Thursday, July 31, 2008


Do you know how sometimes you feel like everything is crumbling around you? Say for instance the film you're getting ready to direct, your directorial debut, mind you, starts to unravel in the 11th hour, actors drop out or come up with schedules that are impossible to work around; technicians have babies (expected but still untimely) or decide to start new businesses and become so stressed they can't think straight let alone create art & collaborate....or locations don't fall into place, things are overlooked, scripts come in at the last second and you feel completely overwhelmed? No, not familiar with that feeling? Cause I can tell you ALL about it.

OH! And as an added bonus, you do your daily search for your house that you have for sale on the MLS only to find that IT IS NOT THERE! Not only does it NOT come up when you do a search of the price also does not exist WHEN YOU TYPE IN THE MLS #! Awesome! So with 2 mortgages looming on the horizon, no one even KNOWS that our house is for sale...AND our agent is ON VACATION FOR A WEEK.

Life is sooooo good, pass the tequila.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

When you say YES....

it should mean YES! Not, yes, um, except if a better offer comes in. Or Yes, until I find out that there's this other thing that I want to be doing instead. When you commit to a project you should either COMMIT or forget about it.

I am fed up.

Dear St. Joseph,

Have you heard of this?

I had never until a couple of weeks ago when my Mom mentioned that we should bury St. Joseph in our yard to help sell our house. Apparently my parents did this (!) when they were selling their house and it worked! (interpret how you will...).

So, needless to say, there is a new little plastic statue of a Saint somewhere underground in our yard.

Can't hurt, right?


Dear St. Joseph,
Please help us to sell our house so we can move into our new house. We'd love for some nice young family or single person to move into our cute house which we've loved very much and are growing out of.


Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Do you ever do something that you think is either REALLY REALLY stupid or exactly the right thing?


Monday, July 28, 2008


We took Dahlia on her very first camping trip this weekend.

Our goal was to be out of the house by 11:30 on Friday morning (we had a showing of our house then)...but we weren't even CLOSE to ready. We (ahem) are slow packers. Instead I ran the errands (liquor store, groceries) and Steve went to fuel up and get an oil change for the truck....5 hours or so later we were on the road!

We made reservations at Sawbill Lake Campground in the Superior National Forest, at the end of The Sawbill Trail. It was a lovely campground. We were in the site next to some friends - close enough to hang out, far enough to be alone.

Friday night we got everything set up and had a very late dinner. Dahlia was intrigued by the tent and fell asleep almost immediately. That was awesome. Steve & I enjoyed our hot dogs over the fire and a couple beers and the gazillions of stars. Ah heaven.

Saturday we were going to take Miss Dahlia canoeing but it was so damn windy. The lake was CHOPPY and that scared me so we didn't. Instead we lounged around, snoozed, read, and took a hike. Dahlia was completely covered in her Kelty mosquito netting (note: it not only covers the backpack carrier but also her car seat, bouncy seat, and just her laying on the ground! It rocks!). She got a few bites, but WHO DIDN'T? she was a trooper and seemed to really love it. She did sooooo good.

We had breakfast in our dutch oven (thanks, Holly!) - the FIRST TIME we've used that particular wedding gift (I'm embarrassed to say) and it was delish. "Mountainman Breakfast - eggs, sausage, cheese & hashbrowns. Yum. For dinner we used it to cook "Easy Chicken & Rice Dinner" and it was both easy & delicious. We made cherry pies for dessert and enjoyed chatting with our friends until the bugs demanded we go into our tents.

It stormed that night - but Dahlia didn't wake up. It was LOUD. Windy. Lots of rain. But it blew through pretty quickly.

Sunday morning Dahlia literally entertained herself by staring at the ceiling of the tent and the giant flies caught between it and the rain fly for over an hour. It rocked. We ate leftovers, packed up and headed to the boat launch. We swam & Dahlia got her little toes wet (too cold for swimming for her) and then we canoed.

She cried her head off when we put the life vest on but then immediately feel asleep. For a while we were afraid we'd cut off the blood and/or oxygen to her brain! We canoed for maybe an hour & a half or so into Sawbill Lake and OFFICIALLY into the BWCA. Dahlia had me beat by 30 years!

We stopped at the Rustic Inn (home of our wedding pie) for a slice to-go on the way home and got home too late & too dirty; too tired & too hungry...but it was a great weekend.

PHotos to come - or check some out on Dahlia's Site...

