Thursday, March 27, 2008

I'm outta here!

Yup - 5:28am...the babe is fed & dressed, we're mostly packed and shortly on our way.


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Emergency Shopping Trip

So we're leaving for CA tomorrow and quite frankly I have mixed emotions...

For one, I'm TOTALLY squishy...and yes, I know, I had a baby 3 months ago so no one will hold it against me - except me. I don't like it. I don't fit into *normal* clothes and all my t-shirts are so shrunk up from years (decades? yes, I found a t-shirt from college in my dresser today...) that with my new large mid-section they DEFINITELY don't fit. So I had to go shopping today for a few casual but in style short sleeved shirts and I was nearly in tears in Old Navy. I found a few things that looked better at Penney's but MAN it's depressing. I'm trying to adhere by the WHAT NOT TO WEAR mantra of who cares what the size is as long as it looks good and makes you feel good but seriously? I'm not happy.

The other thing is...I'm going to miss my baby. It's weird. I've been with her nearly ALL of her life and while I know I will enjoy getting away, sleeping in, having adult time with Steve & hanging with old friends, I will miss my snuggle time, and her smiles and even her weird grunts & cries. I'm sure by Monday I will be ITCHIN' to grab her and squeeze her and smother her with kisses. I"ll probably walk off the plane and yell GIVE ME THAT BABY...which will be funny because the baby won't be AT the airport. I might get some looks.

The OTHER other thing LA life is so far removed from my Duluth life. For a while I felt *cool* in the LA way - no, no cosmetic surgery or super-hip fashions, but I felt the energy of the city, 'the scene' etc...Granted I was fairly miserable in LA. My life after LA has been MUCH more full - let's see, bought a house, met & married an awesome guy, started my own film company and had a baby - what'd I do in LA? Well, needless to say - part of me misses THAT Carrie. Not that I want to go back...I just want to feel not as damn FRUMPY as I do today. Maybe that's my big problem. I don't know.

I think there is something about returning to where you once were...who you once knew, the places you frequented etc. I won't *own* it any more like I used to (I felt the same way when I moved back to Duluth).

I'm rambling but needless to say - the emotions are mixed.

LUCKILY I'm hanging out with some of my favorite people this weekend Sam & Cary and of course seeing Sudhara getting hitched will be awesome. Hopefully I will get to see Heather & Jim & Geoff & Sarah too!! Anyway - I'll be back next week...have a good weekend.


I had a insulation guy come over today to see about getting our house properly insulated because we are SICK of being cold and spending so much on heating oil. And if we're going to be here through another heating season, I'd like to have it be more economical & efficient.

Well, the insulation guy was very nice but told me that for the tiny attic that we have, it probably won't be worth it. Plus they have to take out all the cellulose that is up there and cover our FIRE HAZARD of wire & knob & tube or whatever it's called wiring which is ancient. *sigh* I'm glad he was honest with me and I would probably call this guy first if we move and need insulation, but I'm bummed that that's not going to help us out. He actually suggested we look into getting a gas furnace (we have a gas line to the house already) as a high-efficiency gas furnace would probably cut our heating costs by 50% and that's WITHOUT more insulation.

Ah sometimes being a homeowner is SO. MUCH. FUN.

Personally? I'm getting the bug to just move again. I love my house but not the neighborhood and not the heating oil. We'll might be a very good time to buy this summer (but a bad time to sell....)

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Having a few of those days. Blah.

Hoping that a few days in sunny CA will help.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter (yesterday!)

Lemon Curd Cake

I always offer to bring dessert to my MIL's because it's what I *make best* (IMHO)and she's a great cook...and I suck at salads. This Easter was no different.
So I pulled out the Martha Stewart Baking Handbook to pick a recipe for Easter Sunday. I thought lemon would be springy and picked the Lemon Curd Cake. Read through - sounded easy! I'll be done in a snap!
Um, yeah. I spent 5 hours on Saturday making this cake. Well, more specifically the lemon CURD. This cake took forever. It also took more eggs, butter & sugar than I thought possible (16 yokes just for the curd!!!!!).
By time I finished the cake I didn't have time to frost the thing. So I made the frosting and refrigerated it for the night.
Well, long story short, when I went to frost the cake yesterday - the frosting separated (even though I followed the directions on how to get it back to a spreadable consistency), then I could get the paper cornet w/decorating tip to stay together to put the decorative curd on top. There were a few foul words bandied about but in the end, everyone enjoyed the cake and Easter dinner too!

