Friday, June 30, 2006

Yankee Doodle Dandy!

We just were informed that we get Monday off as a PAID HOLIDAY (my favorite kind).


And because I didn't know, because this was last minute - I have NO PLANS which means, I can do WHATEVER I WANT TO!!!!!

Can you sense my excitement?

I plan on: reading, editing, playing online, being outside, hiking, eating, sleeping, sewing, knitting, doodling, eating some more, drinking a margarita, starting to address wedding invites, cleaning, putzing in the garden, persuading Steve to get ice cream with me, day dreaming, and NOT BEING AT WORK!

Okay - I'm not sure I'll get to all of those things but I love the potential of it all.....

Other weekend plans: (now LONG weekend!)

Pick up BRIDESMAID DRESSES in St. Paul! Wheeee, they're in!
Go to a Twins game at the Metrodome in Minneapolis with 20 or more other crazy members of my family (no it's not a reunion we just like to hang out together).
BBQ with my folks, my sister & bro-in-law and my honey at my sister's house.
The things listed for Monday - heh.
More bbqing, watching fireworks and cursing the work day on Wednesday


Wednesday, June 28, 2006

500 for Nuthin'

HAPPY 500TH POST TO ME! Yippe! There'll be cake later...let's say around 2pm at my desk. Marble. With whipped cream frosting. Yum.

Not much going on today - I was SUPER motivated and had list upon list of things that I was going to get done yesterday but then didn't. I ended up spending over an hour on the phone with the Apple support people as I have a wee bit of a problemo with Mac's battery. I get the evil "x" in the battery icon as opposed to the Super-Sweet-Lightening symbol. Anyway - after eating up almost all of our remaining cell phone minutes there was still no answer. I did a few more things that they told me to after we got off the phone and no avail. Mac still works when he's plugged in but the battery never gets fully charged, or at least doesn't let me know if it's fully charged. The red light never turns green. *sigh* So....the product specialist just called me back and a new battery is ON THE WAY! I love Apple. I really do. Very very nice people. Makes the sucky things a bit easier to swallow.

What else...I have the sewing bug BAD. I haven't done anything about it yet but I will. Tomorrow I'm going fabric shopping for Kelli's swap and I also have my eye on a quilted bag that I'd like to attempt. I also have a few other things that I'd like to create so we'll see how that goes. I figure...I'm not busy ENOUGH! Let's break out the sewing machine! hee hee. Oh how I love to be busy.

And okay, the resolutions. I actually gave you all a glimpse into my list-making neurosis. Yes, there are a lot of "resolutions" but they're more like "goals" and I do good if I can cross something off my list, ya know? It's a sense of accomplishment that I enjoy. So there you have it. I love lists! You should see my daily "to-do" list and my "big things I have to do list" (includes a lot of wedding stuff) and then there's my future-gifts list, my things-to-do-with-my-new-mentee list, my movie list, book list, wedding music list, grocery list (in order of store departments, naturally), my Target list...etc etc. that's just how my world works.

What kind of weird lists do you keep?

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Resolution Check Up

A while a go Kelli revisited her 2006 resolutions to see how she was doing. I decided that checking up on mine might be a good idea.

I'm equally surprised and disappointed in myself. I do believe that my goals weren't too lofty and most of them I will be able to accomplish to one degree or another by the end of '06. Some things got askewed when Steve's Dad had his stroke and there are definitely parts of our lives that have changed.

Here is my orignal list with updates (in italics):

1. Exercise 3-4 times a week. Mostly
2. Ski/Hike a couple times a week, or at least go for a walk outside. Mostly
3. Sit ups/arm weights Um…not as much as I should.
4. Stop eating so much. Definitely! Calorie Counter online is helping.
5. Less diet coke, more water!! Yes, but I still have 1 DC a day.
6. No smoking. CHECK.
7. Less Beer. Definitely
8. More salads, less chips. Well, more baked chips & more veggies.

1. Lots of camping! Not once yet this year.
2. Visit every state park on the North Shore for camping and/or hiking/skiing at least once. Only have visited one State Park this year.
3. Visit a trail you’ve never been on before at least once every other month. I think this is a CHECK.
4. Keep writing in hiking journal/add digital pictures I’ve been slacking on the journal a lot.
5. Go on a honeymoon! Planned for December ’06.

