Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Okay - I just ate an entire can of chicken noodle soup, some kettle chips, a bunch of baby carrots and a corn muffin and I'm absolutely still hungry. As in I feel WEAK with hunger. Now I'm going to eat a banana & a pudding cup to see if that sates me...if not I will move on to dry-roasted peanuts with candy corn..hmmm...I may have that anyway!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

More Details

Thanks for all the well wishes, everyone! It was hard to keep that a secret for so long. I wanted to get through most of production before spilling the beans because I didn't want special treatment (or to hear - 'oh Carrie's just hormonal!").

We had our first OB appointment last week. According to the internet's calculations (via LMP) the due date would be April 24th. The NP that I saw said that my uterus felt more like 10 1/2 weeks (which would put it at April 17th or so) then we had a dating ultrasound which put us at May 1. So I'm saying "spring." ha! My actual doc will be reading the ultrasound herself and I have another appt on Oct 19 so we'll probably get a different (or more definite) date then.

So Peder & Sarah - looks like we'll have babies with VERY similar birth dates!

In other news, Dahlia has been telling me about 5 minutes before she poops....eeek. I'm going to get out the potty chair and at least start *thinking* about it.....GAH!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Beans Spilled

I've been holding on to this one for a while...since about my birthday...but now it's time to share the news!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I came downstairs this morning and Steve informed me that the cats had been chasing a mouse.


I have a strong conflict of interest - I do not want to kill animals AND I do not want mice in our house.


Monday, September 21, 2009

Bill Paying

I realize that the reason I had "so much money" (hahahaha) in my checking account is because I didn't pay any September bills. Whoops!


Now I'm truly broke.


Well, at least this weekend was a *little* productive. We should've been more so but ah well.

Friday? I don't remember Friday. I think that's because I went to bed at about 9pm. I'm exciting like that. I then laid there for 40 minutes watching a stupid episode of 20/20 which I wasn't interested I said. I'm exciting like that.

Saturday we got up and hiked up to the Chester Bowl Fall Festival. It was really nice. Beautiful day. No one on the trail on the way up there but we could hear people had parked FAR away! ha! We didn't have to cross one street to get there from our house - we went straight into the woods from our house and ended up in a festival. We had fair food (corn dog), listened to some live music, bought a few gifts and had a great time. But it got HOT! Back down the trail we went.

At home we put Dahlia down for a nap, ate lunch and planned our day. Our goal was to get the radiators (upstairs) primed so we can get them painted, the walls behind them repaired and get heat going when we need it (any day now, right? gah!). Steve got one primed - one that he & a friend moved outside the night before. I worked on painting quarter-round for Dalhia's room. I also finished scraping wallpaper behind Dahlia's radiator. My most fun thing to do ever. Argh! My IL's came and picked up Dahlia after her nap and she went back to Chester Bowl for some more fair fun. Came home with a very cute new sweater & a ducky. Spoiled girl!

That evening we to Roger & Theresa's for Theresa's 30(+1) birthday party! It was fun to socialize and watch Dahlia run around after she warmed up a bit! We didn't stay too long - Dahlia was getting tired and I was worried that if we stayed until the fireworks were lit that she would get very upset. She went to bed NO PROBLEM that night. She was pooped!

Yesterday I had a camera test at 7:30 - the shore of Lake Superior. It was absolutely placid and gorgeous. Our test went off really well and leaves me feeling more confident for Friday's shoot. When I got home we had eggs benedict for brunch and DAhlia took a nice nap.

While the game was on, I worked on scraping the wallpaper behind our radiator (this room's wallpaper is THE WORST! it comes off in teeny tiny pieces...very time consuming). Dahlia woke up at about 1:30 and I brought her in our room and laid with her on the bed. Low & behold! She fell back asleep! I snuggled & cuddled her while watching the football game (may have snoozed a little myself). It was great! I have longed for such a Sunday afternoon!!

The rest of the day was spent putzing around the house. Nothing too exciting. Dahlia was very good for us yesterday - minimal whining which was a treat...Steve got quite a bit done outside and for once we actually felt productive on a weekend. We still have a ridiculously large to-do list - and 3 more radiators to prime (and them all to paint!) and the clock is ticking. I'm hoping that we can get things done before mid-October when we'll be getting quite chilly!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Can't live like this much longer

Our house is a disaster! Seriously. I cannot stand it. We have all the radiators off upstairs, so that we can paint them & the walls behind them (and remove disgusting wallpaper); the wallboard in the upstairs bathroom is still incomplete, Dahlia's room is ALMOST complete, but her dresser is in the hallway & the changing table is in our room, and the rug is rolled up against the wall in our bedroom; the bookshelves are not not painted yet - so there are piles of books everywhere....the downstairs hasn't been painted so no artwork has been hung (we are approaching our one-year-anniversary in this house; the kitchen has ONE coat of paint on it but not 2 so that's not done. We have "new" (old) radiators in our basement that are waiting to be installed. ARGH!!!!!

