Monday, April 28, 2008

Weekend Update

Dahlia in her party dress.

The weekend, once again, flew by MUCH too quickly. I mean really? Two days off and five days on? Who thought this was a good idea? (okay okay, don't answer that - clearly the people working seven days on thought it was GREAT!)...I digress...

Friday night...we had a pick up shoot for WHITE MAN'S WORLD at my house. It involved Jason & our actress Kris, Pat our makeup guru and myself. Mostly Pat & I sipped cocktails & discussed religion & philosophy while the scene was being shot. I dug it! The scene went great it was a fun night. Pat LOVES Dahlia so it was nice that they got to spend some quality time together.

Dahlia slept til 7:15am on Saturday! Whohoo! THAT rocked my world. The rest of the day was spent putzing around, more ADR work for GOD ROCKS and Dahlia's first birthday party! It was for our friends' little girl Claira who was turning 3. There was a lot of commotion - gave us a glimpse as to what we're in for in a couple of years.

That night was pretty mellow. Steve & I hung out and watched some videos of Dahlia (we're so exciting!) and I read my book. Whohooo!

Yesterday we all slept in (heaven! Although Dahlia thought it was great to get up at 3:40 to eat!! WTF?), we made a lovely brunch and read the Sunday paper. Well, Steve & I did. Dahlia can't read yet. ;) I hung out with Miss M for a while in the afternoon. We made some sidewalk art in the backyard, blew bubbles and did some artsy stuff. I gave her a belated b-day book which included an "I love to Draw!" book so she did some of those. She's really, really good. In fact her sidewalk art was a portrait of Dahlia in her snowsuit. So cute! After that we had more ADR for GOD ROCKS and I later met Steve & Dahlia at Steve's Dad's for dinner. We got home later than we wanted, got to bed later than expected and now it's Monday. *sigh* I know Steve slept good though because he wasn't aware that I got up at 4:25 to feed Dahlia. (btw, is this the 4-month sleep regression I've heard rumor of?).

Now it's Monday - the week ahead holds us screening the trailer of GOD ROCKS tonight at the Duluth Homegrown Film Festival, more ADR work tomorrow, hanging with friends on Wednesday, screening the film for fresh eyes on Thursday and a doctor's appointment I don't want to talk about on Friday. Then it's the weekend. Damn, time flies, eh?

Friday, April 25, 2008

Getting Her Voice

Dahlia has been more & more vocal lately and it's awesome. Every now and then we can actually hear her voice...very cool. She makes more coos, goos, gurgles and "laughs" - sort of, we think. Right now she's just chilling out in her chair, with her bunny & taggy blanket making all sorts of cool sounds. It is an awesome thing to witness. We talk to her every day - in our language and hers to encourage her to make noises and explore that type of expression. You can actually hold a "conversation" with her if you mimic her noises. I can't wait til she starts babbling more & then come the words. I have a feeling this one's going to be a lot like her mama - talk, talk, talk, talk talk....poor Steve....

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Walking on Sunshine

Yesterday was WAY too nice to be inside blogging about - so we were outside most of the day. Today is the return of crap weather (38 and rainy) so a good day for blogging!

Dahlia & I walked to work yesterday - about 2.5 miles each way. We had to try out her new jogger. It rocks! The ride is very smooth & sweet. I think we both dug it. She slept most of the way to work and was SUPER smiley and LAUGHING once we got there -awesome! It was hard to concentrate at work so after a few hours we walked back home. Again she mostly slept, I ate ice cream and she was super happy when we got home. We didn't even make it inside! I brought the bouncy seat out and we hung out on the back steps. I even enticed Anna over for a margarita! :)

Steve got home and we did more hanging out outside - Dahlia even dined al fresco. We had margaritas and cheese and it was fabulous. 75 degrees & not a cloud in the sky. That's Duluth SUMMER. What a treat to have it in April. When it's that nice you HAVE to take advantage of it because it might not be that nice again FOR MONTHS.

Monday, April 21, 2008

The Darjeeling Limited (2007)

Imagine that! I watched two movies AND and my baby baptized this weekend. Busy busy busy!

