Monday, February 28, 2005

Vacation: Day 3

On Tuesday we still had our rented bikes, so after some strong Mexican coffee and Coca-Cola Light and breakfast at El Pirata we went back to the bike shop to exchange my slighly defective

We rode our bikes back out to Playacar. This time it was much easier due to WAY less traffic and people. Thank god. Well, before we went into the aviary, we biked all the way around the loop again. Due to the handlebar smashing of the day before, we lost the lock that went on the Boy's bike. So, we looped back looking for it, hoping it would still be in the median where we accidentally left it. Well, it wasn't there. Oh well, what can you do...we decided not to let it worry us too much and went back to the aviary.

It was a little spendy ($15 admission) but we were on vacation! We wanted to see native flora & fauna! And we were on vacation! So we paid it and went in. It's very low-key. No obnoxious....anything. Just one girl sitting at an open air desk in front and a pop machine. That's it. No hoo-ha, no Disney-ish anything. That was rather nice. We enjoyed our time just wandering around on the trails...checking out the various birds. We saw flamingos & cranes (see pic below), ducks (not mallards, Mexican ducks!), turkeys, a toucan, lots of noisy crabby sounding macaws, parrots (that say HOLA - boy did we get a kick out of that), pelicans, something that looked like a heron but probably was a little different. We also saw several lizards. Some chasing each other, some that you walked up on because they were so well hidden by their camouflage.

At one point we were watching some cranes feed near a pond when out of the other side comes a reddish-brown creature - maybe about the size of....I don't know a medium sized dog (wouldn't you say, Sweet Boy?) and had a snout with a tiny little mouth. It was freaky and we later decided it was an anteater...and I was fairly certain it was going to come down the path and get us. It didn't. But it could have. That is the scary part.

The flora was awesome....huge palms, vines, crazy growth that wouldn't come NEAR any part of Minnesota (except for maybe in a really cool green house) was definitely enjoyable to walk around in the shade checking out the different trees and birds and be in the *relative* quiet.

After we left the aviary we hit the beach. Reading, eating nachos, hanging out - it was fabulous. I didn't get burnt either...that is KEY.

That night we sat on the beach at dusk. We sat at a table under a palapa. The wind started picking up, as it did every night, and we sat there with our cervezas (Sol for me, Dos Equis for The Boy) and read our books until it was too dark to see. It was just so pleasant to sit there and watched the colors of the water fade, notice the people who were no longer there which made the beach incredibly peaceful and quiet. It was so relaxing and nice we were sad when it was too dark to see any more.

But without further adieu we headed off to dinner. "Idea Pasta" was the restaurant of the evening. We had fabulous homemade pasta noodles & sauce. We ordered two dishes and shared - it was perfect. The restaurant was very nice, decently priced and the cerzevas were cold. Our evening ended in it's usual fashion with a couple of beers on the beach (or did we have drinks that night - I belive that was the night I had a strawberry daiquiri and the Boy had Sex on the Beach). We had to get to bed early as our tour for Chichen Itza left at 7am the next morning.

Unfortunately no one at either night club cared about that and it was unbelievably loud. Our hotel room walls VIBRATED with bass and poor Sweet Boy had to sleep with his ear plugs in (I can sleep through almost anything). He was up for most of the night - reading, walking on the beach and generally being pissed off at the rudeness of such an establishment. It finally quieted down at about 4am. Ugh.

Tomorrow - Chichen Itza!
bike and get one that had working handlebars and brakes.

Walked right up on this guy - he's very camouflaged! Sneaky creature! Posted by Hello

Toucan Sam in the flesh! Posted by Hello

Xaman-Ha Aviary - cranes & flamingos Posted by Hello

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Oscar Night

Okay - I'm a HUGE dork for the Oscars. I don't know why but I get completely caught up in it every year. Well, okay, it could be because I'm an actor and a filmmaker (might have something to do with it) but I just love the party atmosphere, the ladies and gents dressed to the nines, the jewels, the speaches, the tributes. I love it! I used to live about a block away from the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood and it was so thrilling for me to go there the day before the Oscars and walk on the red carpet and check out the preparations, the flowers, the people, it made me so excited!! (again...dork). Last year I had an Oscar party - the first soiree in my house - and it was so much fun. I decorated everything with black and gold, stars hanging from the ceiling, confetti on the table, Oscar ballots (and prize for the winner), champagne tons of food and a 5' paper mache Oscar statue for posing with/picture taking. (dork, III). Anyway - the arrivals have started and as much as I try to stay away as long as possible, I just couldn't any more and I'm hooked. to watch the show and I usually cry once or twice during the thing and the Boy will think I'm even WEIRDER than he already thinks I am...but oh well...