Friday, March 21, 2008


As of about an hour ago we have a ROUGH CUT of GOD ROCKS!



Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Lakewalk

I took Dahlia on the Lakewalk for the first time yesterday. It was such a beautiful day and we had been in the office all day and decided it was a good time to get out.

I work very close to the Lakewalk and enjoy walking there. With the stroller it's not problem. Everything is accessible which is very nice. Of course it would've been nice if they had SHOVELED the ramp leading from the "Park Place" Park (is that what it's called? Lake Place? I can't remember) to the actual lakewalk...the STAIRS were cleared. IT seems to me it would make more sense to clear the path that EVERYONE can use....Of course the top of the ramp (it zig zags back & forth) was clear but about 1/2 way was LOADED with snow. I half dragged, half carried the stroller through - only to encounter more snow later. I was stuck. Half way up half way down. Ugh. It was like taking the baby off road. It sucked. And I am sure I looked like a jack ass along the way.

Ah well, Dahlia slept through the whole thing. Me lugging her down the snow-covered ramp, us strolling alongside the beautiful blue lake, all the people out walking their dogs - everything. Oh well. At least she breathed some fresh air!

**HAPPY SPRING!!** (and my 1100th post!)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Yet Another Reason Why I Love Target

Approx $26

Target Brand Formula - Approx $13....

And Dahlia seems to eat it no problem!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

2007 Goals REVISITED

I am a little belated in doing this....and a little light on subject matter this week so... Here we go - let's see how I did in '07:

1. Ski/Hike a couple times a week, or at least go for a walk outside. [Mostly...]
2. Sit ups/arm weights [Not so much - I blame the pregnancy]
3. Stop eating so much. [Yeah, I did better on this one, blame the GD!]
4. More water!! [Yup!!]
5. More salads, less chips. [Still working on this one]
6. Ride my new bike more. [I did good on this one til my center of gravity shifted!]

1. Lots of camping! [Some - more this summer!]
2. Visit a trail you’ve never been on before at least once every other month. [I did pretty good on this one including hiking in the mountains of Sweden!]
3. Keep writing in hiking journal/add digital pictures [No, didn't do this...]
4. Go to Sweden [Check!]

1. Knit lots of baby blankets [Accomplished...5 baby blankets last year. Whew!]
2. Make more gifts instead of buying.[I'm getting better at this.]
3. Finish a project in a timely fashion once you’ve started. [Eh...*shakes head*]
4. Make lots and lots of greeting cards [Check!]

1. Save More [Getting better at this...]
2. Stick to budget. [Budget? What Budget?]
3. Keep putting money into savings every week. [I'm about 85% on this one]

1. Be more timely about sending out birthday, anniversary, etc cards to friends far & near. [This goal is perpetual!]
2. Go to more plays. [No....sad]
3. Join a couple “groups” (ie: knitting group, crafting, etc) [I go to Stitch & Bitch!]
4. See more movies in the theatre. [Steve & I saw ONE last year, I saw 2 others with Miss M and one with Michelle - LAME!]
5. Go to the MN Science Museum in St. Paul [Nope]

1. Clean out front closet/organize/build shelves [Nope]
2. Organize basement. Put up plastic shelves, get rid of things you DON’T
WANT/NEED, take GIANT load to Good Will. [Currently working on this with the hubby]
3. File the “to-be-filed” section of filing cabinet. Shred unwanted documents. [Yes and no - it's never ending...isn't it]
4. Get all tax information compiled and ready to go. [Yes, of time to do it again!]
5. Clean bedroom closet, craft closet, organize craft supplies/craft room [The craft room is now the baby room so...yes]
6. Plant wildflowers & trees and a vegetable garden [Yes!]

1. Read 25 books. [Just barely - but yes!]
2. Take time to reflect, meditate, focus and dream. [Sometimes...always could do this more]
3. Play the piano, learn how to play guitar. [Not really, and no]
4. Be outside more, especially with Steve. [I think so!]
5. Be more thoughtful. [Maybe...?]

1. Hold hands as much as possible. [Hmmm....]
2. Keep spending more time together and doing different fun things. [We're pretty good at this...]
3. Be healthier to ensure a long & fulfilled life. [Steve's much better at being healthy than I am! But I'm trying!]
4. Have a baby (maybe?) [CHECK!]

