Wednesday, August 31, 2005

North Head Lighthouse, Washington - just post proposal. Posted by Picasa

Happy Couple at the International Rose Test Garden in Portland. Posted by Picasa

The Proposal

So last Wednesday (my gosh - a week already!) we drove up the Oregon coast from Cannon Beach (home of the big sea stacks/haystacks as seen in The Goonies) through Astoria and into the very southwest corner of Washington. There is a park there called Cape Disappointment. (formerly Fort Canby) Anyway - it's one of the Lewis & Clark historical parks which I think is pretty cool. They had lots of campsites open so we picked one and set up camp. We had lunch - with 3 raccoons (!) and then decided to go on a hike. I will never stop finding it ironic that the park was called Cape Disappointment.

We took a 1.8 mile hike to the North Head Lighthouse on a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Anyway - we were about halfway to the Lighthouse hiking through an incredible temperate rain forest with ridiculously huge trees, ferns, birds of all sorts, etc. It was gorgeous. We also could see the ocean now and then through the trees. We stopped at a bench to have some water. I was flitting about taking pictures and taking in the scenery. Steve started acting kind of goofy....he gets a bit nervous-y and giggly when something really matters. So, I told him he needed to relax. He told me maybe I should relax and sit down. So I did....he was digging in his bag...I'm thinking What is he doing?!? Then he was hiding something in his hands. Ohmygosh. It hit me. This is really happening. I just stared at him. He turned and got down on one knee. My tears were flowing. He opened the ring box. I still was gaping and staring and crying. He was watching me so intently. He held out the ring...but didn't say anything. I couldn't believe it was happening....and then after a while I said "You have to ask me!" and so he did. Naturally I said "YES" with much gusto, held out my finger and he put on my ring. Then there was lots of hugging and kissing and crying and picture taking and just being generally amazed at the situation and how lucky we feel to have found one another. It was amazing. After a while we continued on our hike - we saw a snake (my absolute and complete phobia) which he "protected" me from, we ate the most delicious Oregon coast peach EVER and visited the lighthouse. All the while I wanted to shout to the world how happy I was and that we were engaged! We hiked back after a while and returned to our campsite where we made phone calls. Steve's Mom had called him at least 4 times already on our trip. It finally dawned on me after the proposal that she knew and was calling to check in. Sure enough, when we got back we both had missed calls from her on our cell phones!!! The coverage was spotty but i talked to my parents. My Dad answered and I was being all non-chalant just updating him on our trip and then I said "...we took a beautiful hike and then guess what..." He replied "Hold on, I'll let you talk to your mother." He knew. Steve had asked him if it was alright when my folks were up in July. My Mom was in the dark. It was fun to talk to them.

<>Anyway - that night we went back to Astoria (Okay, I love the Goonies, forgive me) and had a fabulous seafood pasta dinner complete with champagne. It was awesome.

We haven't set a date yet, I'm trying to get a hold of different places up here and get information. Things are booking up (or booked up) for next summer (July) already so I do feel a bit of pressure. We may have to wait til September which wouldn't be bad either (just a longer wait...).

So now the fun begins....right?
(that's what I hear anyway....)

I'm sure there'll be a wedding blog soon....

Monday, August 29, 2005

What can I say?

I'm a happy camper. Literally!!

Our trip out west was fantastic. Not only did I come back one year older but I also came back with a FIANCE!

Details to follow - pictures below. I am a very happy and lucky girl.


WE'RE ENGAGED!!!! Posted by Picasa

A blurry self-ring-portrait shortly after the proposal. (I love it!!! the ring that is....:-)) Posted by Picasa

The happy couple - a bit bleary eyed after the proposal. Posted by Picasa

Friday, August 19, 2005

Vacationtime back next week...

I'm enjoying a cat-pee free week.

In the mountains.

At the ocean.

With my honey.


Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Oom Pah Poop!


I am seriously pissed off at myself. I *claim* to be super organized what with the vacation binder and the daily to-do lists and blah blah blah. Grrrr....

Today after work my "to do" was:

Wash dishes,
bake zucchini bread
make dinner
pack dry goods for camping & supplies
make zucchini loaf #2
Rehearsal 8pm

I did all of those things - several rows (which now I think I have to take out because I'm SO TOTALLY CONFUSED), being very smug and proud of myself all the while and I go to rehearsal. As I walk in the theatre 15 minutes *early* I notice that EVERYONE IS ALREADY ON STAGE....I panic, I throw down my stuff and high-tail it up there. I'm confused. We're doing a new song and dance. The director sees me and says "Oh, you are here. Well, that's too bad because I was going to put you in lots of little dancy bits but now you'll just have to stand there."