1. Audition for plays. Too busy this year…looking forward to winter of ’07.
2. Create new and interesting gifts. Lots of ideas bubbling for this one.
3. Finish a project in a timely fashion once you’ve started. Still struggling on this one.
4. Make lots and lots of greeting cards I have been lacking entirely in this!!

1. Continue to pay off debt, NO MORE CHARGING. Good until I bought my new computer.
2. Stick to budget. Mostly good but could be better.
3. Keep putting money into savings every week. Trying too.
4. Track monthly spending and cut back where applicable. Canceled Cable!
5. Waste not. Using everything we have…well, most of it anyway.
6. Go to the library instead of buying books. I “accidentally” received 2 book club orders that I then kept. Bad Carrie… I owe the library $7.25 from 3 years ago and have to pay that off before I can check anything out.
7. Walk or ride bike more than driving car. I’ve only ridden my bike twice to work so far this year…doh….
8. Don’t pay bills late ever…. Yes!
9. Set up an account for Christmas way before Christmas so you can spend/shop/give without feeling the pain in January. I have money budgeted for the fall months for Christmas gifts. And I’m thinking ahead!

1. Make some new single & couple friends This one is not going well.
2. Be more timely about sending out birthday, anniversary, etc cards to friends far & near. Getting better!
3. Go to more plays. Saw one this month and maybe one next week.
4. See more movies in the theatre Only two in the theater so far this year and one was at the Imax.
5. Ask new friends out to dinner every other month or so. Haven’t done this once.
6. Go to the MN Science Museum in St. Paul Not yet, but there is still time.

1. Clean out front closet/organize/build shelves I cleaned some of the stuff out but no shelves yet.
2. Re-finish hard wood floors On the calendar for July.
3. Organize basement. Put up plastic shelves, get rid of things you DON’T WANT/NEED Need to work on this one.
4. Simplify! Ditto.
5. Think about kitchen improvement possibilities: tiled backsplash, new floor, paint, cabinets We painted the cabinets, the backsplash, added new hardware and a new valance. Floor to come.
6. Make curtains or buy shades/blinds for windows. Not yet.
7. Keep the house clean. Create weekly/monthly chore board. Should really do this.
8. File the “to-be-filed” section of filing cabinet. Shred unwanted documents. This needs to be done.
9. Get all tax information compiled and ready to go. Taxes were completed in a timely fashion. Tax refund went into the wedding fund.
10. Clean bedroom closet, craft closet, organize craft supplies Craft closet organized! Bedroom closet not.
11. Plant wildflowers & trees and maybe a vegetable garden!! Planted tomatoes, green beans, sunflowers, a pumpkin and loads of flowers.
12. Have a garage sale in the spring or try to sell things on eBay We plan on skipping the garage sale and taking everything to Good Will instead.

1. Read one book per month. I’m ahead of schedule on this.
2. Finish reading all the “to-be-read” books on bookshelf. Trying to do this.
3. Get rid of books that you don’t love or wouldn’t read again. Need to do this. I have given away several books after reading them this year.
4. Put pictures in album for J. Put pictures in scrapbook/organize for me. I’ve scrapped my pics but still have to hand over his.
5. Take time to reflect, meditate, focus and dream. Sometimes.
6. Play the piano, learn how to play guitar. Haven’t played the piano ALL YEAR!
7. Be outside more, especially with S. We try to hike a lot or hang out in the yard, or bike.
8. Find something (work) that will make me happy. I’m trying to focus on my wedding editing biz and pursuing more video work.
9. Get violin bows re-haired. Not yet. But I should

1. Discover new ways to be intimate Hmmm….
2. Hold hands as much as possible. Not really – same as before.
3. Do the “little” things that mean so much. I try to do things to make his life easier when he’s so stressed.
4. Cook special dinner at least once a week. This doesn’t always happen but I do try to make an effort.
5. Spend more time listening to music, drinking wine and talking. We’ve had a few lovely wine & candles nights.
6. Baths. Not since winter.
7. Be more healthy to ensure a long & fulfilled life. Constantly!

