Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Worry Wart

So here I sit on Halloween night.

I sit here somewhere between totaly angst and being greatly annoyed.

Steve went camping with 5 other guys on Thursday night. They went to the Boundary Waters loaded up with loads of supplies, canoes, whiskey - you know, the camping essentials.

They were supposed to come back today....but I haven't heard from them.

No word. Out of cell phone range.

Dark. Cold.

This is when I zoom into super-hyper-worry mode. My imagination is VERY fruitful and I've been trying to distract myself all evening with watching various things on television, writing wedding thank yous, handing out candy to trick-or-treaters (we had 17 tonight - pretty good considering it's only in the 20's) and well, that's about it. I spend a lot of time zoning out and trying not to think.

I'm sure it just got late today and they decided - heck, it's getting late - we might as well just stay another night. But DAMN I would really like to know that. I feel like the wifey nag calling his cell phone about a million times. I even left a message on his friend's cell phone. I can't help it. I'm a worrier by nature.This is just sucky.

His Mom has called me about a million times (as well) asking if I've heard. She's getting really worried and that doesn't help my nerves a bit.


I have had better Halloweens....

This is Halloween! This is Halloween!

Not only is today Halloween....

But it's also my Sweet Husband's birthday.

And since he's still off in Canoe Country camping...he can't make any objection to me posting baby pictures of him on the internet.

Isn't he cute???

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, my Sweetie Pie! I love you!

Monday, October 30, 2006


My Halloweening is pretty mellow this year. (Yes, I know that's not a verb...deal with it. :)) Saturday of course was the Pumpkin Train and that evening my friend Michelle came over for the Great Gorge Fest of 2006. She made the lovely graveyard cake pictured above...sadly we ate so much food that night we couldn't possibly eat cake TOO! So, we'll be eating that tomorrow at work.

We feasted on veggies & Tastefully Simple Bacon-Bacon dip (my fave), Triscuits & a couple different cheeses, pretzels, TS Beer Bread & "Warm the Oven" warm cheese dip. Healthy, huh?

We watched the first episode from the British version of THE OFFICE (and I will be watching more!) and a couple of creepy movies. An American Haunting which is the tale of the Bell Witch in Tennessee in....1818 or so. Interesting story - I enjoyed it. I love Sissy Spacek and though Donald Sutherland was pretty good too. Michelle figured this one out way before I did. The second flick we watched was Identity which I had seen before but she had not. I like this movie and find it to be pleasantly Hitchcockian (a word? I don't know). It was interesting watching it again as I knew the ins and outs and found it had quite a different feel to it. I like it.

We imbibed a new cocktail called "Dracula's Kiss." I recommend it for your spooky evening tomorrow although it is sweet so maybe only one or two would do:

(from About.com cocktails)

1 oz Black Cherry Vodka
1/2 oz red grenadine

Coat the bottom of a high ball glass with the grenadine. Fill glass with ice. Add one shot of Black Cherry Vodka & fill with cola (or in my case DIET COKE). Pour carefully and observe the creepy effect!


**notice the dried up dead looking flowers in the upper right of the photo? Yeah, that's my wedding bouquet...um, it's really dead. Gerberas don't keep (apparently) AT ALL and yet, I cannot bring myself to throw it away! What is my problem?!??!? Steve has been very cool about it....so far. ha!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

From MY Pumpkin Patch

We managed to grow one pumpkin this year. It was a new experience for me and rather fun...although I wish more flowers would've turned into pumpkins...and I wish this pumpkin had turned orange!

I think it looks rather cute though sitting out on the front porch on orange fiestaware (Steve set this up and I want to squish him for it - in a good way).

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Fall Back

Miss M & I spent the day on the North Shore Scenic railroad and then at the (world's lamest) "secret pumpkin patch." More details tomorrow over here .

Friday, October 27, 2006

Not Cool - Update!

The fridge repair guy just left. He was here for 45 minutes so...$58 + $30 - not bad so far. The problem was the freezer's thermostat which wasn't working. So the heater coils that are in the bottom area of the freezer (technical, aren't I?) were all frozen up and then the air flow from the fridge wasn't getting up there to make it cold or something like that. I don't know. All I know is that for the first time in a week there is really cold air blowing around in my freezer and that makes me HAPPY! The part he has to order is about 20 bucks and should be here by early next week. Then it's that $20 + installation....at any rate, much cheaper than buying a new fridge.

AND I get to have hard ice cream this weekend.


Not Cool

That's our freezer anyway. Last Sunday I pulled out the ice cream (Breyer's Cookies & Cream - yum) as I was finally over my cold enough to WANT ice cream. I dug in with the new superhero-esque ice cream scoop (shower gift) and it just went through the ice cream with an ease that I was not expecting. Our freezer has stopped being "really cold."

We've rearranged things in there (who knew we had so many partial bags of buns??), we turned the settings down, up, off, on; we put in a couple thermometers and the prognosis is....22 degrees. Not really cold enough for a freezer. So far the meat is staying frozen (barely) but the ice cream is woefully not.

