Friday, April 23, 2004

April 23, 2004
Why I like the Boy

Because I’m a complete ASS when put on the spot and I can’t seem to come up with things that I really want to say…I decided to start making a list of why I like the Boy so much. He asked me last night – well, he asked a rhetorical question to himself in my presence (“why does she like me…”) and so I tried to respond in a wonderfully eloquent, romantic and heartfelt way but instead just sounded like I’d had 5 beers in the last few hours and a bowl of cereal for dinner.

So, here it goes…remember this could never be complete and I’m sure will always continue to grow…

1) He’s so damn sweet
2) He’s thoughtful, helpful, romantic
3) A good cuddler
4) A good lover
5) A wonderful kisser
6) A little quiet but not shy; he adapts well with new groups of people and isn’t afraid to start conversations – even with my parents and my ex!
7) He’s the perfect height for me. I never knew I liked dating guys under 6 feet tall but I absolutely love it (I’m only 5’ tall). I can hug him and kiss him and just stand there with him and I don’t get a neck ache.
8) We dance in my living room by candlelight for hours at a time.
9) He thinks I’m beautiful
10) He told me that I inspire him. Yes, I melted right there on the kitchen floor.
11) He loves nature, trees, outdoors – he appreciates the beauty of the northland and loves living here.
12) He bought me a dimmer switch and installed it when I wasn’t home.
13) He keeps his beer in my basement and keeps restocking the fridge.
14) He parks in the alley behind my house and uses a ‘secret knock’ at my backdoor so I know it’s not some stranger.
15) He drew hearts on my Valentine’s Day card envelope (and this was our 4th date!)
16) He has helped me chop vegetables for movie shoots & family functions on more than one occasion.
17) He likes my mandarin orange salad
18) He likes to drink beer.
19) I am so incredibly attracted to him its ridiculous
20) We walk the same pace
21) I can imagine traveling around the world with him.
22) I can imagine marrying him
23) I can imagine having kids with him
24) I can imagine growing old with him
25) He is patient with me even when I’m freaking out.
26) He is a ying to my yang
27) He tells me he loves touching my skin
28) He likes to hold my hand
29) He feels bad when I have to get up for work and he gets to sleep in
30) He watched my first film 5 times in 2 days!!

…more to come….
April 21, 2004
“Administrative Professional’s Day”

…or as it was once called Secretary’s Day. But of course, that is no longer a politically correct term, even though we as a society have mutated the meaning and ‘stature’ of the word….the word has always remained the same.

I am one of these administrative professionals or gasp secretaries. It’s funny to me that we think if you add professional to our title we’ll feel better, more worthy or something. And to some extent it’s true. I prefer administrative assistant to professional but whatever. And although I do know that I basically am a secretary, it is at times embarrassing and/or degrading to hear myself being referred to as that. Logically I can’t figure out why, I guess the negative-connotation that has built up around words like Stewardess, Waitress, and Secretary has infected at least some part of my brain.

We in the ranks of the field of administratio know that without us companies would fold. Files would be lost, conference calls & flights never arranged, egos never soothed, coffee never made and annoying phone calls from sales reps would be left unfielded. I don’t mind what I do. It’s not what I intended my life career to be but I respect the fact that I have a good, fairly-secure, well-paying job with a kick ass boss. I know that because of these things I can have my new house, my relatively new car and continue to work on my first feature film.

It still BUGS me though when I see “kids” in their young 20’s coming right out of school with their fancy business or accounting degrees and the looks of distaste coming my way. I want to stand up and scream I HAVE MY OWN COMPANY; I TAUGHT MYSELF HOW TO EDIT DIGITAL MEDIA; I AM PRODUCING MY THIRD FILM. I AM WORTHY.

Now why is that? Complex?

Anyway – to all you slaves of the cubicals….Happy Administrative Professionals’ Day!

Wednesday, April 14, 2004


Why is it that I have a virtual SEA OF CHOCOLATE at home (leftover from Easter) and it just happens to be the ONE week out of the month when I have chocolate cravings like madness and yet -- here I sit at work...chocolate-less. Shouldn't I have learned by now that I should BRING CHOCOLATE WITH ME. I'm debating hitting the vending machine....but then I will feel guilty for spending precious pennies on chocolate (quarters, actually) when I have lots of chocolatey-goodness at home....grrr...

Guess I'll eat my apple and PRETEND it's covered in choclate.


Wednesday, April 07, 2004

a new day, well, the end of a new day so I guess that makes it an old day.

I'm just rambling here as I'm new to this whole thing and want to just post a little something to get me going, ya know? I love the blog scene and have my favorites for sure. It's a wonderful way to share and get to know people that usually I wouldn't have the opportunity too. A good place to learn.