Rejected Again

Well, we received yet another rejection from another film festival. Not that it is at all surprising to me since the festival is in a couple weeks and we hadn't heard YET...(although their "notify date" on without-a-box was next week - weird). It would've been a fun one - outdoors, bring your own chair, kind of mellow but alas it is not meant to be.

There are others I'm still waiting to hear from and more to submit too. Maybe now with our fancy schmancy packaging we'll get a 2nd look. Who knows.

In other lame-ass news, the "article" I wrote for a local mag was printed! Whooo! Sadly even though they told me to re-write it a certain way, they went back to the original way that I wrote it (no big deal, just extra work) and I didn't get my name in print. :-( I also didn't get paid as this was my "sample" writing. Hmph. I doubt I would've gotten paid much (it was really short) but it's sort of a bummer nonetheless. Maybe next time. Well, for SURE next time....

Friday, June 23, 2006

Thank you. NO, thank you....

Am I the only one who still believes in the simplicity and necessity of thank-you notes? I know there are "rules" and such for big events (like weddings) but what about other occassions?

Since I'm a geek and am fairly comfortable playing withint the rules (well, it depends, really) I have always written thank you notes. I don't even think I was really prompted by my Mother it was just a natural thing to do. You get something, you thank someone. It has changed later in life as previously if I saw you, you gave me something and I thanked you in person, you probably didn't get a thank you note. NOW I find that I like sending notes after Christmas or birthdays just because...well, it's really nice to be appreciated and I like to appreciate people so it works! In this digital age, I sometimes succumb to sending an email or and e-card instead of an ACTUAL card but hey - at least it's something! And that's only what I do if I don't have cute thank-yous on hand.

I bring this up because twice in the past two months we've gone to a party of some sort where gifts were given or been invited but could not go - but send a gift and heard nothing! I am a tad bit put off. Not enough to stop giving gifts (please!) but still...I keep thinking....what if they didn't GET the gift? What if it fell into evil hands? What if the card got misplaced and they think we're lame for just giving them a card? What if it got lost along the way? What if some snarky relative stole it?

See??? These are the trials I deal with when there aren't thank you notes involved.

And if I send someone a care package and don't hear from them? Then I am pretty sure that the US Postal Service is hording my cutely decorated care packages and having a hey day eating home made goodies and reading my dorky letters. But I digress...people are usually kind of lazy (not all...but....)

I'm terrified of the wedding thank yous in my future. Not afraid of WRITING them. Hell no, I plan on doing thank yous in a very timely & efficient manner because, well, for certain things that's how I am (don't talk to me about my front door project). I'm scared that cards won't be with presents and we won't know what is from who and I will miss someone or thank someone for the wrong thing or not thank them at all....GAH!!!!

My Mother suggested that I give the person in charge of moving the presents from the reception room to the cabin a roll of scotch tape so they can take the cards on to make sure things are in the right place. My sister will get the honor (? duty?) of recording everything in a notebook so I know what is from who but I'm still scared. eeeek.

See? This is what happens when I'm sitting here BORED OFF MY ASS at 3:50 on a Friday afternoon when it is BEAUTIFUL outside and a virtual GHOST TOWN inside. I start WORRYING about things that will happen 3 months + 1 day from now. Perhaps I need a little something more to do during my day, hmmmm?

SIDE NOTE: I've joined my first craft swap and I'm OH SO excited! I get to go to the fabric store and buy fabric which I haven't done in ages. I get to bust out my neglected sewing machine and start creating something WITH A DEADLINE which is sooooo what I need. If you're feeling crafty or curious - check it out!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

How I Spent My Summer Solstice (or Fire Flies Rock!)

Ah the beginning of summer. A day to be savored, appreciated and enjoyed. Unfortunately I spent most of it inside but I did get to enjoy the evening. It was lovely.

Steve & I decided that we would go for a hike and take along a picnic. We decided to hike on the Superior Hiking Trail – a section that starts at the foot of the Spirit Mountain ski hill and goes upward through old(er) growth forests comprised of birch, aspen, oak, maple, thimbleberry, large-leaf Astor and probably a million other things I’m missing.