I called a service tech today as I really REALLY would rather have it be FIXED instead of having to purchase a new one and luckily one of the repair people can come out today after 4:30 as they had a cancellation. Hopefully he'll look at and go "oh yes, you need a new freezdingalaptor" and then it'll be fixed and I'll once again have hard packed ice cream (you see where my priorities lie? Screw the meat - I need ice cream!).

In other (small) appliance news...I brought a small white crockpot to work a couple weeks ago for a going-away potluck filled with mini cocktail weinies & bbq sauce. I was gone the next day but that's usually not a big deal as there is usually a day-after potluck as well w/leftovers. Well, the bottom (heating part) of my crockpot is GONE. I have the ceramic insert & lid (complete w/leftover weinies) but the main part is missing. I emailed everyone here to say "hey, did you happen to see my crock pot?" to no avail! I don't understand and am a bit annoyed by this. *sigh*

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Book Review II

A while back I wrote my nerdy book reviews from the books that I've read from January through June. Well, I'm back with more inept reviews of the books I've read June through, let's say October (although I may finish one more, we'll see...)

Chesapeake by James Michener
This book intrigued me because my boss (an avid reader) told me of the epic-quality of the story and how much research Michener did when writing. I am a geek for history, learning things, and books that have a lot of research. I like to (sometimes) feel like I'm learning something while reading fiction. This fit the niche perfectly. I enjoyed reading this (although it took me 2 months!!! egads!)book however, I missed knowing characters in a more intimate fashion. Sure, I learned what happened on this particular bay on the North American Continent from early native american tribes to present (well, the 70's) day but I missed the details of relationships, the moments of clarity as an object or meal was described to me, I MISSED the characters. I would read Michener again...I think I know have a little bit better understanding of what to expect.

Saving Fish From Drowning by Amy Tan
Remember when I said I sometimes get & read books from my book club because I've forgotten to send the card back and once I have a new book in my hand it is extremely difficult for me to not read it? This was one of those. My first Amy Tan book and I enjoyed hearing her voice. This is an interesting read as it's narrator is telling the story from "the other side" but it was fun, and quirky and meandered it's way through Asia and into a story that was at times silly, at times tragic but overall very enjoyable. I do plan on reading some of her other novels.

Best Friends by Martha Moody
This one was a gift to me from my...best friend! Told in a interrupted & disjointed (at times) narrative, I enjoyed letting this story unfold before me. Definitely not the usual narrative, the flashbacks and jumps ahead only brought more weight to the story that developed. The friendship in this book is not like my friend and I's friendship yet there are moments when Ms. Moody strikes a chord about female friendships & the journey over the years that I found particularly poignant. This was a pretty quick & easy read.

Summer Crossing by Truman Capote
I have been intrigued for some time by Mr. Capote and "keep meaning" to read In Cold Blood (it's on my reading list!) so when I got this one from my book club I of course had to read it. Well, I didn't like it. I didn't care about the characters, I didn't think that their "dramas" were very important and I found it to come off as arrogant. I believe this was Capote's first (or early at least) works and it's probably not what he developed into but it didn't thrill me in the least. I am still going to read In Cold Blood however.

Selkirk's Island by by Diana Souhami
I was so excited when I (accidentally received this book from my book club because of the whole card thing...ahem...) got this book! A dessert island! History! Pirates! I couldn't wait to read about the real Robinson Crusoe (oops - I had forgotten that I was thinking of the Swiss Family Robinson from my 1979 visit to DisneyWorld but still). I still was interested. This book was good! I enjoyed the stories of life aboard the merchant vessels in the early 1700's (scary scary scary) and of COURSE I liked hearing about Crusoe's survival for 4 years on a "desert island" after being 'marooned' there by his captain. Unfortunately this book DID NOT have enough detail for me! It deals a lot with the voyages prior to his marooning and after but not so much the marooning itself! I found that to be disappointing. I liked this book, but wanted much, much more.

My Antonia by Willa Cather
Peder asked if anyone wanted to read a "great American classic" with him and since I'm always game for American classics & trying desperately to join a book club I said SURE! I just finished this last night. I'm embarrassed to say it took me much longer to read than it should have. But I did get married & have a world premiere of my feature film in the meantime so please, cut me some slack. Oh and I refinished my hardwood floors too. I liked this book. I really really liked it. But it did not hit me WHAM like a pinnacle of American literature! I thought it was "pleasant." I enjoyed the characters and Cather's style of describing everything with exquisite detail and I have to agree with Peder when he says it reminds him of the
Little House books by Laura Ingalls Wilder. It was easy to read and I felt that I got to take a peek inside life in a small Nebraska town but it did not blow my mind.

So there you have it! I am all caught up. My goal of 12 books this year has been reached and I'm hoping to add 3 or 4 more to my list by time 2006 sputters out. Right now I am reading a travel memoir entitled Avoiding Prison and Other Noble Vacation Goals and I have a feeling I'm going to want to be traipsing across Latin America or Europe very very soon.

Happy Reading!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Self-Portrait 1


When I'm feeling very blah or down or unenthused about what I'm doing, I visit certain websites which always lift my spirits and inspire me to get back to what I love to do - create! I find that I can read the lovely words written by these ladies (and occasionally men) and the photos fill me with delight and the projects make me want to bust out all of my crafty supplies at once and fill the kitchen with fresh baked goods wrapped in beautiful packages. Sometimes it's hard when I walk down these avenues because I am generally in a place where I cannot immediately run to my "craft room" (currently a card table in the den but soon to be an ACTUAL ROOM!!) to start a project. Often I can't wait til that last minute on my "work clock" when I can rush home and work on something between the magical hour of getting home from work and making dinner.