Apparently I've been living today like it's THURSDAY. Tonight's rehearsal was at 6:45. I was an hour late And a hUGE ass.

All in all they were pretty cool about it and I picked up everything I needed learn from castmates (I mean really, we're in a pub, we're ruffians, we're drunk, we're singing. Not that difficult). I'm just bummed because for all of my EGO tantrums of last week I go and fuck this up. Fuck up actually getting more things to do and being in dance because....


I'm so frustrated right now. I know this is karma biting me in the butt but it hurts and I don't like it.

And now, the knitting? Holy crap. There's P2 tog and K1 YO 6 times and I'm still confused as to WHICH WAY THE YARN SHOULD COME FROM. And I'm using circular needles so that doesn't help (but thanks for the suggestion) and now I can't even tell up from down and I want to rip it all out and start over just for practice but I won't but I should. Hmph. I am pouting huge over this and needed to let it out I guess. I'll be going back to my "mentor" tomorrow and hoping that she can make heads or tails over what I've done. *sigh*

Alright - time now to hit the hay, crack my book and forget out this ridiculous night.

PS - Tomorrow's Thursday, right?!??!

Monday, August 15, 2005

Spray or Be Sprayed


So, as you can probably guess, Iko was sprayed by a skunk on Saturday night. Not any Saturday night, but the ONLY night this summer we've planned to have people over. A *party* if you will. It was a bit cool but we were all in the backyard, grill grilling, lights twinkling, beers being get the idea....our neighbors and their cat came over and all was fairly well with the world (I was disappointed in the turn out but that is another sob story all together). We're enjoying burgers fresh off the grill when....Iko comes running out of the bushes....and then Sat Nam (neighbor's cat)....and then the smell. Ugh. Like tear gas but worse. I don't really know since I've never been tear gassed. Anyway - Steve was freaking out a bit since Iko had been sprayed right in the face. He was full of snot and mucus with running eyes, drooling mouth - it was very pathetic. He took Iko upstairs to the tub, I rummaged the pantry for tomato items (tomato sauce, pizza quick sauce and spaghetti sauce w/roasted garlic) and changed into grubby clothes. And then the fun started. I held Iko and bathed him in the sauce while Steve soothed and gave instructions to his brother to go buy more tomato juice and his friend to get the dish soap, etc. After about an hour of later, rinse, repeat we let him lick himself dry and re-joined the party. It had been about an hour. My ribs are sore from leaning over the tub for that whole time, Iko is a bit pink (from the sauce) and he still stinks a bit. Needless to say it wasn't exactly how I wanted to spend my Saturday evening. And what a buzz kill! Holy cow! Shortly after that everyone left - and not even 10:30 - so you know, we throw great stinky parties. *sigh*

And now today - not one, but TWO instances of cat pee to clean up. I am incredibly disheartened. One on the closet door in the den and one in the laundry basket which held the stinky skunk clothes which I had washed immediately on Saturday night. I am re-washing them for obvious reasons. What is their problem?! Why don't they love us? What are they doing to us?!?!

And we're leaving on Friday for a week. I'm so scared as to what we'll find upon our return. And I really don't want our neighbors or Steve's brother to have to deal with massive quantities of cat urine.




Trying to post quickly on lunchbreak and now, no updating. Grrrrr....I will try to re-do what I just did...

Rude Cactus tagged me to list 5 of my idiosyncrasies...not easy feat with so many but I have picked out a few to entertain...This exercise is interesting to me, because we're so willing to spill our "crazy" all over the internet while people in the real world (well, some anyway) try so hard to conceal them. Hmmmm If I started trying to conceal all the "weird" stuff I do, people would worry that there was something wrong with me.
I'm sure I have more than I can think of are the ones that jump to mind:

1) I do not walk on any grates or metal covers on sidewalks. I also don't step over sewer grates (thanks, Stephen King). This was especially difficult when I lived in LA and sometimes entire sections of the sidewalk were covered with metal doors (going where?!?!?) or grates. I would try to walk in the street, but if that was not possible I would run across the grate, shuddering the whole time.

