Wednesday, May 30, 2007


The Open House was incredible! We had so many people - a constant flow from 4 til about 9:30pm! The food was amazing - catered by The New Scenic Cafe up the North Shore here in Duluth. There was wine aflowing, people chatting - it was great. We met so many cool people - people that had heard about us from someone from someone, etc. We met artists and people that wanted to be extras and people that have movie ideas and people that are just damn happy that Duluth is having it's own movie production studio. We were on the local ABC affiliate, a local mag was there taking photos, we met local professionals, had a couple of city councilors show and all in all it was a great time.

I am absolutely pooped.

Photos to come!

Thanks for all of your good wishes, they reall help & mean a lot!!

Open House!

Our open house for 4 Track Films is tonight! GAH! I have been running around all morning - renting tables, getting balloons & table cloths, picking up fresh flowers and said tables. The caterer was supposed to call me yesterday and never did. I'm hoping they bring linens but if they don't I grabbed some from home and some cheesy "hollywood" ones from the party store. I am currently trying to get the office cleaned up and ready to go as the PRESS WILL BE HERE IN ONE HOUR - WTF am I doing blogging????

Okay - all for now...

Friday, May 25, 2007

It's Very Very Quiet...


No one's updating their blogs today. Or rather some people are but I've already read those.

Clearly I have a serious case of procrastination happening. Hmph.

The Office, Season 2

Michelle got me hooked on the Brit version of THE OFFICE a while back. Yesterday I received Season 2 in the mail thanks to NetFlix....last night I watched the entire season (okay, only 6 episodes long but still!). It was not quite as good as the first season but I enjoyed it oh so much. If you haven't all ready, check it out sometime.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Tree Garden

Steve has been busy creating this tree garden in our yard this spring. He's been transplanting hybrid poplars & white pines and even a maple from other areas of our yard to this place where he's digging up the turf (very tough, btw). He's also planting some new cedar & spruces which he just bought this year (and then exclaimed "I have to stop buying trees!"). He also has been doing an experiment where he takes cuttings from the hybrids and places those either in dirt or water to see if root development will start and to see if THEY will turn into trees.

These photos are from a few weeks ago - there is more "garden" now and more trees in said garden....hopefully by the end of the summer things will really have taken root (including the ornamental grasses & wildflowers that I'm planning on adding to the mix.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Banana Bread

Last night I hung out with Miss M. We made banana bread ("I just looooooooooooove banana bread.") We had a very nice time.

We also finished watching Shrek (the first one) and ate dried beef on toast for dinner. I'm hoping that one of these days will be nice so we can put our seedlings into the garden outside! Maybe next time. Last night was a good night for staying in and doing warm kitchen activities!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Weekend Update

Friday was gorgeous - 80+ degrees, blue skies. Awesome. Steve & I worked in the yard - I mowed, he putzed & washed cars, I put together our new fire pit, he grilled. We hung out with our neighbors around the new fire pit and as the winds switched and the temps dropped. and then it started raining. Ah well. I love the fire pit! More fires to come this summer, that's for sure.

Saturday was cold. 38 felt like 28. YUCK. I cleaned all day in anticipation of my friends Sarah O & Freya arriving for our annual "Girls' Weekend." They arrived, we ate pizza, we talked and talked and talked and talked, we sat around the kitchen table drinking margaritas (well, Freya didn't she's 7+ months pg after all), we looked at photos from our college days and reminisced about Boones Farm wine (yuck!). It was good.

Sunday we got up and made cinnamon rolls & eggs for breakfast; I brought them to the office to show them around and we did more chatting. They left around 3.

The rest of the day was sucky. Production problems GALORE. Actors & musicians and technicians are flaking on us left and right. We have 11 days to go until production. I'm anxious and excited and terrified and sick of it all and can't wait to get started. It's quite the mix of emotions.

The evening ended with me watching GREY GARDENS which was an interesting documentary about a mother & daughter who live in East Hampton, Long Island in their falling-down mansion - reliving days of a better life. Incidentally the mother was Jackie O's aunt, the daughter her cousin. This film was shot in 1975 and definitely was interesting.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Friday, May 18, 2007

Thoughts on a Friday

YAY! It's Friday. Those are my thoughts.

It's been a very hectic week. Trying to coordinate multiple band schedules, trying to get lots of extras committed for our shooting dates, trying to run a business, trying to not freak out and lose my head, finishing editing a wedding video for a friend, ordering t-shirts for production, finding props, signing contracts, spending more money than I have, etc etc. I'm tired.

I just went to Maple, Wisconsin. It is a small town (very!) about 25 miles east of Duluth in North Western Wisconsin. I sent out letters to the area high schools last week with information about our shoot & our need for extras. Erin, our assistant director and Jason's gf, called the schools this week and set up this meeting with me for these kids - all speech/drama students. They were really excited and I got a bunch of names/emails so hopefully some of them will show up. I'm waiting now to hear back. It's a big time committment for high schoolers coming from a ways away (not really but....) so hopefully some of them will be able to do it. They were really enthusiastic and would be great in our crowd.