These are some of the sites that have been inspiring me lately.

Thank you.

AfricanKelli - for amazing baked goods, sewing projects and the most incredible thoughtfulness and kind human spirit. Great photos too.

Slateblu - a new find which has beautiful paper crafts, delectable eats and fun projects along the way. Not to mention some pretty cute little ones.

Yarnstorm - when I am feeling especially blue or frenzied, visiting this site calms me immensely. The prose, the photos, the cakes, the knitting, the English charm. I love this site.

SuperHero Designs/Journal - inspiring entries, beautiful beautiful pictures, an incredibly sweet soul and a very talented artist. She makes me stop and reflect and feel and drool over her photographs. Her jewelry is beautiful too. Hopefully someday I will be able to buy one for myself as a treat.

Dr. Girlfriend Knits and Carrieoke - these sites make me want to throw down my office supplies and pick up my knitting needles right here in my cubicle.

Smitten Kitchen - I've been reading this one for a long time - before the "kitchen" and before she was "smitten." Her photos are incredible and her culinary masterpieces are just that. She is fun to read, her recipes make me hungry and I can't imagine getting all of her fabulous cooking utensils, ingredients & energy in such a small NY apartment!

Hello My Name is Heather, Allsorts - a copule sites I'm new too but have been enjoying.

What inspires you?

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

An Anniversary

Today is the 3-year anniversary of me being a home owner. I bought my 1896 story-and-a-half house in 2003. That is hard to believe. I closed on a Friday and had the afternoon off at my new house alone before my parents & my friend Sarah came up to help me move in the next day. I remember very vividly the feeling of parking in the garage and opening the back gate to MY back yard. Walking up to the back door and inserting my brand new key into my very own door. I remember just wandering from room to room marvelling at the fact that I owned this! I owned everything! (well, me & the bank....). I own that faucet! I own that mirror. I own that nasty carpet on the floor. I own those god-awful drapes. I own the cute little front porch and the skinny hall leading to my new bedroom. I own the bird bath in the back yard and every blade of grass. It's an amazing and daunting feeling. It was something that I'm very proud of myself for doing by myself. Well, my Dad did help me with the purchase agreement and gave the house his seal-of-approval before my purchase...but everything else was me, and that makes me happy.

That being said, I will look forward to the day when my husband and I (saying that isi getting more natural, by the way) will walk through potential future homes together; when we will fret over the possibilities and the list of priorities and decide together on a new space for US and our future family.

But for now...I'm happy to call my house home.

Only 27 years to go on that loan.....

Blogging Daily

I've decided to give this a try. Blogging every day in November. It's all the rage. Join me & others to try to post a day every day in November.

More details here. Even prizes & stuff!

Monday, October 23, 2006

One Month

Today we are celebrating one month of wedded bliss!

I cannot believe that it has gone so fast. Time really flies. It's a wee bit scary if you ask me.

One month before the wedding I was excited to go to Vegas with my girlfriends. I can't believe that was two months ago! Now I am happily taking time to *breathe* and regroup and resettle now that life is returning to normal. I have a list of projects a mile long that I wish to tackle and the holidays & honeymoon are right around the corner.

Happy One Month, My Sweet Sweet Husband!


Knitting by the Light of My Film

Well, this round of screenings of Newton's Disease are now over. I can breathe a bit of a sign of relief. They've gone well but I've just been so darn busy since...July...that it'll be nice to be done for a while and take a break and start to focus on upcoming events...holidays & honeymoon.

For the three nights in Duluth we had about 90 people come and see the film. That doesn't sound like a ton, but for a town that doesn't seem to have a huge art house crowd I thought we did very well. We got some really great audience response, lots of people we didn't know at all showed up and we even sold a few DVDs. Each night's audience responded very differently and I find that interesting. Where the laughs come, the thougthful pauses, the "aha!" moments...and people's reactions afterwards are usually telling too. For instance - do people (friends and/or acquaintances) stop and say something either 1) out of honesty or 2) out of politeness or do they just duck their heads and remove themselves from the theater as quickly as possible? I had one co-worker who avoided me the ENTIRE next day (!). That is not very Minnesota-nice. Usually you'd reply to an email (which I sent her) at the very least with a "thanks for the invite." (regardless I was SHOCKED to see this particular co-worker and her husband show up on Thursday night). I understand it's not everyone's cup of tea. That is fine. The avoidance factor is just very strange to me.

My in-laws came. This was their 2nd viewing and they "LOVED" it. That is good. They think it gets better with multiple viewings, and that is the general consensus along with the consensus of the producers (ie: me). My Sweet Husband agrees and says it gets better every time he sees it. He's seen it a lot by now.

We had a party afterwards on Saturday at Jason's party-pad. It was fairly low-key but nice to have time and a place to relax, have a few drinks, some good food and conversation - about the movie or not. It felt like a big sigh of relief, quite frankly.

