Sunday, September 15, 2013


Ahhhhh.... Saturday! I have been looking forward to you since Monday. This week I really REALLY REALLY felt the need for you. Bad. Thank God you happened.

The breakfast thing worked out okay - the kids actually slept til about 7:15 which is about an hour 15 longer than I thought they would. I hooked them up with a DVD & their breakfast boxes & went back to bed. IT WAS AMAZING. I was sort of in that hazy in between sleep & awakeness for about another hour which was fantastic. Loved it.

August relaxing in the "Pillow Pit" from the night before. Love his repose.
 We had some "hometime" which consisted of dragging most toys out of their homes & spreading them throughout the house. It also included multiple snacks & requests to play PBS kids on the computer & watch more movie (I said no...such a terrible Mom....)
A little jammie-painting time before moving on to anything else.
 By lunchtime I wanted to get out for a bit. I bought a SUPER cute dress for Dahlia on this group on Facebook that I'm on for Miss Dahlia. I had to pick that up in wanted to make the trip count & didn't want to deal with lunch (oh and wanted to get some vino for later!) - so we hit Culver's, the liquor store & went to Superior to pick up the dress.

Lunch at Culvers with my two cuties.
 Then we ended up at the park. The kids call this particular park (Portland Square) the "double-park" because there are two play areas. The big area & the small (new, finally) area. They love running back & forth between them. I keep thinking I'll be able to sit back & read my book while at the park. I am constantly wrong.
Tire Swing fun at the park.
Funky spinny thing at the playground.

August on the bongos
 Once we got home, Dahlia requested a fort. And I'm a sucker for building forts so I agreed. This one was pretty fun although I should invest in better "clips" than the clothespins I use. The parachute we bought from Steve's co-workers a few years back (for $2) is awesome for fort building (and being a colorful "ghost" - the kids love that). We've gotten every penny & then some outta that purchase.
 The kids watched FANTASTIC MR. FOX again (bad mom! letting my kids have more screen time!) While I putzed in the kitchen & finished watching BREAKING BAD (I'm a half season behind....). (Hey a Mom needs her screen time too!). I was happy they loved FFF  so much as it is a film by one of my favorite filmmakers based on a book by one of my favorite authors (Wes Anderson; Roald Dahl respectively).
Chillin' in the fort & watching the cheesiest 80's family movie ever. (they loved it)
 I made these corn-dog muffin bite things which I got off the blackhole of ideas & time - PINTEREST (which I adore, I'm not going to lie). I thought they were awesome. The kids picked them apart til they were like little mini-hot dog corpses & they were vultures....but whatever.
Mini-corn dog bites...I thought these were awesome. The kids were less than impressed.
 We watched THE LAST FLIGHT OF NOAH'S ARK which is a movie from 1980 which is HORRIBLE and yet so good. So good because I have faint childhood memories of it. Horrible because I could strain my spaghetti in the plot constructs & execution (ie: SO MANY HOLES). And it's just so campy. And cheesy. And ugh. But whatever. It was fun to watch it with them. And RICKY SCHROEDER! Silver Spoons era! Elliot Gould is the star & says "hell" more times than I think they would allow now in a "G" rated film, but ah well. I'm pretty sure my kids are left unscarred by it.

We rounded out the night by making an AWESOME batch of zucchini brownies. I was planning on making brownies for the church potluck the next morning. And then my friend Theresa posted that she was making zucchini brownies & I knew I had to try them! I have 2 huge zucchinis left. I wanted to make a double batch but ran low on sugar & flour. Oh well. Dahlia was so sweet. While making them she showed August how to "add love" and went on to add bucketfuls. They both poured & stirred (although I did all the measuring. I'm not quite ready to give up those reins yet!).  They turned out GREAT!
Ending the evening making zucchini brownies - which were AWESOME. Potluck at church in the AM.
We had such a fun day. We just rolled with it. Went with the flow. No one got too irritated with each other. No major grievences. A really nice family centric day.

Today is Sunday though. Now Steve is home & putting the kids to bed & I wish I had a WHOLE SATURDAY to do more stuff. *sigh* It will come.

Have a great week.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Lunches of Love

I've been getting a little carried away on Pinterest looking at all the fabulous ideas for school lunches (amongst other things...of course). I am totally hooked on the BENTO style of packing lunches! I have to admit, I didn't know what it was & had to look it up on Wikipedia but there ya go. You learn something new every day. Basically it's a style/concept from Japan about takeaway food or packed lunches that are in one container, look aesthetically pleasing and can read the rest.