This film is definitely unique and I must say I enjoyed it. You sort of have to take a leap of faith, go along for the ride and things become clear as you let yourself go. It's funny, it's sad, it's touching and it's kind of weird. I think the 3 main actors (Adrien Brody, Owen Wilson (LOVE HIM) and Jason Schwartzman did a great job - their characters were interesting as were their relationships to each other. The music was fun, the sets were gorgeous and as usual Wes Anderson's deft directing hand did not disappoint.

And once again I suck at writing reviews...but I liked it and that's all that matters, right?

Dahlia's Baptism

Dahlia was baptized yesterday. We had a lot of family and some friends with us and it was a good day. The service was a special "Earth Day" service which was very appropriate & the main theme was water which worked well for both Earth Day and baptisms (there was one other baby baptized too). Dahlia did soooo good all throughout church (and it was a LOOOOONG service) but she was getting hungry right at the point of the baptism so...she got a little cranky up there. Oh well. She was still pretty dang cute.

I have no pics from the church -waiting to get those from my folks...but here are a couple of Miss Dahlia in her sweet little dress.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Once (2006)

Just finished watching this great little flick. If you're into simple, interesting movies with beautiful music, check this one out. The song FALLING SLOWLY won an Oscar this year, and deservedly so. Hailed as "a modern day musical" this film takes it's time and really uses music to tell a story in a way that is definitely not cheesy or overblown. The potential of what could be is always right around the corner. The music is wonderful, the directing is very light-handed and the acting is unencumbered. It's really quite a beautiful little film.

Check it out.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Car Seat Check - A+!

I finally got around to taking the car & car seat in to be checked today. I've been meaning to go each month for the car seat clinic since Dahlia's birth but somehow have each month forgotten or not gotten out of the house in time. Today I not only remembered but made it in time - whohoo!

The car seat was installed properly! And very snugly. Kudos to Steve for that. They removed the towel that we had to make the angle more proper (they don't recommend it any more - but they did in December! Weird) and replaced it with some pool noodles. Just to make it "extra" safe. Her harness needed to be tightened a little (I blame the fact that I don't put her in an extra sweater every day now due to the warm weather) and the clip needs to be more up by her armpits but other than that we were good to go. Of course this all took like an hour which was a little annoying but oh well.

The other annoying thing? Not ONE hot fireman was there! I was in firehouse 8 for nearly an hour and didn't see nary a brawny heroic man!! Dammit. Only 5 or 6 very nice women from St. Lukes who put on these clinics. I feel a little bit cheated. ;)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A Confession

Alright, I admit it. I am truly, maddly and deeply in love with my daughter. She is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in my life, her smiles are golden, her expressions are priceless and watching her learn things blows my mind.

You know in the cartoon version of The Grinch, when his heart grows two sizes and it pops out of the heart-x-ray-machine thingy that they're looking at it with? Well, that's how my heart feels every day.

Someday it might just burst right out of my chest.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Friday, April 11, 2008

Springtime in Duluth!

So the storm came. It's WINDY and snowy but not as snowy as I thought it would be. Most things are closed today - schools, clinic, banks, some businesses, etc. The plow has come by the front of the house (twice) but not the alley or the avenue so it's a bit tricky to maneuver anyway. We're pretty much staying put today. In fact Dahlia's going to have a Pajama Day and I'm not going to bother dressing her at all!

The snow is wet & heavy but it's warm out so things are melting pretty quickly. We're supposed to continue to get snow and have strong winds through tomorrow morning and then it should really warm up and melt!

Jason has no electricity at his apt and is bored out of his skull. Steve's dad also doesn't have power (or heat) so they're a bit miserable. We're snug as bugs in a rug though so I can't complain.

Thursday, April 10, 2008


Here is an interview that Jason & I did for UMD. Don't mind the horrendous photo of me.

Just In Case...

...this blizzard becomes as big of a deal as they're advertising (I'm skeptical because they're usually WRONG about weather 'round these parts)....

So - I picked up a gallon of milk & OJ (we're almost out), some lunchmeat and a bag of case we're snowed in. Two new flicks from NetFlix await our viewing pleasure and the babe is stocked up on formula & diapers. Bring it on.

