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Friday, July 29, 2005

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Can I be frank here? Of course I can. It’s my ‘blog.

<>I want to talk about poop. There I said it.

<>I know I’m not the first to talk about this (Dooce for one) nor am I the first to talk about poop at work (ClarkSchpiell) but it is a very delicate subject for me so it’s a first in that sense.

I am the kind of person who wants no one to have any idea that I’m going to…well….poop. EVER. Especially not at work. Egads. The timing has to be just right going into the bathroom, all signals must be obeyed…oops someone’s coming in behind me – I better just wash my hands or blow my nose…or someone’s heading in and I’m behind them so I’ll just go to the cafeteria or go get office supplies instead. And I make sure to follow the rules when I’m in the bathroom….if someone is quietly sitting in a stall when I enter – I understand they’re doing their business and make my business and quick and efficient as possible. I pee, flush, wash hands and am out the door in under a minute. I don’t want the other person to be uncomfortable or embarrassed or whatever. I realize that most of this is projection but whatever. My story. What annoys me the most is when I’m in and someone comes in or two people come in or whatever and I’m following the rules and politely waiting for the others to leave and then one person. ONE person has to dink around…she’s going to take the longest time ever buckling her belt or pulling up her hose or washing her hands….water has to run for 2 fucking minutes and has to be the precise temperature….the soap must be dispensed with such exactness that she may have to do it again if it’s not right and then she’ll have to brush her teeth (!!!!) and wipe down all the counters and surfaces before fixing her hair in the mirror, applying lipstick and blowing her nose. THEN and only then will she leave and let me poop in peace. That is so not cool.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Stepping Back into the Pool

I'm considering auditioning for a show. It's not that big of a's a community theatre show, a musical and although I'm dying to get back into the swing of things (i've been in theatre since I was in 6th grade and my degree is a BFA in acting!!) I'm scared. I'm not scared of auditioning or being in front of people I'm scared that I'm not good anymore. Ack.

So, positive vibes appreciated.

Oh - and my vacation is scheduled for smack in the middle of the rehearsal process. Maybe I can use that as an excuse if I do not make it. ha. I'm really good at rationalizing.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The End of the Trail

Our weekend was so much fun. We didn’t get out of Duluth until about 6:45pm on Friday. It took longer than expected (of course) to get everything loaded up in the truck. And we had to stop at Steve’s Dad’s house to drop off our house keys and also to have a beer with him –ha! Steve was very stressed out so that was a good thing. He’d been really busy and harried all day. We stopped at Culver’s in Two Harbors to grab something to eat because the thought of setting up camp in the dark and then trying to get a meal together was just not that appealing. We knew we wouldn’t make it to the end of the trail by time we wanted to make camp ­and it was very possible that there wouldn’t be any trails, so, we stopped at Flour Lake Campground instead. We set up our camp, took a little walk (in the dark – eek) and then went to bed. We didn’t even have a fire because it was kind of late and we didn’t have that much wood.
Saturday morning we got up around 8 or so – oh – LOONS all night – they were so beautiful. Steve got up around 6 or so and went to the outhouse or for a walk or something (I was sleeping, I didn’t care!) and came across the campground host. She said that there was a bear cub around the campground and to make sure and keep all of our food in our car as it’s been tearing into screen tents (where people left food out – stupid!). Apparently the bear cub had just been “left” by it’s mother – it was time to leave the nest, so to speak, and had been hanging out at the campground. Yikes. We never saw it. Bummer (not really).
I’m glad I didn’t know about that when we went for our nighttime walk!!!

We packed up camp and headed up the Gunflint – north north north! We stopped at Magnetic Rock Trail . We hiked 3.5 miles (there and back)…the trail goes through an area that had a prescribed burn after the big blow down storm in ’99 (?). It’s amazing to see all the new growth – trees everywhere! Sadly, it’s pretty wide open (due to the blow down and the fire). Steve said it used to be a much more beautiful trail. Part of it is still very woodsy which was nice. There were blueberries EVERYWHERE which was awesome. Soooo tasty. It was cloudy which was good because otherwise we would’ve been DYING of heat!! The rock was pretty cool – it really makes your compass go wonky – which is fun if you’re a dork like me and Steve and EVERYONE there (there was one other older couple playing with their compass and then as we were leaving a dad, a son and a friend/uncle (?) )

