Saturday, February 27, 2010

Have I mentioned that I'm an emotional wreck lately?

...because I am.

Ugh. Hormones.

Owls & other assorted woodland creatures

I purchased a crib sheet for Baby B #2's room yesterday - I didn't know which way I was going except for that the walls in his/her room are tan, the dust ruffle is tan w/multi-colored dots & that's about it...

I found a cute crib sheet at Target (which I would photograph but it's in the wash) which has owls, trees & bees on it...(maybe turtles too? I can't remember).

So, I thought "Owls - that's cute." And I started looking on Etsy for some cute art for the walls. I found exactly what I am looking for - except there are far too many choices. I like the idea of trees, squirrels, birds, bees, turtles, bunnies, etc. I think it'll be cute (& I won't spend too much out-of-pocket to throw the room together).

I finished priming the baby's dresser & drawers today. I think it will be white or cream (depending on what we paint the trim in the room) with green knobs. As I said yesterday...I am anxious to get the thing out of the living room & filled with cute, clean, folded ready to go newborn clothes! Maybe tomorrow....

My original plan was just to use Dahlia's stuff (we have extra safari sheets, etc) but the more I see how possessive she is of HER room & HER things, the more I think it's not a great maybe this is the way to go (maybe it won't matter, who knows...).

Friday, February 26, 2010

If we had a show on HGTV...

It would NOT be "The Speediest Home Improvers Ever!"

We are so. Ungodly. Slow. I hate it.

It took probably 6 months to get Dahlia's tiny room 'finished' (although we are still needing to hang one piece of art...).

It took months upon months for me to strip the wallpaper in our bedroom (it was the EVIL kind of wallpaper)...and we're still living in what looks like ruins from post-war Europe. Lovely. Relaxing. Soothing. Sheesh.

We have lived here for a year & a half & have ONE piece of artwork hung. WTH?

The baby's room is in process - we have a time limit on this - obviously. That wallpaper wasn't as hard to strip -but was a pain in my rear. My Dad painted it - YAHOOOOOO - when they were up watching Dahlia while we went up the shore in January. Thank God. I primed the nasty closet last Friday (well, most of it - I can't reach the upper parts) and Steve has started priming all the trim...but it is slow going. He is a perfectionist.

I primed the baby's dresser yesterday & hope to get it painted this weekend (my nesting instincts are really kicking in & it's TIME to get out the newborn clothes & fold them neatly in said dresser...for my piece of mind!). The crib is up, the dust ruffle is in place, we have a new rug, but there is still so much to do. Our dream is to have it DONE before Baby B #2 arrives...but I'm worried! I KNOW it will take twice as long to finish up after he/she arrives. I've done this before....

I need to find some artwork; we're debating (!) getting another glider because damn they are comfy & we're not sure what we'd use in Dahlia's room if we move the glider into the baby's room & we'd still like to have a snuggle spot in her room....

I should stop thinking - I get worked up.

I didn't mention the valance, the shelves in the closet, etc, etc, etc.....

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Day 1

Started testing my blood sugar today after my 2 1/2 appt at the diabetes clinic. Let's just say I'm being very careful trying to get creative (already!) but both my after lunch & after dinner numbers are high & I'm already frustrated. Mostly because I'm very very hungry. I can't wait til 9:30 when I can have a snack. That'll probably jack me for the morning but what can I do? Otherwise I will wake up at 3 or 4am with a very rumbly tummy.
(This is a photo of some "snack packs" I put together today on advice of my nutritionist...some good things to 'munch on' for snack time. I thought it was a great idea until I saw how SMALL they are! Except the peanuts. Those are doable. Each pack is APPROXIMATELY 15g of carb which is one carb serving. My 'snacks' are one carb serving each. I think I could eat 12 of one sitting...)

I need to exercise more but I am a slow, fat, beached whale these days & the thought of doing something other than walking around my house or walking to the garage is enough to make me want to sit down. Ah, yes, I've entered the "fun" part of pregnancy.

Okay - I will stop complaining now & suck it up. I'm just discouraged.

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Mommy & her little picture-taking helper!

Friday, February 19, 2010


Daily Dose of Dahlia is in the process of being updated for Feb! I'm so behind!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Time to Dig a Few Supplies out of Storage

Well, as expected, it looks like I have failed my 3 hour GTT. I haven't gotten the official phone call yet, but I did get a notification to check my online health account. Pre-test results good! 1 hour results - okay; 2 hour results - Fail; 3 hour results - Fail.