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Mama Mia!

I went to MAMA MIA! on Sunday night with my folks. I actually had TWO movies offers that night (unheard of!) - the other one was to see DARK KNIGHT with some friends, which I'm also really wanting to see - but I opted to hang with my folks since that's a rare occurrence.

It was fun! The music of course is great. It is a silly story and silly performances, but I really did enjoy it. Meryl Streep is great, as usual. I've never seen the stage version so it was all new to me (well, except the music). My Dad kept humming along, which I thought was very cute. (they have seen the stage version).

Pierce Brosnan looks gooooood, but man, he can't sing. Shame, really. I would've done with a few less random SLOW-MO shots (WTF?) and the editing in general I thought was a little hokey, but ah well. I had fun. It could've been because I was finally resting after a ridiculous weekend of work; or that I was happily sitting in a darkened movie theater with the baby tucked into bed a couple miles away (Daddy was home); or that I was hanging out with my Mom & Dad.

If you go - stick around for the credits. There is more silliness to be had.

Monday, July 21, 2008

On The Market...

It's official. We're putting our house up for sale. ACK! We have spent the weekend, with my parents' UNBELIEVABLE help finishing up all those projects we've been meaning to get to for months (years?), purging, packing things away, cleaning cleaning cleaning, painting, more painting, playing with the baby, seeing MAMA MIA! and more cleaning and painting. And throwing things away.

Whew. It's been a MARATHON. Things are looking really we need some good house selling vibes!

I'm not sure how long I can live in this state of perfect neatness! eeeek.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Thank you for pooping on me!

Need I say more?

**note to self: not only do you need to pack an extra outfit for your daughter every day, but perhaps an extra one for yourself as well.**

Thursday, July 17, 2008

7 Months Old!

Dahlia turned 7 months old on Monday! Amazing how she has changed from the first days at home.

Oddly Quiet

I'm alone at the office today (Dahlia's visiting Grandma & Auntie Laura) and it is oddly quiet around here.

I'm kind of lonely.


GOD ROCKED - Twin Cities Premiere!

I didn't even post about the TC premiere of "...and on the 7th day, God Rocked" I must be distracted what with the baby's CT and the house hunting - ay yi yi. My brain is in a million places at once these days.

The premiere went great! We had over 200 in attendance and the response was fantastic. Lots of laughing, some clapping during the film, lots of happy smiley people upon the exit of the film. While I know a lot of the people there knew people in the film, it was fun for me as I was selling tickets to barely know ANYONE! :)

One story a friend of mine told me yesterday - she missed the premiere due to some other obligation but happened to be on a shuttle bus to Rochester (from Mpls) on Saturday and started chatting with an elderly man on the bus. Turns out this man is the organist at the Heights Theater where we had our showing. He was raving (!) about a film he saw there last week and after talking a bit more, she found out it was our film!! He's a church organist as well so found the whole religion thing to be quite funny. That is cool.

The theater is GORGEOUS but there were a few problems. The projector isn't quite as bright as it should've been and although it probably didn't bother people who hadn't seen the film before, it sure bothered us. I also sneaked out about 2 minutes after the film started to take some shots of the cool marquee with our title up and they had already changed it!! That really bummed me out.

It was fun to see lots of family & friends and Miss Dahlia was there too and got to meet some family & friends that she hadn't seen before! Afterwards my parents & my sister & bro-in-law took Dahlia home with them while I got to go out and enjoy a glass of wine with friends & castmates. It was a lot of fun.

So now, onward & upward. We have to get our DVDs created, get our soundtrack finished, start entering festivals & trying to sell this thing!

Oh and we start production on a new film in August. Which I'm directing. Eeeek!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

big decisions...

since Dahlia's head is *normal* (as normal as it will be with two parents like hers!) we've decided to move on to the next BIG decision.......and we'll be waiting for a while on this, and stressed, and it has to do with a domicile or two and ay yi yi just like there's never a good time to have a baby, there's never a good time to move, right?

But we're not there yet...just thinking....


Monday, July 14, 2008

Dahlia's CT

Just a quick note to say that Dahlia's CT was PERFECTLY NORMAL today! I will also point out that someone said - well, she's your kid so "normal" is relative. Ha. Ha. Needless to say I'm relieved. Very. And so happy with my sweet little baby. I think she just must have a lot of brains poking through that soft spot...ever so slightly....

