Thursday, December 16, 2010

Privacy, please!

Well, the time has come. After 6 1/2 years (!?) Naturally Optimistic will be going private at the start of the new year. If you are interested in still reading my INCREDIBLY exciting posts & commenting on my cute children, email me & I will put you on the invite list.

Like I said - it won't happen for another couple weeks, but there ya go. Time to make a change.

I'm kind of sad because I've met some cool people - randomly - by having this blog....but the phase of putting all my stuff out there for everyone to read is over.


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Two Steps forward, Two Steps Back...

So the sleeping thing (with August) went great for 3 nights in a row. Sleeping in chunks of 6+ hours (one time - all night!), sleeping in his own crib & settling himself down if he woke up. I was ecstatic. After 7+ months of not sleeping more than a couple hours at a time, this was awesome.

But now the past two nights he's awakened within a couple hours (around 10;30 - just as I'm falling asleep) & it's harder to get him to go back to bed. Then he's up again around 2 or 2:30 - again hard to get him to go to sleep (in his crib) & then I usually end up sleeping with him. Which, when it's so chilly out, has additional benefits. He's a little heater! BUT - I would prefer to go back to the 3 GOOD nights of sleep.


I know this is a process, I know that we're heading in the right direction & I know it takes time. At least I also know that he is CAPABLE of sleeping all night.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Better Late than Never!

August's tummy problems have almost completely abated! He hasn't been on meds now for over a month. Whohooo! He spits up far less & is in less pain, but he still does spit up (especially this past weekend. Wow). He's eating lots of solids these days - his favorites are anything orange - squash, carrots, sweet potatoes, but he also enjoys applesauce, green beans, pears & bananas. He doesn't like peas too much. He likes prunes okay which is good because the little guy is often constipated. I'm not sure the prunes are helping too much.

He is so strong! He can stand (if we hold his hands), he is almost getting into crawling position. He rolls & scoots & slides everywhere! He is going to be very mobile, very soon. Time to really start babyproofing. Something that will be tough with a 3-year-old in the house who likes to leave little toys everywhere. Ay yi yi.

He has been sleeping a lot better. In his own crib! He has taken several multiple hour naps & slept for good chunks at night. The other day he SLEPT ALL NIGHT. From about 11pm to 5am. I heard him fussing & was going to go in there, but he quieted himself down til 7am! It was the most awesome thing ever! Last night he slept for a chunk of 6 hours, & I still think that is pretty awesome. Just last week he was still sleeping in one-hour chunks.

His smile is infectious; his laugh is so joyful. He is interested in everything & becoming so fun to play with. His little personality is developing right before our eyes. It's amazing.

His favorite thing is still the ceiling fan. I wish we could have one in every room!

Monday, December 13, 2010

A Party for a Princess

Dahlia had her birthday party yesterday (even though her birthday is tomorrow....). When I asked her what kind of cake she wanted, she declared "Pink!" so we went with that. I threw in some Princesses & before we knew it, we had a very pink princess party! Just up her alley (sidenote: no matter how hard you try to 'shield' your kids from things like the DISNEY PRINCESSES...they will love them anyway. Hmph! Might as well go with the flow...)

We had a small party this year with Grandparents only. 5 of the 6 Grandparents were in attendance (Roger wasn't feeling well & it was bitterly cold).

We had pizza & veggies, cake & ice cream. She was wired from the moment she woke up & loved telling each guest who each & every princess was (on plates, napkins, etc).

And the presents! She had so much fun - a Princess tunnel & "desk" with pictures to color; a new suitcase loaded with a Hello Kitty robe, undies & other assorted goodies; a Dora trunk filled with dress up clothes and from us a new trike & a winter Hello Kitty nightgown (she insists on wearing the 'summer' Hello Kitty nightgown even in these frigid temperatures!).

Needless to say, she had a wonderful time. It is so much fun watching her as she gets older & how she enjoys things on a completely different level now. I think Christmas will really be a blast this year!