Friday, March 31, 2006

Kelli's New Site

Check it out here! Her crafty work and thoughtfulness and worldy-good-deeds are sure to inspire you. Check out her lovely new site!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006


I have a bit of the blues today. Just too much crap weighing me down. I can't seem to get excited about much of anything right now and I'm feeling bored...which is highly unusual for me.

I bought more knitting needles today - #13's for the project tomorrow. I thought I had some previously and therefore did not get any the other day....but I didn't. I got the cheap metal ones as I'm on a budget. Ah well. I'll save the bamboo for my next purchase. Oh how I do love them.

Steve's Dad is going to Mayo Clinic on Friday for an appointment. Good news: Mayo kicks ass and is close enough to be referred to from here (about 3 1/2 hours). Bad news: They referred him to Mayo instead of just doing what needed to be done here. Therefore he's losing his just gotten bed at really really nice nursing facility and may not get it back when he comes back to town - all depends on availability. I might be going to Rochester this weekend....all depends on what's happening and where everyone is.

A friend of mine has cancer. Well, she had melanoma 5 years ago but has been cancer free since they took it off of's back though, with a vengeance....lungs, chest, leg...they're doing a brain scan to see if it's there. I HATE cancer. She's I think? She has a 2 1/2 year old. She is awesome and I am heartbroken. She used to let me go through her clothes that were going to GoodWill and I got the coolest stuff from her (she's British and has a wicked fashion sense). I haven't seen her since I moved from LA but have emailed & sent cards etc. I just feel yucky about the whole thing and she seems so far away.

And I'm just feeling bleh.

It's hard to get excited about planning the big party when all this crap is going on.


Sunday, March 26, 2006

Did I mention that Beavis is currently working on his novel?

End of the Weekend

What a way to end the weekend. Beavis was just outside for almost an hour which is long for him and he wouldn't come in. Iko came in, no problem (he can be easily bought with treats, heck, both of them can!) Beavis can jump over our neighbors (wooden) fence but not the chain link surrounding the rest of our yard and he usually escapes that way. Well, he wasn't in there yard, he wasn't in the alley, he wasn't under the cedar tree - I couldn't find him anywhere! He wasn't responding to cat calls (ha ha) or me shaking the treats, he just wasn't coming. I was fine and thought - He'll come back. He's too wussy to spend a night out in the cold (currently 34 degrees) but when Steve called I lost it. I told him I couldn't find Beavis and the waterworks started. Immediately I heard the concern in his voice as well and he said he'd be right home. Well, after a minute or two of hysteria (keepittogetherkeepittogetherkeepittogether *bonus points if you can name the movie) I went out front again to yell for him and when I did he came tearing across the neighbors lawn. Of course he was obstructed by a chain link fence and didn't know what to do (he could've walked around it in the front, I'm not saying he's Einstein) so he returned to their back yard and the fence that he COULD jump over....with me trailing behind him. I snatched him up, gave him a big hug and carried him inside. I'm so glad I can go to bed tonight knowing that both kitties are safe & sound inside.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Craft Supplies

Because I can't HELP myself I bought some more supplies today. If I had a digital camera, I would take pictures of them and post them here. But I don't.

*3 skeins of super-soft yarn for non-disclosed project

*3 skins of purple home-spun yarn for prayer shawl

*set of 4 double-pointed bamboo needles for bags

*3 boxes of photo squares for scrapbooking

*12x12 plastic sheet protectors for scrapbook pages finished last week

*Jewel toned 12x12 paper

and I think that's it....I could spend SO MUCH MONEY at Michael's it' s not even funny.

And it's FRIDAY! whohooooo!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

6 months

6 months until our wedding day....EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!!


I can't wait!!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Apples & Tigers and Burners - oh my!

I am having a HELL of a time with this whole dvd burner situation. I am frustratd. To the point of near break down today. I can't take it any more. Now I have a FINISHED FEATURE FILM, enough money in the bank (almost!) to replicate dvd's and I can't get the g.d. thing OFF THE COMPUTER?


