Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 - A Recap

So here we are on the last day of the year. How did that happen? Isn't supposed to only be August or something? I could've sworn we missed an entire season. Ah well. I suppose we didn't and time just moves quickly and here we are.

I'm not going to lie. This year was tough. Having a new baby was something that I was prepared for and so totally unprepared for it's hard to explain. I fell in love with my daughter but I don't think I adjusted to motherhood well. I'm not used to sleepless nights and having to put someone else first 24 hours a day. While I consider myself to be fairly laid back, this new little person had me stressed out and discombobulated for most of the year! I think we're both learning though and figuring out our relationship and both of us are gaining some independence from each other, and I think that's a good thing. I love this little one so much. Her goofy crinkled up nose smiles, all of her "words" and noises, the way she smells, the way she crawls, the way her eyes light up when she sees something she likes. I guess I thought it would be easier and it wasn't. But I lived to tell the tale and feel like I'm coming out on the other side.

Workwise things were tough too. Trying to split my attention between Miss Dahlia and keeping on track is hard. Especially when I bring her with me. It's great but I feel like we're both getting the short end of the stick. I can't concentrate on work and she doesn't get the undivided attention she deserves. yeah, I think some of that's okay and she's really good and occupying herself, she met & charmed a lot of new (adult) friends and we do okay but I think some changes on that front are coming soon and may restore some sanity to me and instill more independence in her.

Steve & I had a big year - new baby, new job (for him), new house, selling an old house. We took a trip to California to celebrate my friend's wedding, we hiked a bit, we camped a couple times, we canoed with a baby, we escaped for a few days for our anniversary. We worked our butts off and are sorely in need of a vacation. Maybe 2009 will bring one of those.

I didn't read as much, watch as many movies, drink as much water, knit as much, scrapbook as much, cook as much, hike as much, lose as much weight as I wanted but sometimes you have to let go of expectations and go with the flow. When you look back at your life, one year is a pretty small investment, especially considering all the other things that happened.

So, Happy New Year all. I hope 2009 is very good to you - that the economic demons are kept at bay, that love is in your heart, that peace surrounds you, that contentment is yours.

Here's to a great 2009!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Holiday Recap

Whew! What a week it was last week...

Tuesday - Lasagna Judgement - it actually went really well. Everyone was on their best behavior. The only thing that irked me is that my BIL (who also came) drove up to the backdoor and they entered there. Unfortunately this is exactly where I DIDN'T WANT them to be. All of our coats, bags, purses, etc were stashed there. The front door enters right by the Christmas tree & fireplace. Hmph. Oh well. So much for first impressions. Everything else went fine and like I said - they were on their best behavior and it was actually quite enjoyable. Who knew?

Wednesday - Steve took the day off and we spent the day packing, making chex mix, raking the roof and getting ready for the trek to Austin. We pulled outta here around 2:30 - only 30 minutes behind schedule. Pretty good for us. We arrived in Austin to 3 babies having dinner and general chaos! haha! Dahlia jumped in on the dinner action. After getting all the babies fed & to bed, the adults enjoyed wild rice soup (my favorite), wine, spritz cookies & other Christmas goodies. And we opened presents. It was fun. I usually am a Christmas morningn type of person for presents but since there were kids there - we figured this would be easier. It was.

Thursday - All the babies slept through the night! Whohooo! Shocking since they were all in weird places (laundry room, walk-in closet, utility room, etc). Whew. That was awesome. My Mom made a brunch for us and we all scarfed it down. This will be the last year I'm sure that we can take so long before getting to the kids' presents. The kids "opened" their gifts and had a great time. The triplets got a "1950's diner" which they all absolutely LOVED. It was cute. After that Steve & I headed out to the Nature Center to get some skiing in before the craziness of the Rossow get together. And it was crazy. 61 people at my aunt & uncle's house in Pine Island. Whew! It was SO LOUD AND OVERSTIMULATING. Ay yi yi. Lots of great food, TONS of relatives and lots of gag gifts. Not my favorite but oh well. Dahlia finally got to meet lots of her great-aunts & uncles & some cousins too. She was a peach - she had so much fun. She actually fell asleep on the floor around 8 she was so tuckered out. How she could sleep in that....I have no idea!