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Tick Me Off

I found a wood tick on me last night...while laying in was on my butt! How it got there I have no idea. I wasn't in the woods, but I live with a forestry dude so I have a pretty good idea...there have been LOTS of ticks in the house this year. YUCK. I despise them. I think they are so incredibly nasty. The one on my butt last night was stuck. He wasn't totally in yet but he was chomping away (apparently) it took forever to remove him which was annoying, unpleasant and a little icky. Sorta killed the mood for the evening (if you know what I'm saying....). Tonight as I was filing some bills (sexy!) I found one crawling on my leg! How is it that I don't even have TIME to go into the woods these days and I'm still finding ticks on me? NOT FAIR!

House Hunting

So we looked at 3 houses last night. We are just starting to look and get an idea of what is out there. I am terrible though about wanting to (usually) buy the first thing I see. Impatient? Maybe. It's all so exciting and scary and such a HUGE pain in the ass. I love looking at houses....I think it's quite fun. When I bought my current house, I mostly looked at houses alone - not very fun. It's much better now to go with Steve.

1st house - the smallest & cheapest we looked at. 3 houses from Chester Park (bonus!). Needs some cosmetic help to be sure - the kitchen is GOD AWFUL, no appliances, carpeting where there should be hardwood, etc. Pluses - beautiful cedar walk in closet in the "master," 4 bedrooms + an extra space that would be great for a computer on the main level, two bathrooms (although one's in the basement), nice front porch, double garage, gas furnace. Minuses - the kitchen is beyond ugly...but we could fix that, gas fireplace (we'd really love a wood burner), needs some updating, basement is nice but not a place for a future rec room, so much asphalt out back - that would have to come up and nature restored. This house is TOTALLY affordable.

2nd house - the one I was looking forward to the most. The biggest & most expensive. BEAUTIFUL lot - almost an acre right near Hartley. It SUCKED. Super low ceilings, a bunch of "mickey mouse" stuff in it (our realator's words), creepy weird basement, 3rd bedroom in the basement (ugh!), weird faux green columns in the living room (WTH?), weird glass block wall in the was weird. Pluses: beautiful lot, quiet street, near the park, nice new appliances in the kitchen. Minuses: pretty much everything else.

3rd house - Beautiful house - really - build in hutch, beamed ceiling in LR, beautiful hardwood floors, new eat-in kitchen, nice appliances, fireplace, big lot, double garage. Pluses: those beams in the LR - gorgeous, potential for a "finished" basement (at least a craft room!), bonus room on main floor - possible large master, and did I mention that beamed ceiling?, nice front porch. Minuses: one TINY bathroom on the main floor w/no window (2nd bathroom in basement), 2 bedrooms upstairs w/no bathroom and no where to put one (but the rooms are good sized), yard is nice but "boring" - Steve could fix that with oodles of trees & a fence haha, but the deal breaker (for me) oil furnace. Can't do it. Can't afford it. Yuck.

So anyway - it was interesting and fun and it's always nice to daydream & imagine. But the search continues.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Dahlia's 6 Month Appointment

Dahlia had her 6 month check up yesterday. Here are her stats:

Height - 25 1/4" - 18th percentile
Weight - 13lbs 14oz - 6th percentile
Head Circ - 17 1/4" - 76th percentile.

I used to joke about her "big brain" but now she has to go in for a CT scan because her soft spot feels "full." The doctor just wants to get it checked out now instead of waiting but it stresses me out beyond belief. She has to be sedated for the scan which I HATE the idea of on so many levels...and if they find something wrong? Well, I just can barely stand to think about that.

Otherwise developmentally she's doing great. She's doing all the things she should, she's growing as she should, even though she's a peanut. She babbles, and can sit up for about 1 second at a time, rolls both ways, makes eye contact & tracks things easily, passes objects from hand to hand, puts EVERYTHING in her mouth and is really very very sweet and such a good baby. Great disposition, lots of smiles & laughs. She's a doll and my little buddy for sure.

I can't help but feeling anxious though. *sigh*

In other news she GOBBLED up an entire jar of carrots last night. We couldn't shovel them in fast enough! She also pooped orange this morning. Lovely. At least we know things are moving right along!

Monday, July 07, 2008

4th of July

The long weekend has come and gone. *sigh* I wish we had long weekends EVERY weekend. I promise I would not take them for granted!

