Thursday, September 29, 2005

Just Because

I felt like posting pics today. Some from our trip in August. *sigh*

Beautiful. I kept thinking a pirate ship would appear at any moment! Posted by Picasa

Me and a Seastack (or haystack or whatever the hell they're called) Cannon Beach, OR Posted by Picasa

Steve & Me on Cannon Beach in Oregon. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Chicken & Rice

I've been watching Martha's show lately and reading about all of TheSmitten's culinary adventures and feeling SO MUCH like I want to cook and craft and all that stuff. So tonight I'm making a new chicken & rice recipe - I wanted it to be more like a MEAL and less like a casserole but oh well. Hopefully it'll turn out good. I have a few new recipes for next week which I'm excited about trying. Both Steve and I are SO SICK of our usuals so it's nice to have some time coming up to branch out again.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005


After 2 1/2 years the feature film I am working on IS FINISHED!!

We celebrated last night with J&O, dinner and champagne and a viewing of the completed project on the big screen.

Sundance submission was sent off yesterday. Slamdance and SXSW to follow.


Coming soon (hopefully) to a theatre near you!

Anyone want to design a website for it...for a good (ahem cheap) price?

Let me know!!

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Evening Shows...

are so much better than matinees. Whew!

Time to go out for a beer. This girl is HYPER!!


In Between

Just got done with a matinee (man I hate matinees) and have a little time before I have to be back for tonight's show. Whew. The show small house and a new conductor of the orchestra (he's the vocal/music guy but the music director has been directing but can't be here tonight) and every song was s l o w my god. Hopefully things will be better tonight!


Nothing much to report....I better eat something before I have to go back and have energy again!

Friday, September 23, 2005

Another Show!

Gah - I have 10 minutes to get to the theatre but hey it's literally only 3 minutes away so it's not too bad.

I can't seem to tear myself away from the Martha show on TLC - I'm a Martha addict - I can't help it!

I just ate a bowl of edamame and some triscuits and a diet coke for dinner. That's not that bad, right? Lots of protein and whole grains, anyway...

Tonight Steve & I have a date to watch the rerun of The Apprentice on CNBC because someone (I won't say who but let's just say HIS name starts with an S) for got to tape it. It really doesn't matter so much this early in the season. And it gives us an excuse to stay in tonight....perhaps it'll be Naked Apprentice Night! Is that too much info? Ah well, it's our pre-anniversary (thanks Donna) after all!

Okay - 8 minutes to call time...I better run.


Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Poopity Poop Poop Poop


That's how I feel.


Technical Difficulties


My stupid Yahoo email account is all screwed up! I can log in, read my old emails, send emails but I don't GET any emails!!! Waaaaaaaaaaah! I've sent two emails to Yahoo but have not heard back. It's not that big of a deal - I would just have to re-do my address book, save all of my old emails and let everyone know that I've changes (all subscriptions included). Ack.

And I've had this user name (carrster) since, hmmmm....'97?

It's just annoying!


Monday, September 19, 2005

Wedding Day!

A very busy and productive weekend...

Friday night I had the show - it went really well. J&O came to see it which was very nice. They seemed to enjoy it and J and I got to dish harmless gossip later.

My folks drove up on Friday night and were at our place when I got home. It was fun to sit up with them and chat for a bit.

Saturday morning my mom and I drove to the resort to decide if indeed that's where Steve & I would get married, have the reception, etc. We met with the coordinator for almost 3 hours! It was fun and tiring and we figured lots of things out and I LOVE the place. Love it! I'm so excited. So a deposit was paid and the wedding date has been set.

September 23, 2006. 369 days away!

My folks, Steve, Steve's Mom and SO and also his brother came to the show. It was a lot of fun to know that I had people in the audience - people who'd never seen me on stage before. It was a great show - great energy, great audience - I'm so glad. Afterwards we went out for pizza and beer with my parents, then back to the house for a night cap.

Sunday - up for breakfast with Mom and Dad...then I had to go to the theatre for a matinee performance. Ugh. I don't care for matinees. The energy was low, a bit dragging...but we had nearly a full house and the audience seemed to enjoy it.

After the show I fixed a few things on the movie computer at J's house. Followed by a hike with Steve at Lester Park and dinner at his Dad's house. After dinner we went to Pizza Luce to meet up with friends and enjoy a 1/2 price bottle of wine. Delish! But I enjoyed it a bit too much I'm afraid.

Ah well - c'est la vie!

Today was busy busy busy....but tonight I have NOTHING so plan on reading, napping, maybe watching a flick? We shall see...

OH! Like the ticker? I can only figure out how to get it there....anyone know how I can get it under "naturally optimistic?" I know nothing about code....*sigh*

Friday, September 16, 2005

Review is in!

Here in Duluth we have one theatre critic so - the "review" is in. That's all we get. But hey - I'm not knocking it. One is enough for Duluth.

You can read the review here. If you are so inclined, that is.

The audience was great. They were whooping and hollering after the first number. Granted it's little boys who are adorable and do the song and dance thing very well but hey - it was nice. No one seemed to feel like it was OPENING though. None of us. We decided that it was probably due to the fact that we'd be READY for days (almost a week?) and had 2 preview audiences. I generally don't get nervous when going on stage - never have - and last night was no different except this time I just didn't have the ZING I usually do. The adrenaline BUZZ. It was kind of weird and anti-climatic.