Friday - The babies slept all night again! And they slept in! Whohooo! I think the morning was spent just getting the kids fed, getting us fed and figuring out the afternoon. Oh! And we all went to visit my Dad at work at Target. He really enjoyed showing off all his grandkids. I enjoyed getting some cheap rugs & wrapping paper. It was MOVIE DAY! We were going to go in shifts - girls & boys - so that someone would be home to watch the babies. somehow I lucked out and got to go to both movies! I was in heaven. My Mom, sister & I went to MARLEY & ME (funny, sweet, sad - especially if you have a pet you love to pieces) and after that the guys went to VALKYRIE (and so did I) which I also really enjoyed although - really? No accents? No German? You couldn't even TRY? Hmph.

That night we celebrated my Dad's birthday. We had pizza, cake and played Up & Down the River. Steve & I lost. But it was fun.

Saturday - was the Christmas celebration for my Mom's side of the family. We went to The Oaks where my Grandma lives. They have a very large party room and it's great for big gatherings. This wasn't as big as the Rossow one, but there were 8 1 year olds there! Ay yi yi!~ They all did pretty good. We ate lots of FOOD and I got to see my Grandpa and aunts & uncles. It was fun. Santa came. Dahlia was terrified of him but got a gift anyway! My sister brought a parachute & bells for the kids to play with so there was an actiity. IT was really cute. After that we loaded up and hit the road. The roads were decent and we made pretty good time...we were pooped by theh time we got home.

Sunday - Brunch at Steve's Mom's! Whew. More awesome food, more presents and more food, did I mention that? I was sooooo full. wow. But it was fun. Mis Dahlia made out with so many gifts. Wow. I think she's set for a long time. It was so cute to see both her and baby Anders all dressed up - it was really nice to spend time with Steve's family and recreate Christmas.

And then we came home. It was a very busy holiday and it'll be nice to spend some time just relaxing. Not sure when that'll happen but eventually I suppose.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Imagination Library!

I just heard about this new program - which is offered in Duluth - and thought I would share it with you. It's pretty cool.

Dolly Parton started the "Imagination Library" in 1996. She wanted to foster the love of books & reading in preschoolers in her Tennessee community. She decided to provide one new book a month to all preschoolers in that county! the program grew from there and she by 2000 she was doing this for Branson, MO and Myrtle Beach, SC - and then onwards!

Now communities can join (and have to fund the books) but "Imagination Library" handles the admin of it.

Here's what's in it for you!

Kids from birth to age 5 can sign up (if your community participates. Check the website to see if yours does by typing in a zip code). Enroll your child and that's it!

I'm really excited because I'm a nerd for reading and now Dahlia will get a free book a month until she's five!!!

Anyway - I thought it was pretty cool and wanted to pass on the info to any of you with wee ones.

Happy Reading!

Happy Christmas from AKQA

Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Baby Girl is ONE!

I can't believe Dahlia is ONE. How did this happen??

I was reliving the events yesterday & today. How crappy I felt the day before and how I had no clue that I was potentially (and was!) in labor. How quickly she came. How crazy & scary & wonderful it all was. And how then I had this teeny tiny baby. This year has been amazing. Watching her change. Watching her grow. Watching her learn. It's amazing.

Her party today was "penguin" themed. I had snowflakes & "arctic ice cubes" (blue knox blox), mini snowballs (kix), meatballs & mashed potatoes. The blizzard certainly put a damper on the guest list but my folks, Steve's mom & Roger, Allison & baby Anders, Paul and MariAnna all made it through the fray. We enjoyed good food and Dahlia was a PEACH! She was in a great mood the whole time. She devoured her whole cupcake, she played with all the tissue & her new toys and was in the best mood all day. Now she's napping because she is partied out.

Steve is snowblowing, my mom is cleaning up & my Dad & I are watching the Vikings (win!). It's been a good day, even though I'm disappointed that my sister & the triplets and our other guests couldn't make it. Guess that's what happens in a wintry climate in December. This could happen a lot for Miss Dahlia's birthday....


love mama.

(photos to come...)

Friday, December 12, 2008

WHITE MAN'S WORLD movie trailer

I know, I know - another video post - but here is the trailer for our latest film WHITE MAN'S WORLD! (um, it's probably 'rated R - the trailer that is...)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Awesome Christmas Display

Kate posted a link to this and it's really cool. I wish I was so talented to pull this off on my house! That would ROCK! Maybe someday...

