Sunday, August 22, 2010

Dahliaisms 4

The other night at dinner Dahlia did or said something really cute. I can't remember what. Steve looked at her & said "Oh Dahlia, what are we going to do with you?" in a very sweet way.

Dahlia looked at him & in all earnestness said "Don't throw me in the garbage."

Okay- duly noted. We won't.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Lunchtime Friends

Yesterday I got to have lunch with the fabulous Peder & Sarah and their adorable offspring + Sarah's parents. What a nice break from a usually bleh Tuesday lunchtime. August was on his best behavior & actually let me eat! I tried to get him & Felix (who I will call "birthday buddies" even though they don't share an actual birthday) to play with each other but they just weren't the least bit interested. They were more interested in eating, sleeping & being bounced/rocked. Ah babies.

Tomorrow I get to see Kate! What an awesome friendy week!

New Dress A Day

I just found this website courtesy of the Yahoo home page & I love it! How inspiring! I wish I could be so talented with thrift store finds & clothing (in general). How fun to turn something bleh into something fabulous!? I'm going to bookmark this page & go back & check out all of her clothing. Maybe it will inspire me to do....something with my sewing machine!

Friday, August 13, 2010

A few Photos from our WI getaway

Fishing with Grandpa - Paddling on the lake in the canoe - Hanging around & Smiling - Decorating cupcakes for the 'birthday party' - playing with cousins - Just chillin'

We went to a lake home my folks rented in Frederic, WI. We were there the first part of the week, my sister & her tribe the 2nd part. We overlapped on Wednesday to have a "Teddy Bear Picnic" & celebrate mine & Kathy's birthdays. It was fun. But DAMN steamy!!

Thursday, August 05, 2010

All I need now is some legal worries...

Ugh - this whole dissolving a company thing is for the birds. For one we're not really *dissolving* it - we're just laying off all the employees & hoping that we can still sell our film in the coming months. The second sucky thing is that our investor (well, the financial dept) changed the structure of their funding from "investment" to "interest bearing loan" without ever telling us....which obviously doesn't legally change things unless we agree. And therein lies the problem. How do you bite the hand that has been SO generous to you over the past 3 years - allowing you to create, make your schedule, fulfill a dream while at the same time not getting screwed over? If we had been told additional monies were a loan at the time of the change, we probably would've done things differently - like, negotiated a better interest rate, talked to a banker, a lawyer, etc. I am not personally liable for anything but our company is & if we choose to go forward & make films with other investors in the future, this *new* old agreement would mean we'd have to pay old "investments" back first...which pretty much kills any chance of having new investors.

Part of me is so angry that we were handed post-dated (by a year & a half) Promissory Notes making this change & are just supposed to accept it! What? You can't just *do* that when you're running a business. It's not legal. And with no explanation it really makes the two partners (Jason & myself) feel pretty uneasy.

And I personally feel bad. I mean, we explained everything how we saw it - 100% honestly, truthfully, bared to the bone and the response we got back was full of vitriol & great "disappointment." What? This is why I have no backbone & cannot stand any sort of confrontation. I FEEEEEL bad. I want to curl up & die because I don't want people to not like me, be mad at me, etc (even though I have done nothing wrong - this is how you get screwed over in life - why do I know this & it still hurts?).

Most of me just wants to wash my hands of all of it...unfortunately it is not that easy.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Pumping/Freezing Question

So I'm finally at the point where I feel like I have a little time to pump, plenty of milk so why not start freezing some for that futuristic night where I get to sleep all night & Steve can get up & feed August. I have some storage bags & a deep freezer but I've never done this. So, ladies - how much milk do you store in each bag? What's a good amount? I usually just have enough time to pump for a few minutes - about 3-4oz...the bags don't say how much they hold but are gradiated (is that the right word?) to 6oz. Does that seem like a good amount? I've never used frozen breast milk so don't know how it is when you thaw it etc. Any advice would be appreciated.

Monday, August 02, 2010

Dahliaisms 3

Steve was carrying Dahlia through the dining room where August is FINALLY calm sitting in his chair.

She says to Steve "August is content right now."

I love that kid!

August - 3 Months Old!

True to form - 2nd child is getting things posted a lot more slowly than first child did. Ah well...

August turned 3 months old last Tuesday! As of a week before that he weighed in at 11lbs 3oz & is growing at his normal 25th percentile-ish rate. He suffers from really bad, painful reflux & that has been difficult & trying on all of us. He is now on a higher dosage of Zantac & that along with more "cluster-feedings" at night have kept the hours-on-end screaming sessions at bay - hopefuly it'll continue to get better.
He will only really sleep well if he's on his tummy - which of course is a major no-no these days. I admit, I let him sleep sometimes on his tummy just so we can get some rest. He's about a minute away from rolling over (both ways) so i feel pretty confident that he won't leave his head face down in the crib...but I still do worry about SIDS...The past few nights (last night withstanding) he did 5 hour blocks of sleeping - from 8:30 til 1:30am which was great. After that he doesn't sleep as good & I usually end up sleeping with him so that we can both get some rest. After 4am all bets are off. He's usually wide eyed (well, he's always wide-eyed!) & smiling at that godforsaken hour. Hopefully he'll start sleeping longer soon!
His smile is awesome. He crinkles up his nose & has a twinkle in his eye! I've seen it! I think once we get this reflux thing under control he's going to be a very happy, mellow & PATIENT baby.