2) I have to wet my toothbrush after putting toothpaste on it. This often washes all the toothpaste off and I have to start over but I have to do it anyway. I don’t know why.

3) I can only get on my bike from the left side. I’m completely uncoordinated apparently from the right side and I’m pretty sure I would fall right over if I tried to do it that way. So I don’t.

4) I’m paranoid – not because I think I’m a failure but because I really think someone is out to get me!! There is always someone “following” me, laughing at me or doing something to negatively affect my near future. Oy vey.

5) I clean my ears with q-tips after every-other shower….Not every shower, not once a week….it has to be every other.

There are many more about lists and cd collections being alphabetized and doing laundry but you get the point, right?

I like idiosyncrasies...they make us all more interesting, don't you think?

I tag Future Poltergeist (when he returns from up nort), Anna-Banana, Donna and AfricanKelli.

ps -
yay my first Tag. Thanks Chris,
oh and btw, I'm a dork.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

What a fun Saturday night! That's me washing Iko is tomato sauce after the great skunk incident.  Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

The Dork In Me

I just revealed even more of my inner-dorkiness to Steve (this is a daily occurence it seems) by showing him the vacation binder I've started putting together. I had a *little* time this week at work and so, you know....research & print has been the name of the game. I'm pretty happy with the itinerary but it's going to be a lot of driving with little sleep so that may have to be adjusted. Thank god I started drinking frappucino last week - wowsa. I'm so excited about seeing new places that I've NEVER been and hiking in such incredible forests with trees so big I can hardly imagine. And mountains! Wheeeeeeeeee! See, here it comes again. I cannot seem to supress the dork.

Next up: menu planning!

Tuesday, August 09, 2005


I had such a blast tonight. We learned choreography for Consider Yourself and it was so much fun. It was a bit warm in the rehearsal room but it felt so good to be up and moving about and doing jazz squares and singing and bumping into people and laughing and *sigh* It was so much fun. Steve thinks I'm an even HUGER dork now since I came home and I'm still trying to get this one combination in my brain (or rather in my feet). It's not ballet and it's not rocket science but my god, it's a lot of fun. I could do this all day and night. I guess that's why I went to school for it!! Now if only I could get paid.....


btw - reading The Time Traveler's Wife right now and I'm in love with it! I'm only 60 pages or so in but I find it fascinating. If you haven't, check it out!

A day in July... Posted by Picasa

Over myself

Okay - I'm over myself. I swear. I just had to let that out and now I'm fine. Whew. I was worried that was going to last. hee hee.

I was busy today planning my trip out west - it's a hell of a lot of driving and I hope we feel like we have enough time. Plans? Portland & its various gardens and breweries, Lewis & Clark everything, Astoria - home of the Goonies, various state and national parks and forests, Mt. Hood, Mt. Rainier (?), Mount St. Helens, Washington vineyards and Seattle.

Can't wait. My geeky binder which I'm compiling (I dont' have the internet in my car!! What else can I do?!) is nearing completion. Wheeeeeeeeee!

Rehearsal tonight....8:30-10 ...I kind of wish it was longer. I want more singing! I gotta join a choir or something. It's like a drug...

Monday, August 08, 2005

It's all about ME

Good lord...I've completely forgotten how to be an actress. Sheesh. It's start to slowly rush (can that happen) back to me. IT'S ALL ABOUT ME dammit....

I am happy with my part - my part is not big enough - why did she get that part - I thought I was playing this too - I really like that I get a name - Our set is cool! - I love singing - I could sing for hours - how come my part is not bigger - I'm so happy just to be on stage - WHERE ARE MY GODDAMN LINES - rehearsal skirts, wheeee - the little kids are really cute, for now - I'm going to be singing for days on end - hmmm, shouldn't I have more FACE time -

You see how it goes? So, while I'm completely and utterly happy to be stepping back onto my "turf" I'm unsettled by this "actor" feelings that I totally forgot about. It's different when you're on the other side of the casting table, camera, editing bay - it's all "bullshit bullshit MY LINE. bullshit bullshit MY LINE...." *sigh* I forgot that EGO was involved. Ay yi yi.....

But I'm a Virgo and therefore NOONE can know of any I'll just tell the internet. hee hee.

Meanwhile - I think I was off on the whole time period/corset things (plus budget...??) - I'm pretty sure there'll be heaving cleavage....but I don't yet know how it'll be dressed.