BUT - we did get a standing ovation which was nice and a decent write-up (I have to agree about the's my least favorite part) and I'm hoping tomorrow we'll have more people (about 75% full last night) and more word-of-mouth. My fam & Steve's fam are coming on Saturday so I'm thinking the adrenaline buzz will happen then.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Final Dress!

Tonight is it! Final Dress. Whoo-hooo! It seems like this process has gone by very fast. I'm happy to be in performance mode though. Rehearsing gets a bit blah after a while. After you've gotten "audience-ready" it's hard to keep going and going and going, you get the idea.

My aunt is in town for a conference and will be attending tonight's preview. There will be drinks afterwards and the bed I hope not too far in the distant future. I'm tired! I must be getting old. I'm not used to putting in these hours.


Monday, September 12, 2005

Check me out

A little something I wrote.

It will get better (I hope! my writing that is!!).

But for now.... My Supposed Travelogue at ClarkSpiell.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Saturday....In the Park....

Weekends are great. Well, most of the time. Today I have a 1/2 weekend and I'm accepting it and loving it with open arms. I don't even have to go out of town today! I don't even have to go outside of a 7 mile radius of my house - wheeeeeeeeee! No rehearsal today! I get to clean my house, do laundry, make Mickey-Mouse Waffles for brunch (yep, I have a MM waffle iron and I love it). I am going to teach J how to set up a tent so that he and O don't have to sleep under the stars tonight. I have to go try and fix the computer - which holds MY ENTIRE FILM as it's not cooperating right now and then I get to go to an outdoor wedding at Enger Park followed by a reception downtown. I'm excited about going for several reasons: 1) our friends are getting married and that's cool - and today is supposed to be gorgeous, 2) I'll get to see both a park setting and this particular reception location in action and can take pics to email my mom which will help in our decision making process and 3) I love going to weddings!

So that's my day in a nutshell. Tomorrow I have tech all day so I have to soak this day up! I will get to watch the Vikings kick off but that's about it. *sigh* That bums me out. Oh well.....


Thursday, September 08, 2005


It's amazing what a beer after rehearsal will do for your spirits. Ahhh, alcohol and cameraderie.

And my sweetie is home - yay!


I don't want to Talk about it

That's how I feel about today.


Maybe I'll talk about it tomorrow. Its not that bad - I'm just crabby and have cramps and am ornery and I'm tired and we open next week and I miss my honey and and and...

you get the idea....

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

First Run Through

Whew - we made it through - it actually went well. So well that I don't have to be there til 8:30 tomorrow - whooo!

For now, bed.

I did discover that I have loads of time for knitting backstage - wheeeeeeee!

Hopefully I'll get my car back tomorrow.


Focus Blues

My car needs help.

On the road trip he did sooooo good (yes, it's a he). No problems and excellent mileage. The last 350 miles or so started to be kind of rough - it was probably longer than that but oh well. He started shaking - mostly on the driver side, in the rear. I thought it was the crappy roads for a while but then when ALL the roads started feeling like that it seemed like that probably wasn't the case. And then I thought it would get better when I got home and he (Francis) (yes, Francis Ford Focus) had time to rest up but silly me! Cars do not heal nor do they come with their own private R2 units. Anyway - so today I took him in. I needed an oil change and btw, why don't you check out the alignment - he's kind of shaking.

I get the phone call this afternoon. The tires are bad. They are like squares. You need new ones. And they're the super-expensive-low-profile ones. They look cool but they're pricey! $122 a tire! Gah! Plus the rear alignment (that's not including the one I need to do on my own body - ha). Plus the oil change. Yup - we're looking at $350 or so. I'm so depressed. That is almost what I spent on my entire vacation!!!!!


No honeymoon suite for me! Only car maintenance. Waaaaaaaah

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Labor Day Recap

This weekend was nice - busy but nice.

Friday night I did some film work with J (opening titles) and also went over to an art opening with him and his girlfriend O (who just moved into his pad, btw). It's in the building he lives in - we looked we had free wine - it was okay. Then I came home, made brownies and packed for the weekend.

Saturday morning we drove up the shore to check out a couple of ceremony/reception locations. I am IN LOVE with one of them and trying to get the stars to perfectly align to make it happen. I am optimistic. :-) (naturally - ha).

Then we went to Steve's Dad's property in NW Wisconsin for some 'camping,' hanging out with his fam, drinking beer and sitting by the fire. It was nice. The river was beautiful and we got to enjoy their new dock and tiki torches (I love tiki torches) and of course I enjoyed playing with their dog, Mindy Twiddles. (she reminds me of my childhood dog, Molly).

Sunday we went to my sister's in Apple Valley for a family bbq. It was fun and my family oohed and aahed over my ring for me. yay! My parents surprised us by having a couple bottles of champagne and a very sweet toast by my dad. It was awesome and I had to (already) hold back the tears - ack! I'm going to be a mess when the big day comes. Sheesh.

Yesterday we drove back and stopped at Banning State Park for a lovely 5 mile hike along the Kettle River. It was a beautiful day and we needed the hike!

And now back to go-go-go....I have big rehearsals every day this week since we OPEN NEXT WEEK! Gah!

So, I must go....

ciao bellas....

Friday, September 02, 2005

Grand Mt. Rainier Posted by Picasa

Thieves at the campsite. Posted by Picasa

Beautiful beautiful roses. International Rose Test Garden in Portland. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, September 01, 2005


My heart is breaking for the Hurrican Katrina victims. I vacillate between utter desperation and extreme anger at why more wasn't done faster.

For now I'm sending my thoughts and prayers and hopefully some canned goods and supplies.