I'm so sick of it!

I want to move into a house that is DONE DONE DONE!!!

Because...all THESE changes are cosmetic! Just wait til we dive into the wiring & plumbing. ARGH!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Today's Gonna be a Good Day!

Dahlia slept in til 8am this morning. HALLELUJAH! I had time to get up & get ready before she was her (cute but) demanding self. When I went in to get her, instead of her screaming her head off, she was cutely standing there holding out two nuks for my approval. I'll take it!

The sun is shining and we're still experiencing "summer." FINALLY! Thank goodness. I'm still wearing skirts & sandals and I like that.

I made waffles for myself for breakfast this morning, because I have a few extra moments and I had a hankering for them. Sadly, they're not as good as when Steve makes them, but ah well.

I'm going to go see THE HURT LOCKER at 4:15 this afternoon at the brand-spanking-new-movie-theater in my building at work! I can't wait! I haven't seen a movie (in a theater) since I was in LA in May (!). Steve is picking Miss Dahlia up after work so I can indulge in this micro-vacation.

So yeah, today's gonna be a good day.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Family Fun Day

On Saturday, despite all the work we have to do around our house, we decided to have some fun together as a family. It's been a while since we've gotten to do that.

We got on our bikes and headed to the Lakewalk where the 1st annual Lakewalk Festival was happening. They had stations set up all along the Lakewalk where you could pick up your "Passport to Fun" and then get it stamped at various other spots along the Lakewalk. It was a "treasure hunt" of sorts. There were clues and you had to find each station in order to get a stamp. It was quite clever. We got 16 out of 27 which made us eligible for free ice cream & to be entered into a drawing for local gift certificates, etc (we must not've won because I haven't heard anything). Dahlia had fun checking out the animals from the zoo (a snake, a guinea pig & a ferret), dancing, sitting in a fire truck, people & dog watching...and of course eating ice cream!

After we were done with the Lakewalk we headed over to Bayfront Festival Park for the "Harvest Fest & Energy Fair" that was taking place. There was a huge farmer's market, a bunch of booths with energy efficient products/building materials, arts & crafts stalls, a 'petting zoo,' food vendors, etc. We just walked around and checked out a few things, saw the ponies & bunnies & chickens, ate some hot dogs and stocked up on some locally grown produce!

Then we were back to the Lakewalk. We stopped at Bridgeman's on the way home to get our free ice cream. It was delicious! The bike up the hill sucked as usual and I think next time I'm going to lobby for parking at the far end of the Lakewalk WITH bikes so that I can avoid that hill. It almost kills me!

We got home, changed & headed back to the beach. Steve was dying to jump in and refresh. I hung out with Dahlia on the beach until she couldn't stand it any more and had to go in too. She LOVED it. She could be in that water all day. She's definitely a water baby.

After the beach we hit Sammy's for pizza and then home to bed. Miss Dahlia was POOPED and quite frankly so was I.

It was a great day! We had a lot of fun. Next week, Chester Park Fall Festival!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Flyway Film Festival

GOD ROCKED just got into another festival. The Flyway Film Festival in Pepin, Wisconsin. October 22 through October 25. You should totally come!

More details soon...

Thursday, September 10, 2009

What's going on PBS?

Yesterday at 7:30 there was some new animated dinosaur show on (instead of Dahlia's BELOVED Barney) - that's all fine and well, but the audio wasn't working and all we could hear was background music/sound effects, none of the dialogue.. At first I thought maybe it was supposed to be dialogue free....but no, just a technical issue.

Today at 7:30 (my coveted shower time, usually where Dahlia is entertained by said purple dinosaur) there was an episode of "Wishbone" on which is WAY too old for Dahlia. WAY too old.

(great, just saw an ad for Barney - now on at 12:30pm every day...oh THAT'S convenient!).

Anyway - I'm hoping they haven't messed with the Sesame Street schedule....that would just be too much!

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

I took a nap today...

I'm not going to lie.

It rocked.

Friday, September 04, 2009


Today you can SAVE ...and on the 7th day, God Rocked in your Netflix queue! PLEASE DO!

Tell all your friends & family!

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Production kicking my ass....

But in a good way. We have an awesome crew & cast; ridiculous gear and amazing locations. I've been updating Facebook via my iPhone so check over there for pics and short messages. Today our call is not til 1 so I'm taking this morning to catch up on a few things - like reading your blogs! and paying bills! and....watering plants! ha.

It's been tough on the home front because I haven't been home much - at all - and the stress is starting to show through (on some people). But we will push through and try to do things when we can. Yeah, it's a lot of 18-20 hour days (some shorter....) right now but this is why my schedule can be so flexible the rest of the year!

I can't wait to show you guys some footage from this film. It's unlike anything we've ever shot before and I'm very excited!

Now - on to the plant watering before they all just curl up & die!