Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

On a very hot night (97 felt like 104) Beavis decided to just sleep in the bathtub all night. He was there at 12:45am....still there at 5:30am....and so cute. Posted by Hello


I've got nothing but thought I would log on anyway. Today was typical - work, lunch, work, "work-out," surfing and tonight movie work! Oh for the loveofgod when will this project end? I got slightly crabby today when J told me that the only day he & R could work on the music mixes (which I need to be at to keep the peace - ugh) is Sunday afternoon. HELLO - Holiday Weekend. Do you know how few of these we get? Besides, Steve & I are planning on camping on Saturday night and bbq'ing with his mom Sunday evening and then there's the beer so really - maybe I can squeeze in a couple hours somewhere but I'm annoyed nonetheless.

SOMEDAY I will be working on a new creative endeavor....god, I hope so.

Monday, June 27, 2005

Cheese Thief

Busy busy weekend - but fun. I could use another day off though.

I went shopping on Friday evening for some weekend food. We ended up having an impromptu bbq with our friends S&J back from SoCal for the weekend and also J&O joined us. I made the smallest hamburgers ever and we scrounged up some baked beans, chips and pickles. Lots of beer too. It was fun.

Saturday the girls arrived to celebrate our faux 10-year college reunion (*gulp*). The day consisted of hiking on the Superior Hiking Trail (the new section that Steve & I did last week) and drinking lots of margaritas (recipe - no mix! yes) And talking. Boy was there talking. I think our chattiness and general estrogen levels scared Steve out of the room more than once.

Sunday morning J & I re-shot (along with many others) the opening title sequence to our film. It took twice as long as expected but the bakery DID give us free bread again this year which makes it all worth while. I took a huge nap after that ane enjoyed a very mellow and quiet evening.

So, why call this post "cheese thief?" Well, I bought a new brick of medium cheddar on Friday night. You see, when me & the girls drink mucho margaritas we like to supplement that with cheese and triscuits. MOUNTAINS of them. Also on Friday when I asked who wanted cheese on their nubbin of a burger (everyone did) I grabbed the Kraft singles (blech, but melt-able) . Noting that these were WAY too big for the dinky burgerlettes I opted for the med. cheddar instead. The next day I asked the girls what kind of cheese they would like on the triscuits - well, marble jack, of course! So we proceeded to eat about 3/4 of the remaining marble jack brick....leaving the med. cheddar and the Kraft singles untouched.

Today I came home for lunch - starving - as usual. I wanted to make a hard salami & cheddar sandwich and lo and behold - NO CHEESE. Not one nasty Kraft single and certainly no med. cheddar. What the fuck? So, we scrounged the fridge - Steve said he thought that we ate all of the cheese (!) the day the cheese was just GONE.

This made me crabby. How can one enjoy a toasted bagel with hard salami if there's no med. cheddar (or marble jack, or colby or or or) to go with it? (well, I did find some rather old shredded sharp cheddar which was "ok") Back at work I emailed S "did you guys take the cheese and eat it yesterday" - the response was no what would we do with a whole block of cheese - EXACTLY!

I had S&J stay here but Steve said the cheese was gone yesterday by lunchtime as he was cheesed out of his egg sandwich.

No one knows where the cheese is. And really, if someone ate THAT much cheese, I think we'd ALL know it. *sigh* S thinks I will eventually find the cheese in some random cupboard or in the freezer (I checked) as someone probably absent mindedly misplaced it. Great. Moldy cheese is in my future!

So, I apparently have gremlins. Do you have to disclose that when you sell a house?


Thursday, June 23, 2005

Steve tests the water on the first day of summer. Lake Superior was actually sorta kinda warmish.... Posted by Hello

Me looking a bit goofy - but really? What else is new? Posted by Hello

Hotter Than Bleep....

But I'm not complaining....


Currently 91 degrees - feels like 97.


(however, the Big Lake often causes a 20+ degree temperature difference throughout our fair city. I was 64 today at lunchtime at the Canal and 90 at the Ford dealership...where my car is. Still.)

So, yeah, I had to forgo riding my bike to work (again) today because my car still creaks and squeaks and I had a recall notice and I'm missing the middle thingy on my wheel (purely decorative but COME ON - I like it). Anyway - I took it up at lunch and the super old shuttle driver brought me back to work with plans to pick me up at 4:30. Well, my car hood IS NOT rubbing and making that noise (thankyouverymuch. Mr. Steve had that figured out immediately. Gives me great confidence in the mechanics) but I need new front struts...and they'll be here tomorrow. So my options were 1) have the super old guy pick me up, take me back to the dealership, then drive up there again tomorrow ruining not only 2 perfectly good lunch hours but also bike riding to work and back as well or 2) find someone to drive me home or 3) walk.

