Friday, December 31, 2004


Happy New Year! Well, almost at least.

Still don't have "plans" but that' s okay...just can't get that into it this year. We are going to dinner - probably just pizza (the best pizza in town) and then maybe a house party, maybe out to a bar for a drink, we shall see. I'm not worried. The best part of this NYE is the fact that I have someone I love to kiss at midnight! I can't wait!

I have had a very good day around, laundry, changing sheets, working on the puzzle, running's been great. The only thing I'm bummed about is I called my friend SS to hear about her recent trip to China - she answered on call-waiting and told me she'd call me back in 10 minutes. That was an hour ago. I hate call-waiting. Grrrr.

We're supposed to have 6+ inches of snow tomorrow -yeehaw! I can't wait. I love a good snowy day. S & I are supposed to work on the whole in the dining room ceiling tomorrow - that will be good to get done. And I'll probably work on the puzzle more - 'cause I'm a geek like that.

Have a great night! Drive Safely!

Thursday, December 30, 2004

Ice Day!

Our office closed at 1pm today due to the crappy weather we're having. Since when does it rain in Duluth in December? The roads were yucky and probably will only get worse...right now it's about 30 degrees outside so as soon as the temperature drops we're in for some trouble.

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Between Christmas & New Years

I have been composing posts at work for a week now but they're still in my "draft" folder of my that's why there's been no posts...

But to update before the pictures are available....the week was a good one....

Wednesday - dinner at S's dad's house with his sister & fiance. Yum.
Thursday - day off! Whohooo! cleaned the house, went to dinner with his Mom, sibs & his Mom's boyfriend. Exchanged gifts with J - received Brian Setzer Orchestra's Boogie Woogie Christmas CD & the new Tom Wolfe novel ("I am Charlotte Simmons"). Oh - and 3 U2 mixes that he newly created. Yes!
Friday - baked bread, wrapped last gifts, went to church with S's Mom, her boyfriend, aunt & uncle and sister. Catholic Mass for a Methodist was nice to be in church on Christmas Eve. I just wish there had been more singing!! Christmas Eve dinner at S's Dad, charades at his Aunts. Did I mention I KICK ASS at charades? heh heh....
Saturday - Christmas morning - opened gifts with S...he sooooo sweet, went to his Mom's for breakfast and more gifts, dashed home to pack, drove 3 hours to Faribault to my Grandma's, endured 3 hours of gift opening and 47 people packed in her townhome (the decibel level was indeed HIGH); drove to Austin
Sunday - Christmas "morning" in Austin with my family, a walk at the nature center in the snow, birthday celebration for my Dad with my Grandparents, sister, bro-in-law, parents and an evening viewing of MEET THE FOCKERS - which although predictable, I thoroughly enjoyed....
Monday - polished large silver tray that I won on a game show way back when with my Dad, drove back to Duluth, unpacked many gifts from the mighty-Focus, picked up house, S's sister stopped over for a visit and finally collapsed into bed.

Whew - I need a vacation from my vacation time!

Tomorrow is Thursday - but really Friday. Yahooo! I don't have any NYE plans yet and I don't care. I have a man to kiss at midnight and that makes me eternally happy. :-)

Okay - time to finish the soup & popovers for dinner.....

Pictures soon....

Sunday, December 19, 2004


Guess I've been a big slacker...doh!

Well, I have been busy attending functions, making gifts, baking/decorating and the other usual Christmas stuff...

Christmas party on Tuesday night for the company...which was really nice. We ate a lot of good food, had a few delish drinks, got a gift, sang some karaoke and didn't feel too crappy the next day. Tired but not crappy. My gift was animated lawn deer that are covered in white lights. Eh. They're fine, they're okay - I am a sucker for putting up Christmas lights but S & I are on a "get-rid-of-crap" kick and so weren't too into them. Plus they'd probably get stolen. I secretly switched with the gift committee and ended up with a bottle of Baileys and a gift certificate to a restuarant which we will enjoy much more.

