that sound weird. Yeah, it hurt and I was scared but I felt so confident in my body that I could do this. It was an ecstatic feeling. They asked me if I wanted to feel the baby's head (no) and they kept pointing things out to Steve who was fascinated and awed by the whole experience (which I think is way cool). The pushing continued for maybe....30 minutes? Max?

Then they said - okay - we're going to have to do a little episiotomy here blah blah blah to which I was like NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO (for some reason I really didn't want one). Well, one more productive contraction and some pushes and out she came!!

I'll never forget them saying "IT'S A GIRL!" or the look on Steve's face...or how I felt when they handed her to me all pink & red and covered in vernix and wide-eyed with the cutest damn nose I'd ever seen. Mind blowing.

The rest? Well, you know - pushing out the placenta (no problemo - whew), internal exam to make sure there were no tears (there were - just a wee one) while Dahlia was being checked out - the internal exam was like bloody TORTURE. That hurt more than the pushing I think. The stitches? Eh, not a big deal (which surprised me greatly) and then being reunited with my little pink girl and my teary-eyed husband? Freaking awesome.

So by 2:15pm little miss Dahlia Marie (as of then still unnamed) entered the world - not so much with a scream but a few gurgles and squirms and leapt right into our hearts.

I have so much respect right now for the human body. In particular women who give birth! Maybe that sounds arrogant but my GOD - that experience kicks ass. Yeah, it hurt, yeah, it was scary - yeah, I don't want to do it again any time soon but holy cow - it works! It's amazing. Drugs or no drugs, vaginal or c-section the whole creating a life within your own body and then delivering it is just awe-inspiring to me. When I think back to it I can't believe I did it, I can't believe it's over and I can't believe this cutie-pie little bundle that is now running the show.


There's so much more....obviously...and I'm sure I'll blab on forever about it and her and all that...but now I think I need to go pick her up and kiss her head all over.

Begin at the Beginning....

Last Thursday I was home from work. I had finished up a few things and was planning on doing the rest on Friday. I spent Thursday at home wrapping Christmas presents, finishing Christmas presents, sending off the last of the cards (well, writing them anyway), getting packages ready to be mailed, making lasagna to freeze for after Baby B's arrival was a pretty good day.

But my back was KILLING me.

I chalked it up to the fact that, duh, I was carrying an extra 30lbs on the front of my body and I was slowing down and needed to get off my feet, relax, etc.

Early labor never even crossed my mind. Not once.

So, the next morning (and here with go with the TMI for all you squeamish types out there), I got up as Steve was getting ready to leave. Gush. (that's said in a little voice because it wasn't a GUSH. "Hmmm, that's weird," I thought...but not much more of it because, well, I WASN'T in ready for labor, right? (**note - earlier in the week I noticed more, um, well, discharge....mucus...egg white consistency...DUH - textbook case anyone?**). So, being quite sure everything was not moving along, I didn't mention it to Steve and saw him off to work and laid back down. On a towel. After changing my undies twice (duh)(but thankfully I was wearing a pad due to the activity earlier in the week....).

I thought - if I lay here for 30 minutes or so and get up AGAIN and there's a gush...well, then I know something's up.

So...guess what...another gush (little) after 30 mins or so. Hmmm.....I'm sure it's nothing.

I went about my business. Tested my blood sugars, ate my eggs for breakfast, packed up my work bag, my bag to go to the post office (Laurie -sorry - your b-day gift still awaits mailing!), made a lunch and felt really crappy. I was having back pains again....sort of like menstrual cramps (duh duh duh). I decided if I was going to have a baby I should take a shower, do my hair & put on some makeup for crying out loud.

So, I did and continued to have "cramps" but didn't think much about ready to head out the door for work and then thought...."well, maybe I"ll just sit down for a few minutes and see what's happening...."

I grabbed my "What to Expect Book" and all the literature I could find from our child birth classes - I looked on the internet and read everything I could find...I was starting to really hurt. I decided maybe I should call Steve.

So I did and let him know that something might be happening. Of course saying this made me burst into tears. I told him I would keep him posted. Then I started timing contractions....

9:28; 9:33; 9:38; 9:43; 9:48...... Hmmmm, those seem pretty regular. And only FIVE MINUTES APART. This went on for an hour. I was sure that if I just chilled out, drank some water and kept track they would stop. But they didn't.

I called Steve and told him I was going to call the nurse and then probably go in and get checked out. He was 25 miles north of Duluth IN THE WOODS on his new job. In the woods by SNOWMOBILE.

I called the nurse and again started crying (because I'm a big cry baby - believe me!!). I told her my symptoms and when she asked how many of these "contractions" I had had in the last hour I said "11" she said - "Okay - you need to go in. Now. Bring your stuff you might be staying."

