Friday, March 27, 2009

A Few Things

* My legs are so frickin' sore I can barely walk down the stairs or sit down on a chair. Ay yi yi. Apparently I NEVER ever use those muscles. Awesome.

*We bought a SWEET new hi-def camcorder last night. It's been on our "list" since Dahlia was born and since we leave for vacation tomorrow & got a nice tax was time. It is TINY. I love it. I can't wait to take some video.

*I'm on the last chapter of the last TWILIGHT book. I think I'm reading it really slowly because I don't want it to end. Argh!

*We leave for Florida tomorrow! We're staying at my in-laws condo (where we honeymooned) with them. They are driving down and picking us up at the airport. It's a cheap vacay for us - we used frequent flyer miles for the flight, we aren't renting a car, we aren't paying for a place to stay...sweet! We plan on sitting at the beach, kayaking, sitting at the beach and more sitting at the beach. I hope Dahlia is a good flyer!!!!! I'm a bit nervous.

*WHITE MAN'S WORLD is screening at the Minneapolis-St. Paul Int'l Film Festival on Friday, April 24th at the St. Anthony Main Theaters. There is a party afterwards at Pracna (next door to the theater). I am excited and a bit nervous. This film is NOT for everyone.....

That's it! Happy Friday!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Working it Out

Yesterday I decided to work out. I can't stand it any more. I'm out of shape, I'm a gross shape, my clothes don't' fit and when I see pictures of myself I cringe. I have been very lazy. I have not been exercising and I've been eating whatever I want. It's got to stop. Summer is right around the corner and then there's no hiding it! I'm going on vacation on Saturday and I detest how my (post-pg) swimming suit fits. It's embarrassing. I'm constantly pulling down my shirts and UGH.

So, yeah, I pulled out the old Cindy Crawford workout - that was spontaneous - and it kicked my ass. Particularly my legs, actually. It's a wonder I can even walk today.

I'm trying to eat less, eat less junk and watch my salt intake. I'm giving up a diet coke a day (I was back up to 2 a day) and I'm trying to drink a lot more water.

Hopefully as the weather warms up it will be easier to get the kind of exercise I really enjoy - being outside, hiking, biking, etc.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Happy Spring

This was the sight on Monday morning - rain & ice and more rain & ice and yet MORE rain & ice.

We have a small (large?) pond by our backdoor. The sump pump (portable, borrowed) was running like crazy trying to keep water from spilling in through our backdoor! Not much we can do about the leakage into the basement for now but at least we're not floating yet!! come...

Friday, March 20, 2009


Do you ever get that "pinched nerve" feeling in your shoulder/neck area? Particularly when you take deep breaths? I have that right now. Started yesterday but overnight became sleep-interrupting pain! This sucks. There is no relief. Is this just me getting old? It hurts to take a deep breath, it hurts to hold it in almost any position. It hurt last night to lay on my left side (the side that hurts), on my back AND on my right side. So yeah, sleep was not good. I can't massage it to make it feel better. I can't do anything!

And of course stuff like this always happens when I have a ton of stuff to do. Hmph.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


WHITE MAN'S WORLD (the film my mother calls "upsetting" - to say the least) has been chosen as an official selection of the 2009 Minneapolis-St. Paul Int'l Film Festival! Whohoo! I'll keep you posted on the screening details. The festival runs the last two weeks in April.

Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Back In Duluth

Ah, back home. It's good. Seeing Dahlia this morning ROCKED. She got a chance to play with her cousins some more this morning (or as I saw it, defend her territory - those boys are aggressive!!). She did great on the car ride home...started getting antsy towards Sandstone, but then again so was I. She seemed to enjoy it when I sang to her. I can't wait til I can have her facing forward so at least she can see a few more interesting things (and I can see her).

I am exhausted. I have a to-do list that is a mile long but hopefully I'll get a good jump on it tomorrow. I have a lot of following up to do after my time at SXSW...I also have a lot of accounting to do & editing to tackle. And that's just business stuff. I am hosting Michelle's shower & bachelorette party on Saturday - and I need to do a few more things for that as well. It's going to be a heck of a busy-short-week. Ay yi yi.

But for tonight I am going to sip this glass of wine and unwind. Hang out with Steve a bit before calling it an early night. The dishes and unpacking my suitcase can wait til morning. At least I got Dahlia unpacked!

SXSW photos tomorrow!

Monday, March 16, 2009

SXSW - Last Day

So, today is the last day that we're here. We're finally in our groove and of course we have to leave. And the weather is finally BEAUTIFUL outside...and we have to leave. Hmph. It's 70 degrees and sunny here right now. Perfect. I have spent a lot of time today just sitting outside & reading.