New website is coming soon. We've been going back and forth on colors, and Jason doesn't like the design, and then he does and then he doesn't (like with everything in life) and it's exhausting. I'm about to fall down in utter exhaustion - and we haven't even STARTED production yet.

Tomorrow Sarah & Freya arrive for our annual "girl's weekend" - where we go for a hike, drink margaritas while sitting around my kitchen table eating pounds of cheese & triscuits, eat pizza, watch a movie and that's about it. We usually do this in June but since Freya's pregnant and due in June and I'm in production we bumped it up this year. I'm really looking forward to their visit and a break from this hectic schedule.

Monday, May 14, 2007

So, so so so so so busy

Sometimes your life takes a 180. For instance, I used to sit for hours staring off into space, counting the minutes and seconds (ugh!) until I could flee my office and get home.

Now I barely have time to think, breathe, eat, go to the bathroom etc etc. It's good but it's so very different.

Thursday I only worked for a bit - I was mostly running around answering emails & phone calls and trying to get video to download properly and also getting packed up for the weekend.

Thursday I drove to Apple Valley to visit my sister & her husband. I made them dinner, I did some chores for Kathy (she's in her 5th week of bedrest!!) and we chatted. I was glad I could be of some help to them.

Friday we got up early as Kathy had a(nother) 3-hour glucose test. Before I took her to the hospital I made dinner for them and Jay's parents (crock pot - gotta love it!) and tidied up the kitchen. Then off to the hospital for the next 4 hours. Again I was glad I could be there to hang out and keep her company as I assume it's really boring to just sit there if you're alone. She played some solitaire on her phone, I knitted and we chatted.

Friday afternoon I headed to Austin to help my Mom with a baby shower (so many babies!) for my cousin Lindsay. I helped her decorated, wrapped the prizes, made some food etc.

Saturday morning we ran errands including picking up balloons & flowers for the shower. The shower was a brunch and it went over very well. Lindsay had a great time - she looks amazing! She got a lot of very useful baby stuff - and quite a wide variety to boot. I ate way too much. What else is new?

That afternoon my folks & I took a walk, went to George's for pizza and played a few games of "5 Straight" (in which I kicked butt!).

Sunday we picked my Grandma up for church, went to church, then out for breakfast/brunch for Mother's Day. Then it was back to my sister's to drop off a Mother's Day gift from my parents to her, pick up my rice cooker & ingredients from Friday and THEN hit the road back to Duluth.

Back in Duluth I unloaded my stuff, changed and we went to Steve's Mom's house for Mother's Day dinner. Steve's brother cooked up a pork roast w/garlic, onions, bacon, etc. It was quite yummy. We didn't get home til almost 10 - I was pooped!

And today back at the office -furiously trying to get ready for production (which is of course, why I'm blogging). Jason & his girlfriend Erin took a trip to Ikea on Saturday and picked up our new office couch, some great artwork and a coffee table. I'm very happy with the results. It looks amazing.

That was my busy weekend. How was yours?

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Extra! Extra!

Do you want to be in pictures?

4 Track Films needs you! Duluth’s new film studio is looking for multiple extras to be featured in its upcoming film, God Rocks! – a musical mockumentary about a Christian Battle of the Bands. You will have the opportunity to be involved in two live concerts - there is something for everyone, so bring your friends! T-shirts and CDs will be given out to participants. Speaking roles will also be available for audition. Shoot dates are Sunday, June 3rd and Saturday, June 30th.

Interested parties should email auditions[at]4trackfilms[dot]com


Thursday, May 03, 2007


Steve & I FINALLY booked our trip to SWEDEN today! I'm so excited. We were originally going to go over the summer solstice, but then pushed it back to the end of Sept (our anniversary) but then moved it up to the beginning of Sept because I'm going to be in production at the end of Sept but then finally decided on JULY because the weather will be better, the days will be longer and I won't miss out on pre-production. Too bad the tickets were more expensive. Pooey.

We're going to be staying with Steve's 2nd cousin (possible first-cousin-once-removed - I have to consult 'the tree') and his wife in Stockholm (they came to our wedding last fall) and they've also said they want to take us around the country which is great seeing that we don't speak Swedish (yet!). We will be *hopefully* taking a train to the arctic circle, hiking our butts off in beautiful (although much like MN I'm sure) scenery, taking in a pint and some art & culture in Stockholm and trying to avoid the aquavit (don't know how to spell it, don't care to drink it - anise liquer.).

i can't wait! We depart July 21 - time to update my passport (mine has my old name) and start thinking backpack vs. rolly-bag....hmmmm.....