Thursday night Steve & I (and Dahlia) went out for Mexican and then drove by several houses that we're going to look at this week. They always look so much different (better?) in their photos online. *sigh* Ah well, we will look anyway. Thursday evening we sat in the backyard with a lovely fire until all the damn fireworks in the 'hood got too annoying.

Friday we lazed around a bit, went for a hike in Chester - Dahlia's first experience in the backpack carrier - she loved it! Then we came home, made rice krispie bars and had a family "nap." Well, "nap" doesn't quite describe it...we laid in our bed, Dahlia in between us and she was kind of spazzy and kicking and very cute. It wasn't exactly restful but it was nice.

That night we dropped off Dahlia at "Grandpa Roger's" house and then parked the truck w/the bikes near the Ped Bridge by the freeway. That way we could bike down to Bayfront Park and avoid all the traffic. Bayfront was nice - the weather was just perfect. We had some VIP passes so enjoyed the "backstage" area with lots of free food & beer and good conversation too. Then we enjoyed Martin Zellar & the Hardways. Martin & Nic are from Austin and I've "known" them for a long long time. It was fun to chat with them and see if they'd be interested in doing some music for my next film - whohooo! The concert was great. We spent part of it right up on stage watching with some others. That was fun. The fireworks were great too. I LOVE me some fireworks. We had a front row seat and enjoyed them very much.

I dropped Steve off at a friends after we biked through some nasty traffic - the funniest was when a cop said to me "hurry up, you're blocking traffic..." and the whole STREET was jammed, no one was moving anywhere. How I was blocking traffic, I have no idea. Oh well. I picked Dahlia up and gave her a bottle and went to bed.

Saturday we got the cleaning out bug - or I did rather. We took a truckload of CRAP to the Goodwill. Ah that felt good. Now I need to do more. I need to pack & organize and get ready to list the house. I want to have things DONE this move instead of being so frenzied (ha - not that likely). Saturday night we ate at Sammy's Pizza and spent the rest of the night enjoying (???) the drama in the 'hood.

Yesterday Dahlia & I drove to Red Wing to be at my cousin's son's 1st birthday party (Gavin). Both sets of our family triplets were there so there were 8 babies born between last May and December. Dahlia was the youngest one there! It was very hot & sticky but fun. I played some bocce ball and ate some yummy food. Dahlia got held by lots of people and took a snooze in the wagon. We drove almost 400 miles yesterday! Ugh. I really shouldn't have considering gas prices but I really wanted to be there for the family event.

Last night we endured MORE fireworks & nonsense and a night full of not good sleep at all! Hopefully tonight will be much better!!

Saturday, July 05, 2008

...the bombs bursting in air...

Okay - our neighborhood is OUT. OF. CONTROL. I'm so sick of it. Not only do we have (loud) LOUD fireworks from about Memorial Day til Labor Day, all hours of the day (until 4am and starting again around 7:30am) there is a rental house 3 down from us that always attracts the WORST renters! For a while it was quite obviously a drug house, then things got better but now this summer it's a bunch of punks who LOOOOOOOOVE to party it up and then fight. Last week when Chevra (hi Chevra!) was babysitting there was a STABBING in the alley or in front of our house or SOMEWHERE which was freaky (sorry Chevra), before that I could watch the action from upstairs as it progressed from alley to backyard to street-side, again tonight - same thing. Steve & I just wanted to sit in our backyard and enjoy a few beers but the ruckus from down the block was unbelievable. F-this and F-that - it'll probably be Dahlia's first word. Then the fighting started (as I had predicted). People in the alley, through the yard, the fighting (with each other?) in the intersection - the girls pleading for the guys to stop it, the guys telling each other to "step back" and "f-off" and all sorts of nonsense. THEN as they were walking/running/fighting by they JUMPED OUR FENCE INTO OUR YARD! I was watching from the relative safety of the darkened enclosed front porch, but Steve was still out there. At first I thought they saw him and jumped him! But he was back inside on the phone to the cops. Of course by time the cops arrived - the neighborhood is silent. Not even the fireworks that had previously glittered the evening and ruptured poor Dahlia's sleeping occurred. Grrrr.

This is the straw breaking the camel's back. My money is on us moving by summer's end.

I've had it.

Friday, July 04, 2008

Anders is here!

My sister-in-law and brother-in-law had their baby early this morning. Little Anders entered the world around 1:49am this morning. Born on the 4th of July! I can't wait to meet my little nephew. :)

7lbs 12oz
lots of dark hair

Dahlia is very excited to have another cousin!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008