I could list a long list of goals for 2008 but instead I will end this long post with a short list:

*Be more grateful for the things I have
*Love my family (that includes my friends)
*Be kind
*Be Thoughtful
*Be Patient
*And read at least 25 books (ha!)

No Opener

I lost my garage door opener last week. It sucks. I know, I know. Big deal I have to get out of the car and key in the code to open the door. I am glad I even HAVE a garage. It just is a pain. Luckily the weather hasn't been ass cold lately or it would REALLY suck. I suppose I have to get off my lazy butt and get a new opener. Hmph.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Weekend Recap

We had a good are some highlights:

Meigan and her family were in town to visit the in-laws and do a bit of late season skiing. They stopped by to say hello and meet Miss Dahlia. I hadn't seen Meigan in a few yeas (although - DUH I saw them at the NEWTON'S premiere a couple years ago) She has graciously embarrassed me on her site with some LOVELY pictures - go check them out and tell me you don't LOVE my pants.

Anyhoo - it was great to see Meigan & the gang. Her girls are SO sweet. It makes me excited for Dahlia's fun future!! She also brought us some yummy chicken & rice soup which we ate last night for dinner - so good!! And a gift for little Dahlia and a bag full of samples from her work - I'm set! Meigan it was GREAT to see you! I'm looking forward to the next visit - there were so many subjects we didn't even touch on!!

I got my hair cut & colored:
Of course it looked cute the first day but I cannot recreate that look. It also looks better than in this picture - I have a hard time taking self portraits. Anyway - it's short (particularly in the back) and it's colored and I *think* I like it! It always takes me a few days...

We watched THE GRADUATE (as I posted about earlier) and I also took Miss M to HORTON HEARS A WHO which I thought was adorable! Miss M & I also made some Easter cards.

Yesterday my friend Sarah (blogless) was in town to also do some late-season skiing. She and her beau John stopped by. It was the first time for me to meet the NEW BOYFRIEND so that was fun. He's great. I think they are a really great pair. I am hoping good things for them!!!

Dahlia slept for 8 hours IN A ROW on Friday night which was awesome. Saturday night it was a bit less and last night she got up at 3am which I wasn't all that thrilled with but what can ya do? We had some awesome snuggle time so that made up for it.

I cleaned up 7 cat pukes, did about 15 loads of laundry, cleaned up countless spit ups (including a lovely projectile over my shoulder in the kitchen), scooped a litter box and cleaned a toilet. ah weekends!

Now, it's Monday and the Minnesota Revenue dept has something to say to me (work related...poopy).

Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Graduate (1967)

I forgot how good this movie is. I haven't seen it in years and had gotten it from Netflix a couple months ago but couldn't get excited about watching it (+ having an newborn cuts into the movie-watching time).

I love the time this film takes. There's not a ton of plot and that doesn't matter. There are immensely long one-shots that meander here and there. Sometimes revealing a bigger picture, sometimes not. It also BREATHES. Long, deep, desperate breaths. This tone is set during the opening titles and is repeated throughout with montages or one-shots set to Simon & Garfunkel's music.

Another thing I love about films from this era (late 60's to late 70's) - if the room is dark, the shot's dark; if someone walks in front of the camera, so be it; it's so much more voyueristic and REAL feeling than a lot of films produced today. I love that quality a whole lot.

I hate writing reviews because I think I suck at it but there ya go. I really enjoyed watching this movie again.

(and the baby slept through the whole thing - whohoo!) ;)

Friday, March 14, 2008

3 Months Old

Needless to say - I am amazed by the changes. Oh my sweet Dahlia, you're growing up so fast.


Guess who's up...

and guess who's still sleeping...

Hmmmm - sleeping in tomorrow is REQUIRED!

Thursday, March 13, 2008



Well, we just showed the PREMIERE of the trailer for GOD ROCKS at this conference art gala thingy and it was good. It was a bit hard because the venue was more set up for mingling than watching a presentation but it worked well and the people who saw our trailer seemed to respond well and well, I think it went good! I was NERVOUS but that seems to be unfounded so A BIG WHEW on that front. Tomorrow I will be attending the conference all day and hopefully it will be energizing and enthusiastic! Dahlia is spending the day with Grandma B so that should be fun. :)

I'll post the link as soon as we have GOD ROCKS live on our site...until then, good night!

