Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Date With Me

Yesterday I had a date with me. I have done this 3 times now since Dahlia was born - and it all centers around my dentist appointment.

Exciting, no?

I HATE the dentist. But I go religiously because the thought of something "going wrong" and me needing "work" done is absolutely terrifying to me. My dentist(s) rock - they are up to date with technology (even had digital x-rays done yesterday) and my hygienist is GENTLE and I love having the feeling of clean teeth - so my anti-dentite stand comes not from them, but Mr. Old School No Personality Dentist that I had as a kid. (who incidentally my mother worked for).

Anyway - my reward for going to the dentist like a good girl is to eat at Arby's afterwards - because 1)it's right there and my appointments are always around lunchtime; 2) I like roast beef fast food sandwiches 3) I almost NEVER eat fast food; - So it's my "treat." I learned in college to always reward yourself in some simple way for doing something that is good for you but you dislike. This is my way.

So now? I kind of LOOK FORWARD to going to the dentist. It has worked! Rewarding myself all these years has paid off. And now the added benefit reward is - I get a babysitter for a couple hours, go have my teeth cleaned, take my book into Arby's and then maybe hit the scrapbooking store for a few minutes when I'm done. It's not much but 2 hours of that kind of ME time these days is awesome.

So, I took myself on a date yesterday. I think I might call myself to do it again in 6 months....

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Guess Who Slept All Night?

Me! And Dahlia! and Steve!

We need to change how we put Dahlia to bed. That is a major problem. Steve usually does the bedtime routine which includes giving her a bottle in her room - and a lot of times they fall asleep. Obviously putting a sleeping baby in a crib is NOT recommended. And that's what's been happening. So....we're trying really hard to put her down awake...which is tough because she falls asleep fast (just like her Mama!). On Monday we tried but she fell asleep too quickly (and we had a miserable night)...last night she went into her crib still awake, cried for about 5 minutes and that was it. I'm probably jinxing it by talking about it...but I had to share the good news. I would hope it becomes a trend.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

More Whining About Not Sleeping

Yesterday at ECFE I mentioned that Dahlia still refuses to sleep - and after we all talked a little, the entire class was devoted to talking about how Dahlia is the non-sleeper. (it was a little embarrassing actually). Dahlia slept through the night on Sunday night which was such an anomaly I knew it wouldn't last. And it didn't.

So at class I told them that Dahlia wakes up lately between 1:30 and 2 and cries, no SCREAMS, for an hour or longer. We haven't been going in there....we're at wit's end.

Well, until last night. We have been really good and just letting her CIO and it hasn't been *too bad* because usually after an hour or so shes quiets down. Last night - no such luck. She SCREAMED! Screamed her head off for and hour and a half. Steve had already gotten up and gone in there (much to my chagrin!!!!!) and that didn't help and after another 45 minutes or so I couldn't take it any more, and Steve was getting super pissed because he hadn't slept AT ALL that night (took over 2 hours for him to fall asleep in the first place)....and I ended up bringing her back to bed with me (Steve retired to the other room because he was so annoyed). *sigh* I was so mad at myself for giving in because I know it undermines everything but I just couldn't stand it any more!

We got a little sleep - Dahlia was snuggly for a while thank god. but it's disheartening to know that we "failed" again. We have a few more ideas to try - how to put her to bed differently, earlier, etc but I'm losing hope that she'll ever sleep like a normal kid. *sigh*

Monday, February 23, 2009

Craigslist #2

Just sold my SUPER CRAPPY coffee table for $20. Ha! This is great. Now I'm wandering around the house wondering what else I can take pictures of and sell. Way easier than having a garage sale.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Oscars '09 - Live Blogging

7:30 - Oscars begin. Fabulous lights on stage. Nice. I've just poured my 2nd glass of boxed wine, I'm sitting in my "knitting is knotty" t-shirt and unmatching purple vikings flannel pants.

Hugh Jackman is hot.

7:41 - I very much enjoyed the opening number. But then again I think Hugh Jackman is hot. so......I particularly enjoyed Anne Hathaway getting up on stage. How fun. I am jealous.

7:47 - The Oscar goes to... Penelope Cruz...I have to say, I'm not sure how I'll like this format throughout (various previous winners introducing the nominees), but I'm in tears during this first one. But that could be because of a whole other slew of reasons. Like, why aren't I THERE yet? Why am I sitting in flannel pants surrounded by Elmos & flowers that play music and Horton (who hears a Who?)? *sigh* I am emotional. It will be a long night.

