Saturday, June 30, 2007

Plodding Through

If I make it through this weekend it'll be a miracle.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Too Early

Had to be up at 5am this morning as Jason & I were on the local morning show (I forget what it's called) hyping the need for extras for our shoot this weekend.

I have decided I am a "mid-morning" person...although it was very beautiful, sunny & peaceful at 5am...I don't think I could do it every day.

KMD - are you planning on joining us this weekend? Let me know so I can email you the details! :)

PS I was supposed to BE there at 6am and this photo I took as soon as I pulled out of my garage - doh! Ah well.....

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Trips at home!

Eeek, my adorable niece & nephews came home this week. I'm so happy for my sister & brother-in-law that their new ones are doing so well. And are SO cute.

Here they are modeling their "going home" outfits from Auntie Carrie & Uncle Steve (eeek, that still sounds so weird!). They are Josh, Hannah & George in order left to right.

I miss LA!

At times like these....

I miss living in LA!!

Do you KNOW how close I used to live from Amoeba Records?!?!?!?



Ah the clumsiness associated with pregnancy has begun...

Well it began a while ago.

After a weekend shoot I was unloading our craft services supplies (food, paper plates, beverages, etc) and was dealing with two rather full crockpots of creamy wild rice soup which didn't get eaten (grrrr). I had them both on my counter and planned on just dumping them out because really? What was I going to do with 30 servings of wild rice soup that the smell of made me a little queasy? As I picked up one crock pot, I caught the 2nd one with the cord or my hand or something and I ended up dropping the entire thing on the floor of my kitchen. Luckily MOST of the soup stayed confined to the crockpot (well, and the floor) but I did get quite a bit of auxiliary splatter on my baseboards, cupboards, nooks & crannies underneath cupboards, oven door, dripping into the over drawer etc. Boy that was fun.

Next last week I was dishing up some pork chops & potatoes that I had made for dinner and promptly dumped my entire serving splat on the kitchen table about 5 inches from my plate. Lovely. Steve just looked at me like "what is your problem?"

And last night again while serving myself food I completely missing my plate and ended up with my serving of rice more in the center of the table than any where near the plate. Yes, I ate it anyway.

This makes me a tad nervous when I am lugging gear that costs thousands of dollars. Perhaps I should invest in bungy cords and just strap everything directly to me. *sigh*

Monday, June 25, 2007

Going for a Paddle

Yesterday was gorgeous - hot, humid, sunny (okay, that wasn't all that great...but we have to soak it up here in N. Minnesota!) and the winds calmed by evening - Steve suggested we go for a paddle.

We put the canoe in right by Endion Station which is near the LakeWalk in Duluth. Poor Steve has to carry that big heavy thing (heavier than a normal aluminum canoe - blech) by himself but I got stuck with two backpacks, two paddles & two life jackets.

The lake was cool (okay, COLD) and so refreshing - the air currents swirled around us - at times hot and sticky, at times cool as the wind off a glacier (or the lake in winter). We paddled along the Lake Walk getting a different perspective than most in the summertime and reminiscing of our walk on the lake last winter (we were in about the same area - weird!). We watched sailboats hoped that no thousand-footers would come in or out (imagine the wake!) and enjoyed the sound of the water lapping at the edges of the canoe. It was peaceful, calm, quiet and relaxing. Hopefully we'll get to do it again soon.

Lovely Lake Superior at about 8:30pm

A view of Greysolon Plaza & the new Sheraton from the water (btw, my office is across the street from Greysolon - you can't see it but it's there!)

My darling husband.

Beautiful Lake.

One of many creeks entering into Lake Superior (this is Chester Creek, btw). That rock is a perfect spot to perch & read a book, don't you think?

Me with Duluth in the background

Seat with a view.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Solstice Hike 2007

Steve & I made plans a few years ago to do something - just the two of us - outdoorsy on the Solstice every year. I envisioned "date nights" well into the future, but who knows, once Chick Pea is here perhaps he/she will be included too. We'll have to play it by ear.

Last year we took a lovely picnic and wine on a hike in the Old Growth forest near Spirit Mountain along the Superior Hiking Trail. The year before that we walked on the beach and watched the sunset and the moon rise. The year before that I can't remember because I didn't blog about it (sad! but true!!).

This year we made plans to go canoeing. Wednesday night was so warm and wonderful and STILL we thought maybe JUST MAYBE it'll be like that on Thursday too.

Wrong. It was too breezy & cool. Steve mowed the yard and I washed a mountain of dishes and by time we grilled and ate it was getting late. We took the canoe and hit a couple of boat landings along the St. Louis River (in hopes it would be calmer) (which it was...but still) and decided to just hike instead.

