Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Worry Wart

So here I sit on Halloween night.

I sit here somewhere between totaly angst and being greatly annoyed.

Steve went camping with 5 other guys on Thursday night. They went to the Boundary Waters loaded up with loads of supplies, canoes, whiskey - you know, the camping essentials.

They were supposed to come back today....but I haven't heard from them.

No word. Out of cell phone range.

Dark. Cold.

This is when I zoom into super-hyper-worry mode. My imagination is VERY fruitful and I've been trying to distract myself all evening with watching various things on television, writing wedding thank yous, handing out candy to trick-or-treaters (we had 17 tonight - pretty good considering it's only in the 20's) and well, that's about it. I spend a lot of time zoning out and trying not to think.

I'm sure it just got late today and they decided - heck, it's getting late - we might as well just stay another night. But DAMN I would really like to know that. I feel like the wifey nag calling his cell phone about a million times. I even left a message on his friend's cell phone. I can't help it. I'm a worrier by nature.This is just sucky.

His Mom has called me about a million times (as well) asking if I've heard. She's getting really worried and that doesn't help my nerves a bit.


I have had better Halloweens....


donna said...

I'm sure all is well. Probably just some minor traffic problem or something. Keep us posted. Hugs....

erika said...

Hugs from me as well. I'm a worrier, too. It is probably something minor and you'll laugh about it later.

Holly said...

Ask Pete about his camping trip earlier this year and the 15 messages he had from me when he got back into cell phone range. I chose to think that it demonstrates how much I love people when I get this way :)