Friday, February 25, 2005

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day was lovely. We woke up and it was - guess what? Clear, Sunny blue skies, 80-85 degrees outside, a slight breeze (which picks up in the afternoon) off the ocean. *sigh*

On Monday we didn't do a ton...we walked around a bit, had breakfast at the Las MaƱanitas (again), laid in the sun, read our books and later that afternoon went to rent bikes.

We thought we were SOOOOO lucky - Playa Bike was right across the street from our hotel. How fortunate. Unfortunately when we went early in the day, they didn't have any bikes. So we came back later and they had a couple. A boy's and a girl's. Well, the boy's bike was crap but it fit Steve okay. We thought my bike was 'nicer' but the seat needed to be adjusted. So for an hour we sat on the sidewalk and watched the two "bike guys" (hardly) try to get the seat lowered to accommodate my short stature. It was hot. They were sweating. They had a little teeny hammer that was bent that they kept beating the pole that the bike seat sits on....for an hour. Ack! Finally they gave up and apologized and said I could try it and if it was okay we could go, if not they'd give us our money back. I tried it. It wasn't great but I said I'd give it a shot. I know how badly the Boy wanted to go biking and I thought it would be fun too to do some exploring.

So we headed south. Out towards the real estate development called "Playacar" - but before getting there we had to go through hoards of rush-hour like pedestrian traffic. Egad. I'm very surprised I didn't run over anyone. I'm just not that good on bikes. We got out to Playacar and discovered a bird aviary (more about that tomorrow) and the traffic eased up and things got easier. Or did they?

About 1/2 way through the loop we were doing I noticed I couldn't steer and then I looked down to realize my handlebars were coming loose!! I was wobbling all over the cyclopista and feeling like a huge ass. Luckily my knight-in-shining-armor (the Boy) took my bike and slammed it into the ground a few times to make the handlebars not fall off. That worked for about 2 minutes. The ride back was quite difficult...and my handlebars were not only loose up they had shifted so they were upside-down. So I had to brake "up" so to speak. That was not fun. It was cool though to get out and see some trees and's really getting built up out there.

So we took the bikes back..another "bike guy" "fixed" the handlebars and we went off to drink. :-)

Margaritas. Yum.

The Boy gave me the sweetest card ever...two love-struck iguanas on the front hanging out in the jungle. The inside says "Iguana love you all night long." *sigh*

I have him The Smitten which is incredibly cheesy but I think could be quite useful. Thankfully he thought it was cute.

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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Silly Smile Posted by Hello

On our first morning we slept in. We got to Playa late (about 1:30am) and couldn't sleep very well due to SUPER loud music at our hotel's bar & the club next door. We went for breakfast at a great little place on 5th Avenue called Las MaƱanitas and then spent the day laying on the beach relaxing, reading and marveling at the beauty all around us. That night we enjoyed dinner & margaritas and a couple beers at our hotel bar - El Pirata. Posted by Hello

Monday, February 21, 2005

Mexican Vacation

Hola! We have returned from the Mexican Rivera. What a wonderful time. White sand beaches, turquoise crystal clear water and muy cervezas! The food was great, the sights fantastic, the company outstanding. I have posted a few pics...we took over 200 so this is just a sampling. If you want to see any others, just let me know!

Fire Dancers at the Blue Parrot Posted by Hello

Temple of Kuklacan at Chichen Itza (El Castillo) Posted by Hello

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Friday, February 11, 2005


Should I be packing? Yes. Cleaning up the house? Yes. Putting fresh litter in Beavis's box? Yes. Am I? Of course not...that would leave no time for scrambling around like a crazy person tomorrow. Sheesh. Plus, I'm burning a very special CD....(and obviously have to supervise).

