Friday, September 30, 2011


I did it! I just completed my first one-month challenge! I wrote at least 750 words in my "journal" (online at every day for the month of September! It wasn't too tough but there were a few days I forgot & remembered after I was already in bed. Good thing I'm a fast typist! A silly little goal for myself that I actually accomplished. Not sure WHAT exactly it accomplished, but at least I did something I set out to do!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I haven't posted much about August's progress & am feeling like such a bad-Mama for I thought I'd update a few things.

August is a MOVING MACHINE. If he is restrained, he is unhappy. He wants to be walking, running, climbing, crawling, whatever - all. the. time. It is exhausting. I am longing for our old backyard which was all grassy & fenced in! I would love to just let him run, but we don't have much space! I took him to the library today for story time and he just ran & ran in the open room. He loved it. Also - climbing on chairs. Good grief, this one will be the death of me (oh and he just now WALKED down the backstairs to the backdoor. Ay yi yi. Need to be more vigilant about shutting that door!

He now says "no" quite well (& frequently). His other words are Mama, Daddy, "Dahlia," hot, uh-oh, he can sort of bark for a dog... Not a ton of words, yet, but he babbles all the time. I think Dahlia was saying a LOT of words by this point, BUT she wasn't walking or climbing stairs, so...I guess it evens out.

His absolute favorite thing is TRUCKS. If we drive by any sort of construction site he gets so excited. Cranes, backhoes, bulldozers, cement trucks, buses, motorcycles. This kid loves it all! He loves to push around his cars & trucks at home & make motor noises - so cute.

He's started coloring a little bit, is much more interested in books these days (which I'm thrilled about) particularly if they have trucks in them!

He has a kewpie doll look with a curl on the top of his head & two curls on the sides of his head; a goofy giggle & smile but MY GOD is he ornery lately. I hope that he is getting some teeth & that he will be charming boy again soon. He is growing up so fast.

I love my little guy. I love watching him start to conquer the world.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Yesterday in the car as we were driving, Dahlia said "S-T-O-P Stop!" I was so proud of her! She spelled! Eeek! The other day she pointed out "B-O-O" in a book & read it. It's so cool and yet she's growing up SO fast. Eeek.

On our walk yesterday we drove by a back hoe/bulldozer (which August thought was the coolest thing EVER). She then informed me that she wants to be the following when she grows up: 1) A Cowgirl; 2) a Ballerina; 3) a Truck Worker (ie: construction worker); & 4) a Mama.... all noble pursuits, eh? I love kids.

Today as she was supposed to be napping, she wasn't. She was playing & not even playing quietly, but I didn't care. At least she was in her room & I had a few moments to myself. She started yelling for me after about an hour "MOMMY!" (after not sleeping at all) "I took a WONDERFUL nap! I am done napping now! I'm reading to come downstairs. You don't have to worry about me being crabby tonight!"

That kid cracks me up

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Harvest Fest + Lakewalk Fest + Kites - oh my!

Michelle & I enjoyed a beautiful day last Saturday & took the kids to Bayfront Park/The Lakewalk for multiple festivities. It was such a fun (free!) day. We got a free kite for Dahlia courtesy of the Kiwanis, we got our passports stamped at various tables along the lakewalk & turned them in for free ice cream (Dahlia's having the fireman sign her book below). I bought a pound and a half of red potatoes & a green pepper for $1.90. We danced the Maypole. We got sun-tinted pink, walked thousands of steps. Dahlia painted Lake Superior rocks & "went fishing." (we were too tired to check out the zoo animals at Fitgers, go for a hayride or get our photo taken -next year!). What a great family friendly (cheap!) day. Can't wait til next year.

Wednesday, September 07, 2011


while driving back from the Zoo yesterday...

"When I grow up I'm going to be a, FIRST, I'm going to be a Mama....

No, I'm going to be a COW MAMA!"

Friday, September 02, 2011


(stolen from my today's entry)

All I want to do is make. Make things. Create. Construct. I cannot stop myself from exploring new ideas & new things to make. I could make these things as gifts. I could make them to sell. But I have to make. Make make make. I'm pretty sure it drives my husband absolutely crazy as I have more supplies than I really know what to do with. Sometimes I think I should really get down to brass tacks & decide what I REALLY want to specialize in. Is it knitting/crocheting? Is it sewing? Is it paper crafts? Is it jewelry? What is it? Because I love to do all of these things. So I keep exploring. I keep making. I keep ending up with great ideas that sometimes don't turn out all that great. In fact, sometimes I end up with all the supplies for a certain project & then I end up just chucking it all after years & years because I've lost interest, come to my senses, had a baby & have no time, etc.