I am running DVD Studio Pro 1.5 (dvd authoring software). The video elements were made in FCP 3 and the menus in Photoshop and they were married together in a fabulousness in DVDSP. 1.5 is a very old version...but hey - it's uber expensive and it works (or did) and that's all we had.

I am operating on OSX 10.2.1. Yes, I know. Shoot me. I can upgrade to 10.2.8 apparently for free and will do that as soon as I'm at that computer again...but it doesn't really help me.

I need a new DVD burner. Preferably external at this point. One that will kick some MAJOR ass and get my film in a pristine format to the replication house.

If I buy a new DVD burner (LaCie, I have my eye on you...) it won't run with OSX 10.2.1 only with a higer OS. I could just use Toast and Toast 7 comes with the new LaCie but guess what? That only runs on 10.3 and above....I could upgrade DVDSP (with what $? I have no idea) but guess what? That also won't run on 10.2 - you see my dilemma? But if I upgrade to 10.3 or let's face it - 10.4 by this point - it won't work with the current version of DVDSP that I currently have (and can afford because - well, I already have it!!!).

It's a vicious cycle and I'm pretty sure I"m over thinking so PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME! I have called the Apple Store, I have scoured the internet, I have posted mulitple messages on the boards...all I want is an answer to this question:

What type of DVD burner do I need to get to make my 10.2.1 (or 10.2.8) & DVD Studio Pro 1.5 work with it?!?!?!?! CAN SOMEONE PLEASE ANSWER THAT QUESTION FOR ME?!?!?

I hear I might be able to get the answer from AppleCare for $49 a phone call. *sigh* Did I mention that I'm broke right now and trying to finance a wedding?!? Gah.

When/if J gets his grant, all computer issues will be resolved because we will update to Final Cut Suite (sweet!) and Tiger and I will be a happy camper. But we won't know until June. And that's a long way off. And I have a wedding to edit (my soon-to-be-in-laws) and a slide show to compile (for our wedding) and I'd just as soon get it done sooner rather than later and ARGH!

*deep breaths*

Oh and I'm getting so fat. What is up with that? I thought working out was supposed to help with that.

I"m going to bed now. Seriously - if you know ANY MAC PEOPLE, please please please send them my way. I feel like a complete idiot.

Thank you.

PS - I have a G4 Tower, 733

Monday, March 20, 2006

Weekend Update

Well, I survived a weekend in the woods w/a bunch of scrapbookers. The "cabin" was quite incredible ( - the northwoods cabin)....very nice with all the amenities. The work room was spacious & the computer equipment was great. I got a lot of work done. I took 111 pictures and got them all in books except for a few rejects. Plus I finished several layouts from Mexico (last Feb!) so I'm a happy camper. Those people are CRAZY though. I have never been around such an intense group of crafty ladies. It was kind of scary. They stayed up until 4am or later! Not me....I did a lot but I also went to bed at "normal" times and enjoyed watching movies, walking, eating (way too much) & chatting with my sister.

On another note - My blog buddy Donna is PG!! Yippeeee! This is fantastic news and I'm so happy for her. The warm fuzzy universe vibes have finally paid off!!!

Friday, March 17, 2006

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

This is my new winter jacket! It's Columbia, it's in white and I got a great deal on it (yay - spring clearance!) It's the highest (or lowest) rated for temperature, it has down filling, it's water proof, has a waist gaiter (for when I fall in the snow), lots of interior pockets, zip off hood with faux fur and arm vents. I dig it. Steve doesn't like the white (sorry - only pic in pink) ...I just plan on washing it more often than my last jacket....which I think will be okay. What do you think? I got it for $120 off the original price!!! Posted by Picasa