That being said - I would rather we have a blizzard that consisted of 60 degrees and not 60 mile an hour winds.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008


BLIZZARD Watch for this weekend.

/O.NEW.KDLH.BZ.A.0001.080411T0300Z- 080412T0000Z/ CARLTON/SOUTHERN ST. LOUIS-DOUGLAS- 429 AM CDT WED APR 9 2008





For GODSAKE this is the winter that will. not. end.


Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Return to the Cutest Baby

Need I say more?


This weekend we were unexpectedly busy.

Friday night we did happy hour with Jason & Erin to celebrate the release of our trailer for GOD ROCKS. After a couple beers neither of us felt like cooking so we stopped at the Hacienda del Sol for some dinner. When we got home the babe treated us to an early-ish bedtime and we watched INTO THE WILD which I freaking LOVED. I can't believe Steve & I both stayed awake through a long movie started near 9pm on a Friday night. We must've liked it.

Saturday we putzed...then our neighbor Donna (the eyeball on the neighborhood) stopped by with a card to see Dahlia. Then my friend Laura (who worked on Newton's & God Rocks) stopped by with some lovely "Jenny's Cat Club" books for Miss Dahlia - so sweet! THEN & Chris stopped by....and wouldn't you know it? They had the fantastic soundtrack for INTO THE WILD in their car - whohoo!

After chatting for a bit we all went for a hike at Park Point.

Dahlia's first hike! She was in the Baby Bjorn and seemed to like it. She was snuggled in. It was chilly but she stayed pretty warm (except her legs - doh!). I think I had it on wrong though because my back was KILLING me. I carried her 1/2 way and Steve did the other half. It was fun to get out with her & with Chris & Michelle. :)

That night we had dinner with Steve's Dad & Trudy at a bar/grill in Soup Town - it is a smoking place and I didn't really want to take Dahlia there but I lost that battle. We were in the non-smoking section but you could still smell it. Ugh. The food wasn't that great. Oh well.

Sunday - Dahlia was a PILL. Ugh. Steve thinks maybe the nicotine in the air (can nicotine get in the air?) upset her. Well, whatever it was it sucked! She was SOOOOO crabby & fussy it was not fun. She did take her first "real" nap in her crib for an hour in the afternoon which was great. I made cookies. But the rest of the day was TOUGH.

Things are better today - I don't want to jinx it but...let's hope she's back to her more normal self now!

Monday, April 07, 2008


Day two of Dahlia screaming inconsolably. Super demanding. Never happy. *sigh* I am exhausted and running out of ideas. Plus getting no work done at work or at home. My back is killing me and I'm just feeling - pffffffffffffffft. Did I mention it SNOWED yesterday & this morning. Yuck.

Friday, April 04, 2008

GOD ROCKS trailer


Check it out - let me know what you think!

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Traveling is So Good

Our travels to Southern California were a success!

Okay, okay, I admit, I was sort of a crying mess when I finally let my Dad pull away with Dahlia in the backseat on Thursday at the airport, but once I got over that, things got better. (that being said I can't count the number of times during our trip when Steve or I said "Oh Dahlia" in that little voice that we do....)

We got to the airport with plenty of time, checked in, relaxed and waited. Our flights were on schedule, no hassles, exit row seating and we landed without incident 4 hours later.

It was so WEIRD to be back in LA! I felt like I was in the twilight zone in a way. I remembered how to get where we were going, but it was just sort of surreal. Our hotel was nice - an old 50's "California style" apartment complex which is now a hotel. It was nice to have a lot of space instead of just ONE ROOM. And for the price, it was okay. Nothing is cheap out there so why not spend $20 more and have some breathing room? We were one block from the ocean and one block from the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica. It was just nice to be able to walk places.

Thursday night we met up with my friend Sarah (who is a transplant from MN). We had some beers followed by dinner at Monsoon Cafe. I have to say, the martini wasn't that great, the Pad Thai is just as good (if not better) here in Duluth and well...Steve thought the sushi was great! We were pooped and in bed by 10pm that night!