It's a pain in my butt, to be sure, but there are worse things I could be dealing with. At least I don't have to go through any major eating holidays (ie: Thanksgiving). Maybe this time I'll get lucky & won't have to use insulin. Only time will tell.

In the meantime, I'm being bad & having a bagel & a big glass of orange juice for breakfast. Oh & I might just take a few piece of Valentine's candy in my lunch before I'm officially cut off.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Weekend Update

Dahlia & I had a great time this weekend. It was our Girls Adventure, so to speak. We went to visit Grandma & Grandpa (Papa) Rossow in Austin. We originally picked this weekend because Steve was supposed to be skiing in Montana...but his trip didn't end up happening. Ours did because it was already planned!

Friday we met Kathy & the Triplets at the MN Zoo. It was a nice break for us & we got in for free on her membership. Dahlia hadn't been there before & enjoyed running around. We walked the Tropical Trail & the Minnesota Trail - so we saw lemurs, birds, turtles, fish, a big snake, wolves, lynx, puma, mountain goat, deer....& I forget what else. We also took a gander at the snow monkeys. We had lunch with them there & then got back in the car to continue our journey.

Dahlia slept from Apple Valley to Austin - which rocked.

The weekend consisted of playing, lounging, eating, hanging was great. Dahlia loved playing with Papa & Gramma too! She was a pretty good girl the whole time - only a few minor outbreaks. We went to the Spam Museum on Saturday morning - she enjoyed packing the Spam in the cans & running around pushing all the buttons. We saw the beginning, JUST the beginning of The Hormel Girls movie about 15 times! She also enjoyed eating cottage cheese, pizza & pudding at the Pizza Ranch in Albert Lea. I enjoyed reading, napping & knitting. What a nice break!

Kathy came down on Sunday & we had dinner with my folks & my Grandma too. After dinner we played a game & watched some Olympics. It was a very relaxing weekend.

Yesterday Dahlia & I stopped in Oakdale on the way north to visit my cousin who had surgery last week. She again slept from Austin to St. Paul - but was awake from St. Paul to Duluth! I was worried but she did great - she sort of just zoned out & looked out the window, read her books & held her new Valentine's bear. She was a really good traveler. Oh and we sang "B-I-N-G-O" about 80 times. No, that didn't get old....

I think she was happy to get home - she petted both kitties very nicely & gently (something we're working on) & was all smiles for Daddy when he got home. Bedtime was a breeze after a nice bath (I'm thinking the bath may be the key...) AND she got bonus points this morning as she slept all night - yay!

She did not, however, want me to leave her at daycare this morning. She was very clingy & crying & kept saying "Big hug, big hug" while throwing her arms around me. Oh my sweet girl.

Monday, February 08, 2010

GTT: Fail

As I expected, I failed the one-hour glucose test (again). I mean I REALLY failed it. So, on to the 3-hour test next week. I don't hold out much hope.

Time to start breaking out all the veggies, nuts & meat. Whohooo! Just what I'm craving.

GTT Time!

Today I have my second GTT test. Whohooo! I had one at 16 weeks (which is terribly early in my non-medical opinion) due to me having gestational diabetes with Dahlia. That was fun. But I passed! Today, at 28 weeks, I'm not as confident that I'll get a passing grade. I guess I will know by this afternoon. I also get my first Rhogam shot! How come Steve doesn't have to do any of these very pleasant things? haha. Oh well.....

Side Note: Dahlia went to bed like a NORMAL child last night & slept all fact as of 7:48am (now) she is still sleeping!!! Whohooo!

Sunday, February 07, 2010

28w, 1d

My "Welcome to the Third Trimester" pic...

Just for comparison's sake:
28w, 2d with Dahlia

Bigger? Smaller? I can't tell. Looks like I'm carrying Baby B #2 exactly the same though, no?

Saturday, February 06, 2010

An Anniversary & 3rd Trimester

Well today is a momentous occasion on a couple of counts....

Six years ago today I met Steve IRL (that's "In Real Life," Mom). We had met a few weeks prior to that online & had been emailing back & forth. The night before (Feb 5) we had our first telephone conversation & he asked me out for the next night! The rest as they history.

And today marks the beginning of the 3rd trimester! How did THAT happen? Ay yi yi. I'm definitely feeling more like a beached whale each day & my energy level is decreasing. I suppose that's natural, eh?