Oh - and by Friday night I brough my knitting. It's just too much to watch the same movie (that I've seen, oh....5000 times) night after night. I found that I wanted to be IN the theater though listening to the audience's reaction. I also learned that I can knit in the dark. I didn't even mess up my pattern rows which makes me very happy.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Stolen from Carrieoke and because I am bored!

48 Things You Could Care Less About

1. FIRST NAME: Carrie

2. WERE YOU NAMED AFTER ANYONE? Yes, Miss Universe 1972 (Sweden)

3. WHEN DID YOU LAST CRY? Probably during the floor sanding process. No, I take that back...Monday night while watching a slideshow of our wedding pictures set to our first dance song. Bawling like a baby...*sigh*

4. DO YOU LIKE YOUR HANDWRITING? It's okay if I'm not too hurried.



7. DO YOU HAVE A JOURNAL? Yes...and a blog and a myspace account and and and....


9. WOULD YOU BUNGEE JUMP? Probably not.

10. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE CEREAL? Honey nut cherrios, cream of wheat/malt-o-meal

11. DO YOU UNTIE YOUR SHOES WHEN YOU TAKE THEM OFF? I do if they have laces!


13. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE ICE CREAM? Mint chocolate chip

14. SHOE SIZE? 5 1/2

15. RED OR PINK? Red

16. WHAT IS YOUR LEAST FAVORITE THING ABOUT YOURSELF? I'm not very assertive and I get walked on...then I feel bad.

17. WHO DO YOU MISS THE MOST? My LA Friends *sigh*


19. WHAT COLOR PANTS, SHIRT AND SHOES ARE YOU WEARING? black shoes, no pants (!) but a multi-colored striped skirt, orange shirt & black cardigan

20. WHAT WAS THE LAST THING YOU ATE? a triscuit with some garden herb hvarti



23. FAVORITE SMELL? fresh cut grass, cookies baking



26. DO YOU LIKE THE PERSON YOU STOLE THIS FROM? I've never met her but I enjoy reading her blog a lot!

27. FAVORITE DRINK. Diet coke

28. FAVORITE SPORT. Football (to watch)

29. EYE COLOR. blue

30. HAT SIZE. no clue

31. DO YOU WEAR CONTACTS? yes, and glasses.

32. FAVORITE FOOD(S)? pasta, chips, ice cream, edamame, green beans, bread


34. SUMMER OR WINTER? All 4 seasons, please.


36. FAVORITE DESSERT? pie or cheesecake


38. LEAST LIKELY? everyone.

39. WHAT BOOK ARE YOU READING? MY ANTONIA by Willa Cather (yes Peder! I'm still reading it!!)

40. WHAT'S ON YOUR MOUSEPAD? I don't have a mousepad.

41. WHAT DID YOU WATCH ON TV LAST NIGHT? Made on Mtv - I'm so embarrassed.

42. FAVORITE SOUNDS? Beavis purring next to me, the quietness of the woods, babbling brooks, waves, you get the idea...

43. ROLLING STONES OR BEATLES? Is taht even a question? BEATLES


45. WHAT'S YOUR SPECIAL TALENT? I can remember dates like crazy.

46. WHERE WERE YOU BORN? Austin, Minnesota (St. Olaf Hospital)

47. WHO SENT THIS TO YOU? I stole it from Carrieoke



Today is Wednesday. One day before the Duluth Premiere of Newton's Disease. 3 days after the sanding was completed on my floors. 8 days after the World Premiere of my film. 13 days before Halloween & my husband's birthday. 25 days after we got married.

There are 21 days til my Mom's birthday (gift already purchased); 36 days til Thanksgiving; 45 days til we leave on our MUCH NEEDED honeymoon; 68 days til Christmas (started shopping yet?); 70 days til my Dad's 60th b-day and 75 days til 2007.

I have 291 minutes left to work.

2 knitting projects to complete in the near future.

200+ thank you notes to write (and only 40 bought so far - WHERE DID MY THANK YOU NOTES GO, TARGET???)

2 kitties at home probably dying for attention

and 35 Friends on MySpace.

In other words,
I'm bored.

Monday, October 16, 2006

A Preview

So, So Sore...

Every muscle in my body hurts.

Even ones I didn't know I had.

The floors, however, look fantastic...

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Premiere Update

The Premiere of NEWTON'S DISEASE went very well last Thursday. I only got to leave work at 4pm so it was a mad dash to get everything packed up & ready to go and to get down to Minneapolis by 7pm.

Our screening was at the Riverview Theater and if you haven't been there and live in the Twin Cities, I highly recommend it. It is a fabulous "old school" theater decorated in pure 50's/60's fabulousness. I loved it! If I lived in the neighborhood I would go there all the time. Yes, I rented this theater without ever having been there. I only had heard good things and saw their pics online - check it out! (www.riverviewtheater.com)

Our name was on the marquee w/our showtime. We weren't on the BIG marquee but at least we were up there. We also were able to hang a poster outside in one of the "now playing" slots as well as right inside the lobby.

The audience was trickling in and I was a bit nervous initially that we wouldn't even make our rental fee back but at 5 minutes before showtime the lobby was full and we had to herd people into the theater.

