Friday, November 08, 2013


I'm a big failure! UGH! One 12-hour period slips into one day slips into two days slips into practically a week.

No blogging.

I am lame.

I have been doodling more, does that count?

Also....just booked 4 plane tickets to AZ for a winter family vacation - yay!!! Can't wait!

The end.

I'll try to be less lame tomorrow.

Sunday, November 03, 2013

Steve's Big 4-0

My darling husband turned 40 on Halloween! How exciting. He's entered the exclusive club. Last year I told him we will have to start celebrating his birthday on a day OTHER than Halloween because with two little kids it is just too much. WAY too much.

So this year we did a simple dinner & cake on Halloween but then we had a party last night.

Man, it was fun.

We haven't had a party (really) since we moved into our house just over 5 years ago! Lame! So, I sent out invitations, we decorated the house for Halloween/old age - ha...and we had a party.

Michelle was actually drinking Pepsi out of her whiskey bottle. Keepin' it classy! :)
It was "costumes or not" which was fine with everyone. We got a few costumes, but not big deal. There was artichoke dip & taco dip & salsa & smoked salmon (which we forgot to set out - ah well). Steve's brother made homemade mozzarella & we had popcorn. Simple. Tasty. Fun.

The weather was beautiful yesterday - and it hasn't been beautiful for well over a week. So nice that we were able to have a fire going outside & a lot of our guests spent a lot of time out there (got a little cold towards the end!).

It was fabulous to have a house full of people. To have a CLEAN house where all the toys were hidden away. And to stay up late & sleep in in the morning. Ahhhhh.... (the kids were with my folks at a hotel - awesome!). It worked out great that it was "fall back" time too. Win-win!

Saturday, November 02, 2013

Friday, November 01, 2013


Going to try to do something each day of November. It's usually NaBloPoMo for me (or it was when I was blogging regularly...) and I thought about doing NaMoWri...whatever that acronym is...but I really don't have time & haven't done enough prep work for that. SO...unofficially I am going to try to blog something. SOMETHING. Every day in November.

This counts, right?

I also like the gratitude photos thing on Instagram. We'll see how far I get.

Are you doing anything this November?