This is a relatively new section of the trail (couple years old?) and it is fairly un-traveled and gorgeous. There are creeks & streams, wild flowers, deer, birds, butterflies, porcupines (okay, I saw one last summer and it was HUGE) – I’m sure the unmentionables are there too (aka: snakes) and many others.

We packed a picnic supper and found a spot on the way up to come back to on our descent. The trail is rugged, which is why I like it, and cut expertly into the hillside. Never boring – always twisting & winding & climbing and offering beautiful views of the St. Louis River.

At one point we came by a long deserted home foundation! It was incredibly cool as I love to see old things like that and imagine who lived there (in the MIDDLE of the forest!) and when they lived there and if they had a family and if they were happy and why they left…you get the idea. The forest has taken it over and the only thing that remains is a foundation made of large rocks. There are indications of a pathway that led to a front door (?) and a spot that looks like the cellar entrance. There is also an old refrigerator or some other large “appliance” (furnace?) in the hold where the basement was and that’s about it. Next to the house there is a creek that is contained by a very old canal type structure. The same construction as the house’s foundation this is odd because again well, it’s in the middle of the forest.

Shortly after the house we discovered a very large pine had fallen and blocked the trail. We had to go back and find the ‘around’ which we did and continued on. The tree is a relatively new downed tree as there wasn’t much around traffic and the broken wood still smells fresh.

We hiked for a while longer and decided it was getting late so we should head back so we could have our picnic before it was totally dark.

The picnic consisted of my very favorite type of meals: triscuits, cheese, summer sausage, veggies & dip (bacon bacon from Tastefully Simple as I am COMPLETELY addicted), pretzels, bread, ham, turkey and some pasta salad for Steve. All this was complimented by a lovely bottle of wine, fantastic views and the best company. Why is it that food tastes better outside?

At about 9:45pm the sky was mostly dark and very dark under the canopy of thick summer foliage. Our eyes hadn’t seen any artificial light though so it wasn’t too bad. As we made our way down the trail, fire flies started to appear. First one over there, then another just under foot and then suddenly they were everywhere! I felt as if I was in a fairy tale and was being shown something most incredible. It’s almost as though they were there to light the path for us as initially they were on either side as we hiked down. When we reached a large grassy area at the bottom of the ski hill (the trail goes through the forest adjacent to said hill) the fireflies lit up like strings of blinking Christmas lights. It was amazing and so beautiful. Steve tried to capture them on the camera but it didn’t really work.

It was such a perfect way to end a long day. Actually – we ended it by going home and sitting in the backyard to watch the last of the light fade and finish the bottle of wine. We even saw a few fireflies back there which was a new experience. It was truly a magical evening.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Book Report - January through June 2006

I suck at writing reviews. Well, mostly because I have no confidence in my opinions! ha! I mean, I know what I like but I come off sounding sort of stupid and uninformed but I decided to give the books I'm reading this year a bit of a blurb or two.

My "goal" this year was to read one book a month - or 12 books this year. That is lame. I know. I used to read closer to 20...which isn't an amazing amount but good for me. I'm not a FAST reader nor am I a SLOW reader...I love to read and have to find time to do so every day...but I also like hiking, cooking, knitting, editing, blogging, gardening, skiing, you get the idea. If my only reading time ends up being right before bed, forget about it. I am only good for a paragraph or two.

That being said I am ahead of schedule this year....
Here's what I've read:

I Am Charlotte Simmons – Tom Wolfe

While I found his earlier work Man in Full to be completely engaging, Charlotte seemed to be a bit lacking. She did grow on me over the course of the reading and I ended up enjoying the ride, but I doubt any of the characters will stick with me like those in MiF. Touted as being quite “raunchy” and “scandalous” I was disappointed to find that this wasn’t really the case. Maybe I’m just desensitized. Sure, there’s crappy college frat-guy language & behavior, women are treated as objects (“c&m dumpster” being the most favorite) but it wasn’t nearly as juicy as I had hoped.