Friday we had a leisurely morning followed by a trip to Hollywood. I think Steve was getting seriously BURNT OUT on my running (mouth) commentary - "oh this is the street that I used to turn on when I was going to work in the morning" "this is my old bus stop" "there's the grocery store I used to stop at" "my old boss lived on that street" etc etc. We made it to H-wood and visited my friend Jimmy (from college) at the Jim Henson Company. I LOVE that lot. It is so much fun. Even if the Muppets DON'T live there any more. One of my most happiest days was spent there (when they opened the lot and had a big party - I met Gonzo!) so I was happy to go back. Jimmy is doing great and we all had lunch at In-n-Out - which he laughed at. I was CRAVING it!!

After lunch Steve & I headed to Griffith Park to do some hiking...via my old apartment. Yes, I'm a nerd and took photos.

The hiking was pretty good - and hot! It wasn't that warm out really, but in some areas it was very very hot. The views were pretty good but sort of hazy. I was super nervous about seeing rattlesnakes.
It's hard for me to relax and enjoy hiking sometimes.

After hiking we headed back to Santa Monica to meet up with Heather for dinner. Place one was TOO LA (HA!) so we went to place 2...right next to my favorite old video store (Vidiots). It was so much fun to see Heather (who looks FABULOUS AND ALL GLOWY, btw) and to meet her beau Scott. They seem like a really great match. We chatted & chatted over authentic Mexican food. It was a nice time.

Saturday we headed south! First stop Manhattan Beach to meet Samantha's little CUTIES! I had met Savannah of course before I left LA (I think she was 2 when I left) but had only seen Shelby & Sydney in pictures. They are such cool kids. Not only are they beautiful but they are smart, funny, precocious - all of the above! I was having baby-withdrawl so it was heavenly to snuggle up to Miss Sydney (who's doing FABULOUSLY btw). After our little meeting we headed off to San Diego.

We followed Sam & Cary down the 405 and then the toll road - which was quite pretty. Hit some traffic around Camp Pendleton but it wasn't too bad. 2 1/2 hours I think. We arrived ON TIME at the pizza luncheon which was nice.

It was great to see Sudhara & Alex. Sudhara looked all glowy and wonderful as a bride should. We met some of their friends & family and enjoyed the tasty pizza.

That night we drank some wine with Sam & Cary and just basically hung out. We ate a fabulous dinner at our hotel (which was very nice, btw). Sunday morning Steve & I went to Cabrillo National Monument for some hiking & beautiful views.
That afternoon we hung out at the hot tub with Sam and that evening was the big event.

The wedding was small and quite lovely. Very personal. Sudhara walked down the aisle to the Mamas & the Papas CALIFORNIA DREAMIN' which was sweet. She looked fabulous. Their vows were so sweet & everything was just very THEM. I loved it. Afterwards there was a great reception - cocktails, dinner, dancing, it was a lot of fun. I met more of Sudhara & Alex's friends and we all had a blast.

Monday morning was leisurely which was nice. We had breakfast with Sam & Cary at the hotel and got to see Sudhara & Alex and a few others from their wedding too. After breakfast we had to bid farewell to Sam - which SUCKED. I miss her so much. They were off to LA and we were off for a quick bike ride before packing up and heading back home.

Of course we left to return our car WAY TO LATE which caused much stress when we couldn't get the car into the lot (bad directions) and then it got SUPER busy and then the stress REALLY piled on. Of course when we got to the airport the security line was RIDICULOUS and more stress - but our flight was delayed anyway so it really didn't matter in the least.

We arrived into Minneapolis to a lovely blizzard and about 8 inches of snow. We had to circle the airport for about an hour before we could land as they were plowing the runway. Ugh. We didn't drive back to Duluth that night - it would've been a white-knuckler all the way. Instead we stayed at Kathy & Jays along with their triplets, my Mom and Dad, Steve & I and of course Miss Dahlia.

It was SO AWESOME to see that little peanut and pick her up and hug her and kiss her. I loved it.
She was sleeping when we got there but I couldn't resist and hand to hold her anyway. She slept like a champ that night and we had some great family snuggle time the next morning.

So Tuesday - back to Duluth - no snow here (of course!) and back to reality. I can't believe it was a week ago already that I was in LA!! Time just moves way too fast.

I had a great time. It was nice to have a break, revisit my old life & see old friends and it was even better to come back home.