Wednesday was a b-day party for a friend of mine. M was in the film and has been a decent cool guy to hang with. He's an actor and has an amazingly wonderful gravelly voice. Hee hee. He turned 60. I didn't stay long as I was pooped.

Thursday was the 30th b-day of my friend JH. It was supposed to be a surprise but that didn't work out all that well due to him working super late but it was still fun. J & SBH are moving to Santa Barbara in 3 weeks!! (more on that later) so it was good to party with them a little bit.

Friday I didn't work - but was busy - oil change, car wash, card making, errands, etc. I then drove to Apple Valley to hook up with my sister...and together we drove to a little town called Stewartville just south of Rochester, MN for my cousin's college graduation dinner/celebration. Got to see some family which was good, ate some really yummy fish and stayed at K&J's house that night. Finished up my Christmas shopping on Saturday morning. The SuperTarget & Michael's in the metro-area are SO MUCH BETTER than the ones up here in da nortdland. *sigh* oh well...I'm glad to be done.

Last night S & I went to dinner with C&A - a couple we're trying to hang with more. It was fun - we talked for a couple of hours and had a really nice time. We watched The Apprentice when we got home. Got a bit BORING if you ask me but whatever...I thought that Kelly would win and I was right! Bring on Apprentice 3!!

It's COLD today - ugh. -15 when S got up this morning (I slept in...heh heh)...Good day to stay inside. I frosted cookies, wrote a couple more cards and cleaned up the kitchen. I then worked on the film for a few hours with J - we actually made some progress...amazing.

S's brother P is here now and they're cooking a wonderful stir fry - I think I'm probably supposed to be helping so I should go...

My latest new read: Fluid Pudding - check her out - she rocks! I've been enjoying her archives at work - she hasn't been blocked by the evil work-blocker....yet....

Short week this week - 3 days- who-hoooo!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2004


Okay- I have some pics to post and some stories to tell (mostly of the dull and uninteresting kind but whatever) but right now I need to take a nap. The company Christmas party was last night and although I mostly behaved and didn't stay out too late...I have been fighting the sleepies ALL DAY and now I'm giving in.

Saturday, December 11, 2004


Excellent - more Christmas progress today....

Slept in way too late but it was wonderful. I blame it on the warm, snuggly body next to me and the tractor beam on the bed. Too good to pass up. Waffles followed - yum....After that we put up the remaining white Christmas lights up front and another string of green in the back. They look great.

I went to work on the film but was told J "wasn't in the mood to see people." He sounded really depressed and was still in bed (at 2pm) which I took to not be a good sign. I talked to him on the phone for a while but I just didn't fight it as much as I could've. I could've demanded that I come in and put some music in, etc...but I didn't have it in me...Did I mention that? So I came home...

I baked all my sugar cookies & all the gingerbread men. Yummy! Now they need to be decorated, incorporated into packages and eaten! :-)

Tonight S & I went to a Bulldogs' hockey game (UMD - Division I hockey). The game was against UND (North Dakota) an arch rival to me as UMD is my alma mater and UND is my brother-in-laws. I got some comp tickets...which is why S went with me. I get one hockey game and one parade a year out of him. The game was fun (I thought) - The 'dogs won - was close to over time with the Bulldogs scoring in the final 31 seconds...which I think S was relieved about!

I dropped him off at a watering hole downtown where he met up with some friends...I came home, made 6 pairs of earrings and watched the first hour of the Pride & Prejudice mini-series (which I've never seen before...what kind of girl am I?)....and had a glass of wine...

Now it's time to take a break, get another glass of wine and perhaps a snack and then hit the sack....Oh! S got a digital camera today so hopefully I'll be posting some pics of the earrings, Christmas cards and Christmas wreath soon...!