Me Talk Pretty One Day – David Sedaris

I had been goaded into reading this by a friend of mine. I have nothing against Mr. Sedaris, I just wasn’t “in the mood” for a memoir book filled with witty little essays about someone else’s life. Well, she lent me the book and I eventually picked it up and loved it. Perhaps I have something for low-expectations…? I don’t know. Charming stories about everything from childhood to living the world in a crazy drug-addled artist community. Such humanity in each tale and I will be reading more. A quick read too.

The Devil Wears Prada – Lauren Weisberger

Although disappointed with The Nanny Diaries I decided to give this similar tale of ‘the other half’ in Manhattan a go. I didn’t love it – I mostly wanted to take a nap after reading it!! It was stressful and made me angry that people treat other people in such an abominable way. It’s amazing to me to see how much people will sacrifice to be in certain industries…it was clear when I lived in LA and it seems to be alive and well in the fashion and publishing world in New York too. This book was okay. I didn’t love it but I didn’t hate it. How’s that for a review?

The Fiery Cross – Diana Galbadon

The 5th book in the Outlander series. Part fantasy, part historical fiction, part, yes, romance. I love these books. Time travelers and adventure and romance – bring it on! This book started very slow for me and took a while to get into but once I did I thoroughly enjoyed the ride. If you like EPIC stories I suggest this series. The “romance” portion of the series (ie: sex) drops considerably after the first couple books.

Epic – The Story God is Telling & the Role that is Yours to Play – John Eldredge

Yes, I read some “spiritual” literature this year. This book is small, very easy to read and I enjoyed it. I read it while biking at the gym and found that it gave me proper time to really contemplate what was being said to me. I liked that. I also enjoyed the movie metaphors (particularly a fan of the LOTR series) that the author uses throughout.

The Alchemist – Paulo Coelho

As I often find myself on this never-ending quest to find my heart’s treasure…this was a good one. An easy to follow story with poignant moments that really do get you thinking about your life, finding happiness and being brave enough to really go for what you want. It also gives you pause to consider what you have and perhaps that IS what you want after all. I shall read this again probably in a year or so to refresh myself.

The Lady & the Unicorn – by Tracy Chevalier

I received this book from my book club because I didn’t send my response back in time. That happens semi-frequently…if the books look interesting or are already on my reading list, I will most likely keep them. Thus playing into their hand! Argh. Anyway – this is a unique story about a nobleman who orders a tapestry made for his great hall and all the people that that affects. I enjoyed this book, found it easy to read and interesting. Each chapter is first-person from a different character (I think each character repeats a few times – I can’t quite remember). Quick read, got me thinking that I would like to weave tapestries! Strange, I know….

That Old Ace in the Hole – by Annie Proulx

Another book club selection which appealed to me and I didn’t send it back. This book is set in the Texas panhandle and takes it time telling the story of the land and the people who have inhabited it (the white people, that is). It’s meandering and slow and some might find it boring but I found it just right. I enjoyed going along for the ride and soaking up the culture, tradition and history of the panhandle and the hard-luck people who often settled there. I also enjoyed seeing the main character’s transformation and falling in love with something he didn’t think possible. This book also made me want to live in a small town. I get that a lot when I see/read about them romanticized in books & movies.

Chesapeake – by James Michener

I’m currently reading this book so no review yet. I will say that I feel I am LEARNING a great deal about the Chesapeake region & it's history by reading this tale.

Happy Summer!


It has arrived in the Northland and it is a great thing. Like the DJ's on the radio this morning were saying, I think the first day of summer SHOULD be a holiday and we should all get the day off to sit in our yards and drink margaritas or go to the beach or go for a paddle or just lounge about soaking up every last drop of sunlight. *sigh*

Last year Steve & I celebrated the solstice here and this year we will most likely be on the Superior Hiking Trail or paddling on the big lake. Haven't decided yet (have to check the wave conditions on L. Superior before deciding on putting the canoe in or not!) but I hope that the evening includes a picnic supper with wine and lots of time to soak in the light in the sky (til about 11pm) before going home. It will be good to have a 'date night' as we haven't had much time lately to do something fun with each other and I'm starting to get sad about that.

Monday, June 19, 2006


I lost a friend. On Friday. 3:20pm in the afternoon. Pacific Standard Time. I didn’t know. I was already at home from work for the day and on to the next thing. I wasn’t aware. I didn’t know.