Oh yesterday when I came downstairs this sweet treat was waiting for me. What a swell guy.

Friday, February 05, 2010

An answered prayer

Last night, after a very fun bathtime, I put Dahlia to bed. She requested we read "Horton" and so we did. Dang that's a long book. Anyway - she's been on a Horton kick lately. About 3/4 of the way through she fell asleep! Unusual because typically she will stay awake & try to weasel many many stories out of her Dad & I each night (she often falls asleep when we read before naptime). I laid her in her crib and that was that.

I did hear her cry out once in the middle of the night - but it literally lasted 3 seconds & she must've been asleep.

Then not a peep til about 7:30 this morning! It was awesome!

I didn't even wake myself coughing (had to get up a few times to pee, but what do you expect?). Aside from my sore throat that will not go away, I am feeling a MILLION times better today. Thank goodness!

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Once again...

I get all worked up over something & then I need a few days to take a breath, step back and reassess.

Yeah, the sleeping thing sucks. For sure. It sucks that I have a cold & feel like crap & need to get some decent zzzz's & I'm not. But I'm pretty sure Dahlia won't turn out to be a terrorist if I sleep with her occasionally.

She slept much better last night. Til about 5am. at 5am my brain has switched to "early morning" instead of "middle of the night" thoughts and that is my magic hour where I have no qualms about getting her up to snuggle with me. Because quite frankly the alternative could be that she's DONE sleeping & demand to just get up. It was close this morning. She wanted to read & "get up" but luckily dreamland called her back & I got a couple more hours of sleep.

Pre-Dahlia-waking I slept like crap (unfortunately) due to my dang cough that just won't go away and really only persists after I lay down. And my stupid sore throat. Ugh. But at least I got a little bit better sleep & feel a little better today.

As I was laying there trying not to wake Steve & Dahlia with my incessant hacking, I thought hmmmm, Dahlia still has a bit of a cough, she *could* potentially still have her ear infection (how am I to know? I don't have one of those cool look-in-the-ear flashlights or an MD) & she's (finally!!!) cutting a new tooth. Perhaps THOSE are contributing factors to her not sleeping that well.

So back off I shall. We've tried CIO in the past and it doesn't work very good for us (tried for a MONTH - NOT KIDDING back when she was about 18 months old - that was fun). I think she's just too damn persistent. Feisty. If I don't enter her room at all, she just gets madder & madder & things escalate til everyone in the house is too upset to even THINK about getting good sleep - that's just not worth it (right now, anyway).

I'm a broken record. Seems this happens every few months. I hope we're coming to the end of a cycle because I could really use a month or two of good sleep before I'm up at all hours with a newborn.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Sleeptime = FAIL

Last night bedtime went great. Dahlia was in a great mood, had a fun bath, read 3 stories & off to bed. Steve & I were both in bed by 9:30 - a full night's sleep awaited us.

Until I had to keep getting up to pee (3 times before 3am - ARGH). Then I started coughing. Awesome. And then at 3 Dahlia woke up & started yelling for me. I was determined to NOT bring her into bed with me. We tried some water, cajoling, cuddling, talking to, explaining, rocking, singing, milk & finally I gave in. I was so mad at myself for doing it but I also NEED to get some sleep so I can kick this stupid cold. So around 4:15-4:30 or so we snuggled & she slept great. I finally slept too.

When I was getting her dressed this morning I tried to reiterate that TONIGHT she will sleep ALL NIGHT in her own crib. She repeated it back to me, but I'm doubtful whether or not she gets it.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Crash & Burn

So to add insult to injury...(sickness, no sleep, 0 in attendance at Friday's GR screening) we just found out today that neither film (WHITE MAN'S WORLD or JIMMY BLACK'S CADILLAC) were accepted into the Fargo Film Festival.


Our beloved Fargo - such a fun little festival. So many interesting films & people; great parties, relaxation, good wine. I was really really hoping to attend Fargo this year. A chance to take a few days for me (the last for quite a while I think). To immerse myself in film, to sleep in, to network, to be there as a "director" (that is if JBC had gotten in). But it wasn't meant to be.

This comes on a particularly harsh day (see previous post, new pay cut starts this week, budget woes mount). I was looking forward to Fargo as well this year because my good buddy Rob Nilsson is showing his new film there.

Suckity suck suck suck.