We went to the candlelight ski tonight at Jay Cooke State Park. It is just about the best thing ever. Ski trails lit up with luminaries. Nothing like being in the dark and seeing this. It's simply magical. There is no other word to describe it. I wiped out pretty good - but it was either that or going off a cliff into the river (in my head at least) and I really want to go to Mexico tomorrow so I opted for the fall. Thank god I didn't break anything.

If you EVER get the chance to ski or snowshoe in the woods at night with candles lighting your way.....take it! They even have hot dogs and cider and stuff inside after where you can sit by the fire. Oh and it was perfect outside IN THE FORTIES, no wind and the sky full of stars. Just Magical.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

2 Days

Whew - what a week...

What I've been dealing with:

1) a cat with diahrhea....okay I can't spell but you all know what I'm talking about. Said cat (Beavis, naturally) is now eating special "bland" food to try to clear up his digestive system. Needless to say - Beavis is HUNGRY all the time. I think he's feeling better now as he must sense we're getting ready to go away and has now started to have bloody poop. Yes, I'm sure you wanted to know that. This is something Beavis gets when he is anxious. It's been tested (many times through his life) and he's fine. It's just nasty.

2) a garage that needs to be re-wired and a wire from the garage to the house that is on the fritz. No big deal except our garage door opener doesn't work (keeps tripping the breaker). Poor Francis has slept outside all week (that's my car). That won't get fixed til after the trip because I really don't have the time or a spare $400 to deal with it. :-(

3) my eye. It's been acting up again. since Saturday night. I thought it was cat hair - but it is not. I finally broke down and went to the opthamologist yesterday and he told me I can't wear contacts for 4 weeks! I have drops to use four times a day for 2 weeks. Great! No contacts in Mexico that'll be fun. I just LOVE wearing my glasses. Especially when I'm hot, laying in the sun, hiking in the jungle and SNORKELING. I'm super happy about that. I will be cheating.

4) too much to do - as usual. All those little things just keep getting put off until you have a huge pile of crap to do in a hurry. I have CHRISTMAS PRESENTS to mail for chrissakes! eh gad.

5) no money. This isn't a new thing I just thought I'd throw it in. I'm financing this trip via my Christmas bonus so hopefully won't have to charge anything. In fact I'm hoping that I will have a little leftover so I can pay my car insurance bill upon my return without overdrawing my checking account. I hate money.

Other than that, all's good...

Monday, February 07, 2005

One Year Later

One Year Later
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The Boy and I celebrated our 1-year Anniversary on Sunday. I can hardly believe it's already been a year...on the other hand, I can't imagine how I lived before.

I love you, Sweetie.

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Nothing to Say

I have nothing to say.

It's Saturday which is sooooo good. I've slept in late; ate spam & eggs for breakfast; did the dishes; swept & siffered the kitchen floor; knitted; changed the sheets - rotated the mattress; ate a lovely bowl of oreos & Breyer's extra creamy vanilla ice cream; polished silver jewelry and chatted with the Boy's mom.

Now - since the Boy's gone to run errands I can work on a little something that I'm making him for our 1-year anniversary - which is tomorrow. :-)

Friday, February 04, 2005

Cancel That

Somehow - my phone today miraculousy recovered! I did nothing. Just left it on all day like usual and flipped it up after work and low and behold - the display is back!! Weird. I'm not complaining. I so didn't want to deal with getting a new phone - I'm just lazy like that I guess.

Anyway - another GORGEOUS day here - it totally feels like spring and I'm getting spoiled. :-) I like it.

It's Friday - I'm so glad...time to do some knitting (or attempting, at least) and then off to do some movie work.


Thursday, February 03, 2005

Hello? Are you there? Heeeelllllllllloooooooooo?

Well, it's official.

My cell phone is dead.

My cell phone, which I bought in Beverly Hills, CA, which I walked to in dress shoes on a very warm April (or may?) day from work on my lunch hour. Something to break free, be independent and start thinking on my own, acting on my own...yes, a cell phone represents all that.

Well, the phone still works I just can't see anything on the display. I cannot tell if I have a message; I cannot tell who I'm calling (except for the 4 speed dials I have memorized), I cannot see if I missed a call - I can see nothing. *sigh*

So, I will have to go up to Sprint and get a new one. The cheap - free one (as I'm broke). No fancy camera phone, just a display - but a COLOR display! And downloadable ringtones! whopeee!!! Progress has been made in 4 years.

