Monday, October 09, 2006


After the ceremony (and a quick glass of wine), Steve & I (as husband & wife - ack!) headed back into the ballroom to greet our guests. We didn't really want a receiving line so this was in place of that. We moved through the rooms stopping at each table and saying hello, giving and receiving hugs, taking more pictures and chit-chatting. It took a long time, the room was very crowded but it was fun. It was so fun to finally actually SEE and talk to people that we had known were coming yet during the ceremony didn't really focus on (for obvious reasons).

We also had to do some group photos. All of my family & Steve's family plus the bridal party went outside (in the drizzle) to take photos under the arbor where we were supposed to have been married! The pictures turned out much better than I thought they would, and you can't really tell it's cold and wet out at all.

After the pictures we headed upstairs to the fireplace to take more photos and to really screw up my timetable of events (ha ha).

We did get some really nice shots by the fire though so I'm glad we did that. And it warmed me up after being so chilly outside!

Back downstairs to the ballroom - the salads were already being served! Doh! so much for having our minister say grace. (whoops). We headed up to the head table and took our places. The clinking of the glasses began immediately.

If people wanted us to kiss (which they did. A lot.) we pulled out an RSVP card from a couple and asked them to kiss first. This was pretty fun and people seemed to like it. IT didn't really deter the clinking, however. Towards the end of the dinner I will admit that it was becoming quite rigged. heh. Oh the power of a veil & a microphone! ha ha.

Dinner was this:

Ceasar salad w/dinner rolls
Grilled Chicken Fettucine
Beer, Wine, Water, Milk, etc

Children had chicken fingers & fries

Dessert was....pie! We decided to forgo the traditional cake for yummy pies. We had a choice of apple, pumpkin or blueberry. The pies came from the Rustic Inn (same place where we had our Groom's Dinner). I think they were a hit! They were so beautifully displayed too - wow. I didn't see any of that until I saw the pictures but I'm glad they looked (and tasted) so lovely!

After dinner we showed the slideshow of Steve & I that I put together. I think it was received very well and people liked it. I hear even a few got teary at moments which is any editors goal (ha! Kidding! well, sort of....). Then the dancing started.

We danced to Stay Forever by Ween (of all bands!) as our first dance. This song holds some significance as it was on the first mixed CD I gave Steve. I gave it to him for a Valentine's Day present ONE WEEK after our first date. I was nervous that including that song would be too forward, but I did really like the guy and guess what? He likes me too! So, we thought it would be a good non-traditional choice of a first dance.

The second song was Through the Years by Kenny Rogers which Steve danced with his Mother and I danced with my Dad. It was very sweet and Dad & I had a good talk, shed a few tears and I thanked him for being such an incredible father and influence in my life. I told him I have been searching for my entire life to find someone who measures up to him and I finally did in Steve.

Okay - I'm tearing myself up right now. Sheesh, I am a sap.

After the emotional dancing the iTunes list switched over to PARTY music with Stevie Wonder's SIR DUKE and we went from there.

I was so happy to see the dance floor filled for our very short dance. It was an eclectic mix of music that Steve & I put together and sadly we didn't get to play nearly any of it! (the dance only went til 10) We didn't even make it to the polka which I specifically downloaded from iTunes because my family is German! We love to polka! Oh well.

I danced a lot with my friends, family, cousins, my lovely husband. I chatted with people and went outside to the non-drizzling weather and chatted with a few people out there too.

The reception was warm and cozy, fun and exciting, full of so much laughter, smiles, hugs, dancing and fun! I had such a great time I truly did not want it to end. When our DJ (aka my good friend Mark) got on the mic to say that we had to wrap things up and play a last song, I was very sad. But, all good things, they say, must come to an end.

Mostly I didn't want to take off my wedding dress & veil!! (which I snagged hideously, btw, my dress that is. :-()

We announced the "after-party"/bonfire and hoped that people would attend.

Steve & I left the reception (clean up was the next day) and walked hand in hand to our honeymoon cabin to change and get ready for the campfire.

It was a beautiful evening...

more to come....

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African Kelli said...

Call me a pain in the ass, but I want more photos. Specifically of those pies and how they were set up!
I am so glad everything went off without a problem. :)