7:49pm - btw, I don't think I've seen any movies, but I'm adding them to my Netflix queue as I watch. I am a loser.

7:54pm - Just threw a load of laundry in - very un-glamourous. Remind me to host a party next year.

7:56 - MILK wins best screenplay. I have course have not seen it. I've also just added it to my Netflix queue.

7:59pm - I love Tina Fey's dress.

8:01pm - Adapted Screenplay - Slumdog Millionaire...yup - wanna see it. Haven't. (of course)(but I did see MAMA MIA! this year!!) - I just added it to my queue. I would like to go to India some day.

8:03pm - What do you think of the supposed "Brangelina/Jennifer Aniston" 'feud?' I dig her dress...and her "fresh look." Hmmm, haven't seen any of the animated films this year. But I did watch part of BABY EINSTEIN Goes to the Farm last week. *sigh* Where has my life gone.......

8:07pm Wall-E - not a shocker. I added it to the queue earlier.

8:25pm - I think Benjamin Buttons won the makeup award. I'm far too distracted with the boxed wine and texting to pay attention.

I wish I could see more movies when they come out!!!!

8:12pm - (commercial break) should I be knitting? or picking up? or something? Am I a slacker?

8:17pm - Art Direction - Benjamin Buttons....I'm distracted though because I'm texting with Sam and really thinking about booking a cruise with her next winter....

8:21pm - The Duchess wins best costume - and I have added it to my queue. (bored yet?) More interesting chatting with Sam about cheap wine & cigs...*sigh* I miss her.

8:35pm - Ben Stiller's beard was hilarious. hee hee. I think Slumdog won. Makes me remember I need to hire a DP for RILEY.....

8:36 - NO ONE'S signed up for auditions yet. Good lord.

8:36 - I think I will have more wine.

8:41 - I am making popcorn. Organic microwave, if you must know.

8:47pm - I TOTALLY called Spielzeugland!!! German films always win....the popcorn is good. I'm waiting for Sam to get online so we can chat instead of text. It's much quicker. I wonder how long my laptop batter will hold out.....

8:52pm - Hugh Jackman is dancing. I like it....

8:57pm - The Musical is Back - uh, okay. I love it! I love musicals so I'm okay with that. Peder - a little re-do of WEST SIDE? Shall we?

9:07pm - I am totally distracted by posting my kitchen table on Craigslist. I think Heath Ledger will win...

9:08pm - Heath Ledger wins. I've put DARK KNIGHT in the queue.

9:15pm - MAN ON WIRE - wins best documentary. It's available on Netflix-on-Demand. We'll see if Steve is interested in watching with me.

9:22pm - I totally want a cigarette. Combination boxed wine, and "action" montage...I'm not a smoker. Hmmmm....time to re-charge the laptop soon (and refill my glass!) I think I missed some awards....doh.

9:25pm - WTF is wrong with me? I haven't seen the latest INDIANA JONES yet? Ugh, babies...sometimes they really mess with your personal schedule...

9:34pm - I am TOTALLY not paying attention. I am researching cruises. I love wifi.

9:55pm - Music - I'm not paying attentino. I'm worried about my laptop dying.

10:03pm - Steve just went to bed. I am in the kitchen because that's where my power cord is currently and I'm too lazy to move it. There's a commercial on anyway. I think I missed the end of the best song/score categories....I may be winding down...I can tell you're heartbroken.

10:12pm - oh God, the Tribute section.....I am just no good for his. I am a sobbing mess. Doesn't even matter if I dont' know ANY of them!!!!!! And when I do - forget it!

10;15pm - Oh the end of it was just toomuch TOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!

10:19pm - Best Director (me! haha - just kidding). I think Reese's eye makeup is too much. Am I alone? I predict Danny Boyle....

I was right! I must see this film. I am super-duper lame. My parents have seen this film and I have not. *sigh*. I'm glad I call myself a filmmaker!

10:22pm - what a long night if you're nominated for best actor or actress. Sheesh! Nerve-Wracking. I would so much rather be sitting on the couch with Beavis the cat. ...