We attended another mentor session this morning and met with a really cool entertainment lawyer. He was very interested in looking at our film and passing it on to the acquisitions department of the company he works with. Hey! We'll take it!

Last night we saw the MN Film FOUR BOXES. It was a lot of fun. It was sort of a thriller; lots of comedy in it and a few twists and turns. I really enjoyed it. Justin Kirk from WEEDS fame was in it...and you all know that WEEDS is my newest obsession so that was cool and at the after party I got to talk with him which really made my day. Another actor in the film, Sam Rosen (nephew of WCCO dude Mark Rosen) was also very cool (very funny in the film as well). We got to talking at the afterparty and I learned that his wife is from Duluth (all the actors were MN natives...or semi-natives...well, maybe not the girl....I don't know) and he got married at Grand Superior Lodge in Castle Danger which is where I got married! There were a lot of "shut ups!" in our conversation. It was really fun.

Now we're just killing a little time before heading back to the hotel to pick up our stuff and go to the airport. Our flight's not til 5:45 but we don't have any other activities to do here and we'd just as soon get to the airport earlier rather than later. It'd be different if we had a car, but we don't so la-ti-dah.

I can't WAIT to get home to see my baby - my 15-MONTH-OLD for crying out loud!!! I think she's going to be walking any day (I hope she hasn't yet!). I get to see her tomorrow. I get in late to the Cities tonight and then my Dad is bringing her up from Austin (MN) tomorrow morning. I can't wait! I can't wait to get my hands on that little cutie.

Guess that's it from Texas, y'all. I've enjoyed myself and maybe will be headed this way again some day!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Day 3....exhausted.

I'm old. I mean seriously. I am so old.

This has been an exhausting weekend! It's day 3 of SXSW and I'm pooped! Friday night we went to a film, I met up with the INCREDIBLE and AMAZING Donna for dinner & drinks (she is so freaking awesome, should really go and meet her), and then back to the hotel. At the hotel there was probably 2 hours of DRAMA amongst my traveling companions and I finally hit the wall and went to be amidst the carnage. I couldn't take it any more. It was WAY too late of a night.

Yesterday we got here 'bright & early' (well, 11am...heh) and we went to a panel about distribution and learned that we really need a sales agent or a producer's rep (duh, yes, we know). Later we had mentor sessions where we chatted with managers & distribution people where we learned, we pretty much need a sales agent or producer's rep (ding! Got it). We spent the afternoon walking around, eating lunch, not networking like we should, attending a panel on low-budget effects and then went back to the hotel to change for the evening.

Last night we went to two films. OBJECTIFIED which was a interesting documentary about design (by the filmmaker who made HELVETICA). Then we hoofed it to the 'far' theatre (didn't look that far on the map) but several blisters on the balls of my feet & 45 minutes later we arrived to watch AMERICAN PRINCE (another documentary) about Steven Prince - a close friend of Martin Scorsese and all of his crazy stories. It was very interesting and Mr. Prince was in the audience which was cool.

We still have yet to see a narrative feature. Which is lame because that's what we make...but tonight we will be seeing FOUR BOXES which not only is a narrative feature it is from Minnesota! We plan on attending the after party as well.

Now we're waiting for more mentor sessions to start - this time with festival programmers (WHY WON'T YOU PROGRAM OUR FILM!) and later more panels on distribution & building an online audience & new media. It sounds like a really interesting afternoon.

Tomorrow we have a little Jesus planned - more to come on that later....for now I'm going to try to stay awake and perk up and start networking. Why do I suck at this? Sheesh. I feel like a big filmmaker failure. Hmph.

Anyway - it's warming up here finally - I guess it was 52 in Minnesota yesterday and it was a measly 49 here in Texas!! WTF?????? Of course the rest of this week after we leave it is supposed to be in the 70's & 80's. Figures.

Friday, March 13, 2009


Hey y'all. I'm here in Texas. I'm tired. It's been a long day. Got up, got myself & Miss Dahlia packed up. Drove to Minneapolis...hung out with the triplets, my sister, my Dad and Dahlia all day. Dad drove me to the airport and he & Dahlia headed to Austin. Then I headed to the other Austin.

The flight was fine, we are in a nice hotel. It is "cold" here (40 degrees when we arrived, but still 40 degrees warmer than when I left Duluth). It is raining. I like the rain but hope it doesn't rain all day tomorrow. And Saturday.

The hotel is very nice. I have to PAY for Wifi which is totally lame, but I am an addict so there ya go. I'm looking forward to sleeping...all night, then eating a made-to-order free breakfast, then hitting the SXSW scene.