On Saturday night I logged on to my work email just….I don’t know why. I never have anything of importance but I did this time. It was after 10pm, 3-margaritas into the night and there I sat, sobbing at my computer. The last update had come in. The last breath had been breathed. She was gone.

My friend S used to be my boss. She was only a few years older than me (4, to be precise) and she was fantastic. She was English and I can still hear her accent and the sound of her laugh and the way we said daaaaaahlin in pure affected-ness. She was super stylish and beautiful and sweet and easy-going. She was a pleasure to work with.

She was also my friend…she & her husband kindly let us shoot our first film in their house; they even donned costumes when asked to be apart of things. They were there for celebrations and the occasional cocktail and just to listen, to understand.

She had cancer. Evil, evil cancer. She had melanoma 5+ years ago – a patch of skin on her neck which was removed and never heard from again. And then this February excruciating back pain…and the cancer was back. And it invaded. It was aggressive and wouldn’t let go. It wouldn’t be thwarted by drugs. Surgery was not possible. Time was the enemy.

In a way I was lucky because I was not there to see her body deteriorate and leave her behind. I can and will always remember my friend as the healthy, happy vibrant human being that I knew. The only bad thing about that is is that it is completely unbelievable to me.

I have cried, I have wondered WHY, I have talked with my friend who was extremely close to her, I have emailed her grieving husband, I have prayed and I have dreamed. I dreamt of her both nights – such wonderful, comforting dreams…it’s a little crazy but makes me feel better on some level.

She is survived by her husband of 10 years, her daughter (aged 2 ½), her parents, her siblings and countless friends & extended family. She was a peach, truly and will be forever missed.

Friday, June 16, 2006


You may or may not remember this incident last fall which was.....well, disgusting. We had a big storm, the storm sewers in Duluth suck, there was a big construction project a block up hill from us and we got sewer water in the basement. Wheeeeee! We called the city, they came out and inspected and we qualified for a grant to put a sump pump in the basement. Good good good. They're trying to put lots of sump pumps in as our city has a terrible sewer system and we are on the biggest fresh water lake in the, storm sewers are rather important.

Anyway - today is the big day! The sump pump is being installed. Last night we moved boxes and pallets and cleared out an area for them to work. We removed a blue toilet from the "bathroom" (such a loose usage of the term there) in the basement so they can remove the housetrap (whatever that is)and we're good to go. I remember saying to Steve last night that I hope they don't find any "surprises." But I knew that as I thought about the project this morning...there would be surprises. There always are. Especially with this house.

Did I tell you that the family that lived in my house from 1939 until well, 3 years before I bought it...well, the Dad/man of the house was a real "handyman?" Another loose usage there. Yeah, he apparently built the family a camper (!) and the garage, and the front enclosed porch, and a BOAT ?!?!?! amongst other things. Things are "fixed" in very "interesting" ways around our house. Sometimes confusingly fact our pipes for our shower are "home-welded" and the guy at the hardware store laughed and told us to just rip it all out (which we did not).

Anyway.....Mr. Handyman put a bathroom on the first floor. Sweet! Houses that old (circa 1896) usually didn't have 2 bathrooms and especially not one on the first floor. This makes my house very desirable in this price range. I love it. It's an awesome awesome thing to have 2 bathrooms. But I digress. The 1st floor loo is just a little (BLUE - everything - toilet, sink - gah!) powder room but it serves it's purpose. Well...sort of. After the Halloween party of '04 we stopped having guests use it in excess because well, we had a major backup/flood in the basement the next day. Boy that was a fun day off of work. Hmph. Nothing like mopping up toilet water with a hangover. But, if it's used sparingly it works fine. And it's great for doing things like brushing your teeth before running out the door, etc. Anyway - my Dad & I figured (mostly him doing the figuring) that it was a broken sewer pipe in the basement floor causing this problem and it was probably causeed by tree roots or general oldness or whatever. The options were to 1) ignore it (and it will go away! ha!) or 2) bust out the floor and fix it. We had already tried snaking it to see if there was a clog. We went with option 1 for the time being and la-ti-dah life goes on.