Rejuvenated? Well, not exactly

My folks came up this weekend to take on the Dahlia-nator while Steve & I headed up the shore for a much needed break.

We left on Saturday afternoon & took a short walk on the SHT at the Split Rock River Loop. Being that I'm starting my 3rd trimester (!!!), had to pee & was cold, our walk was not too long, but it was pretty & good to get fresh air. Then back on the road to Grand Marais.

We stayed at the Best Western up there which was really nice! The rooms have very recently been renovated - the theme is obviously Lake Superior & the North Shore as there are granite countertops, the artwork is very Grand Marais-y (rocks, water, etc), even the patterns on the carpet seemed to say something about the lake. We were on the first floor & looked right out onto the beach & lake. Quite lovely. as we entered there was soft jazz playing on the (awesome) Smarter Image clock radio & we were both quite impressed. The bathroom, also rocked. Slate tile, glass doors & a very fabulous shower head. I now want a new shower.

But I digress...

We ate at the Gunflint Tavern - shared an app, a burger & a dessert. Enjoyed being out & about without feeding a small person from our plates. Afterwards we just went back & hung out in our room, went to bed early as I was (am) still feeling crappy. The night of sleep was not good. I kept having coughing fits, which kept waking Steve up which ultimately led to a bout of insomnia for was the longest shortest night ever.

But Sunday dawned eventually & we took on the day. Continental breakfast followed by Steve going off to ski & my lounging in my lounge pants for most of the day. I knitted & watched guilty-pleasure television all day (REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ORANGE COUNTY and MILLIONAIRE MATCHMAKER - such drivel! I loved it!). I went for a short walk in the afternoon but it was sooooo cold I quickly scurried back inside.

Steve skied at Pincushion Mountain and said it was quite lovely. He also drove a ways up the Gunflint Trail til it got too icy & treacherous. When he returned he hit the hot tub - I put my feet in (darn pregnancy!).

Then off to dinner again. Not much open in Grand Marais on a Sunday in the winter. So we ate at the Tavern again. I got a tavern pizza & was not impressed. I haven't really had an appetite for days so it wasn't too surprising. After dinner it was back to the room for a rousing game of Racko (I won).

Sleep was better, but not perfect. I'm sick of feeling like crap. SICK OF IT. I can't take the good stuff that would knock me out, I am annoying everyone in my family by my non-productive coughing & I'm exhausted. Hmph.

Monday morning we got up & packed up. Drove up the Gunflint aways - it was beautiful. 20 inches of snow up only 4-5 miles (vs the 0 inches in Grand Marais). The trees looked like they were covered in frosting. Steve skied a short loop on the George Washington Trail & I stayed in the nice warm car reading my book.

We got home just after 1pm. My folks had a great time with Miss Dahlia. It was so fun to see her. I missed that girl. My Mom had mad a lasagna for lunch (which we had for dinner), they put up the new crib in the baby's room AND my Dad patched & painted the baby's room. What a huge relief! They are awesome.

After packing up & "big hugs" they were on their way. We tried to get Dahlia to take a nap but she was too keyed up. Then she got C-R-A-B-B-Y (we should've tried harder on the nap front). She wouldn't really eat her dinner. By 6pm we finally calmed her down, I held her & she drank some milk. She then immediately passed out.

So, up to bed around 6:30 or so...I went to bed around 9...couldn't sleep (due to coughing), got up, ate cereal, went back to bed, FINALLY fell asleep and woke up to Dahlia SCREAMING at 12:40am! Awesome.

She was inconsolable & only wanted to come into my bed (my fault, really). I insisted that she lay down - this started a battle. Soon Steve was up - we tried walking, rocking, singing, water, etc. I laid on her floor, she settled down, but as soon as I stood up she started screaming again. I mean REALLY throwing a fit.

Finally at 2:30 Steve went to get her some milk thinking that she might just be hungry. She drank it, I laid her down and we didn't hear another peep til 7:15 this morning. THANK GOD. I of course continued to cough & keep myself up.

So...while the weekend rocked on so many levels, it was hampered by my feeling like crap & continuing to not get good quality sleep. I am already looking forward to bedtime tonight. 9pm sounds good. I want my sore throat & cough to go away. I want my eyes to not be glued shut when I try to open them after waking up. I want to have energy. Is that too much to ask for???

Pics coming soon...

Thanks again Mom & Dad. :)