10:31pm - Kate Winslet wins Best Actress - yay for her! Of course I have seen none of the performances, but I really dig her.

I have just added "Rachel Getting Married" and "The Changeling" to my queue.

10:46pm - I'm happy for Sean Penn....have yet to see the film, of course....

10:52pm - I of course have to go see SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE - this year's best picture! I really enjoyed the best picture montage - I thought it was very unique and fun, and fitting and makes me want to get in the edit suite really really badly. It said a lot to me, and I liked that. It also said, girl, you need to see more films.

I think that's it.

Good night. Next year? Lets' too apps & cocktails because watching the Oscars "virtually" alone gets lonely!


I don't feel like cooking or cleaning up afterwards. I don't feel like dealing with a whiny non-sleeping baby. I don't feel like wiping up the floor after she throws her food off her tray. I don't feel like sweeping the kitchen. I don't feel like doing more laundry. I don't feel like picking up books. I don't feel like washing the dishes. I don't feel like making the rice krispie bars I said I was going to. I don't feel like doing ANYTHING.


Friday, February 20, 2009

Craigslist Virgin No More!

Well, I finally posted our dining room table & chairs on Craigslist on Wednesday night. I had about 8 responses within 24 hours! I just sold it to the 2nd responder for asking price - no haggling at all. Whohoooo!

We ALMOST have room to park one car in the garage. Yay!

Now I'm looking for other things around the house to sell....

Florida bound!

So March is going to be full of travel for me....


Austin, TX

and now - FLORIDA!

We've decided to join Steve's Mom & her SO at their condo for a week. It is a cheap vacation for us - we used our frequent flyer miles for plane tickets, they're driving so they're going to pick us up at the airport (no need for a rental car) and since we're staying with them at their condo - no hotel costs! We just figured when are we going to get such a cheap vacation? Plus it's a nice two bedroom two bath condo that it'll be *easy* to have Dahlia at. There's a pool, it's a block from the beach....and since they're driving we can *hopefully* load them up with a pack & play, high chair, jogger (?) etc. And we'll have built-in babysitters if we want to do something sans baby.

We honeymooned here in 2006 and it was one of the most relaxing vacations I can remember. Of course it'll be different this time but I think it's definitely something we need - to get away from our HOUSE for a while and be forced to relax!

Maybe we'll take Dahlia kayaking for the first time!! Whohooo! I hope she does good on the plane. :)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

White Man's World DVD Release Party - Tonight!

If you're in town, come and check us out and get your very own copy of WHITE MAN'S WORLD!

Red Star (in Fitgers)
DVDs for sale - $20 (also pick up Newton's Disease & God Rocked!)

Hope to see you there.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Someone has the sniffles in our household which has prompted much wiping of a little nose today. Hmph. I hope this doesn't turn into a full blown cold!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Jason's cat Bob is very sick. He was lethargic yesterday; Jason couldn't get him out from under his bed (Jason had a friend stay visiting whom Bob DOES NOT LIKE - so it's not unusual for him to hide) and when he did poor Bob peed all over the floor.

Jason was up with him all night - said his breath was "hitching" and he would just lay on the floor looking sad. Wouldn't eat. Wouldn't drink. Wouldn't sleep.

Jason took him to the vet this morning and the prognosis is not good. Initially the vet thought maybe a sudden onset of asthma but after several tests, they find out it's his heart.

Poor Bob. This kitty is HUGE and so friendly and so vocal and just a great cat. I am very sad for Jason because if it is a heart condition or disease, well, there's really nothing that can be done.

Please send any extra good vibes your way to Bob & Jason today. :(

(ps- Bob is only 6 years old!)

UPDATE - Wednesday, 8am
It's not Bob's heart, possibly pneumonia. He spent the night at the Vet ER in an oxygen tent, didn't get any worse, but didn't get any better...more tests & oxygen today....possibly seeing a specialist today or tomorrow.

UPDATE - Wednesday, 1:20pm
Bob's still in oxygen and doing a *little* bit better. His white blood cell count is 20,000!!! (normal is 8,000 for a cat). He either has pneumonia or.....cancer. Hmph.

Jessica Seinfeld - 2, Carrie - 1.

So I got a new cookbook for Valentine's Day! I'm so excited because I've wanted Deceptively Delicious for a while now and my hinting must've paid off!

