Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Well, things here in the land of Optimism have turned to chaos!

My film, Newton's Disease is premiering tomorrow in Minneapolis! This is the first public screening of my film and needless to say I'm a bit nervous.

Here're the details:

hypothetical productions

Thursday, October 12, 2006
The Riverview Theater
3800 42nd Ave S.
Minneapolis, MN
Tickets: $8


So yeah...there's the whole WORLD PREMIERE thing (what will I wear??) - I'm sending press releases, press kits, emails, phone calls and posts to MySpace at a rapid rate. We've rented the theater so we're responsible for getting butts in the seats. Egads. I'm also 150 miles from said theater so things like hanging flyers & distributing postcards have not been easy. We have some very cool people helping us out so hopefully that'll help.

On top of that we have 3 screenings in Duluth the following week which we're trying to get some press for. Lunch today will be spent scurrying around town dropping off flyers & postcards. More emails. More press releases. More phone calls.

And the cherry on top is that Steve & I are refinishing our hardwood floors this weekend! GAH! What terrible timing!! It's the only weekend though that worked for us this fall andmy Dad is SO VERY GRACIOUSLY coming up to help out so we have to take advantage of that. Not one of the three of us knows what we're doing so this should be interesting. The house is in shambles. We're presently removing EVERYTHING from the dining room, living room, front porch and teeny bedroom. Um. I have GOT to purge!! I did throw away a ton of crap today but there is more. I just don't have time right now to do it. Oh and we have to repair part of the floor before we can start sanding! Ay yi yi...

So....I will look for more wedding pics (although I think I'm about out - SEND ME YOUR PICS IF YOU HAVE THEM PEOPLE!!). The cool detail pics & other pics I keep mentioning are my photographers and I can't post them yet. :) Hopefully soon.

If you're in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, PLEASE come and check out my film. There's even a party afterwards. If you come tell me you saw this on my blog and you'll get invited to the party!

If you're in Duluth - come next week! I'll post more about that later. October 19-21 at the Playground.

If you've ever refinished hardwood floors - PLEASE SEND US YOUR GOOD HAPPY THOUGHTS!!

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Good happy thoughts on the way!