Monday, July 26, 2010

Beach Day

Yesterday was such a perfect summer day, Steve & I decided to take the kids to the beach. It was sunny, hot - but not too hot; not buggy or humid...just right. We had so much fun swimming. The big lake was actually "warmish." I mean, I still thought I was going to hyper-ventilate the first time I got in, but once in it was very refreshing & quite pleasant!

Dahlia had so much fun "swimming" but mostly had fun making sand castles. I had fun making sand castles too. August was fairly mellow & enjoyed napping on the beach. I think the beach umbrella was one of my best impulse purchases this summer!

I even got some reading in while feeding August....

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Last Minute Birthday Present

I was going to run to a funky thrift/antique store yesterday to find a gift for a funky friend who's party was last night. But due to children & screaming & delayed naps, that didn't happen. So instead I hit my fabric stash & whipped up this tote bag for her.

It's FAR from perfect but I think it's kind of cool & very functional. I used upholstery samples that I've had for years & some muslin for the lining (not very cool, but oh well).

Hopefully she liked it! I'm quite proud of myself that I pulled this off in only a couple hours while watching both kids. Thankfully they cooperated!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Fun With Sudhara

My very dear friend Sudhara visited me this week. She was in St. Paul visiting another friend who had a baby in March, & drove up to Duluth to spend a couple days with me & my babies too! She had never met Dahlia OR August so that was a real treat. Dahlia warmed up to her very quickly - which I was very happy about.

Mostly we sat on the front porch & talked. We probably could've sat there for days just catching up. The weather was beautiful & we enjoyed a margarita before walking down to the Burrito Union for dinner.

On Wednesday we lazed about, went to Jimmy John's (her first such experience) for lunch & then for a hike on the Park Point nature trail. Dang it was HOT.

That evening I made dinner & we mostly tried to keep August from screaming. We weren't successful. So much so that I FB'd my pediatrician at 10pm on Wednesday night. She rocks & helped me set up an appointment for the following day with a NP as she was out of town.

Thursday morning Sudhara & I took August to the doctor (fun things to do in Duluth!) where he was examined & had an abdomen x-ray. After that we were able to have a nice breakfast out before she had to leave.

It was a great visit, although far too brief. It had been over a year since I saw her & it was like we picked up immediately where we left off. I miss her already.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Today's To-Do List

*Get two kids changed, dressed, fed, etc. (repeat throughout the day)

*Make banana bread for weekend camping trip

*Make pickle/cream cheese roll up thingys for Carolyn's party tonight

*Make veggie pizza for Carolyn's party tonight

*Cut up pineapple for tonight/weekend

*wash dishes

*Pack for weekend camping trip
Included but not limited to:
clothes for self + 2 kids
swim diapers
bug dope
sleeping bags
potty chair
changing pad
therma rests
air mattress
camp chairs
head lamps
beach ball + sand toys
mosquito netting for Auguts
bouncy seat
camping 'box' with supplies

*lunch with a friend (we'll see if I get that squeezed in or not)

*putting puzzles together with Dahlia

*clean house for upcoming visitors Bertil & Maud (from Sweden) + Sudhara next week!

I'm tired already.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Mini-Reunion 3

Saturday (as most of you readers know) we had our 3rd 'Mini-Austin' reunion. Hosted by Laurie (who never updates her blog...), it was a fantastic time to hang with friends, herd children, make several trips to the potty & of course reminisce.

Thanks for hosting, Laurie! Can't wait for the next one!! We missed you, Kate!

Friday, July 09, 2010

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Silly Girl

Note: still in pajamas, sunglasses on, hair "done." This kid kills me. (mostly in good ways!)

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Blueberry Yogurt-sicles

I made these blueberry yogurt 'popsicles' yesterday as I had a whole lot of blueberries left over from the 4th. They are okay - great flavor but I'm not sure about the texture. I'm sure the skins from the blueberries contain all the 'good stuff' but it made the popsicles a weird consistency. At least they taste good!

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Dahliaisms 2

The other day Dahlia told me that she had a poopy diaper (we're battling the whole #2 thing/wearing diapers at home - ay yi yi). I reached around her to assess the situation. She then said...

"No Mama, Let it be."

Perhaps she was channeling my all time favorite Paul McCartney...?

Monday, July 05, 2010

Dahliaisms I

The other night we were saying a before bed prayer. I asked her to tell me some of the things she's thankful for so we could thank God for them...(in the past we've listed things & she listens & shakes her head).

She said she's thankful for:

Party (in reference to Anders' birthday party that we were going to the next day)

at which point I was laughing so hard. Ah a girl after my own heart.

The rest of her list included all of her grandparents (individually named) & our house.

What a sweetie.

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Happy 4th of July!

I wanted to have a family picture in front of our house, but we just didn't get to it. We barely made it out the door late in the afternoon!!