Well, I'm packing right now for a long weekend. Yes, I've agreed to go to a 5 day scrapbook retreat with my sister! Ack! Okay, I'm going tomorrow and coming back Monday because 5 days is too much. 12 hours is too much (which I have done before) so this should be interesting. The retreat is a brand new "cabin" in the northwoods (but south of here) near a place called Cross Lake. It's gorgeous and hardly what I think of when I say cabin. The cabin was built for scrapbookers so there are scrapbooking ammenities - a large work room with large tables, computers, die cut machines, printers that take 12 x 12 paper, massage chair (!), a drive way to the lower level to make unloading easier, etc. We each get our own custom made log bed (16 of us), we split dinner duty (I picked dessert for Saturday - I bought fixin's for ice cream sundaes - yummy and easy! And personal! and ice cream! and I didn't have time to bake this week! :-( But that's okay because it's ice cream! Anyhooo - I'll be bringing my knitting (because there's NO WAY I can scrapbook that much...I'm not that into it but I do love the embellishments) and I'm bringing some music, some books and some dvd's. I am also bringing my snowshoes and my new coat in case I want to tromp about in the woods.

Basically I wanted to do this to get away with my sister (and her friends) and to do something crafty and that's it! I signed up with her in October (a friend of hers was the "organizer") and I've already paid and it should be a very nice weekend.

For one weekend no litter boxes to scoop, no fridges to scrub, no laundry to do, I just get to do whatever I want and that'll be fun. Of course I will miss Mr. Steve (I asked him if he wanted to come along - he scoffed!!) but then I will get to hug him and love him up when I get home. it's only 3 nights. Sheesh. I'm a weirdo.

So there ya have it! I'll be back on Monday (or Tuesday).

Happy Weekend!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Average Day

Well, another day has come and gone.

Last night's dinner was a success. The food & wine were enjoyed. The dessert was gobbled up (brought by T) and people were happy & content. Just how I like it. Afterwards we watched home videos that Steve shot for P when he was in Japan in 2001. I love seeing Steve then. He is much handsomer (is that a word?) now that then and seeing him in his pre-30's world gives me an insight to this wonderful sweet incredible man. *sigh* I'm all mushy over him.

Today was extremely boring at work. I'm working on a report that makes my eyeballs bleed & my brain melt. It sucks. And makes me fall asleep at my desk (no kidding!) and type really strange emails to friends. It's bizarre. Oh well. After work I visited a friend in the hospital who just had his knee reconstructed and is recovering, then off to the Y for Salsa Cardio - which was canceled because the teacher didn't show up which was HIGHLY annoying because I was sooooo looking forward to it. So, I rode the recumbant bike instead and read my very outdated copy of Backpacker which I keep in my gym bag (Kermit the Frog gym bag that is) just for these type of emergencies. Then I ran waiting for Steve and then we'll go up to the church for our first meeting with the minister. I'm kind of nervous, actually. Weird. I've never done this before. eeeeek.

Now I must take leftovers to my beloved who is at the rehab center and hungry so...ta ta!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006


First we're having a guest.

Then we're not.

Then we're having that guest again.

Then we're having another guest too.

Family. Casual but I'm feeling flustered as I had to stop my Cindy Crawford workout mid-stream to get on the whole cooking thing. Ha. (shut up about Cindy Crawford I didn't have time to go to the Y).

Anyhooo...I better go see if things are burning, set the table and pull out a bottle of wine.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Clearly I would've rather been doing this today.  Posted by Picasa

Sometimes There's Just Crabby

Eh, It's Monday.

It's very wintery out just when I was warming up to the idea of spring yesterday.

My feet are cold because my thrift store boots (knee high not winter) have cracked soles. The feet of my tights are wet.

I'm sick of worrying about money. I have a negative balance in my checking account right now so I'm hoping a few things don't clear til at least Thursday. I'm sick of living this way! I went to a concert on Saturday (bought drinks, Steve bought tix) and we had Chinese food last night and I feel incredibly guilty. ARGH.

Now I have to shovel.