Break out the character heels - tomorrow we block!

*I swear I am really happy to be in this show. I'm not trying to be a bitchy whiny-whinerson...okay?

Hot Hot Hot!

howdy ho...

Weekend was long and very short. Left Duluth about 7pm on Friday night got back last night at 11pm. Ugh. I spent many hours in front of a computer -well, behind the guy that was in front of the computer. We tweaked, listened, nudged, changed, recorded, bounced and all that hoo-ha. We watched the film w/new sound yesterday afternoon and there were multiple technical problems. Things were in sync, I was having a panic attack, it was getting late and SO GODDAMN HOT (I'm still not complaining, I swear).

So, it now SOUNDS like a real movie. Yay! I'm so pleased with the results. The mixing went good despite the minor problemos.

I'm so. ready. to. be. done. Have I mentioned that?!

Y'all better come and see the film or rent or or SOMETHING for cryin' out loud. Don't you know what I do for you people?!?! (hee hee)

Right now it's 95 or so, 95 % humidity and windy - like hair dryer blowing on you. Blech. I'm in the "cool" room and can't bear to go downstairs and actually do anything. ay yi yi

1st rehearsal tonight - yay!

Vacation planning has commenced!! Whoooooooooo!!!!!

I'm a dorky spaz, so I will go now....

Friday, August 05, 2005


I'm off to St. Cloud to do some sound mixing on the film. This is one of the VERY LAST STEPS or at least it should be because OH MY GOD I need to be done with this film.

Coming soon to a theatre near you - I hope...

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Back On Stage


A small part and I hope a lot of ensemble singing (because really? I want to SING!!)...I get to be slutty. Wheeeee! Hopefully I'll get to wear some lovely cleavage bearing corset & dress. heh heh....

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Nothing Left but the Waiting

So - chinese food eaten in 10 minutes + slight nervous tummy = BIG MISTAKE.

Ugh - note to self - don't ever do that again just before callbacks!

I think it was mostly the food's fault. Gah.

Callbacks went...good? I think...? I didn't get called back for the lead, but I have to keep reminding myself that I'm NOT an ingenue, I've NEVER been an ingenue and I will NEVER be an ingenue and I'm *mostly* just fine with that. Partly because I'm short, partly because I don't have the *looks.* Ah well, non-leads are fun too and really? I just want to be on stage (with some lines and singing would be nice..) yeah, it was quick, painless and I'll find out tomorrow.

And if it's a no-go, well, I might have a lead on a really fun sounding children's show (also a musical) happening at the same time. It's great the people you meet while waiting to go in and do your thing. :-) I just gotta get back in the swing of things, that's the biggest part.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005


Just finished cleaning up CAT PEE!!! When will this madness end?!?!

And today - of all days - took Beavis to the vet for exam and shots, got them good pricey Rx food and will get Beavis's Rx filled tomorrow ($147 so far) and this is the thanks?!?! They even got tasty diced chicken in gravy soft food for dinner tonight BECAUSE THEY HAD BEEN SO GOOD.


It's sooooo disheartening.....


Tomorrow night.


Monday, August 01, 2005

And so it goes

well, I did it. I just auditioned for the show. went okay. I ended up being the first one in. I can't ever decide if that's good or bad. They were taking "groups" downstairs and then we were going in one at a time and somehow they picked me first. Ah well. My song rocked (if I do say so myself), however my reading blew. Ugh. Here do this, and do it cockney. I'm not good at cockney and hadn't heard cockney in a long time so I went totally Irish. Ugh. Ah well. We'll see. Maybe, maybe not. The director seemed pretty cool. There were 5 people auditing. WTF? It feels sort of good to have that adrenaline rush again, I haven't had that in ages.

la ti da ti da

Well it's Monday and I'm not crabby! Amazing.

The weekend went like this:

golfing with dad
had the folks over for dinner
went shopping with mom
worked on film (ripped hair out)
painted porch (2nd coat - whooo)
bike ride
dip in (very cold) lake (Superior, that is)
bbq with neighbors
the coolest clouds EVER
obnoxious cats throughout the night meowing away

It was good. I think I'm feeling good today because I'm wearing a very lively brand-spanking-new (sale items!) outfit - yellow polo (me? in a polo? this works for some reason) and a lime green & yellow skirt with flowers on it - so girly - I love it!