So Not What I'm in the Mood For

But it's all sticky & wet and supposed to be around 40 here today by this afternoon so....I guess I'll have to live with it. I'm just SO OVER winter already. Sheesh.

Isn't it Ironic?

The day that we have to be at the office at 9am...guess who's still sleeping?

(*it's not me...)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Here is a little something I've been working on on the side...

It hasn't officially launched yet - so take this as your special EXCLUSIVE (ha!) sneak peek!

What do you think?

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


It's sunny & warm* today! (*45? I'll TAKE IT!) The yucky crusty dirty snow is MELTING and I am so happy. It feels springish....not quite springy but close. We need the lovely scent of spring for it to be springy... But I am happy that we have had the return of daylight savings time and a SUNNY day! Wahhooo! I get over-anxious and want to sit out in the backyard's really not quite weather for that yet. Besides our patio table is still covered in snow....doh!

Tomorrow? High of 34 and light snow.....I'm hoping for a higher high and no snow. I'm ready for SPRING!

A Day of Firsts

Yesterday was a day of a lot of firsts...

First time Dahlia went to Best Buy - boy was she intrigued by those tall ceilings. She really wanted to go home with a 50" HDTV but I was strong and resisted her baby jedi-mind tricks and told her no. Not until she can at LEAST sit up...

First time in the fabric store. Ooh! All the colors. Sadly (for Mama) she seemed to enjoy the electronics store much better.

First time she HELD ON TO SOMETHING. I loved this. I don't think she *knew* she was holding on to something - just that something was *different.* We could put a rattle near her hand and she *sort of* grabbed for it and would hold on and then flail about either 1) playing/shaking it or 2) trying to get the danged thing off her hand. Hard to tell.

First time she went for a stroller ride/walk to the park! It was cold, yes but it felt a bit more springy yesterday for the first time in ...I don't know, a year so off we went. Sadly she slept through most of it. At one point she looked up and her facial expression said - "Where the hell am I now?!?" Every time she wakes up she's some place new.

It's been so much fun lately. She's totally into her mobile in the crib, she watches the play bar on both her bouncy seats (the one that lights up/blows bubbles/plays music and the low-fi one with jus the animals hanging down); she smiles quite a bit (love love LOVE IT!); She's more content to lay on a blanket and kick her feet and look around and not so dependent on her pacifier. Right now she is STARING DOWN stuffed giraffe on her bouncy seat and it's quite cute.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Weekend Highlights * Now with Photos!*

Sleeping in with Miss Dahlia....

Well, Blogger won't let me upload any more photos right now so I guess you just get this one. Two lovely morning snuggle sessions with my sweetie pie daughter & husband. ;) I love it!

Also - driving up the North Shore; hiking at Split Rock State Park (the ski trails were BEYOND horrible); quality time with my husband; "Swedish baby" photo shoot this afternoon in Dahlia's crib (hee hee); my awesome husband scrubbing the bathtub; using my new fabric scissors for the first time; family dinner at Steve's Dad's house; daylight savings - OUT OF THE DARKNESS!

I'm hoping the time change hasn't totally mucked up Dahlia's schedule. She's been a bit off today and I'm hoping for at least a 5 hour stretch tonight...we shall see....

Friday, March 07, 2008

Happy Friday!


I can't seem to figure out the sleeping thing. My sleeping, the baby's sleeping, etc. For instance - Wednesday night she did great - slept from about 11 til 5:18am. Yay! Then at just after 7 I brought her into bed with me so we could snuggle (read: I just wasn't ready to get up). It was lovely and after about an hour she fell asleep again hard core. Her baby snores are too adorable. I also got some extra winks and woke up feeling great.

But is that too much? Should we be getting up at 7 and starting our day so then she can have a morning nap?

Yesterday she slept almost all afternoon and I feared for her sleeping situation last night but she wasn't interested when I tred to stimulate her (changing diapers, bringing her home from the office, etc).

Sure enough she ate at about 11 and then again at 3 - ugh! She wouldn't go back down at 4 and by 6 I brought her in with me where we slept a little bit.

Am I still supposed to "sleep when the baby sleeps" (as I was doing this morning...) or are we past that and I need to suck it up and get out of bed at a normal time like a normal adult?

And when she is on a normal napping schedule (which I assume she will be...) I need to figure out how to get my work schedule around that... I can set up a pack-and-play at the office but it won't be her crib and it won't be can be reasonably quiet but there's no window coverings and we will have know, work.

Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by figuring it all out. I know I tend to make mountains out of molehills but right now that's what I do. I know this is just one thing in a litany of things that we will have to figure out as we go along.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Dinner Out

I'm having dinner out tonight with Julie who I went to college with but we have been quite terrible about getting together over the past 4 years or so. She visited me during the dark days of January when I was trying to adjust to having a newborn and I appreciated it so much. So, tonight we're going to have dinner and a glass of wine or two sans wee ones and it will be fun. Luckily the nausea from last night has abated but I am still experiencing TERRIBLE hair. Something I must remedy before the California trip (3 weeks - whohoo!)

Wednesday, March 05, 2008


I'm feeling nauseous this evening and I really hope its a passing fancy because I do not have time to be sick...again.



Well, I figured I wouldn't get that great of sleep last night. Dahlia slept for most of the afternoon and I had to sort of wake her up to eat dinner. She & I read part of THE PILLARS OF THE EARTH around 9 or so and she fell asleep in my arms. I put her down and there were no problems. I figured she might be up again around 10:30 to eat and sure enough! Just as I was falling asleep she was waking up. She also got up to eat at about 3:30 which was an hour shy of what I was hoping for. Luckily she went back down at 4:30 for another couple of hours which was good. I knew blogging about her recent decent sleep habits would bite me in the ass. Ah well.

I had something else to say today but I'll be damned if I can remember it. Hmph.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Photo Shoot Gone Awry

The doctor's appointment went well yesterday. Dahlia weighed in at 9lbs 1oz! That's 4 lbs since her lowest on December 18th. She is 22 inches long. She's getting tall. That places her in the 3rd percentile & 15th percentile respectively. My Mom said I was usually in the 3rd percentile. Like mother like daughter!

She took the shots great. Yes, she screamed but not for too long and she was generally not too upset by them. She drank the Rotavirus vaccine like it was candy so that was good (granted she was HUNGRY by the time we got seen...). I was worried that she would be cranky & feverish last night but instead we spent an hour snuggled up watching the Barbara Walters Royals special and she went to bed before 10pm. Slept til 4:20 - made mama happy. No fever, went back to sleep like a champ and seems to be doing great today!

*She's sitting in her new space-saver high chair - she loves being at table height with us!

Monday, March 03, 2008

Smiles, Sleep & Shots

I haven't been posting details of Dahlia's goings on because I'm pretty sure I will jinx it but oh well, here goes....

Dahlia has been doing great. Aside from her cold from a couple weeks ago she's been just wonderful, really. She has stopped screaming her head off when I change her diaper (although still screams when I put a onesie over her head and when I take her out of the bath), she has been SLEEPING from between 10-11 til around 4am every night! For a week! One day she even slept til 5am! I thought I had died and gone to heaven. She's been going back to sleep for a couple hours after that feeding too so thankfully I am feeling much more even-keeled with a decent amount of sleep. Hallelujah! I can see the light!

She also has, I'm pretty sure, started smiling. Steve & I can get her to give us the cutest looks...they're not super plentiful (yet) but we are happy to get what we can. She's SO much more interactive! She actually LOOKS at us and follows us around the room which makes up for soooo much in my life right now (ah simple pleasures, eh?) She has started making more gurgling & cooing noises which are awesome and can be content for longer now without her pacifier (although sometimes it IS a godsend).

So yeah, things are going about a million times better than they were say...6 weeks ago. I finally feel like I'm returning to the land of the living.

She has her 2 month appointment today - (she's 11 1/2 weeks but oh well). She has 6 SHOTS to get today. I am nervous. I can't stand the thought of this. We have done research and gone back and forth about getting her vaccinated at all - the thought of a "serious side effect" happening to her makes me actually a little bit sick to my stomach but I know her getting sick from one of these awful illnesses wouldn't be good either and could lead to very serious conditions. Ugh. I'm going to be an absolute paranoid freak tonight - monitoring her temperature, making sure she's not wheezing or having breathing problems, checking for hives & rashes...Ugh. I'm dreading it already. And of course I'm not thrilled that I get to be in the room while she's getting poked and I'm sure I'll probably cry (or have a panic attack or something) but we'll get through it some how, right?

In work news - we watched a rough cut of the first hour of GOD ROCKS yesterday - I am SO PLEASED!! I can't wait til this thing is done and I can share it with you all.