After our hike we headed further up the Gunflint. We stopped at a cute little store (totally Northern Exposure-esque) to buy some marshmallows and then we were off again. We got to Trail’s End Campground (not my pictures but shows the beauty of this campground!!) (also part of the Superior National Forest Campground system). That website has some great pics from someone’s personal website. It is SOOOOOOOOOOO beautiful. We were nervous about finding a site because it really gets filled up and half of the sites (well, maybe not half) were closed due to an Eagle nesting. Steve has come to this campground with his Dad since 1981! I was as far north in MN as I’ve ever been.
We lucked out and found a PRIMO spot! . Our site had a short trail down to the site area….right on Seagull River/Lake. Quite private with one campsite kind of close. We had direct lake access and put the canoe in there both Saturday and Sunday. We set up camp and headed out for a paddle. I actually paddled in the Boundary Waters! Whoo-hoo! It’s very close and there’s a sign marking the border so we made sure to go through so I could say that I have officially been there. We didn’t want to go too far because we didn’t bring a self-issued day-permit with us. We also went swimming by the canoe landing (close to our site) (thank GOD for Tevas because NO WAY would I swim near those algae laden rocks otherwise!!). We had a nice campfire, tin foil dinners and beers. It was sooo awesome. The lake was SO SMOOTH when we went out – just like glass (okay, a little ripply but so nice). It’s so beautiful. It reminded me a lto of when I went up to Canada in June. No people, no structures, just nature, trees, rocks, water, loons, eagles. It’s like you’re camping in the BWCA but with all the luxuries of car-camping. I am SO going back to this campground! We had “happy hour” out on the lake with some beers and trail mix. It was awesome.

Our neighbors turned out to be 4 or 5 guys with HUGE trucks and lots of gear. (they were not “cool” extreme guys – we were worried). They were drinking beer (busch light) when they pulled up at about 7pm. Ugh. We were worried. They were loud, they blasted music from their truck and played your game (name that artist) for a while – we were very worried….but they were all passed out and asleep by 10:30!! And they SNORED SO D*MN LOUDLY! Oh my god. Yikes. They were headed into Quetico the next day so they were up and gone early. Whew.
Sunday we got up and made breakfast….and went for a paddle. It was super windy and not much fun. Out on seagull Lake we paddled and paddled and got no where. Ugh. So we didn’t go very far. We were going to have lunch out there (brought the big cooler and all) but it wasn’t worth it. So we headed back, cleaned up, went swimming, packed the truck, had lunch and hit the road about 2:30pm.

Upon getting home, we were pooped. Ugh. Unloading the truck sucked….but we got it all unloaded and some cleaning done. There’s more work to do but it was worth it. Such a beautiful trip. I can’t wait to go back! I’m tempted to say ‘screw Portland’ let’s go to the BWCA!!!!

Monday, July 25, 2005

10 Years

If I met the person I was 10 years ago….would I like her?

10 years ago I was living in the same town I am now…but I was filled with dreams, aspirations and this whole big emptiness in front of me called my future. I don’t mean it was empty it was a clean slate. I had so many possibilities and ideas and I knew enough but not everything. I didn’t worry bout “what I’d be doing in 10 years” because I figured I’d be doing something. It didn’t occur to me to worry about it! The future would take care of itself.

I was 21. I had just graduated college. My college roomie and I had just moved out of our non-descript cookie cutter apartment. We thought it would be a good idea to sub-let a really really crappy apartment from our friend who needed some help. Well, you know $175 a piece per month wasn’t that bad of a deal. My folks were once again shocked at my living quarters but ah well…it’s something they were used to by now.

I was dating a guy that I would end up dating and living with for a long time. It was still fun then – just hanging out on a few random weekends and the rest of the time enjoying a summer in Duluth. I had new “toys” from my recent college graduation – a new CD boom box and a sewing machine which kept me busy. I was working a couple jobs, I was hiking and camping and going to the beach – I was having fun and not having a care in the world!