Then I called Steve who told me to call his Mom for a ride to the hospital. I planned on calling Steve from there to let him know if they were keeping me or if it was a false alarm.

Steve's Mom responded quickly when I non-chalantly said, "what are you doing right now? Can you drive me to the hospital...?" She was on the spot - thank god - and came right away. We chatted on the way there - about what I have no idea...except for the fact that we both noticed how INCREDIBLY BUMPY THE g.d. road to the hospital was. Ay yi yi. She dropped me off and I went up to the maternity triage area while she parked. AS I walked in with my pillow & my suitcase feeling steady contractions and looking at others I thought - "hey everyone, I'm probably in labor here - probably going to have a baby soon." But not really believing any of it...

Up in the triage they had me strip down to the lovely gown and wait for a doc to come and check things MIL was with me - which was actually very good because I really wouldn't have wanted to be alone then. The triage nurse was watching the monitor and having me tell her every g.d. medical thing (hello? don't they have computers?) which was annoying. I also remember her saying "wow, you're really pounding out these contractions." Um, yes. I know. They were about 2 mins apart - it was not yet noon. (we left my house at about 11:10am.

My MIL asked the nurse if she should have my husband come and the nurse replied..."yeah, he should be on his way." She called him and told him to head on in. Steve wanted to talk to me but apparently I wanted none of that! It's all a bit foggy....The nurse then asked me what kind of pain medication I wanted. I replied I thought I was going to do it naturally but I was in so much pain that I would likely want an epidural.

The doctor came in to check me out and confirmed that yes, my water had broken (I think her words were..."it's pretty wet down here." or maybe I'm making that up.... when she checked to see how dilated I was - I was at 7 cm!!

It was about noon. The nurse told my MIL that my husband needed to be there NOW. be continued.....

I'm still here...sort of...

It's been quite a week with little Miss Dahlia around. I am exhausted as I suspected I would be, but in a different way than I thought. That doesn't make much sense but it does to me so...there. :)

More details to come - but things have been rocky with the feedings which is why I'm a basketcase, I think. Not much milk from Mama...barely a 1/2 ounce to an ounce after every feeding which explains why she lost a lot of weight initially and why she was screaming her head off. *sigh* Hopefully we'll be on track soon.

In other news she's soooooooo beautiful and cute and wow. I love her.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

I figured it out....

and IT'S A GIRL!!

I'll do a proper introduction later and the whole story and everything but in the meantime, we had a baby girl.

2:15pm on Friday afternoon (I posted at, what? 10;30am? You do the math!!). Her name is Dahlia Marie and she weighed in at a whopping 6lbs even. 19 1/4" long and so incredibly gorgeous (although, I might be a wee bit biased). The birth was the most amazing experience I've ever been through and my mind is still, well, blown, quite frankly.

I am so tired though...time for a quick nap before we try to feed again.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Figuring it Out

Would you believe I'm actually trying to figure out if my water broke this morning and if I'm having (regular) contractions and I'm BLOGGING about it?

My guess is no, false alarm....but my god things seem to be happening in a text-booky sort of way.

Of course I have to update & charge my iPod before I'm leaving this house.

I'll keep ya posted......

Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Last Kiss

Probably not the best choice for movie-viewing when you're:

1) feeling rather blue...about life
2) alone with your big ol' pregnant self
3) alone because your husband went out for a beer
4) overly emotional due to said pregnancy hormones

But I like Zach Braff, there was good music, good acting, etc. I just didn't love this movie...mostly because of my mental state, I'm sure. I have had this movie at home since October (ah Netflix!) and was ready to send it back though. Now I can move on to my more uplifting choice for this weekend - Pixar's CARS.


In unrelated news...I hit 1,000 posts yesterday and didn't even notice. Wowsa.


I've done pretty good this week on the whole cooking front - at least that's something. I'm trying to make things that have a lot of leftovers that freeze well so I can stock my freezer up for the following weeks. I have a feeling that I won't feel much like cooking then.

So we've had chili, creamy italian chicken (not so much for the freezing), lasagna and tonight split pea soup. I'm thinking of turkey meat loaf for tomorrow and then I'm trying to convince Steve to take me on a date (pizza & a movie) on Saturday. And then another week starts and I have to think of new things again. *sigh* Sometimes it is tough - especially when I can't resort to my early-20's when "white rice" or "noodles" was sufficient to call a MEAL.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I'm having a baby - IN TWO WEEKS

I'm also having issues. *sigh* Big fat depressing thoughts-rolling-around-in-my-brain issues. Issues about futures, happiness, 'what do I want to be when I grow up,' etc and so on...which then leads to guilt, and unfinished Christmas projects, and sleep but sleep is hard to come by so mostly just laying, and drooling - GOOD LORD THE PREGNANCY DROOLING I will not miss.

