Thursday, October 16, 2014

Walking to Work

 What a beautiful fall day to be walking to work. *sigh*

Monday, October 13, 2014


I slept in.

I could end the post there. But I won't.

Steve & I went for a hike. The two of us. At a brisk pace. Neither one of us whined, cried or threw a fit. It was quite wonderful.

We glittered up leaves that we collected & pressed the week before. I love doing such messy crafts with the kiddos outside. Our garbage can is full of lots of sparkles this week!

 And we took in the view from Hawk Ridge (see new banner pic). The sun was starting it's dip into evening so the colors under the canopy were not as bright as they would've been earlier in the day, but that's okay. It was still lovely.

Sunday, October 12, 2014


 To begin the day - some whole wheat (I totally cheated on the gluten-free thing) Mickey Mouse waffles with the best maple syrup every. My co-worker's father-in-law makes it. Yum. (the kids, ridiculously, prefer "Log Cabin." gah)

Then Dahlia starts "organizing." I nearly had a heart attack when I saw her "progress." We were able to recycle quite a few things though, thankfully.

There was some screen time - GoNoodle. It's an interactive "brain break" website that the kids use at school. Dahlia loves it & it gets them both up & dancing. Pretty cute. 

Later (after the whining, lordy!) we went outside & jumped in leaves. Ahhhhh, fall....

I may or may not have had a glass of wine & continued reading my book while the leaf-jumping was happening....

August moved into his Booster seat. He was pretty proud. I believe his words were, "I'm special." Indeed you are, kiddo.

Then there was dropping off of the children at the in-laws (by my hubby); me taking the LONGEST AND MOST UN-INTERRUPTED SHOWER EVER (which was awesome);  Steve & I went to HEDWIG & THE ANGRY INCH at the Duluth Underground, which was fantastic; a drink with a long-time friend & new paramour after; followed by the most amazing wild rice/mushroom egg rolls from The Happy Wanderer food truck. OH MY GOD - delicious. 

Not too shabby for a Saturday, eh? Our regular babysitter had Strep (stay back!) so I thought we were going to be screwed for the show I had already purchased tickets for, but thankfully the in-laws stepped in and TOOK THE KIDS ALL NIGHT.

I laid in bed until 9:30 this morning. And angels sang.

I love weekends.

What did you get up to?

Friday, October 10, 2014

Back in the Saddle's been almost a year and that is quite frankly, just kind of sad. SO....I'm going to *try* to get back into the blogging thing. A lot has happened since last time I posted (vacations, ceiling collapses, children 'graduating' from Kindergarten and becoming "big kids;" being back on stage in one of my bucket list shows; starting my own business (Norwex!); having a home invasion (not cool), serving on a jury for a criminal case & I'm going to be blogging about a new project coming up! I'm so excited!

I've adjusted the settings back to public as I feel like I missed the random connections & chance meetings (Hello Donna, Kelli, Katy, Mindy, etc...) of people that I truly dig. So, we'll see how it goes.

I'm excited to try to find time to again find my "voice" a bit in the chaos, as well as *maybe* not post so much on FaceBook (although that always seems difficult for me - it's so fast! and easy! and blah blah blah!). But I'd like to write more about our lives, mostly as a journal for me & my family. I'd like to start spreading the word about Norwex and of course the new project I mentioned earlier.

Like I said, we'll see how it goes.

Feels good to be back.