Saturday, March 11, 2006


Well, I just spent the last 6 hours in the kitchen. Scrubbing, polishing, shining, sweeping, more scrubbing, a little scouring and now sighing a sigh of relief. I cleaned the fridge (desperately needed), both ovens (ditto), the oven racks (double ditto), we pulled out the fridge and Steve so graciously vacuumed the coils (underneath) and cleaned the fan (hmmm, wonder how many years THAT'S been...ick), I cleaned the sinks and mopped the floors and cleaned the drip pans and now my fingers are weary and my hands wrinkly from being in water all day...

But my kitchen is SHINY and smiling. :-)

And so am I.

Tonight we're going to eat at the Hacienda del Sol followed by a guitar concert by Michael Gulezian. Should be a very fun evening!

Friday, March 10, 2006

Wedding Update

  • Minister - meeting next week
  • Groom's Dinner - dunno, the chef is changing his story about $ so we may be reconsidering the location
  • Flowers - stopped at a florist today who was having a wedding 'show' - hardly a show but they did have some sample bouquets and one was similar to what I was thinking - so that was cool. But MAN are they expensive!!
  • Invitations - can't think about this right now because I searched last night and wanted to cry about how expensive they are.
  • Some pieces of bridal attire - which shall not be mentioned here because Steve reads this sometimes....well, I have found something online that I like but would rather buy in person if I can find it. And I have a gift certificate for the shop in Superior.

I think that's it for now.

This week was too busy and I'm too beat to think about anything else.


Thursday, March 09, 2006

Busy pt 2

Another busy day but not quite as crazy as yesterday. Whew. It sure does make the work day go a lot faster when you actually have a lot of work to do. And I want to snack less, which is great. Sadly I drink less water too which I guess goes to show that when I'm bored I drink a LOT of water. Weird. After work I went grocery shopping and spent far too much money but I don't think I've done a "big shopping" since about mid-Jan so it was time. Time to re-stock meat and cereal and frozen juice etc....I spent too much thought. :-( Did I mention that already? And I freaked out because my zippered pouch where I keep things like - MY LIFE (credit cards, ATM card, driver's license, etc) wasn't in my purse! Gah! Luckily I thought and thought and thought about where it could be and I figured it out -my knitting bag (naturally) (Okay - wtf?). Luckily I had my check book with me. I'd hate to do an hour's worth of shopping just to have to put it all back!!!

Tonight I'm making stuffed pork chops w/french cut green beans. Yum. I should get on that. But Steve just called and is taking the dog to visit his dad so he won't be home for another hour anyway.

Set up a meeting with the minister for next week so at least THAT'S out of the way. There are many many other things though. *sigh* Tomorrow a florist here in town is having a wedding & event show and I plan on checking it out after work. I'm planning on multi-colored gerbera daises but can't think what to go with it for my bouquet or for the bountineres. Yes. I know I didn't spell that right. Any suggestions? (dresses are chocolate brown, btw).

Okay - time to get crackin'

oh and AfricanKelli IS THE BEST! I was thrilled and delighted yesterday when I received a lovely CAOK gift from her in the mail yesterday. I am one who LOVES mail and surprise packages make me happy to the core!!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

busy busy busy

Today was insane. A million projects to do - not enough hours in the day. Not fun projects either. Bah. But I do like it better than being bored. That being said - how 'bout being a *little* busy now and spreading it out? Why does it all have to come in the same week?!!? Ah well, beggars can't be choosers I guess.

I worked late (just a 1/2 hour - no biggie) then rushed home, ate a cookie, changed and just barely made it to Salsa Cardio; had a great workout, delivered a "Kinky" CD to the teacher (that's a band, people - get your minds out of the weird gutter) then rushed off to J's to fix a small defect on the Scene Selections menu for the dvd. Then off to the rehab center to visit Steve's Dad - I thought I would time it perfectly with Steve. I talked to him earlier and knew he'd be getting back into town around 8pm. So I get there only to have T tell me that Steve wasn't coming because he just got into town, is tired, etc. Ah well. I spent some time with R - I think he enjoyed my visit. I gave him cookies! We watched a show on the History channel about Taxidermy - which was weird and sort of creepy and interesting all at once.