The theater itself seats about 700! Yikes. Well, needless to say we didn't come any where near that. We had 105 come. Not as many as we DREAMED about but enough to cover our buts for the theater & the beer/wine for the after party. Whew.

I lost a round of "rock-paper-scissors" to Jason (the film's director & my producing partner) so I had to get up there and welcome people to the theater and the WORLD PREMIERE of Newton's. It was not that big of a deal but I would much rather get up and do a song & dance on stage then have to "talk" to people. Yuck. Oh well. it was fine.

The movie got a really great response! People were laughing! People were engaged! People were dead silent during the more intense moments. It was really cool.

One thing about NEWTON'S DISEASE is that people generally seem to respond better to it when they see it in a theater setting. I think it's easy to get distracted when watching it at home and when you're amongst other people you maybe laugh more or think more or ponder more. I don't know. It's very interesting.

After the screening we sold a few copies of the DVD and chatted with friends, cast members, family & strangers who turned up for the showing. It was a lot of fun. Our after-party was unfortunately not very close to the theater so we lost a lot of people along the way (to a wine bar across the street) but we still had a good time at the party.

It was more like a college reunion to me as a lot of college/theater people were there. It brought back many memories and was such a treat to be OUT! And RELAXED! And have the huge weight of the premiere off my back.

This week we have 3 screenings in Duluth at The Playground. A 75-seat black box theater which we're hoping we can fill on more than one occassion. There will be a party on Saturday night after the flick with leftovers from last weekend.

If you're in the area - come on down! we'd love to have you. :)

Saturday, October 14, 2006


Happy 600 & Sanding Fun!

This is my 600th post.


I wish it was going to be longer & more interesting....

We are in the middle of sanding our floors....well, I am taking a break as both of my favorite men in my life (my husband & my father) are using the two sanders and I am waiting for my turn (again). IT looks GREAT! I am so excited for the finished results. It is a ton of work. Whew. I will be feeling it tomorrow (heck, I'm already feeling it).

The premiere went really well. We got a lot of positive feedback, a pretty good turnout and a fun party. More details and pics when my floors are sanded.


Thursday, October 12, 2006



We were reviewed by the City Pages yesterday! Check out our review here.

My stomach has started knotting (but in a good way?). I have gotten numerous emails today from well wishers and people (a lot of family!) saying that they will be there tonight! Tonight I will be sitting in the back somewhere (or near an exit) as I anxiously await laughter in the righ places and try to scan faces (which is hard to do from the back) to see if they're getting the poignant & deep moments. ha!

Details again:
Newton's Disease
Thursday, October 12, 2006
Riverview Theater
3800 42nd Ave S.
Minneapolis, MN
tickets: $8

Newton's Disease
Thursday, Friday, Saturday
October 19, 20, 21, 2006
The Playground (in the Tech Village)
11 E. Superior St
Duluth, mN
Tickets: $6

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Knitflix Swap

Although I was quite tardy on delivering my knitflix package to my partner (sorry!!) I received mine last week! Deb (sorry I'll have to add the link tomorrow...I'm not getting the option here: http://woundtootight.blogspot.com) sent me this fabulously fun gift full of knitting & movie goodies!! I was sooooo excited when I opened it. Now that the temps have really dropped here in Duluth I will be snuggly sitting in my living room watching movies, eating snacks and knitting!

A very cute knitting note card.

Ooh! Goodies wrapped and waiting for me...I think I have an idea as to what this might be!!
Lovely hand dyed wool in Shrekalicious colors! My first "grown up" wool! Funny that is tied to Shrek (or very fitting rather...)

Deb also included some Shrek animal cookies (frosted! yum), a box of Triscuits (my fave), some Halloween m&m's, some Nibs, a pattern for a hat & mittens (I've never tried either...), some place markers, some double-pointed bamboo needles & some circular bamboo needles as well as a "Knit Fix" book! And of course - a movie from my wishlist! SHREK 2! She ROCKS!!!!



Well, things here in the land of Optimism have turned to chaos!

My film, Newton's Disease is premiering tomorrow in Minneapolis! This is the first public screening of my film and needless to say I'm a bit nervous.

Here're the details:

hypothetical productions

Thursday, October 12, 2006
The Riverview Theater
3800 42nd Ave S.
Minneapolis, MN
Tickets: $8


So yeah...there's the whole WORLD PREMIERE thing (what will I wear??) - I'm sending press releases, press kits, emails, phone calls and posts to MySpace at a rapid rate. We've rented the theater so we're responsible for getting butts in the seats. Egads. I'm also 150 miles from said theater so things like hanging flyers & distributing postcards have not been easy. We have some very cool people helping us out so hopefully that'll help.

On top of that we have 3 screenings in Duluth the following week which we're trying to get some press for. Lunch today will be spent scurrying around town dropping off flyers & postcards. More emails. More press releases. More phone calls.

And the cherry on top is that Steve & I are refinishing our hardwood floors this weekend! GAH! What terrible timing!! It's the only weekend though that worked for us this fall andmy Dad is SO VERY GRACIOUSLY coming up to help out so we have to take advantage of that. Not one of the three of us knows what we're doing so this should be interesting. The house is in shambles. We're presently removing EVERYTHING from the dining room, living room, front porch and teeny bedroom. Um. I have GOT to purge!! I did throw away a ton of crap today but there is more. I just don't have time right now to do it. Oh and we have to repair part of the floor before we can start sanding! Ay yi yi...