When I lived in LA I got into making soaps & candles. I'm sure my family was OVERJOYED to get yet another homemade body scrub, bubble bath, bath salts or candle from me. I spent lots of time & money concocting glycerin soaps with essential oils & rose petals. I invested in different molds & old pans to melt things in. I did the same with candles. Candles are fun. I stained a few rented apartment countertops with the various dyes (usually crayons). But it did not sustain. I never had the room. I never got 'good enough' to keep going with such projects. So I moved on. Of course that was after I moved a huge box of supplies (including a large flat piece of (very heavy) 'clear' wax for candle making).

After returning to Duluth I got more into scrapbooking & cardmaking. Of course my sister is the star scrapbooker in our family & I can't even hope to keep up with her. I don't have the preciseness or the attention span. I'm not a perfectionist & I hate that. i have tried to change things, but I can't seem to follow through. So I do a little here & there. I love scrapbooks & everything that goes along with it - paper - especially paper. I sort of have paper addiction. I couldn't ever have "too much" paper (again, my husband likely disagrees with me on this point). And cards. I love making cards. I love using stamps, embellishments, for a while I was into quilling (rolled paper). I love mail - getting & sending - so this is a perfect hobby for me. I love things that are handmade. That people had to put (even 15 minutes!) time into making. And quite frankly the 'hand made' cards they sell at Target are so expensive - and really not that difficult to copy. I hope people appreciate the hand made cards. I love making them. I just wish I had more time to make a bunch so I wasn't always in a pinch to make a nice card.

For a while I thought I would make scrabble tile pendant necklaces, but I had trouble with the epoxy sitting just right (apparently I have no attention span & get bored or frustrated & give up too quickly). Now I'm making bottle cap necklaces which I adore. I'm not sure if they'll sell or not, but my GOAL is to actually get some items up on Etsy & make a go of it. Anything would help at this point.

I love to knit. I am almost done with August's baby blanket. It's big & cozy & I hope he loves it. At least some day. It took Dahlia a while to come around to hers (it's not as soft as I would like it to be) but she does use it at daycare which makes me happy. I am done with my felted bag but I'd like to line it. Of course there were no instructions on that so I have to sort of just figure it out. Hmmmm. I finished Steve's scarf - he's ready for winter! I have a few baby wash cloths in inventory - so I'm almost ready to start a new knitting project - yay! I have some beautiful yarn from Three Irish Girls that I would like to put to good use. Maybe I should return to trying to make socks? I'm not sure if I could get into it again or not but I still think it'd be fun.

I'm also a HUGE hoarder of magazines. I love them. I love going through them & tearing out images that appeal to me in an instant. I love the textures, the lighting, the fashion, the artistry, the nature, the simplicity, the vintage-ness. I have oodles of National Geographics that I inherited years ago from my mother-in-law which I just cannot part with. I have used them for everything from making my own envelopes, making up-cycled personalized journals, these bottle cap necklaces & of course cards. I simply cannot get rid of them! They are gold to me, I know it - somewhere. And the Martha Stewart Living magazines are just filled with so many beautiful & inspiring images. I am pretty good about going through them & tearing out my inspiring pages shortly after receiving the mags, but oh...I could drool over them for hours. When Sarah moved to Scotland, I took her bag of mags - Glamour & such. I usually don't buy these but they have been so much fun to tear apart & use for various adventures in crafting. I'm also making a "magazine bowl" which I think will be really cool if I can ever finish the darn thing.

So you see I'm a girl who likes to dabble in many things. I cannot get enough of trying new things (I didn't even touch on sewing yet! Oh the things I want to sew! quilts & dresses for Dahlia & bags & table runners and and and....). I love searching the internet & being inspired. Pinterest has made me so full of motivation & creativity that sometimes it's almost overwhelming. I don't know though if I should try to focus my creativity into ONE area & actually perfect something or if I should continue to spread my interests far & wide & keep doing a little bit of everything (albeit not very well).

This is my quandry. My constant quandry. A friend of mine once said, "why would you give up doing all the things that you love? It is what makes you, you." I have carried that with me for years. Why would I? Do I need to? I don't know.