I think I would’ve liked her. She was goofy and fun, energetic and always up to do something. She also was so full of optimism and a certain care-free nature…some of which has gotten lost along the way. It was before I gave up too much of myself to really have changed and after I had gained some life experience and maturity. There was nothing jaded, nothing scared, nothing outside of my reach.

A lot of water has passed under the bridge. 10 years worth. I’ve moved across country and back. I’ve gotten my heart broken more than once. I’ve worked in the professional world and I’ve traveled to Europe and Mexico. I realized I wasn’t doing what I wanted and moved back across the country. I grew up. I bought a new car. A house. I fell madly in love and am looking forward to whatever the future might hold. I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up – but I do know that happiness can come in many forms. It can especially come in the little details of relationships, the quiet moments you spend with someone you love, the time you take to nurture your heart and soul and the ability to look back and appreciate that you have learned over the years. I feel that my path is shorter but it’s still full of opportunity and adventure. I just need to figure out where and how and what that is. In the meantime I have a sweetie to hug and I feel safe and lucky every night when I go to bed.

I hope I will like this self in another 10 years.

Friday, July 22, 2005


I'm off on a camping trip! Yay!

Be back on Sunday - enjoy the weekend.

Oh! Stop by and wish these two good luck with the arrival of their new baby girl.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005


Today I saw a Geo Prizm (circa 1988?) with two white haired individuals in the front seat with a silver-armed wheelchair in the back screaming around the corner. It cracked me up.

I also saw an enormous pick up truck (an F2-something? I have no idea). Jacked waaaaaaaaaay up. The back wheels were the kind that stick out (I call the “child-bearing” wheels) and had big shiny silver rivets all over them. I’m sure there was a Calvin peeing on something in the back window but I’m not sure. It tried to get out of the parking lot first and tore through the lights – chugging along, lurching, huffing and puffing in that really s*xy way….only to be stuck at the same stop light as the rest of us because – you know…there’s only one lane, it’s a touristy area…chill out. But all I could think was…wow, that guy must have a very small p*nis. Thank god I’ll never know.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

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Monday, July 18, 2005

Another Opportunity

Each day is an opportunity for me to come up with some fantastically witty observation about my daily life and write it here...however, by time I actually get to the computer at home, I've completely forgotten about any and all witty-ness that I may have had earlier in the day.

So - today - was busy - yay! My company is on the block. We all found out via the front page of our local paper on Saturday (nice, huh?). I knew though because I can put 2 and 2 together pretty easily. And I work for the CFO....why would he need what he's been asking for...? After work - a nice hike in Chester Park, grocery shopping for an hour and 10 minutes (we timed it), picked up leftover b-day cake from Steve's mom, came home ate and now I'm baking a b-day cake for his Dad. So many birthdays! I should go because it would be really bad form to burn his cake.

Good night!

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Big Fish

*sigh* I got this movie last year for my birthday (August)...and hadn't watched it yet. You see, my DVD player broke and I haven't gotten around to getting a new one....and I usually just watch movies on the's not my 35" television but hey - millions of colors. Anyway - I wanted to save Big Fish until I could see it on my big screen....tonight though I just had to watch it....I'm still wiping tears from my eyes. It is a beautiful movie. Visually - impeccable. The story is fantastic and the imagination is awesome. Go rent it. Hug someone you love.

Sunday Morning

*sigh* Just recovering from a late night. Why do I do this? I am too old to be up until 3am. Just too old. But it was fun. We went to a Thai restaurant for Steve's Mom's 60th birthday. She loved the necklace & earrings that Steve & I picked out for her and the dinner was good. Afterwards Steve & I went on the LakeWalk and sat enjoying the warm summer evening, the waves of the big lake crashing in front of us and the view of the lift bridge in the distance. It was a beautiful night. We met up with his sister, bro-in-law, brother and some friends for drinks at Sir Ben's where we could sit outside and soak up as much summer as possible. From there it was to our own home outdoor cafe where A & I lit some sparklers and had more beer (so unnecessary at this point)...and then Steve & I stayed up even longer, talking, breathing, enjoying.....*sigh* And then it was 3am and I needed sleep in a big bad way..... Sometimes you just have to stay up and squeeze the most out of a day that you can....