(see, I told you there are always surprises)

Steve calls me from home to update me on the progress of the sump pump installation. It seems that....well, Mr. Handyman has the bathroom draining directly into...the....drain tiles! EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW I cannot express that enough. EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW So yeah, basically? My house is sitting on a pile of shit. Literally.

Now our options are 1) have the contracting company who does this for a living, who has all the tools (including a jackhammer) who is ALREADY at our house doing the work tear up the floor and correctly drain that bathroom INTO THE SEWER LINE where it should ALREADY BE fortheloveofgod OR 2) just have the waste from the bathroom go THROUGH the new sump pump and pump it out INTO OUR YARD.

I'll give you a moment to ponder.

GAH!!!!!!! Just do it already! Is that a QUESTION even? I am so incredibly and totally disgusted by this whole thing yet at the same time relieved that this ongoing problem is being taken care of before any more shitty things happen (yes, pun intended).

I'm not thrilled about the impending BILL that we will now have to pay but the bright side is that we won't have to bust the floor out ourselves and discover that oh yeah, our house is sitting shit.

Why couldn't it be sitting on....GOLD or something? Diamonds? Rubies? ANYTHING but Shit?!?!?


Holly - if you're reading this - don't worry. Our house functions fine and has been sitting on shit for, oh, I don't know...30 years? So if you didn't notice the last 3 times you stayed there you probably won't notice tonight either except for the fact that this time I will point it out! doh.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Of course being the HUGE dork that I am....all excited about the new feature on the MacBook entitled "photo booth." I can "go in there" and take incredibly dorky pictures of myself ALL THE TIME! Then apply funky and silly filters and upload them here so that you, dear internet, can look at them and fully confirm my levels of dorkitude.


Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Guess where I'm blogging from.



Okay, It's not that great.

My living room!

But you see, UNTIL TODAY, I was limited to desktop access on the DELL which is UPSTAIRS. NOW I'm surfin' wireless on the new MacBook.

Life is good.

But apparently Picasa is not Mac compatible? So, what can I upload pics with? I am a bit clueless as to this stuff.......doh!

Monday, June 12, 2006

Happy Anniversaries!

Happy Anniversary to FP & FPGal who celebrate 1 year of marital bliss today - yay!

And Happy Anniversary to my parents who celebrated 40 years yesterday!!!!

I can't wait to join the ranks.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Weekend Recap

Well, another weekend come and go. How on earth does that happen so damn fast?

Friday night we went to the play Noises Off! at the Duluth Playhouse. It was fantastic. They did a great job (although they're "accents" were a bit weak IMHO). My friend J was playing the director role and true to the review, he did a great job. Everyone did. All the hilarity, the silliness the utter chaos was just what I needed. I was laughing my fool head off. I did that show in '93 myself but have never seen a live production of it (only the movie) and it was SO MUCH FUN to sit in the audience. I highly recommend it if it's every playing near you.

Saturday - got up, putzed around and then headed down to 'the cities.' I stayed at my friend Sarah's house that night and in the afternoon we sat around chatting and distributing Newton's DVDs to whomever came by. Sadly only about 5 people came by but we did manage to get rid of (that sounds nice, huh?) 14 dvd's or so. It was fun to see people and to catch up too. It's been a long time. I met some of these people in March of '03! EEek.

Sarah & I went out for dinner and had LOVELY conversations. I miss that girl. It's so nice to just be able to hang out and talk and talk and talk and drink wine. heh. We went back to her place and we were GOING to work on my wedding invitations but instead watched Bridge Jones' Diary instead.

This morning I went to a baptism of the beautiful and super-well-behaved Miss KC. She was ADORABLE. So sweet and perfectly composed and incredibly mellow. The baptism was an immersion (even though it was at a Catholic church) which I had never seen before. The first two dunks went fine for the little one but by time the 3rd dunk came around she knew what was coming and didn't like it one bit. But that was quickly resovled by Daddy and a big fluffy towel so all was well. Following the Mass we all went to brunch at L&P's house. It was really nice. I got to catch up with L's family and eat TONS of excellent brunchy foods and sip mimosas. Delish.