Now I'm home - it's almost 9 - I need to eat some dinner and UNWIND. I think a coors light is calling me from the kitchen.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Belated Weekend Update or How I avoid doing my taxes

The weekend was good - busy and went to quickly - as usual.

Friday night Steve & I went to an art opening at the Artspace gallery here in town. A friend of mine was showing some works with a couple of other guys. It was a fun opening - good art, tons of people to mingle with, munchies and a keg! Whooo. ha. Afterwards there was a part at my friend's studio. It wasn't quite as fun as the gallery just because people mingled less. Oh well. It was a good time.

Saturday I accompanied Steve on some inspections. We journeyed way the heck out to "Menagha, MN" which is about 170 miles to the west of here. He only had two to do and I happily knitted and read and generally amused myself and hopefully him a little bit. On the way back we stopped at my aunt & uncle's for a visit.

They live in a log home which they built. It started as a one room w/sleeping loft log home that my uncle J built. When my aunt B came along they made some additions and when the two kids arrived they completed the house. It's very cool. I love it. Steve loved it too. They have a bunch of land which we toured, a pond, a really cool tree house, raised bed gardens, a huge pole barn for their business (arborist), a woodshop and an iron forge! Yes, my uncle and my 12 year old cousin have an iron forge. They make all sorts of things - most notably my cousin makes lots of swords, daggers, knives, etc. He's incredibly talented and smart (and such a talker! ay yi yi). As a family they do things like hunt deer (on their property near the river), go period camping at rendezvouz, generally they are about the coolest family I can think of. Those two examples don't quite explain it but it's cool. They only get one tv station because they're in the boonies so they only watch the news a little bit. They listen to the radio a lot, they're not always on the computer, they make's a cool lifestyle. We hung out with them all evening - just chatting and looking at pictures. We had a lovely dinner. The next day we went snowshoeing with them on their river property. It was gorgeous. They camp out there (60+ acres) - they let the boy scouts, girl scouts, church camps, Y camps, etc use their land. We had a fire and ate soup after our hike. It was awesome. I get a lot of inspiration from the two of them (and their awesome children). It was fun.

After that we cruised back to Duluth and visited Roger. We ate dinner with him and afterwards he counted to five for me! It was so cool! I think he got frustrated with himself after that but I definitely heard words which was really cool. I tried to get him to sing with me but it wasn't that successful of an attempt. He did sing Cecilia with me - he sang harmony which was SO COOL. :-) We'll have to try that again. I think I'll take my Simon & Garfunkel cd's next time and maybe my music book to see if he knows any other songs.

I watched the Oscars that night....I loved the theme & the set. I thought Selma Hayek was the best dressed and was consused by the large bow on Charlize's dress. I loved the fact that George Clooney won an Oscar and enjoyed (but was confused too) by all the montages. I thought Jon Stewart was okay - but not superb. I was happy for the winners and thougth "eh" about Crash

That catches ya up over the weekend. This week at work has been blissfully busy which is fantastic. Makes things go so much faster. I made a wedding "to-do" list and had a slight heart attack and I also got to deliver the daffodils that people ordered at work for the American Cancer Society's Daffodil Days - and that was fun.

Tomorrow will be more of the same + Salsa Cardio and some movie work. Trying to get our dvd's sent off by Friday. There is one delay after another. *sigh*

Oh and I just baked some chocolate chip cookies.

And I suppose now I must do my g.d. taxes. I can procrastinate no longer...I even already cleaned the litter boxes (all 3 of them!!).
winning. As mentioned before I was underwhelmed and yet didn't like feeling like the movie was hitting me over the head with a gigantic GREEK TRAGEDY MASKED hammer. *sigh* Next year I'm definitely going to try to have another Oscar party. I love to throw a party.