Friday, December 10, 2004


Originally uploaded by carrster.
A photo! Here is a picture of S (or "the boy") and my first Snow...creature! AS you can see we used up most of the snow in the yard...ah well, they'll get more!


Well...another day has come (and practically) gone. *sigh* Where does the time go?

I slept in...til 9:30 not too bad but I could've gotten up earlier. My bed has a tractor beam on it - I swear to god. It's fantastic and I love it. Yay for the King Koil...

but seriously...

I made 2 batches of old-fashioned soft pumpkin cookies
1 batch of sugar cookie dough
1 batch of gingerbread cookie dough
1 party-pizza (which I ate for lunch) hee hee
I cute little the idea here (LOVE this site btw) I have several more to make...I'm getting to it!

I feel like I have been go-go-go all day (except for the 45 minutes I snoozed I mean read....(ahem) but I have so much left to do. OH - I did write about a bagillion Christmas cards and have them ready to go to the post office...

Tonight S & I are going to dinner at T&P's. They recently got married & S took the'll be fun to look at them even though I looked like a total hag that day *sigh*...I know, I know, it's not all about me.

Tomorrow - working on the film, working on Christmas projects, go to the hockey game (UMD vs UND - should be a good one)...Sunday - Cork Wreath time! I hope that works out because that's what I'm planning on giving S's Mom for Christmas! eeeek!

Okay - enough typing...must get back to work....

Thursday, December 09, 2004


I'm dreading it already.

I got out of "working" tonight (ie: editing, putting music clips in, polishing sound, what have you) but have sacrificed a couple of hours on Saturday to work instead. I just can't get into it. Tonight - I have excuses - I have to buy blank cd's, go Christmas shopping NOT on a weekend, pick up ingredients for next week's crock-pot meal, watch THE APPRENTICE, finish my Christmas cards, etc!

But Saturday?!?

Giving up precious 2-5 on a Saturday? It is almost too much for me to bear. I'm so incredibly burnt out and depressed and annoyed with the whole project at this point. I don't want to sit in a room staring at the same images I've been staring at for going on 23 months (okay - exaggeration - we started auditioning 23 months ago...maybe it was 22 at any rate - it's been a LONG time); I don't want to plug music in that we don't REALLY like but have to go with anyway because that's what we have and we don't know what the alternatives are. I get crabby just thinking about it. And no one, I repeat no one, wants to see Carrster crabby, right my Sweet Boy? *sigh* What if the snow that's supposed to come tomorrow ACTUALLY comes and stays? What if I'm just dying to put my x-country skis on and hit the trails with the Sweetest? Huh? Nope. I'll be stuck inside the J's g.d. apartment nudging this and tweaking that and becoming more and more annoyed by the second. ugh. I need to stop thinking about it. It's like dreading Monday morning first thing on Sunday. It does me no good.

And I DO have tomorrow it's not like I'm REALLY missing out or anything. I just want to throw a tantrum, act like a 6 year old, stick out my lower lip and pout and cry and be crabby and NOT WORK. Is that so wrong?

Anyhoo - tomorrow's schedule: baking - pumpkin cookies, sugar cookies, gingerbread cookies, nut bread(?), cranberry bread(?), snowballs, dipped pretzels...I'm sure I won't get that far but it will be fun to try! Oooh - that reminds me...there are a few things I must pick up at the ol groc this evening.

Okay -enough bitching...I won't get to post this til AFTER my Christmas/Grocery shopping anyway but there you have it.

New Links! A Girl... (new find today from Gimcracker)
Giddie Girlie (I've been reading this for a while at work but haven't updated it to my site yet! Shame on me)
Rockin' the Poncho (I've been reading this one for a while now too) (Rockin' the Poncho)

I bought cool presents here: - check out her gorgeous stuff!

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Little Rants

Dear People-At-Work:
It's a gift. For Christmas. Lighten up and contribute and give it a rest.

Dear Idiot Drivers:
YIELD does not mean stop.