I tried #2 but failed so opted for #3. A Brilliant idea when it's 91 (feels like 97) and you're wearing chocolate brown (thankfully light in weight) pants and a silk (short-sleeved) sweater. And brown "non-walking" shoes. Ugh. Oh well, I walked, I sweated I cursed the absence of a water bottle and about 3/4 of the way home an SUV pulled past me, stopped and then started backing up. "oh god" I thought "who is this creepy guy..." Turns out - a co-worker! Not creepy at all! Had a very LOVELY AIR CONDITIONED vehicle and offered me a ride to my house. Whew. That was awesome.

Now I'm stripped down, I'm sure you wanted to know this, bra and underwear in front of the fan and cooling off. I think it's cerveza time.....


Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Beautiful sky - which just kept getting more and more beautiful. Posted by Hello

The sun still hanging on. Posted by Hello

This kind of cracked me up. The first sign says "thank you for using the path" the second one says ' NOT AN APPROVED ENTRY POINT' ah....government. Posted by Hello

Solstice Moon

We had a lovely time at the beach last night. We ended up leaving the canoe at home as Steve was very tired from his long day of driving (300+ miles yesterday - yuck) and didn't really feel like sitting anyway. We strolled for a while and found a good spot. We sat there watching the lake, the beautiful sunset and the even more gorgeous rising moon. There was no wind, it was relatively warm, the Deep Woods Off was repelling the nasty mosquitos. The beer was cold (at least it started off that way) and the night was perfect.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005


Happy Summer!

It's actually arrived here in Duluth and it's heavenly. It's warm! It was warm last night til late! And light until after 10pm - I love that. Soak it up. The plan was to get up to welcome the sun this morning at 5:14am but that didn't quite happen. I was quite happy with myself for getting up at 6am. I'm not exactly into the whole *morning* thing. Ah well.

I rode my bike to work today - that was rather fun and I didn't have to fight for a parking spot after lunch. It took me 16 minutes. About 10 minutes faster than my estimate. At lunchtime I sat at the Canal and watched the silly tourists and boats and ate my sack lunch and read my book. I even took off my shoes and socks and got HOT! Unheard of!

After work I rode the Lake Walk about 13 blocks east to go to a grocery store to pick up some party pizzas....yum. The Lake Walk was crowded but not annoyingly so. It was fun (but hot). The ride home was very hot but I made it. Flushed and sweaty but it was fun!

Tonight the plan is to take the canoe out in the big lake and sit on the beach at the end of Minnesota Point and drink mexican beer. Why Mexican? Because when we were in Playa we promised ourselves once it was *warm* enough we would sit on the beach and imagine we were there. Tonight's the night.


Monday, June 20, 2005

Me in my favorite reading spot. Bad pic - but you get the idea... Posted by Hello

The 28-incher on the fly-out lake. Posted by Hello

The first day of fishing. I look so "marshmallowy" because I was wearing 6 layers! It was COLD! Posted by Hello

O! Canada!

Well, I'm back!

What an amazing week.

We flew out on float planes (!) (3 of them!!) on Monday morning. The weather was good in Duluth which was sort of a shock. We landed in Sand Point, Ontario to go through Customs. It's basically a dock on the side of the lake across from Minnesota. It's SOOOOOO beautiful. The weather was very warm and it was quite nice to hang out for a bit. We bought our Canadian fishing licenses there and any souvenirs people wanted this was the spot. Unfortunately the weather at camp (1 hour 15 minutes away) was nasty. So we hung out longer than expected. No problem! We were sitting on a dock! In the middle of of a lake! In Canada! On a Monday! It was sunny! No problem whatsoever.

We got into camp around 3:30. It was great. My cabin was awesome. It's called the "family cabin." Two bedrooms, a living room, porch, bathroom (shower stall, tub/shower, toilet), 2 sinks - it was very lovely.

There is a dining room/lounge area - with the most complete liquor cabinet I have ever seen. The meals were incredible and served on this giant round table (seats 12) with a big lazy susan in the middle. The food is brought out and sits there and you spin the wheel to pass things. Very cool (and kinda fun).

The days were spent fishing. Who knew I would dig it so much? I caught walleye after walleye and even was *brave* enough to bait my own hook (minnows - I felt bad about killing them). I did not, however, remove any fish from my hook. Baby steps, people, baby steps.

One day we did a fly out. A fly out on the fly in! Crazy! The fish there were HUGE. The first one out of the lake that day was 28". Not too shabby! (not caught by me, btw). We had packed lunches and coolers full of beer or pop or whatever. It was so nice.

The evenings were spent (well, after appetizers, cocktails and dinner) on the pontoon, or reading on the swing or just relaxing. Some people played pool or watched movies but I liked just sitting out on the dock, soaking it all in. I wish Steve could've been with me.

The lake is totally remote. You can get there only by float plane. And there's basically NOTHING else on it. It's now part of a provincial park so this particular camp has been "grandfathered" in. Very cool. I've never been on a lake where there isn't 'stuff' everywhere!! Fantastic.