I hit the road around 2, back in Duluth around 4. I cleaned up a few things, put my weekend stuff away, washed the cat bowls (that's a 'sunday-chore') and took a cat nap before heading out to Steve's Dad's house for dinner. I just got back and I'm going to take out my contacts and tackle a few invitations before calling it a night.

It was a good weekend but about 4 days too short!!!

Shipping notification


It's on it's way - yipeee!

Thursday, June 08, 2006


I now have the router....

still awaiting the computer....


(I'm so impatient)

A real post later...maybe....

Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Okay, now I'm antsy. I want my new toy. Now.


Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Biting the Bullet

Well, I did it. I bought a NEW COMPUTER today!

I already "own" 2 macs and 1/2 of a Dell....but really I needed MY OWN machine...

You see, in '97 I bought an iMac with my then SO, later in '01 we jointly (though already separate) bought a G4 733 tower (on which I learned to edit video & completed 2 films and numerous weddings)....but you see, that's not practical. He has both at his place. The iMac while cute is no longer usable for my needs; the G4 is too bulky to "share" lugging back and forth and I want portability! I want wireless internet! I want MY OWN

Oh the Dell, It's okay, I like it enough to use for composing our wedding invites, updating my blog, chatting, emailing, playing weboggle & sudoku but really? I'm a Mac girl at heart. I have all the software I need to be EDITING and I can't do it on the Dell.

And I'm hopefully going to start freelancing as soon as the new Mac arrives to start paying it off. My goal is to make enough in freelance this year (through Dec) to have the thing paid for and maybe a year's worth of .Mac as well. We shall see....

It's small but I can use a monitor if/when that drives me nuts and it's FAST. It will kick my G4's ass! Whooohooo!

Here're the specs:

MacBook - black
  • 2.0GHz Intel Core Duo
  • 1GB 667 DDR2 SDRAM - 2x256
  • 80GB Serial ATA drive
  • SuperDrive (DVD±RW/CD-RW)
  • Keyboard/Mac OS - U.S. English
  • AirPort Extreme Card & Bluetooth
I'm so very very excited!!!! I can't wait til that baby is in my hot little hands! Wheeeeeee!

Oh and if you need anything edited...let me know! ha.

My new baby!!

Monday, June 05, 2006

spazz monkey

No, that's not the name of my new band (but it has a nice ring doesn't it?) That's how I feel sometimes when I have a million things going on. I can't calm down, sit down, relax, etc....and yet I can feel sooooo incredibly slacktastic (like today at work) at the same time. How is that possible?

Current projects:

  • Figure out wedding invite template & print all the pieces, then assemble, address, stamp, mail (well, in July).
  • Set meeting with the minister
  • Schedule dress fitting
  • Dye shoes
  • Make favor tags
  • Assemble welcome packets (area info, maps, etc)
  • Keep garden tended
  • Finish scraping front door & porch windows
  • Prime & paint said porch
  • Finish knitting project
  • Register for wedding gifts
  • Buy cards for various June events (graduations, weddings, anniversaries, baptisms, etc)
  • Distribute DVD of NEWTON'S
  • Update website
  • Enter more film festivals to be rejected from
  • Exercise
  • Work on Guest List
  • Compile music play list (in iTunes)
  • Figure out sound system at lodge
  • Various projects that can't be mentioned here (get your minds out of the gutter. I can't mention them because there are some that read this that may figure things out!!)
  • Maintain....keep the house clean, the laundry done, the food stocked & cooked, the cats taken care of (ay yi yi), the yard mowed, the car clean - it never ends!
  • Oil change
It's a good thing that all of my friends are long-distance because quite frankly - when is there time? You people with KIDS? How the heck do you do it?

Oh and I have my "pick-a-child" meeting on Thursday for the mentor program. Um....did I say I have time for this? Am I crazy?!?!??

I am very excited about that, however. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Okay - with that said it's time to wash my face, brush my teeth and hit the hay. I started a new book (Michener's Chesapeake) and I'm anxious to read it. More likely I will fall asleep within the first page.


Friday, June 02, 2006


My friend Sarah was in town last night visiting. It was great. We took engagement pics (well, she took them, we posed), we ate veggies & bacon-bacon dip, we drank wine & beer and we chatted our fool heads off. I miss her. She's already gone today and back to LA tomorrow.