I am in a funk. This year is so weird - I mean "this Christmas season" because Steve & I are so preoccupied...not only is the new job kicking his ass (he hasn't had to be on someone else's schedule since before I knew him), but I'm exhausted and there are a million things to do and the house is a disaster and it's all we can do to sit together for 30 minutes before we declare we MUST go to bed and this is BEFORE we even HAVE the new little person in the house. Ay yi yi. I'm sure it's all *normal* and *natural* and "baby cold feet" is probablly what I'm experiencing but it sucks and makes me feel sooooooooooooo ungrateful, guilty and sad. Hmph.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A Weighty Issue

Just back from the diabetes clinic and apparently I've gained about 3lbs since last Tuesday. Doh. I'm inclined to believe it's because 1) there's a human being inside me; 2) they didn't make me take off my shoes this week (and they have previously) and 3) mint m&m's. I think Steve should hide those because I'm proving to have NO will power.

I've also been home more in the past week. When I'm at the office I have my lunch, my snacks - all measured out and no extra temptations...but at home there are temptations galore! I have to get back on track. Only 2 weeks to go so hopefully I can reign myself in. It's not easy.

Monday, December 10, 2007


I've decided to see how many days in a row I can wear the same thing without anyone noticing. Or rather, without anyone commenting. Since I mostly just see Steve, Jason & sometimes a couple of other friends/film people, I think I could potentially go on for a long time. I'm not generally a slob, I'm just running out of options and when I'm home I'd rather be wearing Steve's "comfy pants" (which I have co-opted for the time being). So far - no one's said a word - ha! Actually, I did laundry last night so I might be changing it up tomorrow. We'll see.

In other news, doctor's appointment today - scheduled induction DECEMBER 26TH at 6am! Well, 6am is when I go in. Ay yi yi. I'm sure our Christmas Day (night) celebrations will NOT be preoccupied at all. No - why would they be? Eeek. The baby was TOTALLY sleeping during it's biophysical profile today -after being up ALL NIGHT I might add. We had to literally wake the little one up so that we could complete the test in the 30 minutes that were allotted. Of course then for the rest of my appointment it was FREAKING OUT. ha. Figures.

Steve started his new job today. I'm so anxious to hear how it goes. I can't wait! Hopefully he'll have lots of details for me tonight when he comes home. I think I will work 3 days this week and then be done. This whole "moving around" thing and "driving in the car from point a to point b" is starting to get old. I might as well take advantage of my situation and start my maternity leave one week early. Besides it's Christmas and I have a million things to do (even though I'm feeling rather bah humbug about it...preoccupation strikes again?). I think next week should be reserved for laying on the couch, watching movies and re-contemplating the "going home" outfit for Baby B. Ah I can pass time in such useful ways....

Friday, December 07, 2007


I went out to the garage this morning to head to work...and noticed there was a HUGE snowplow trying to get through the alley. At the end of the alley there were cars parked on each side making his job difficult...but he made it through and came on down my way.

As I watched the big huge blade of his plow took off about half of the way-taller-than-me snowbank in between ours & our neighbors' (hi Anna!) garages and plopped it right behind where I would be momentarily backing out.


Luckily Francis (that's my car) was strong enough & deft enough to maneuver around the pile and make it out....but isn't that just how it goes. You have everything nicely cleared & piled off to the side and then BAM another dump of snow right where you don't need it.

Ah well....since I am "in the family way" I'm not doing much in the way of snow removal this year. Hopefully my lovely husband will have it taken care of by time I go home. :) Husbands rock.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Baby Pool

Okay - I started one:

Submit your best guesses!!

35w, 2d - Kicked in the ribs, and kicked in the ribs and KICKED in the get the idea

The new thing is now is to get kicked repeatedly in my ribs (left side) before I get up in the morning. It's my little internal alarm clock or something that says "I'm hungry! Feed Me" or "Get up! You're going to be late for the doctor!" It's a very weird sensation and it's SO HIGH UP. I tried to get Steve to see/feel it this morning and he started feeling something but I had to tell him that no, that was in fact my rib. Shortly thereafter he was able to see it.
I'm definitely slowing down. Definitely. If I sit or lay too long in one position everything hurts when I get up. Ugh. Creaky. That's how I feel. It goes away relatively quickly but it sucks for those 3am bathroom breaks. Dressing sucks, trying to pick up anything off the floor requires a gynmastic like quality that I just don't possess right now and I'm starting to notice stretch marks. Hmph. I thought I was off the hook thanks to my good genes but apparently not. Steve says he doesn't mind them....but I do!
This picture is rather funny to me. This is so weird. I guess that's *kind of* my perspective but it looks way wonkier in this photo.

I will most likely be induced on December 26th as that is after the holiday, before the other holiday AND my doctor is on call that day. I can already imagine how INCREDIBLY PREOCCUPIED I will be on Christmas Day this year. Wow. Yeah. Steve said 'The real Christmas present will come after Christmas.' I think he's right.