Who's it? Me!

I have been tagged by Spuddy Buddy and am happy to comply:

Seven Things I Want to Do Before I Die:

  1. Hike Machu Picchu
  2. Have a Family
  3. Figure out my purpose in Life
  4. Make a quilt
  5. Learn how to play my guitar
  6. Make sure that everyone I love knows how much I love them (cheesy but it's my blog so whatever)
  7. Visit Seychelles
Seven Things I Cannot Do:
  1. Hold back tears when I'm sad, angry, embarrassed, upset, happy, etc
  2. Run
  3. Snowplow on x-country skis
  4. Stick to an exercise program
  5. Hide my dislike of certain co-workers (I try though - I really really do!!!)
  6. Master Flash....ugh (the program, that is)
  7. Make a movie that anyone wants to see
Seven Things That Attract Me to Blogging:
  1. My voyueristic personality (ha ha)
  2. The chance to blab away about whatever I want
  3. Learning crafty things from crafty people
  4. Getting to know people I would never have the chance to in real life
  5. My boredom at work (but now I'm blocked from most blogs including my own)
  6. The chance to express myself sort of anonymously
  7. Being inspired by others
Seven Things I Say Most Often:
  1. What do you want for dinner? (it's a contest to see who will ask first - gah! I hate that question!!)
  2. Craphole
  3. Helllooooooooo
  4. Do you still like me? (to Steve)
  5. Wanna play a game? (to anyone!)
  6. I need a beer.
  7. Wonderful

Seven Books I Love:
  1. The Grapes of Wrath - John Steinbeck (my #1 all time favorite)
  2. Danny the Champion of the World - Roald
  3. The Time Traveler's Wife - Audrey Niffenegger
  4. Les Miserables - Victor Hugo
  5. All of Elizabeth George's mysteries
  6. Pretty much any/all of Stephen King's books (although there are duds - I like the Dark Tower series, myself)
  7. Angels & Demons - Dan Brown

Seven Movies I Watch Over and Over Again:
  1. Memento
  2. Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery
  3. Rushmore
  4. Almost Famous
  5. The Princess Bride
  6. Monsters Inc.
  7. About a Boy

Seven People I Want to Join In:

Whoever wants to - let me know if you do it!

Monday, March 06, 2006

The Loss of a Legend

With a heavy heart tonight I post this link about the death of Hall-of-Famer Kirby Puckett - I grew up watching him & the Twins - most notably in '87 during the World Series season and again in '91. FP - do you remember 'haunting' the nature center in '87 during the world series for Matchbox Children's Theatre? That will always be a good memory in my mind.

Kirby suffered a stroke yesterday. He is 20 years younger than Steve's Dad and quite frankly - Steve's Dad is too young to be having a stroke. I will say a prayer tonight for Kirby & his family, and for Steve's Dad too.

And this, my 400th post.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Oscar Goodness

I'm wrapped up in Oscar goodness right now and will post some photos later of the snowshoeing we did today and the results of the conversation with my Grandparents and updates on Steve's Dad.

In the meantime, I have a vodka cran on the coffee table downstairs with my name on it and ice melting in it.


Friday, March 03, 2006

The Hard Truth

My folks are going over to my Grandparent's house tonight. My grandparents who are in the 80's and adorable. They live in a "retirement" complex right now but their both "declining' as they say as the years pass and it is getting close to the time for a change.

My Grandpa (adorable, did I mention that?) has Parkinson's and "sundowner's" syndrome (not sure if that is real or just what they call it) where he's quite confused in the morning and at night. He does odd things, loses things, can't find the bathroom in their townhouse, etc. My Grandma (also adorable...did I mention that?) gets frustrated and depressed because they can't go out as much as they used to and it's hard on her running everything, doing most everything these days. Up until a couple of years ago - she'd never even filled the car with gas (ah, it was a different time).