That's it! G'night!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Still Here...

for now....

need to come up with some ways to increase (uh, have...) revenue.

need to sell a film.

need to get buyers excited.

need to learn how to think outside the box.


Monday, March 09, 2009

Lots going on!

Wow - there's been a lot happening in the last week or so...

First of all Fargo. We had an awesome time. We met some great people, saw some great (and mediocre) films, and had a stellar screening on Friday night. TONS of people there, the old dude playing the Wurlitzer beforehand, lots of Q's during the Q&A, etc. It was a blast. We sold some project, shook lots of hand and made some excellent contacts. The "Framed by Women" lunch panel was not as dreadful as I thought. I was with 4 other very talented & interesting women and it went by really fast. I only said a couple of things that made me sound like an ass. I also ended up being on the lunch panel (unbeknownst to me!) on Saturday. "Unfiltered: Guests of the Fest tell All" it was a LOT of fun. I sat next to Melody Gilbert (who is quite the documentarian -from St. Paul - we met her during the 2007 Fargo Film Festival). She was awesome and I thnk could be a valuable resource & mentor. We also met Alan Abel - the subject of the festivals documentary feature award winner "Abel Raising Cain" - sadly we didn't get to stay for Saturday's films but nevertheless it was a great time.

2ndly Dahlia is just going NUTS with doing new stuff! First there was the pulling herself up to standing - which is ADORABLE. She also can "cruise" down things that she's standing next to - as long as it's low (like the futon or bathtub) cute. She also can walk if she pushes one of our small stacking end tables or her push toy (but so far only on carpet). She sort of walks! amazing. But she still looks very drunk when she does it. Yesterday she gave me a "kiss" for the first time. Open mouthed and very slobbery but melted my heart! Today she gave Steve the same. She ALSO "roared" when we asked her what sound the lion makes today. Super freaking cute. That kid. She cracks me up.

Thirdly, I'm going to Austin, TX on Thursday to attend SXSW. I'm very excited. We're not screening there but we're crashing. Hoping to see some good films, meet some good contacts and get the most out of our mentor sessions & panels as we can. I'm also super excited because I get to meet Donna! We're planning to meet up on Friday night. Whohooo! I can't wait. The weather's supposed to be crappy - but I think that's relative. We're looking at 14+" of snow in the next two days so....a little rain and 60 degrees sounds pretty good to me!

Lastly there are more financial difficulties on the horizon. Join the club, right? I feel great momentum for our company but I'm very worried about our financing. Very. We have a yucky meeting tomorrow. My stomach's been in knots for days. I'd hate to lose steam (and uh, my job) when things are starting to look really good. So, cross your fingers that I'll still have a job by this time tomorrow.

Guess that's enough for now! Fargo pics are on Facebook if you're so inclined.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Maybe it's me...

Last night I was talking with Steve - getting the low down on how the day went with Dahlia and my Dad and the homefront in general. They're going great!

in fact....

Dahlia has slept all night ever night since I've been gone. Hmmm. WTF? I mean hallelujah! I hope it's a trend but....

And also, which I will admit made me cry a little, she pulled herself up yesterday! All by herself! My Dad got to be the lucky witness and I missed it. :( I guess she did it later too for Steve (who videotaped it).

Maybe I'm a hindrance.

What's she going to come up with when I'm gone NEXT week? She'll probably be driving!!!

Thursday, March 05, 2009


I'm sitting on a panel today for a luncheon entitled "Framed by Women" - uh, about women filmmakers. I'm dreading it. GAH. Yesterday there were only 2 people on the panel. I hope there are more on it today. I will be quite happy when we move on to the 2nd session this afternoon. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Eating One's Own Offspring

Good thing I put some video up on Dahlia's site because I am sitting here missing her so much and literally wanting to jump in the computer screen and eat her.

In a good way.


Gratitude Today

Since I forgot my gratitude journal at home I will record them here this week...

I am grateful for....

-making a safe journey to Fargo. Good weather, no car problems, yay!

-being appreciated for what we do.

-the cutest baby in the world who slept all night for Daddy last night.

-my family being understanding and helping out when I'm away.

-the opportunity to have some 'me' time this week.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009


I'm here in Fargo tonight. We arrived about 3pm this afternoon after 5 hours in the car. It wasn't such a bad ride, considering I was in back not paying attention for quite a while. heh.

Tonight we checked in, got our credentials, went to the Opening Night Party and watched the invited film ICE PEOPLE.

It's been a good day, I'm missing Miss Dahlia a bit, but I know the break will be good. Of course I miss Steve tomorrow it's going to be crazy intense...I'm trying to relax and enjoy it anyway...

We screen on Friday and already people have been coming up to us and telling us how much they love our film! whohooo!