Because I'm really needing to slim down and bit and eat healthier in general, I thought - why not try these recipes? Why not start eating more veggies, more fiber, less saturated fats - why not now? Dahlia has no problem eating veggies right now, but I know that will most likely change so - hey, let's start some good habits now.

So yesterday was my puree day! I headed to the store and set out to make up a bunch of purees for the week. A chance to play with the food processor - whohoooo!

I started by roasting butternut squash. It smelled delicious.

I kind of just wanted to eat it! While the squash was roasting & baked some chocolate chip cookies - healthy ones! No butter (trans-fat free smart balance), no egg yolks, but chick peas! Crazy. They turned out really good. We actually really loved them.

Carrie - 1.

After making that I moved on to steaming & pureeing beets, broccoli, cauliflower, summer squash and roasting & pureeing sweet potatoes. I was trying to use all of our small kitchen appliances at once I guess.

The downfall of the night was when I knocked off an entire container of pureed summer squash and it landed on the floor! it splattered all over me, the cabinets, the stove & of course the floor.

Lovely. Jessica 1

For dinner I made chicken nuggets (w/sweet potato puree) and mashed potatoes (w/cauliflower puree). Well, the nuggets, I would call chicken turds. I think my pan was too hot and I crowded them in the pan. Next time I will try to make them one at a time.

Jessica 2.

But the potatoes were great!

I think overall this will be a fun cookbook to use & try out through the years. I have more ingredients for Mac & Cheese, turkey burgers & lemon blueberry muffins.

Let's hope I score higher on the upcoming recipes.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Cup Runneth Over

We've had this box of wine in the fridge for ages...we didn't really like it all that well, but every once in a while we'd pour a half a glass just to try to drink it down. No use in WASTING wine, after all. So it was almost gone and then my folks came up.

My Mom informed me that she finished the box of wine - there was probably only a glass or so left in it, so they REPLACED it for us.

With the same wine.

*sigh* so now we have a BRAND NEW box of the wine we didn't like in the first place.

I think it is incredibly thoughtful & generous of them to REPLACE a box of wine when they were babysitting OUR daughter for FREE for the whole weekend...but I just wish it was a different kind, that's all.

Anyone want a glass of wine?

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day! (lifted)

"Valentine greetings were popular as far back as the Middle Ages (written Valentine's didn't begin to appear until after 1400), and the oldest known Valentine card is on display at the British Museum. The first commercial Valentine's Day greeting cards produced in the U.S. were created in the 1840s by Esther A. Howland. Howland, known as the Mother of the Valentine, made elaborate creations with real lace, ribbons and colorful pictures known as 'scrap.'" -- The History Channel

Friday, February 13, 2009

Project Postcard

I think Kate's idea was great - get some postcard stamps, throw some postcards in my purse and send them willy nilly to people to let them know I'm thinking of them. So that's what I did. I bought 20 postcard stamps (just enough to BARELY get started) and threw some in my purse and we'll see what happens. Basically if you know me and I have your address, you can probably expect a TOTALLY RANDOM postcard from me at some point.

Don't say I didn't warn you.

I'm outta here. Steve & I are off for 2 NIGHTS AWAY sans baby which means 2 NIGHTS OF SLEEP (because let me tell you, after about 5 nights of GOOD in a row, last night SUCKED ASS). We are going up the shore to drink wine in our jacuzzi suite, ski the trails of the north shore, eat pizza & drink wine (did I mention that?).


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Opinion Changed

Have you ever found out something about someone that was truly shocking? That truly made you really question motives all along? Wonder how said actions (now brought to light) will affect your future? Wondering how you can ever look at that person the same way again? *sigh* On the precipice of something really cool being worked out, it goes up in flames.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Paper Fanatic

I am a paper fanatic.

Seriously. I have an issue.

I love paper. I love lots of different kinds of paper. My current addiction is patterned paper which I usually get as gifts in huge "stacks" and love love love. I use them for making cards, for scrapbooking, you get the idea.

My past addictions have been note cards (okay, this addiction still addicts) and I should be banned from entering the "dollar spot" at Target. They always suck me in with their cute $1 note cards! I love to write letters but I write so few these days that it seems silly. But I love them. I love LOVE them.