I love the concept of a) no plastic bags or things to throw away (although I have purchased fruit cups for Dahlia. I would gladly reuse them, but she keeps throwing them away!) and b) making lunch a little *fun* or *cute* for my sweet girl. I LOVE making her lunches. I love tucking a surprise or two in there. Granted, we've only just completed day 5 so I'll let you know if the passion still exists in April.

Most of the Bentos I've seen online are WAY way cooler than mine. I'm happy just to do a few simple things though. I bought some stickers that I stash in there. I write her love notes. I snagged an Entertainment Weekly in the magazine exchange that had loads of pics of lots of things she loves (Mermaids, Bambi, dancing, etc) - I try to put a new pic in every day. I want her to know how much I love her & am thinking about her!

I forgot to take a pic on day one but it was similar to the rest. 

Day Two - ButterFly PBJ sandwich, cheez-its, grapes & zucchini muffin. Pic from "Despicable Me" on lid.

Day Three: hard boiled egg, Club mini crackers, peaches, red, yellow & orange peppers with dip. Ballet pic on lid.
Day 4 - Heart shaped PB&J, club minis, apple slices, bologna & cheese, teddy grahams & a few M&M's. Bambi pic on lid

Day 5 - Canadian bacon & cheese, Club minis, peppers & cukes, pink apple sauce & a few chips. Puppy Bento Fork!

"Day 6" - SATURDAY! I made these up last night for Dahlia & August so that I could easily get them watching cartoons this morning & I could go back to bed (Steve is camping, I need sleep). We *did* sleep in til 7:15 (miracle, I thought they'd be up at 6) so it wasn't too bad. I had these boxes & juice sippy cups ready to go. Left the pillow pit in place from last night & went back upstairs. BLISS!

Watermelon slices, peanut butter Cap'n Crunch & zucchini bread.

 I have more ideas of more exciting things to put in lunches, but I read a great article somewhere that said - don't try to get your kids to eat different foods at lunch. Save it for dinnertime. Mostly kids are inhaling the minimum they need so they have more time to play & a lot of food just goes in the garbage (or gets traded, etc). So I'm trying to keep that in mind. We also got her a thermos which someday I'll fill with leftover mac & cheese or soup or something. Time enough for that coming.

What do you pack for your kids lunches? What did YOU eat for your lunch at school? I remember my Mom always packed a sandwich, a fruit or vegetable, chips & some kind of "dessert." To this day that is how I pack my lunches! (although I try now to break out of the 'sandwich' mode). Funny how things stick with us!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Here We Go!

Wow - Yesterday was a big day in the Boberg household.  At long last & after much anticipation Dahlia started KINDERGARTEN!

Last spring I was so worried about which school she'd be going to. Would there be enough to challenge her? Would there be a lot of kids with behavioral & emotional problems (there's a long story behind that...I don't just randomly worry about such things)? Would she slip through the cracks because she's not the 'squeaky wheel?' I set those worries aside earlier this summer & decided to embrace our neighborhood school. We'll see how it goes! I do know that this school has become one of the most sought after schools in the city! It's a "new" school - well, a combination of two of the more 'urban' schools in the district. It's in an OLD building, but is very much renovated & added on to. it's beautiful. We saw it for the first time last Friday. They've done a great job.

BUT...enough about that! MY BABY STARTED KINDERGARTEN! How can this be?

She has been so looking forward to this day. She picked out a new outfit, got her supplies all ready, got a new headband, (got new shoes which she now doesn't seem to want to wear). Picked out a lunch box & even helped make her own first lunch! She's all grins every time we talk about Kindergarten.

We met her teacher & saw her classroom at an Open House last Friday. She was very happy because her friend from our neighborhood (Astrid) is in her same class. She also was happy because she remembers the teacher (Mrs. Englund) from Kindergarten Round-up last spring and she is "who (Dahlia) wanted!"

We walked her to the bus (which is 3 blocks away - not even a straight shot - too far in my opinion) & watched her get on the bus. Such a big girl!

