Friday, June 29, 2012

Garage Saling

I just love it when I feel like I got a "good deal" at a garage sale - or several sales. I am not *that* into them, but I do enjoy going & finding good deals now & then. Particularly for kids clothes. Especially for kids PLAY clothes. So, I'm willing to take a peak now & again to see what people have to offer.

My friend Elizabeth invited me along today & at first I turned her down. Then on second thought I said "why not?" The only downside was how hot it was today. Made getting in & out of the car with the two kiddos less enjoyable.

But let's see what treasures I found shall we?

 Two purses - I know, I know. Who REALLY needs more purses. But actually I kind of do. I have been using the same bag (which I love) for a few years now & I use it all the time. It's not too professional or dressy looking (but it can hold 3 water bottles, diapers, my book, assorted princesses, etc). So the one of the left is a bit fun & casual, canvas. The one on the right is 9 West. Tons of accessories inside. Total: $2 (for both).

Who doesn't need a purple corduroy jacket from Land's End? Well, I DO, especially if it fits me great and only cost $1.

A cute hooded sweatshirt with some design. I liked it. It fit me really well & looked good with what I was wearing. $1. I can finally throw away my green one with a broken zipper cause I found a replacement! Yes!

I'm leery of buying pants without trying them on, but I've had good garage sale luck before & at $1 a piece - why not? Even if I donate them, it's not much of a loss. Gap, Ann Taylor Loft & Calvin Klein. Total, $3. (and more to add to my "these pants need to be shortened pile).

Can't forget the kids!! Dahlia scored with this BEAUTIFUL 'princess' dress which looks to have been a flower girl dress or something. The back is shredded, although sort of looks like it is supposed to be that way. She doesn't care. She is on cloud nine. And she's already gotten the $1's worth out of it that I paid. 

The meat of it - 3 long sleeve shirts for Dahlia (total 75 cents), 2 short sleeve shirts & a skirt (total $1.50), a bikini (25 cents), some super-sweet jeweled sandals that Dahlia just HAD TO HAVE (50 cents) and two pairs of shorts for August ($1.00)


Some fabric. Gah. I'm a sucker for fabric. But I actually need some more childish prints for some bags I'm making for church (note to self: GET ON THAT, ALREADY!). Total $2.00

Some misc supplies - someone had BOXES & BOXES of brand new everything - makeup, tampons, floss, toothpaste, nail polish, clippers, emory boards, etc etc. They must buy wholesale & then divvy it up. (I asked but the lady was not very forthcoming/friendly). But for the prices & in packaging, seemed like a good deal. $4.50 for everything shown.

And a Mickey Mouse pez priced 5 cents but he just gave it to me for free. That sale was at an old guy's place & they were selling everything - quite a collection. There were probably quite the treasures in there but I didn't have the energy to dig. The heat had sapped it all.

NOT PICTURED - before I could even get in the door the goods were being distributed - so I didn't get pictures of a new dinosaur for August, 2 Barbies for Dahlia, 3 (new) headbands for...well, we're actually all wearing one right now, a toy tiger for August, a tiny tin Princess tin (new) for Dahlia (although August picked it out), a Belle doll (small) for Dahlia, a DVD (The Last Unicorn) and I think that was it. Whew!

Grand Total: $22.50!!

I think we did pretty good today! I'm still looking for a sand/water table, a dvd player and whatever other goodies may strike my fancy, but today was a pretty good day.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Finding Time

I was so excited. I messaged my babysitter for this morning (incidentally, my cousin Anna) to ask if she could come a half an hour earlier. She could! That would give me a full hour after leaving my house & before my first appointment. My plan: Take the laptop, head to McDonalds for cheap food & free wifi & limitless diet coke and BLOG!!

Well, I'm here. But I had to get August out of the high chair & get him cleaned up before I left the house. I also was in the middle of wiping counter tops & putting away breakfast stuff. So didn't leave until probably 9:10am.

Then, had to drop off my yarn & pick up the new yarn for the day. That was quick but I probably spent 4 minutes trying to find the parking ticket that I need to pay from last week in my mess of a purse. I thought maybe I could just stop at the police station & pay it since I was downtown & kidless. That's no longer an option apparently. Okay, now 5 minutes wasted.

Travel time to McDonald's - another 5 minutes. Couldn't find my wallet when I got into McDonald's - another 5 minutes wasted. By time I got my food, drink & found a place to sit....I only had 20 minutes before my first appointment. ARGH. My grand plan of researching crock-pot freezer meals & other once-a-month cooking schemes along with uploading some pics & stories to my blog turned into me reading one website briefly & this post. I have 7 minutes before I am supposed to be meeting my financial planner*. The guy I have flaked out on appointments with for the past 3 times. Argh.

So, that's all you get for now. I am dying to blog. I'm still taking photos. I'm still writing in my head. I need the outlet. Hopefully I'll get back here soon.

*I always chuckle to myself when I meet my "financial planner" - it's really simple to plan when you have no finances! haha!