We hiked on the Superior Hiking Trail (sound familiar?) out in Fond du Lac (a far western neighborhood of Duluth) going towards Jay Cooke State Park. It's very beautiful. I had not hiked this section before.

I hate it when hunters shoot holes in signs for hikers. It is rude. Not to mention intimidating and violent. Hmph. Plus NO HUNTING in this area, a-holes.

Steve along the trail:

Just two hikers, enjoying the long day:

The sun stayed much longer once we got to the top:

Even so, my watch says 8:50pm:

Thursday, June 21, 2007

George Crosby-Manitou State Park

Last weekend Steve & I got away for a little R&R. I hadn't been camping since last summer and we hadn't backpacked yet together with our new wedding gifts (gear!). I had the one weekend in June off and it timed perfectly with Grandma's Marathon here in Duluth which equaled a perfect weekend to get the heck out of dodge.

Our plans were to leave "early" but we still didn't really leave til mid-afternoon on Friday. That's how we operate. We loaded up our new packs (REI's "Venus" and "Mars" - aren't we cute?) and hit the road. Steve had an inspection to do in Tofte so we took the long way but I didn't mind driving up the North Shore with my honey and enjoying the view.

Of course we DID have to stop for Dairy Queen in Two Harbors.

The clouds were ominous and the weather radio reported that a string of storms were moving in. As we got closer to the state park the rain came. And I mean it CAME. It poured. For a while we were stopped on the side of this dinky overgrown (and so beautiful) county road) sort of under a tree in case it hailed. Which it did but only about pea-sized and didn't amount to much. Anyway - by the time we got to the park it was POURING. We waited it out for a while....and when it let up we headed out.

Crosby-Manitou is a rugged park. It is only for hiking, backpacking and canoeing/kayaking. There are no drive-in sites, no RV's, no toilets (okay, there is one pit toilet by the boat launch), it is very very peaceful. Our site was 1.75 miles in and right on the Manitou River.

The forest we hiked through was OLD growth - and so beautiful. It was like being in a rain forest (of course by this time it was raining again). The cedars are plentiful and gigantic. The ferns lush and green. The roots everywhere, slippery & trecherous at times! GAH!

The hike was up and down and up and down and finally DOWN DOWN DOWN...I immediately began dreading the hike out. I am not used to backpacking and 30+lbs on my back were taking their toll on me. Thank god for my "trek stick."

Our site was very secluded and beautiful. Unfortunately it was also very very wet! That night we were able to sit under a hastily erected tarp and eat our warmed up brats & cold beans and then basically go to bed. The fireflies were awesome though and that gave me hope!

Saturday dawned GORGEOUSLY. Not a cloud in the sky.

Everything began to dry out and it turned into a lovely day. We lounged around, I sat in the hammock & read quite a bit, we hiked for over 4 hours, we hiked back to the car where I enjoyed an ice cold diet coke from the cooler (yes, I'm an addict - ha!), I learned that lemon-eucalyptis bug dope actually DOES work (no DEET! yay!) and we lounged some more in the hammock together (it's a double - whohooo!) when we got back. We sat by the river (where we filtered our water - which was SO GOOD!), we made spaghetti for dinner and ate chocolate bars by our roaring fire. I laughed as Steve got buzzed off his margaritas (he packed in margaritas!) (and okay, I was a wee bit jealous too) and we went to bed.

Sunday was not as promising. Gray, cool.....intimidating clouds ahead. We packed things up like our tents, bags, sleeping pads, etc early on. We made "breakfast" (a giant pancake blob w/apple chunks & pre-cooked bacon (my new favorite backpacking food!) and then the rain started. OH MY GOD. It downpoured for over 2 hours! We scrambled to get the last few things in our packs and then we stood under the tarp for a while. By then we were already wet, the ground had pools of water - our packs were dirty and wet (and extra heavy!) we left. It poured the whole time we hiked up. Up the MOUNTAIN to get out of the site (I thought I was going to keel over), all the way along the creeks and hills and valleys - the whole time. Back at the car - still pouring.

I have never been so wet in my life. Everything was soaked through - every single layer. We threw our packs in the backseat and hopped in the front on some towels I through in. (whew). We stripped down with the heat cranked and attempted to dry off...which sort of happened. Nothing like sitting nakedly in your fogged up car! ha. (no one was around - it was raining WAY too hard!) We brough extra clothes thank god because EVERYTHING in our packs was soaked.

We were going to car camp Sunday night but after that hike out I said "no" let's go home. Which we did.

But first we stopped for pie at the Rustic Inn. Mmmmmm, pie.....

It was fun but it'll probably be my last chance to actually backpack for a while. I don't think my soon-to-be-expanding belly will appreciate a pack, and I don't think I'll be able to do it anyway. I am up for some car camping though. :) Hopefully over the 4th of July. Hopefully there'll be ice cream and no rain.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Early Congrats!