As soon as she got on the bus, August said "I miss Dahlia." I almost lost it then, but did my best to hold my tears in! Then Steve, August & I walked back home, hopped in the car & drove up to the school to meet her as she got off the bus. We waited for a bit & watched lots of other kids get off buses, but no Dahlia! I decided to go check her classroom & sure enough! There she was. Just sitting in her spot, working on decorating her name tag as she should. *sigh* That kid!

She showed me her cubby and was happy to learn that soon they'd be playing with blocks. It was time for Mom & Dad to leave.

I'm so proud of Miss Dahlia. I can hardly believe she's old enough to be going off to school 'by herself' and yet, there she goes! Such a heart crushing (in a good way) time!

Saturday, September 07, 2013

What's Carrie Cooking?

Hey! Look at that...^^^^^^^^^^^^^ yep - right up there. I finally figured out how to add a 2nd page to my blog. It's only taken years. Go me! ;) But there you have it. A handy dandy link to What's Carrie Cooking?. I will probably be the person using it the most. ha. Ah well.

Maybe I'll start posting over there again too. Right now most of my new recipes are on Pinterest. Nothing wrong with that!

Tuesday, September 03, 2013


Going to lock up the site. It's probably past time. I am sad because I have met some people by chance through here and that likely won't happen again in the future, but I feel like my memories, my children, my family are more important to keep out of the eyes of everyone.

If you'd like to join me, please let me know.


Monday, September 02, 2013

Postcards from Glensheen

Glensheen Mansion from the lake side
So we made it to Glensheen today. No bike ride or picnic. Instead a nice hearty breakfast at Perkins. That worked.

Looking down the main hallway from the living room.
The tour was great, as usual. I think I have been there at least 6 times. The first was shortly after it opened (1979/80....?!) It is a beautiful home and I love all of the rich fixtures, decor and history. I wish I had longer to spend there. I wish I knew more about really how the family spent their 'every' day days there.

My favorite room - the breakfast room
The grounds are amazing - the vegetable garden makes me so envious! But holy hannah - they need to get in there and pick some produce! There are flowers upon flowers upon flowers. The formal garden screams to be photographed, the trails in the woods beckon you to explore. The kids really enjoyed the grounds, as did Steve & I. I am thinking a picnic on the grounds (grounds only passes are available for $5) is in our future.

The Anunciator - quite cool!
August was a bit squirrelly through the tour (shocking) but Dahlia did really well. I think she liked seeing the "pretty" things. And the "Anunciator" which reminded my dear girl of Downton Abbey. *sigh* a child after my own heart!

Check out the interesting descriptions of the temp on the right!

Cool fireplace in the living room

I could read some books in this library!

Beautiful Girl

Running boy!

A girl on a trail

Glensheen with Tischer Creek (aka Congdon Creek)

The Formal Garden

Sibling Love

Sunday, September 01, 2013

Sunday Funday

I had a great idea for today. We have a gift certificate that my folks gave me (early) for our anniversary for a "Rose Garden Picnic Basket lunch" from Valentini's (located, right by the Rose Garden)....AND we have passes to area attractions which expire tomorrow. I asked Steve if he'd like to go to Glensheen with me & the kids & do the picnic thing and he said - yeah, sure!

So, the plan was go park at the Rose Garden, bike with our picnic lunch to Glensheen, tour the mansion & gardens and then head back for our picnic along the Lakewalk somewhere.

I called the restaurant this morning to see if we could get a basket, what comes in it, etc. They're not open on Sundays. WHAT? I checked their website...they're not open on Sundays at all in the Summer (hi! They're RIGHT on the LakeWalk....) or in the Winter (makes more sense). I would've never thought a restaurant would be closed on one of the busiest Sundays in Duluth! Ah well...on to plan b.
The water was COOOOOOOOOOLD!
I grabbed some picnic makings & packed up...we headed to the Rose Garden, had a lovely bike ride out to Glensheen, locked up the bikes & went in to get our tickets. ONLY to discover they're SOLD OUT for the day. *sigh* Ah well, it clearly wasn't meant to be. We got our reservations for tomorrow & will try the whole thing again.

So...we headed back on the LakeWalk and found a fun place to explore, throw rocks, eat our picnic and enjoy the beauty of Lake Superior. We even saw a TRAIN which made August practically convulse with excitement.

Such a lovely end of summer Sunday. It's hard to believe in a few months (weeks?) we'll be freezing our behinds off and dreaming of these beautiful summer days.

Tonight we're off to our neighbor's End of Summer Bonfire party. Looking forward to it!