Another past addiction...postcards. Someone PLEASE stop me from buying any postcards on my next trip unless I'm planning on MAILING them. Sheesh. I have postcards...don't laugh...from 1976. I'm not kidding. NOT KIDDING. WTF? I have great ideas about sending them to people as thoughtful little notes and then I don't. I still think it would be fun...but then I don't do it.

I also love envelopes. I have tons of them and I dont' know what I might need them for, but I'm pretty sure I'll need them.

Notepads? Check! I just uncovered a WHOLE stack of notepads - all different shapes & sizes. I should never run out of notepads again! Now if only I could keep them in a handy, easy to grab place.

I have a whole stack of mostly-used-up notebooks - these date back at least? High school? maybe. I think some are Steve's. I also have a stack of green legal pads that I bought at CostCo the first time I ever went there in 1997. Whew. Glad I got that 6 pack. I really burned right through them.

So, because I am going INSANE and need to purge purge purge I threw away a bunch of notecards that are ugly, I don't like, won't use, got for free and have been carting around for over a decade. I also ditched some of my own "envelope designs" (ugh) which I again will never use.

Baby steps. But I'm getting there. At least I have everything a little more organized now. I'm sort of feeling like I should write someone a letter.....

Next up? The gigantic horde of OLD nasty national geo's that have been hogging up space in my house/garage for 4 years now. Ay yi yi. Lord help me.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hyper for Hulu!

Okay, I was recently turned on to Hulu and I am already addicted.

I may be kissing my cable subscription goodbye sooner than I think!

Monday, February 09, 2009



The first five people who comment here will get something I make.

A little mid-winter pay-it-forward action which I lifted from Helen Jane's website...

Anyone wanna play?

The only real rule is that you have to make this offer in your own web log.

I need a new design.

I've had this one for almost 5 years!

I'm jealous of Kate's new design.

I need help.

Any takers?

Crying it Out

So I've heard that the CIO method should work pretty in 3 nights or so. Well...yeah, it's not working that great for us. I suspect it's because I can't take it any more by about 5am and go and get her and bring her back for some snuggle time. I'm sure I'm screwing it/her up but I'm at wit's end.

Last night was okay. She slept pretty much all night. I think I heard her a couple times but just let her was her sort of pissed off cry (because i'm not going in there). But not SCREAMING like it has been some nights. Saturday night she was PISSED and SCREAMED for a full hour. I felt bad because my sister was visiting and the ONE NIGHT she gets away from her screaming children she had to listen to mine. Nice. Anyway - she cried from 5am to 6am this morning when I finally got up, gave her a bottle (yeah, I know, that should stop too) and we went back to bed.

So I've been trying to get her to take naps in her crib when I'm home (like this weekend & today) and that has NOT been going well. 3 days in a row it's sucked. The book I'm reading says - give it an hour - even if she cries the whole time and soon it will be soon is soon? Good lord. Day 3 of this is making me want to rip my eyeballs out of my head. I was working from home today due to the ice storm and it's been nearly impossible what with all the wailing. And of course I'd rather be playing but whatever...I have to get some work done too.

So, we tried for a 3:30 2nd nap of the day because you know, she DIDN'T SLEEP EARLIER for her nap and I thought it was going well, but now she's been screaming again for the past 20 minutes or so. The hour is almost up, thank god, and then I can go get her.

This sucks. Why does my child hate to sleep? Why won't she give me a break?!?

Thursday, February 05, 2009


Here Dahlia, just play with the mustard.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Now, THAT'S more like it

Perhaps if I just keep bitching enough I'll get what I want....

GOD ROCKED just took 2nd place (honorable mention) in the narrative feature category for the 2009 Fargo Film Festival!


The email that they sent was incredibly kind & complimentary and I think we get hooked up with accommodations & to find a(nother) babysitter for a week in March! egads!!

One After Another

The problem with submitting to a butt-load of festivals in the fall/early winter is that all of the rejections come around the same time, stacked one upon another....2 more between yesterday's post and this morning. Lovely.

PS - ha! I just was typing in the labels, and instead of typing "filmmaking" I typed "failmaking" - Freudian slip?

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Rejected Again

So we were just rejected from Vail which is pretty harsh since WE KNOW THE PEOPLE WHO RUN THE FESTIVAL. If you can't get in that way, I'm not sure HOW you get in.

It's getting old. I'm losing my umph.

Monday, February 02, 2009