So....I will look for more wedding pics (although I think I'm about out - SEND ME YOUR PICS IF YOU HAVE THEM PEOPLE!!). The cool detail pics & other pics I keep mentioning are my photographers and I can't post them yet. :) Hopefully soon.

If you're in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, PLEASE come and check out my film. There's even a party afterwards. If you come tell me you saw this on my blog and you'll get invited to the party!

If you're in Duluth - come next week! I'll post more about that later. October 19-21 at the Playground.

If you've ever refinished hardwood floors - PLEASE SEND US YOUR GOOD HAPPY THOUGHTS!!

Monday, October 09, 2006


After the ceremony (and a quick glass of wine), Steve & I (as husband & wife - ack!) headed back into the ballroom to greet our guests. We didn't really want a receiving line so this was in place of that. We moved through the rooms stopping at each table and saying hello, giving and receiving hugs, taking more pictures and chit-chatting. It took a long time, the room was very crowded but it was fun. It was so fun to finally actually SEE and talk to people that we had known were coming yet during the ceremony didn't really focus on (for obvious reasons).

We also had to do some group photos. All of my family & Steve's family plus the bridal party went outside (in the drizzle) to take photos under the arbor where we were supposed to have been married! The pictures turned out much better than I thought they would, and you can't really tell it's cold and wet out at all.

After the pictures we headed upstairs to the fireplace to take more photos and to really screw up my timetable of events (ha ha).

We did get some really nice shots by the fire though so I'm glad we did that. And it warmed me up after being so chilly outside!

Back downstairs to the ballroom - the salads were already being served! Doh! so much for having our minister say grace. (whoops). We headed up to the head table and took our places. The clinking of the glasses began immediately.

If people wanted us to kiss (which they did. A lot.) we pulled out an RSVP card from a couple and asked them to kiss first. This was pretty fun and people seemed to like it. IT didn't really deter the clinking, however. Towards the end of the dinner I will admit that it was becoming quite rigged. heh. Oh the power of a veil & a microphone! ha ha.

Dinner was this:

Ceasar salad w/dinner rolls
Grilled Chicken Fettucine
Beer, Wine, Water, Milk, etc

Children had chicken fingers & fries

Dessert was....pie! We decided to forgo the traditional cake for yummy pies. We had a choice of apple, pumpkin or blueberry. The pies came from the Rustic Inn (same place where we had our Groom's Dinner). I think they were a hit! They were so beautifully displayed too - wow. I didn't see any of that until I saw the pictures but I'm glad they looked (and tasted) so lovely!

After dinner we showed the slideshow of Steve & I that I put together. I think it was received very well and people liked it. I hear even a few got teary at moments which is any editors goal (ha! Kidding! well, sort of....). Then the dancing started.

We danced to Stay Forever by Ween (of all bands!) as our first dance. This song holds some significance as it was on the first mixed CD I gave Steve. I gave it to him for a Valentine's Day present ONE WEEK after our first date. I was nervous that including that song would be too forward, but I did really like the guy and guess what? He likes me too! So, we thought it would be a good non-traditional choice of a first dance.

The second song was Through the Years by Kenny Rogers which Steve danced with his Mother and I danced with my Dad. It was very sweet and Dad & I had a good talk, shed a few tears and I thanked him for being such an incredible father and influence in my life. I told him I have been searching for my entire life to find someone who measures up to him and I finally did in Steve.

Okay - I'm tearing myself up right now. Sheesh, I am a sap.

After the emotional dancing the iTunes list switched over to PARTY music with Stevie Wonder's SIR DUKE and we went from there.

I was so happy to see the dance floor filled for our very short dance. It was an eclectic mix of music that Steve & I put together and sadly we didn't get to play nearly any of it! (the dance only went til 10) We didn't even make it to the polka which I specifically downloaded from iTunes because my family is German! We love to polka! Oh well.

I danced a lot with my friends, family, cousins, my lovely husband. I chatted with people and went outside to the non-drizzling weather and chatted with a few people out there too.

The reception was warm and cozy, fun and exciting, full of so much laughter, smiles, hugs, dancing and fun! I had such a great time I truly did not want it to end. When our DJ (aka my good friend Mark) got on the mic to say that we had to wrap things up and play a last song, I was very sad. But, all good things, they say, must come to an end.

Mostly I didn't want to take off my wedding dress & veil!! (which I snagged hideously, btw, my dress that is. :-()

We announced the "after-party"/bonfire and hoped that people would attend.

Steve & I left the reception (clean up was the next day) and walked hand in hand to our honeymoon cabin to change and get ready for the campfire.

It was a beautiful evening...

more to come....

Thursday, October 05, 2006

I could use a hug...you?

I got sucked into this one. Take a few minutes to watch - good music too!! Via SuperHero Journal... {{{{{{{{{{{you}}}}}}}}}

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Linky Goodness

You can see a few more wedding pics (professional ones!) at Sarah's website. We are the first on on the intro and also there are two more under Index>Wedding - a couple of black & whites.