The Northern Lights even danced for us on Tuesday night. A bunch of the guys were from Missouri and had never seen them and were very very excited about them. It was fun just to observe.

So, yeah, I'm was awesome and now I'm trying to get used to reality again!!

Pictures to follow....

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Bon Voyage!

Well, it was a hectic weekend (surprise b-day party for J, drive to the cities, bridal shower for Steve's sister, pause, bachelorette party for Steve's sister, drive back to Duluth, do intense movie-work for 5 hours, eat, hike, eat ice cream. :-) Now I should be packing...and cleaning- ack!

I leave tomorrow for the North. 9am. Be there or be square. I'm looking forward to the R&R in a beautiful and remote location. I only wish I could bring Steve along with me. *sigh*

Til next time....

Oh! Check out my friend's SURPRISE WEDDING - very cool! Congrats P&S!


Thursday, June 09, 2005

Beavis enjoys being an "outside" cat. He's wearing his new houdini-proof (we'll see) harness. Posted by Hello


So, I had an appointment today at 12:30 to bring my lovely Francis Ford Focus into the dealer. You see, Steve & I noticed a “creaky” ness this weekend coming from the front driver’s side wheel. Since my warranty expires in a month and 2,000 miles, I decided I should get it right in. I called yesterday and set up the time today. I told them it would have to be on my lunch hour and I could either wait for it if they could figure out the problem that fast, or I’d need a ride back to work. No problem.

<>I went up there, checked in and the guy said that I could hang around til 1:15 or so to see if they found anything and at that point have the shuttle take me back to work…or I could take the shuttle now (the shuttle consists of a very very old man and a mini-van). I said I’d wait til 1:15 in hopes of them being able to tell me what is wrong with poor Francis. <>

No word but a greasy sausage/egg/cheese sandwich later (they have the only “restaurant” [loose terminology]) inside a Ford dealership in the state – whooo) the service guy came to tell me that they “still haven’t found anything yet.” Okay, no big deal…me and the old guy hopped in the “shuttle” and I went back to work. On the drive around the dealership I noticed my car sitting off to the side. Outside. Not. In. The. Garage. Hmmmmm….that’s curious.
I don’t think they have even started looking at my car…which makes me oh so happy. I’m also happy that I wasted my lunch hour at the dealership when I could’ve been sitting in the sun (yeah, it’s sunny!) on the canal while reading my book. Hmph.
They will not be getting “all excellents” on their service report card this time. Naturally I will ask them if the car had been sitting outside the whole time and I’m hoping they didn’t lie to me because that is very very annoying.


Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Steve plays coy during a game of Apples to Apples this past weekend. Posted by Hello

Weekends & Canoes

Greetings. It's June 8th according to the calendar and YET the weather bug only says 41 FUCKING DEGREES and there's a windchill, and my furnace is kicking on, WTF?!?


We had a nice weekend amidst the family....we went to a resort near Nisswa, MN where we ate like we'd never seen food, played tons of games (much to Steve's chagrin), sat in the hot tub, canoed in the rain, golfed, hiked, took a shower together WHILE MY RELATIVES WERE SO CLOSE - shame (hee hee) and ate some more. It was nice. My rhubarb pie was a hit as was Steve's peaches & cream pie....we got back on Monday night. Unfortunately me missed probably the only 80+ degree day in Duluth. Man that sucks.

Now we've had temps in the 50's (today only 40's) and rain. TONS of it. Lovely. My poor carrots, beans, tomatoes and wildflowers are simply pissed off. Ugh.

And last night someone tried to steal the canoe. Hmmm....bad element moving into the neighborhood - YA THINK? It was only 2 weeks ago that the grill incident happend. Grrrrr. Well, the canoe's been chained up since last fall so they didn't get very far, assholes.

Steve just got back from Menards with a new security light, locks for the gates and a heavy duty canoe chain. I'm just waiting for the picnic table to walk off.

I'm not even going to mention the CAT PEE WHEN WE GOT HOME.


4 days til Canada.

thank god.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

The Wilds of Canada

I am SO DAMN EXCITED right now.

I just was invited to the owner of my company's private remote fishing retreat in Canada! Now, I'm not much of a fisherwoman, but I will fish - SURE hell, I'll fish all week if you want me too... I go for a week; I get paid; I dont' have to take vacation time; I eat 3 gourmet meals a day; as much beer as I can drink; long Canadian summer days/nights with books, lounging, relaxing and yes, fish. 200 miles north of the Canadian border - you get there via float plane! Ack!!!! 12 people go at a time - I'm not sure who's in my "group" yet - I hope they're cool!

I'm so frickin' excited right now I could squeal!!!!

I'm seriously considering buying a digital camera - which I totally can't afford right now but going back to film seems entirely lame. We'll see......


I guess this is my payment for being bored. ;-)