Another baby dream last night. We had a girl (lots of hair!) and immediately following her birth, Steve went to McDonald's and got me chicken mcnuggets, fries & a diet coke. What a sweet guy. Heh.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Winter Wonderland

We got over a foot of snow at house today - it was so fun! They said maybe 3" last night but the storm moved east before it moved south and we got that snow + heavenly lake effect snow. It was great. I was out running errands this morning and then decided enough was enough. The roads & visibility were pretty bad so I came home. I have been here since. Our last childbirth prep class was canceled tonight (as were most things in town) so I've been trying to catch up on things around here - more baby laundry, finished making Christmas cards, putting things away (trying to!) etc.

We have so much delicious snow in our yard. It always makes me hungry for Dairy Queen ice cream.....

Monday, December 03, 2007

...underneat that.....

This is too funny. I had to share.

From my family's message board:

So this person at Mayo [clinic] was leaving a department, and going to another area at Mayo and they had a going away party for her.

They called Wal-Mart to order a personalized cake.

They said they wanted it to say "Best Wishes Suzanne"; and underneath that.... "We will miss you"

Here's what the fine folks at wally-world sent to Mayo:

The Kindness of Strangers

Everyone once in a while my faith in humanity is restored. This incident in September was one. That was a real almost-crisis. Today I just got hung up on crusty snow while trying to turn around in an alley and I couldn't get unstuck. Usually that would entail me jumping out of the car, grabbing my shovel and going to town, but with this whole 35-weeks-pregnant thing that doesn't happen so much these days. So I was doing the Minnesota-Shuffle (ie: rocking the car from reverse to forward) trying to get it loose when I see a guy come out of the building across the street, walk over to my car, get in front of it and push me out. And then he was on his way back to the building across the street. That's nice. It's so nice when people just help people out. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Down & Back

Well, I made it. The weather was considerably better today than yesterday and I was able to get on the road by about 10:30 or so this morning. It would've been earlier, but our garage was fairly drifted in and it would've taken too long for Steve to get it cleared out....but all that fussing took time and I ended up taking Steve's car - which was cleverly parked on the street as to not get blocked in the alley.

The roads *too* bad but I was sufficiently paranoid to slow my driving and feel like a turtle. Oh well. I kept telling Baby B that sometimes you have to go at your own pace in life, even when other cars are flying past you, and that's okay. We made it in just over 2 1/2 hours which is not far off actual pace.

The shower was very nice! My cousins Abbey & Meaghan along with my sister threw it for the R- side of the family. It was fun to get to see people since I won't see them at Christmas this year. We played a few games (sculpting baby items out of play-do was quite difficult!), ate some fantastic food (I took extra insulin for the occasion - yes! I even had fully carb-loaded ice cream. It was great) and Baby B got some really adorable clothes.

I am looking forward to now SLOWING the hell down and taking some time to finish nesting and relax and not freak out (too much) for the next three weeks. I plan on working only about 3 days a week from here on out, on finishing a few Christmas projects (and trying hard not to start new ones) and trying to get things in order so I can try to enjoy the holidays & the anticipation of Baby B's arrival.

Oh and did I mention WE WRAPPED OUR 2ND FEATURE FILM OF THE YEAR this weekend?!?!? WHOHOOO! I know there's some champagne around here somewhere......

Now, time for a bite to eat, a bath and bed. I'm pooped.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

December Time

It's hard to believe that it's December 1st already. November was here and gone in a flash of time. I am still trying to wrap my head around a whole 30 days being gone as if in a second.

Of course that means, we're having a baby THIS MONTH and while great progress has been made on Baby B's room (finally!) I'm still feeling unprepared - mentally, physically, you get the idea. I don't think one is ever REALLY prepared, are they? Am I just behind?

It's snowing to beat all today - it's lovely and beautiful and I would be appreciating it more if I wasn't supposed to drive to Minneapolis tomorrow morning to go to a baby shower thrown (sort of last minute) by my cousins on my Dad's side. *sigh* If it keeps up like this, no way am I driving. Yuck. I don't want to end up in a ditch, with no cell phone service, going into pre-term labor or something by myself. I like to think of worst-case scenarios....(okay, that's not *THE WORST* but it would be pretty bad.). Mostly I'm concerned because I was supposed to get the car seat from my Mom tomorrow and if I don't see her I'm not sure when I'll get it. Hmmmm.....tick tock. Time is counting down.....

Now, it's time for a little hibernation....a little reading, a snack maybe some snoozing by the Christmas tree....we'll see....

OH! and I made it through NaBloPoMo without nary a complaint or comment about it! Last year it felt like a real chore but this year it was a breeze. I think because the days went by SO DAMN FAST. I'll have to snag a "I did it" button and put that up soon.