I saw all the proofs this afternoon and I'm so happy! Sarah takes amazingly beautiful pictures and I can't wait to sit down and watch the slideshows with Steve. It brings back so many happy memories of that day! And also clears up some details as everything was a bit of a blur as it was happening!

A Few More Pictures

I'm still trying to collect pictures from my friends & family as I didn't take any myself (duh)... here are a few more.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

To Continue...Or the Case of the Missing Pants

On our wedding morning I was awake early. I couldn't stay asleep yet I didn't really want to get up yet. My cousin and I laid in bed chatting away and giggling (as my aunt calls it) and it was a very nice mellow way to start the day.

After a quick breakfast and a much needed diet coke. I headed over to the Lodge to start decorating. The crew included my parents, my sister, my brother-in-law, my autn & uncle, my cousin, Steve's sister, my friends Sarah & Sam and....I think that's it! My mind was fuzzy so my apologies if I've forgotten anyone.

I supervised the setting up of the room! (naturally, what else would a Virgo do?) We placed real, pressed autumn leaves (collected by Steve & I last fall) on the center of each table (white linens). On top of that went a clear glass plate, a clear glass cylinder which was filled with Lake Superior rocks (which were returned, btw) and to top it off a floating candle in ivory. The look was just what I wanted and I loved it! It represented the North Shore - trees, rocks, water. We also put votives on the head table (along with 2 'centerpieces' and lots of leaves. Over the dance floor my Dad, uncle & bro-in-law strung white christmas lights back and forth (I'm a big fan of "twinkly" lights - you should see my house!) which gave the room a fabulous glow. we also decorated other tables with large green thimble berry leaves with one votive in the middle; fake leaf garland for the card bird cage & gift table, more leaves on the place card table and also on the guest book table. It turned out so lovely and I was soooo happy with the results.

After decorating I went back to the lake home so I could shower before getting my hair done. AND I got locked out! I stood outside on the porch (in the wind & rain) for nearly a 1/2 hour while various friends ran back to the lodge to get the right key, to get a new key, etc. *sigh* That was the only time I started to feel stressed out. Finally at 11:15 (our hair appts were at 11:30) I got in and rushed to take a shower. We ended up being about 15 mins late to the salon but they didn't seem to mind. We were the only ones there.

After our hair appointments it was back to the lodge to have lunch and start getting ready! That's when Sarah stopped by. She walked up to the house and said "um, okay, well, we have a little problem...." That is not what a bride wants to hear!! About a million things zipped through my head in the 2 seconds it took for her to tell me what the problem was...all of them not good....and she finished "Steve forgot his pants in Duluth!" DOH.

A pantless groom. Oh dear.

Duluth is about 45 minutes from the lodge. We were supposed to meet for pictures at 2pm. It was 1:15pm when I found this out! Hmmmm......Guess we'll be a little late. No biggie - I was excited to have more time to eat! That's just how I operate!

Steve's brother drove back to Duluth to get the pants. I'm so glad that Steve didn't go himself. Now THAT would've stressed me out.

I just felt so badly for Steve because he was so nervous & stressed already! I knew this wouldn't be good.

Surprisingly it all worked out find and no one blew their lids and everyone was quite calm.

I got ready with my two Sarah's and the waiting seemed to take forever. Finally around 3pm my Groom (with pants) arrived at the lake home! I was thrilled. I waited downstairs for him to come in. And when he did I felt so many emotions: happiness, overjoyed-ness, relief, comfort, assuredness, peace. It was fabulous. I felt so much less stressed out and nervous after I saw him and could hug him and could breathe again. He looked amazing. So sharp in his crisp black suit, his striped elegant black tie, his read Gerbera boutonnière. He told me I was beautiful and we hugged and kissed and breathed a collective sigh of relief. I was so thrilled for him to see my dress (finally!) and to be all ready to go.

We took some photos out near the lake behind the lake home (it briefly stopped drizzling!) and we tried to keep each other calm. Soon we headed to the Lodge for the wedding.

Unfortuantely we couldn't do the ceremony outside. At least the ballroom was cozily dressed up for fall with our decorations and everyone was sitting at their tables (named after trees, btw). As soon as I came downstairs I could hear my friends Mark & Chriss playing their Lennon/McCartney medley and I felt this lump grow in my throat. THIS WAS REALLY HAPPENING! I waited with much anticipation as the medley ended and the processional began.

MY LOVE by Paul McCartney was the processional and after my grandmothers were seated Steve & the minister walked in and took their places. The rest is soooo blurry. The bridesmaids went in, I stood with my Dad. Mark gave me a knowing wink & grin from inside the ballroom and then we were walking in!

I DIDN'T CRY! I thought for sure I would be a mess. But not a tear. My dad was a little teary I think but not I! Very strange. I was SOOOO happy and focused on my wonderful groom up there waiting for me and the rest just sort of happened.

The ceremony was so lovely (if I do say so myself). The minister spoke such kind and beautiful words for us - even incorporating the huge surf & wind that was present on the lakeshore. And the "message" was about starting with a blank canvas together and bringing our own paints & colors and combining them together to create something new. It was very touching.