Thursday, July 14, 2005

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Had so many profound (and interesting) post ideas for today. Sadly they have all escaped me.

Something cool: ROAD TRIP in August - who-hooo! I'm very excited.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Also....margarita night.... Posted by Picasa

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Sunday, July 10, 2005

Wedding Weekend

The wedding was fun - busy but fun. It was HOT in Minneapolis too. Ugh 96 or something when we left today. Thank god for A/C that works! Oh and also thankfully I didn't have to wear a tux and could wear a cool halter dress with no hose. I felt bad for the guys!!

I will have pics soon - but now I'm going to kick back and relax. Back to work tomorrow. Blech.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

These were the rhubarb stalks which got enormous and very seedy before falling over. I'm not sure why I'm posting it but ah well...I did make a mean rhubarb pie this year but wasn't with it enough to actually can/freeze any - doh! Posted by Picasa

To-Do List

Well, I did pretty good tonight...

I mowed the lawn.
I washed my car.
I ran errands.
I put together a "goody basket" for the bride & groom's wedding suite (snacks, fruit, water).
I went through photos and wrote on the backs of about 20 and put them in an album for my friend Sam - which I have to mail tomorrow.
I fixed the necklace I'm wearing to he wedding.
I watched some pretty bad tv out of the corner of my eye.
I hung out with the cool neighbors for a bit - we did the key exchange for cat-care.

And now - I have to pack! Ack!!!
I also need to go to bed....

I am in yoga pants and I DID have pizza but sadly no SATC....
crap! I have to paint my toes too - hmmm...that may have to happen tomorrow. Doh! Too many things to do, too little time!

Should be

I should be mowing the lawn (ack) or washing my car or cleaning the bathroom or SOMETHING yet I find that I am always here after work. You'd think after spending 8 hours in front of a g.d. computer at work being BORED OFF MY ASS the last place I would want to be would be here. Ah well...c'est la vie, I guess.

But now....since I have nothing to say....I will go, do some 'abs of steel' and then mow the lawn. Oh and I also don't want to work on the film tonight. I have to much to do, including - lounging around in my yoga pants and eating Party Pizzas! And watching at least 2 episodes of SATC (season 4) and oh yeah, cleaning the bahtroom, washing my car and running to Cub. You know, I'm BUSY!!

I'm heading out of town tomorrow for Steve's sister's wedding. He's already in the cities (that's Minneapolis/St. Paul if you didn't know) and I will be there by early afternoon tomorrow. I'm looking forward to this weekend - lots of partying, socializing, and imagining my "big day" sometime in my future..... And I'm a girl so I'm VERY excited to wear my new very cute and girly shoes on Saturday.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Blast from the Past

I had no idea that this show existed. It is cracking me up.

hahahahahahahaha! This is the kind of show I would get a big kick out of being on! ha!

I was going to post some 4th of July pics but since I can't find the camera, I will post this picture of Beavis eating a bagel sandwich from a couple weeks ago. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Weekend Recap

It went like this....

Mexican food
Candle Light
Mother fuckers who lit of fireworks until 5:30am
Sweet Rolls
Movie work
BBQ - steak!
"roses" and fountains and other fireworks which are pretty but not loud
Sleeping in
Sheets on the line
BBQ - Chicken!
Swedish Cigarette

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Happy 4th of July weekend! Posted by Picasa

Friday, July 01, 2005


I biked to work today which makes me feel good. The only day this week though. My excuses: a jammed bike chain & the bike hanging from the garage ceiling (which I can't really get down) on Monday and then super crappy weather Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I wasn't about to get drenched or fight that wind. No way.

I had a nice lunch today with an old friend, CW. It was a lot of fun to see him. I've known him for probably 15 years almost and we go in and out of contact (mostly I don't hear from him but I'm always a corresponder). We chatted and caught up and it was good. I wish he still lived here in town.

Now I'm off to the Hacienda for some delightful Mexican food. I wish I was hungrier! I also wish I had more money because YIKES. Eating out 2 times in one day is DEFINITELY not in the budget. Steve's bro just got back from 7 months in Japan and is craving Mexican food. Well, you can imagine! Their margaritas are to die for so we'll see how my willpower is.

happy friday!