Sleep IS for the weak, right? RIGHT?

Well, we're on day 6 of pretty much no sleep here. It's awesome. Dahlia either has a cold or is teething or perhaps both. I don't know. I can't tell. She has had a runny nose since Thursday; Thursday & Friday she had a fever for a while; she's crabby as ALL HELL; she doesn't sleep for crap; and now she has a cough. Right now she's content watching Elmo which is about penguins (which is her birthday theme! Maybe she'll connect the two...hahaha). Anyway - I'm exhausted. I just want a solid uninterrupted chunk of sleep.

Oh, I have a cold too which makes it all just awesome!

Friday, December 05, 2008

Sick Baby

I think Dahlia's either teething or sick - she's got a bit of a fever and didn't sleep AT ALL last night. I was up from 11:15 til 12:30 - then from 1:30 til....4? Finally after some 3am tylenol she fell asleep on my chest and we stayed that way til about 6am...then we slept in fits & starts for 10 minutes at a time til 8. It was a long and short night.

She was warmer this morning - temp of 101.9 - I gave her more tylenol, she seemed a little better, ate a good breakfast, had ALL SORTS of energy (where from?!?) and has been in a relatively *good* mood. Now her nose is runny, she's starting to feel warm again and she is alternately in a good mood & crabby. ...and she just banged her head on a chair - she hasn't quite gotten the crawling-sense-of-self thing yet.

It could be a mighty long day.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Busy Days Not Enough Brains

Dahlia has taken to cruising around all over the office, which is another way to keep me on my toes. Most things are baby-proofed and the rest I just try to corral her with me to keep her out of harm's way. She loves to empty my recycle bin, play with shredded paper (packaging from our DVD order), 'read' magazines and of course play with her stash of toys which are here. I'm surprised, and not at all surprised by how fast she's gone from barely crawling to moving quite quickly!

Today we are having our family portrait/holiday pictures/Dahlia's one-year-pictures taken. Hopefully we can all be not crabby & stain free by then. I'm changing Dahlia into her outfit MOMENTS before the photos. Just too risky otherwise.

At work I'm trying to wrap up the books for the year. And I suck at it. My brain just doesn't seem to fire on all cylinders. I used to do this stuff daily for my job and now I feel just stupid. Inventory & taxes & 1099's and blah blah blah. I'm not good at it.

But now - time to feed Dahlia...she's turned on her I'M HUNGRY RIGHT NOW DAMMIT voice.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Missing You...

Dear Internet,
You know, since NaBloPoMo has ended I am missing all you that participated and were posting daily. *sigh* Since I have SO MUCH time on my hands to sit around and read blogs (haha) I'm really feeling lonely these days.

POST already!


Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Monday, December 01, 2008

In the Habit

I guess I'm kind of in the habit now with daily posting, so why stop? I have so much interesting drivel to put forth, right?

Dahlia has come leaps & bounds in a week! Last week she:

*started to crawl
*did "so big" for the first time
*we had to lower her crib mattress because she's about a minute away from pulling herself up (and over) the crib rail
*she can now point to kitty cats in books, find her "duck" or book when we ask her

She's exploring everything but she's very cautious which I'm happy about. She hasn't gotten too crazy yet and we can pretty much get her away from something in time that she's not supposed to be by or could be trouble. As I'm typing this =, she's just discovered a box of kleenex...doh!

We haven't had hot water since Tuesday. Boy does that suck. yes it does! We've been bathing at my MIL's house which isn't necessarily convenient but at least its an option. We heated up Dahlia's bath water last night on the stove. That seemed to work okay.

The floor guy is returning AGAIN TODAY (4th work day in a row) to install our laminate. If you saw how small our kitchen is, you would agree with me that this job shouldl've taken about 3 hours. HOPEFULLY it will be finished today!

We are almost done painting that dang back bedroom. The trim & ceiling are painted. We have to put a 2nd coat on the walls, oh and the baseboard. I sure hope we can finish that off in the next day or two. We are so slow. Ay yi yi. There is so much to do before Dahlia's party. Ugh.

Time to feed the little queen & pack lunches and head out the door!