Tuesday, October 03, 2006

To Continue...Or the Case of the Missing Pants

On our wedding morning I was awake early. I couldn't stay asleep yet I didn't really want to get up yet. My cousin and I laid in bed chatting away and giggling (as my aunt calls it) and it was a very nice mellow way to start the day.

After a quick breakfast and a much needed diet coke. I headed over to the Lodge to start decorating. The crew included my parents, my sister, my brother-in-law, my autn & uncle, my cousin, Steve's sister, my friends Sarah & Sam and....I think that's it! My mind was fuzzy so my apologies if I've forgotten anyone.

I supervised the setting up of the room! (naturally, what else would a Virgo do?) We placed real, pressed autumn leaves (collected by Steve & I last fall) on the center of each table (white linens). On top of that went a clear glass plate, a clear glass cylinder which was filled with Lake Superior rocks (which were returned, btw) and to top it off a floating candle in ivory. The look was just what I wanted and I loved it! It represented the North Shore - trees, rocks, water. We also put votives on the head table (along with 2 'centerpieces' and lots of leaves. Over the dance floor my Dad, uncle & bro-in-law strung white christmas lights back and forth (I'm a big fan of "twinkly" lights - you should see my house!) which gave the room a fabulous glow. we also decorated other tables with large green thimble berry leaves with one votive in the middle; fake leaf garland for the card bird cage & gift table, more leaves on the place card table and also on the guest book table. It turned out so lovely and I was soooo happy with the results.

After decorating I went back to the lake home so I could shower before getting my hair done. AND I got locked out! I stood outside on the porch (in the wind & rain) for nearly a 1/2 hour while various friends ran back to the lodge to get the right key, to get a new key, etc. *sigh* That was the only time I started to feel stressed out. Finally at 11:15 (our hair appts were at 11:30) I got in and rushed to take a shower. We ended up being about 15 mins late to the salon but they didn't seem to mind. We were the only ones there.

After our hair appointments it was back to the lodge to have lunch and start getting ready! That's when Sarah stopped by. She walked up to the house and said "um, okay, well, we have a little problem...." That is not what a bride wants to hear!! About a million things zipped through my head in the 2 seconds it took for her to tell me what the problem was...all of them not good....and she finished "Steve forgot his pants in Duluth!" DOH.

A pantless groom. Oh dear.

Duluth is about 45 minutes from the lodge. We were supposed to meet for pictures at 2pm. It was 1:15pm when I found this out! Hmmmm......Guess we'll be a little late. No biggie - I was excited to have more time to eat! That's just how I operate!

Steve's brother drove back to Duluth to get the pants. I'm so glad that Steve didn't go himself. Now THAT would've stressed me out.

I just felt so badly for Steve because he was so nervous & stressed already! I knew this wouldn't be good.

Surprisingly it all worked out find and no one blew their lids and everyone was quite calm.

I got ready with my two Sarah's and the waiting seemed to take forever. Finally around 3pm my Groom (with pants) arrived at the lake home! I was thrilled. I waited downstairs for him to come in. And when he did I felt so many emotions: happiness, overjoyed-ness, relief, comfort, assuredness, peace. It was fabulous. I felt so much less stressed out and nervous after I saw him and could hug him and could breathe again. He looked amazing. So sharp in his crisp black suit, his striped elegant black tie, his read Gerbera boutonnière. He told me I was beautiful and we hugged and kissed and breathed a collective sigh of relief. I was so thrilled for him to see my dress (finally!) and to be all ready to go.

We took some photos out near the lake behind the lake home (it briefly stopped drizzling!) and we tried to keep each other calm. Soon we headed to the Lodge for the wedding.

Unfortuantely we couldn't do the ceremony outside. At least the ballroom was cozily dressed up for fall with our decorations and everyone was sitting at their tables (named after trees, btw). As soon as I came downstairs I could hear my friends Mark & Chriss playing their Lennon/McCartney medley and I felt this lump grow in my throat. THIS WAS REALLY HAPPENING! I waited with much anticipation as the medley ended and the processional began.

MY LOVE by Paul McCartney was the processional and after my grandmothers were seated Steve & the minister walked in and took their places. The rest is soooo blurry. The bridesmaids went in, I stood with my Dad. Mark gave me a knowing wink & grin from inside the ballroom and then we were walking in!

I DIDN'T CRY! I thought for sure I would be a mess. But not a tear. My dad was a little teary I think but not I! Very strange. I was SOOOO happy and focused on my wonderful groom up there waiting for me and the rest just sort of happened.

The ceremony was so lovely (if I do say so myself). The minister spoke such kind and beautiful words for us - even incorporating the huge surf & wind that was present on the lakeshore. And the "message" was about starting with a blank canvas together and bringing our own paints & colors and combining them together to create something new. It was very touching.

It was HOT in that room. I don't know if others felt it but Steve & I did. We both kept our hands clasped together and I kept thinking...."don't pass out, don't pass out..." I could see tiny beads of sweat on Steve's forehead and knew he was feeling it too.

During the vows I sort of lost it. Not enough to not be able to talk but I got a bit wavery in my voice and a bit teary and a bit shaky. I just couldn't believe that I was finally there. Getting married. Becoming connected spiritually, legally to a man I love so much. My sister & Sarah (bridesmaid Sarah) informed me that as soon as I started to cry my back broke out in blotches! nice!! Luckily no one else could see that. Lovely.

Unfortunately the wine & glasses was not set up for our wine ceremony!! Luckily my Dad noticed this right away and he alerted Sarah (photographer Sarah) and she was able to get it and bring it in (talk about multi-tasking!). Thankfully the ceremony was fairly casual so it wasn't a big deal but it did feel a bit out of whack. During the wine ceremony Mark & Chriss played MAYBE I'M AMAZED which was heavenly.

Soon it came to an end (1/2 hour maybe? 40 mins? I have no idea...) and we were standing there being pronounced husband and wife and we kissed and we were married.


Immediately after we left, we walked to the bar for a glass of wine. That's a convenient set up. I highly recommend it! ha ha.

Reception & campfire stories to come...I don't want to bore you entirely.....

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