It was HOT in that room. I don't know if others felt it but Steve & I did. We both kept our hands clasped together and I kept thinking...."don't pass out, don't pass out..." I could see tiny beads of sweat on Steve's forehead and knew he was feeling it too.

During the vows I sort of lost it. Not enough to not be able to talk but I got a bit wavery in my voice and a bit teary and a bit shaky. I just couldn't believe that I was finally there. Getting married. Becoming connected spiritually, legally to a man I love so much. My sister & Sarah (bridesmaid Sarah) informed me that as soon as I started to cry my back broke out in blotches! nice!! Luckily no one else could see that. Lovely.

Unfortunately the wine & glasses was not set up for our wine ceremony!! Luckily my Dad noticed this right away and he alerted Sarah (photographer Sarah) and she was able to get it and bring it in (talk about multi-tasking!). Thankfully the ceremony was fairly casual so it wasn't a big deal but it did feel a bit out of whack. During the wine ceremony Mark & Chriss played MAYBE I'M AMAZED which was heavenly.

Soon it came to an end (1/2 hour maybe? 40 mins? I have no idea...) and we were standing there being pronounced husband and wife and we kissed and we were married.


Immediately after we left, we walked to the bar for a glass of wine. That's a convenient set up. I highly recommend it! ha ha.

Reception & campfire stories to come...I don't want to bore you entirely.....

Monday, October 02, 2006

More wedding soon...but for now autumn colors...

There's obviously a reason I love living here.

Pre Wedding Festivities...

*sigh* It's already been over a week since our wedding day. That is truly unbelievable!

The weekend started on Thursday the 21st. Our plan was to host a little bbq at our house for those that were in town from far away. A few friends and a few relatives. That's when the rain started. Almost coniciding with the grill-light-time exactly. Unbelievable. We didn't let the damp weather dampen our spirits though and had about 13 people happily munching away on burgers & calico beans in our very cozy house.

Friday morning I went for a manicure with my very good friend Sam (in from LA). She got a pedicure and my Mom was along as well and enjoyed a massage. After our beauty appointments we headed into Bennett's on the Lake for lunch. Joined by Sarah (my bridesmaid) and Kathy (my sister/matron-of-honor). We sat looking at the lake and what we saw was HUGE white caps crashing into the shore and near-hurricane like winds pushing the rain sideways. Ugh. :-(

After lunch and packing everything up at home, Steve and I headed up the shore. Seriously almost getting blown off the road! It was the worst weather I've seen in probably A YEAR!! I was becoming very disappointed but tried to buck up for our big weekend.

That night we had the rehearsal - and since the weather was SOOOOO crappy we tried to figure out how we'd do it if it had to be inside. All of a sudden Steve & I were standing in front of the minister with our wedding party around us and it started to get VERY REAL.

We went through all the logistics and I tried to ask as many questions as I could because I wanted to be CALM the next morning. Unfortunately our "coordinator" had a "family emergency" (her 4th in the year that I've been working with her....)and wasn't there! She also didn't bother to tell me or to tell anyone that she wouldn't be there which irked me to say the least. Luckily there was a very nice set-up guy there who acted in her place at the last minute. Whew.

Then we went to dinner. We had our rehearsal dinner across the highway at a little old place called The Rustic Inn Cafe. We ate in the original building built in the '20's. It's definitely rustic & very charming. There are red & white checked table cloths, it's a log cabin and the original light fixtures (!) are still in place. Each place had a personalized menu and 3 choices for our guests. It was really a nice dinner. There were a few toasts - my Dad, Steve's pseudo-step-dad and Steve & I. I did pretty good but felt my voice getting a bit wavery so cut my talking short. Ack! I'm bad at such things. I get way too emotional. It was just so amazing to be in such a intimate setting with all these family & friends who were here to celebrate with us! I knew the feeling would be tripled (at least) the next day.

After dinner everyone headed back to the resort. I went to the bar for one beer and to say hello to OODLES of family who had congregated there (naturally). It was so fun to see everyone. I had to be conscious though of not staying up too late & drinking too much beer! No one wants a tired puffy bride! Well, at least I didn't.

At the end of the evening (it was still raining & hurricane-ish), Steve walked me back to the cabin/lake home that my parents had rented and where I'd be staying that night. It was really nice to be with just him and to talk and to be excited together and to keep saying "oh my god, tomorrow at this time WE'LL BE MARRIED!!!" We were a little amped up on adrenaline and giddy and happy. It was sweet that he walked me back and it felt a little bit like he was dropping me off at my parents house after a date.

I shared a room with my cousin/personal attendant that night and had no trouble sleeping! It's rare that I have trouble, actually. I was tired and she was already asleep when I got there. I didn't even read. I was fine til about 7am and then I couldn't stay asleep for anything!! Poor Steve was awake all night and finally got some rest after 5:30am!

The rest to come....later....

Sunday, October 01, 2006

More pictures...

My family under the arbor where were were SUPPOSED to get married (but it was raining). It's actually drizzling in these pictures.
Steve & I having some pictures before the ceremony.
My Dad & I after the ceremony.
Me & my beautiful bridesmaids - Sarah & Kathy.
Some of my cousins & my Grandma R.