Basically don't expect a phone call from me (unless you're one of the 4 speed dials, and I'm guessing you're not - sorry - considering one is voicemail, another my parents) until I get Sprint to download/transfer/whatever all of my info into my new cheap phone.

That's it.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

NOT Lame - ski girl

Well, instead of sloshing it up at the bar...I instead went skiing with the Boy. Lester Park again - beautiful, warm (it was 46 degrees today here down by the lake!)...I thought it would be sticky but the temps had dropped off so things started getting icy. We skied the upper part of the trail (upper to me - there's still more upper that i haven't gotten to yet)...and went on an extra non-lit loop. I decided F-THIS no more wuss...and just did the hills. And I didn't fall. And it wasn't horrible. And I got kisses. :-) (sorry, gag, I know but please, I'm terribly afraid of speed and pain) I did hills on some "more difficult" hills and also some "most difficult" hills. Whoheee! Of course I had to walk myself to the very top and assess the situation, make sure the tracks were decent, etc and then hope and pray and tell myself a thousand times in my head that I needed to "feel the trail, be one with the skis" - and it kinda worked. :-)

Then, on the 2nd time around the (short) loop - I wiped out. Spectacularly. Sadly no one saw it. It was dark, I couldn't see - wasn't "feeling" it or skis crossed and somehow - not really sure how - I flipped over and landed on my chest. Hmmm....It didn't really hurt but I"m feeling a bit crunked up now....I'm mostly concerned with being seen when I fall and blowing out my far so good.....


Man, I am lame. I mean…I try not to be. I try to do some decent things for people; make them laugh, don’t flake out, make plans, do things, etc etc…but it never fails. I met someone new, that I clicked with. She was fun to talk to. Smart. Sounds like we have a lot in common. We have (had?) big plans to start a potluck club – where monthly you eat at someone elses house – you know – you eat, drink wine, have intellectual conversations, play games…that sort of thing. The. Thing. I. Love. Well, we finally got around to making plans. Happy Hour. Kinda lame – Happy Hour isn’t my ‘thing’ but what else do you do with someone that you don’t know all that well but would like to get to know better? (seriously, any ideas?) Well, I just got the cancellation email. She’s feeling “queasy” and doesn’t think it’ll get any better…so how ‘bout this weekend or next week?

Why do I feel like a guy who’s just been blown off by a girl. Sheesh. It’s like she’s breaking a date or something.

And WHY WHY WHY does this always happen to me? Show me a non-flakey friend and I’d be glad to show you the moon (Okay, the Boy doesn’t count).

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Senior Year of High School, a Meme

What year was it?

What were your three favorite bands or musical artists?
The Beatles, REM, U2, The Replacements

What was your favorite outfit?
Jeans and...whatever...

What was up with your hair?
SUPER curly, shoulder-ish length, dishwater blonde

Who were your best friends?
LAH and JCHJ - one who is still very close, the other who I feel dumped by.

Where did you work?
Hardee's! Whohooo!

What did you do after school?
Either tennis, "play practice," some kind of singing rehearsal, golf, or playing trivial pursuit with LAH

Did you take the bus?
No, LAH had a car and lived a block away from me. And my Mom worked across the street from the high school so I could go with her if I had to.

Who did you have a crush on?
Hmmm. I had a boyfriend so...I think I was crushing harder on him than he was on me!

Did you fight with your parents?
Not really - maybe a little here and there but we have always gotten along really well.

Who did you have a CELEBRITY crush on?
That would be...good lord, I can't! I am so lame!

Did you smoke cigarettes?
Nope. Not a one.

Did you lug all of your books around in your backpack because you were too nervous to find your locker?
No, my locker was in "senior hall" so that was fine. Spent most of my time though in the orchestra instrument room.

Did you have a clique?
Yep - theatre geeks, nerds, musicians...we were all one.

Did you have "The Max" like Zach Kelly and Slater?
I don't know what that means...

Admit it, were you popular?
hahahahahahahahahahahahaha - nope.

Who did you want to be just like?
I always really admired my Mom which is so not cool.

What did you want to be when you grew up?
An actress. Singer. (still do)

Where did you think you'd be at the age you are now?
OLD! Married with kids probably - touring the nation with a musical or maybe be peforming on Broadway or at some funky theatre in Chicago.