There is a "care center" near my parent's house. It is really nice. There are private rooms and it's not all hospitally. My Grandpa goes there now 3 days a week to day care (saying that breaks my heart) to give my Grandma a break. He likes it there (can't figure out why he's getting paid to go there and hang out with his buddies...he thinks it's his job...) . An opening just occurred. He's been on the waiting list for months. Decision time.

The truth is - it's probably too much for my Grandma to deal with - taking care of another person when you have a lot of problems of your own (carpal tunnel for one - recently repaired but still; catarachts for another - also recently repaired...but still). He's probably getting to the point in his life where he needs more caregivers just a mere 15 feet away from him. And my heart weeps.

I cannot imagine the conversation tonight that my parents will have with them. My parents telling them that maybe, after 64 1/2 years of living together that they should part ways and live in separate households, and sleep in separate beds and see each other only when they're visitng. I am weeping now because the thought of that truly breaks my heart aand I can't imagine anyone telling my parents that or telling Steve & I that. And I know it's a nice place, he'll have excellent care, he will be loved and looked after but it still just tears me up inside. Logically it's the thing to do but I haven't much used logic when it comes to emotional, family matters. I go with my heart not my head.

And so I'm so sad. So incredibly sad. I don't want them to hurt, I want them to live out their final years in the blissful idealistic fashion that I have created where they spend days on end doing things they enjoy together and dying wrapped in each others arms at the ripe old age of 115 in perfect health. I just can't imagine splitting the one into two.

I mourn. I grieve...and nothing's even happened yet!! They could very likely tell my Mother to f off (ha ha - just kidding my grandparents do not swear....EVER. The worse thing I've ever heard my Grandmother say is "ishkabibble" ) . On one hand - this care center is soooo nice and new and if they pass it up, it's likely they won't get another chance. The other "nursing homes" in town are not as nice, definitely not as new and would be 'strange' to heart is so torn.

I can't stop thinking about all the nights I spent at their house (a mere 5 blocks from where we lived) - the popcorn in her funky handled popcorn bowls at night, watching the Tonight Show, waking up to grapenuts and toast w/jelly - stupid little things but they're mine. The games, the camping trips, the wrigley's juicy fruit gum. I just wish I could go back for a bit and enjoy it all a bit more.

Why does time have to move so fast?

Thursday, March 02, 2006

This Week

...has been a yucky week. Primarily because of a certain DVD burner who decided to up & quit on Monday, the day that J needed to burn all his dvd's for a grant deadline - which is tomorrow. Ugh.

Took the Mac in to The Geek Squad for them to replace said burner, which they did. Unfortunately the burner they replaced it with is not compatible with Macs!!! My thinking is...if they don't know how to do something, perhaps they shouldn't do it at all. So the rest of the week has been scrambling to find someone who can burn a Video TS file and make copies of our two movies so he can submit and hopefully receive a $25k grant! (strings free, btw).

Think it is worked out today - at least temporarily - also think that the problem mostly lies in his dvd player which he was testing the dvd's on and not the dvd burner. *sigh* I want him to go back to Best Buy, have them put the old one back in the computer, take the new one and shove it and refund his money.

He's driving his submission to Mpls tomorrow and hopefully he'll be very happy in June when/if they announce his name. That would rock.

In the meantime, the Mac needs some serious upgrades which we've been putting off - an updated OSX for one, updated Toast & DVDSP and others too. *sigh* There's always something.

In another note - we ate at the restaurant where we're planning on having our Groom's Dinner (that's Rehearsal Dinner for some of you in different parts of the country) the night before the wedding. It's very close to the resort and charming in a sort of old-cabiny-rustic sort of way. I love it. I had walley and it was delish. I'm hoping to get fish somewhere on the wedding weekend menu....we'll see.

And I'm incredibly inspired by AfricanKelli's 40-days of Calculated Acts of Kindness and hope to duplicate it at least partially myself. Why don't you do something good for someone (stranger or friend) just for the heck of it? I will.