To.....Holly & Pete! Although Claire Marie arrived a wee bit early sounds like she is doing pretty dang good. I can't wait to see pictures!

Friday, June 15, 2007

I'm Outta Here....

Steve & I are off for the weekend to do a little backpacking in the George Crosby Manitou State Park which is up the North Shore (Lake Superior). Our packs are ready to go and hopefully I'll make it with 30lbs of stuff on my back. I'm trying to simplify but it's not that easy. I am mostly looking forward to setting up the hammock, opening my book and hanging out with my sweet husband.


Thursday, June 14, 2007


Does anyone have any donut holes?


The Power of Suggestion

The other night Steve was attending at meeting for a local Trails Alliance here in Duluth. It was at a Cafe. When he got home he mentioned that he was going to have a glass of wine (he MUST finish the box in the fridge downstairs, right? pooh) and that he hadn't ordered any beer or anything with his dinner as some of the other Alliance people had.

And then he said "some people ordered malts."

Within 2 minutes I had the blender, the malt powder, the milk & ice cream out and we were making malts.

mmmmmmmmm, so much better than wine (for now).


Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Details

Okay - so if you've probably figured out Steve & I are having a baby!

I am 10w, 1 day today and the official due date is January 7, 2008.

We already have a nickname - "chick pea" as the week we found out (or the week after or something) the baby was the size of a chick pea according to a book or the web - I can't remember - and it just sort of stuck.

It was a bit unusal for us to see an ultrasound because it is so early but the Doc just wanted to make sure everything was a-okay. What a TRIP to see the little chick pea moving around. Initially it was swimming all over the place! The arm & leg (one at least) were clearly visible as was the fluttering of the heart. Absolutely amazing. Steve's eyes about popped out - mine probably did too.

It all has become so much more real to us now!

Please keep us and the chick pea in your thoughts as we start this new adventure together!!

Start Spreading the News....

(or in other words:)

Monday, June 11, 2007

4 Track Films Open House

At long last I'm posting some photos of our OPEN HOUSE a couple weeks ago. It's been a hectic few weeks - what with a rock show to put on, triplets being born, a quick 150 mile trip to the cities and back, 5 band interviews and an "after party" to "host." Whew!



The awesome spread put on by the New Scenic Cafe - yummy!

Steve with our neighbors Dustin & Anna (hi Anna!) and my friend Margie.

Steve and I on our sweet new IKEA couch (very slippery though! doh)...


Friday, June 08, 2007

Auntie Carrie!!!

I'm an auntie!! My sister had her triplets yesterday - whohooo!!

They are:

Hannah Jean
Born at 12:30pm
4lbs 3 oz

George William
Born at 12:32pm
3lbs 14oz


Joshua Wayne
Born at 12:31pm
4lbs 6oz

Hannah & George are at the Special Care Nursery and Joshua is in the NICU to help him out with his breathing. They are all doing very well though.

Kathy is doing awesomely! She is so mellow and strong and just freaking amazing. I am so excited & happy for both her & Jay. I bet they can't wait to hold these wee ones in their arms!!!!

Oh and Aunt Carrie is pretty dang proud too:

Monday, June 04, 2007


Well, the first weekend of shooting is DONE for GOD ROCKS. Whew! It was such a crazy past 5 days - unbelievable.

The open house on Wednesday was a HUGE success - great food, tons of wine, lots of new people to meet. It was really fantastic. I was so impressed with the turnout and the COOLNESS of the people we met. I'm excited that there is such a supportive community for us here in Duluth - yay!

Thursday & Friday were our "tech" days at St. Scholastica. We had to get the theater ready for our ROCK SHOW. We had to paint the stage & hang curtains, set lights, drape the risers (after moving some), clean and put away and stash and haul in groceries, and costumes and TONS of rock show gear and fog machines and 3 very large crosses (note: a nun (it's a Catholic Monastery/College) walked past Jason on Thursday night as he was carrying in a 10' cross - her comment was "you're working late." - as if it's just an every day occurence to see this! haha), etc etc. It was fun but exhausting.

Saturday & Sunday we were shooting! We put on the rock show both days - one day with extras (yesterday) one day without (Saturday). The extras were AWESOME. they brought so much energy and gave the musicians a lot of great feedback. The bands really rocked! We had some technical glitches but for the most part I think we got some really amazing stuff this weekend. It'll be so much fun to edit!!

Today I'm taking OFF. 7 long days in a row warrant a good day of rest, don't you think? My plans: laying on the couch, planting petunias, reading, knitting, watching a movie - oh and then I have to go back to St. Scholastica to load out the sound gear (ugh).

Next weekend's shoot will be FAR less crazy. Whohooo!