Dear People-Who-Suckily-Plow-the-Parking-Lot:
What the FUCK? You plowed one lot...okay. You plowed the other end lot...okay but just decided to skip the middle one? Now all the slushy snow/ice has frozen again and is deathly to walk on and a real pain in the ass.
Thanks...a lot.

Dear Drivers-of-Big-Ass-Pick-Ups-And-Other-Lame-os:
The lines are painted there FOR A're supposed to park between them not directly on top of them.

Dear Pants:
Why won't you fit? I mean, I know why but just please fit. Pleeeeeaaasssse.

Dear Party-Poopers-At-Work:
It's called a potluck because everyone brings something. Even my boss agrees that the fun of this particular yearly tradition is to share something that you are really great at making. Chipping in money to buy a crappy, soggy, gigantic sandwhich that not everyone will like is stupid and we don't want to do it.

I guess that's it for today - more to come I'm sure...

Sunday, December 05, 2004

Holiday Homes Tour

Today I tried really hard to get into the Christmas spirit - it's working a little bit...

First the Boy and I put up Christmas lights. Some "icicles" along the top of the porch and some red & green lights in a tree in the backyard. The icicle lights were fresh out of the box (I bought them last year just after Christmas for $1.99 and still almost went out and bought more because I forget...) and look rather stupid because they're not hanging down...they're all clumped up even though we did try to pull them down. Oh well. We did get to hang out on the roof which was fun - but COLD. It's cold today - 17 maybe with a nasty nasty wind chill. Brrrrrr *shiver* The tree in the backyard needs more lights...but it's a start. We also have to pick up some white lights for the funky bushes/trees in front of the the ones I used last year are now permanently in the living room and bedroom. Oh well. I love lights!

Then SBH and I went on the Historic Homes Tour and Holiday High Tea. We went last year too and loved it so went again this year. It's a tour of some gorgeous old B&B's here in Duluth. Some are quaint and homey and Victorian; Others are huge mansions with winding walnut staircases which are intricately carved and begging me to come down them in some big ball gown or wedding dress....I just imagine the daughter in the house coming down the stairs to meet her suitor - it's so wonderful. There's a little something to eat at each house (gingerbread with pear compote, chicken satay with peanut sauce; cranberry TO-DIE-FOR bread with butter sauce; salmon & rosettes and turkey/wildrice salad on croissants) and music - guitars, accordians, hammered dulcimer,'s quite lovely. I thoroughly enjoyed it. We saw 3 new houses this year - but our favorites remain the same. The 2 mansions - The Cotton Mansion ; The Olcott House ; Check them out. The other houses are listed here. That is one thing I love about Duluth - the beautiful, old mansions. *sigh* Definitely relics of an era long past......but it's fun to think about!

Tonight - we're off to J's house to watch The Life and Death of Peter Sellers - I'm SO EXCITED!! I have been waiting for this movie for ages....I can't wait.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

CrockPot Yumminess

It's cold today - winter is setting is December 1st after all (egad)...

I put a roast in the crockpot this morning and it smells delish...added potatoes, carrots and onions at lunchtime and things are just about ready to be eaten. Yum.

Of course I just witnessed Iko pee ...well, he started in the litter box and then slowly raised the stream up to hit the towel covered cardboard box which the box is sitting in. I think he must be getting old and creaky because the idea is there...executiion is starting to fail. What is it with me & cat pee?

Anyhoo - this wasn't suposed to be about cat pee...*sigh*

I'm off to edit (again) tonight...this is it...tomorrow we will make a dump of the film and I will mail it on Friday...then I'm taking a holiday break and not submitting to any more festivals until we are REALLY done.

Okay - time to eat some taters & beef! Yes!

(I have to eat alone as the Boy had to go to Brainerd today for work. :-( He will probably get home right after I leave...*big sigh* We're taping Rudolph to watch later....heh heh...)