Friday, October 27, 2006

Not Cool

That's our freezer anyway. Last Sunday I pulled out the ice cream (Breyer's Cookies & Cream - yum) as I was finally over my cold enough to WANT ice cream. I dug in with the new superhero-esque ice cream scoop (shower gift) and it just went through the ice cream with an ease that I was not expecting. Our freezer has stopped being "really cold."

We've rearranged things in there (who knew we had so many partial bags of buns??), we turned the settings down, up, off, on; we put in a couple thermometers and the prognosis is....22 degrees. Not really cold enough for a freezer. So far the meat is staying frozen (barely) but the ice cream is woefully not.

I called a service tech today as I really REALLY would rather have it be FIXED instead of having to purchase a new one and luckily one of the repair people can come out today after 4:30 as they had a cancellation. Hopefully he'll look at and go "oh yes, you need a new freezdingalaptor" and then it'll be fixed and I'll once again have hard packed ice cream (you see where my priorities lie? Screw the meat - I need ice cream!).

In other (small) appliance news...I brought a small white crockpot to work a couple weeks ago for a going-away potluck filled with mini cocktail weinies & bbq sauce. I was gone the next day but that's usually not a big deal as there is usually a day-after potluck as well w/leftovers. Well, the bottom (heating part) of my crockpot is GONE. I have the ceramic insert & lid (complete w/leftover weinies) but the main part is missing. I emailed everyone here to say "hey, did you happen to see my crock pot?" to no avail! I don't understand and am a bit annoyed by this. *sigh*

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African Kelli said...

That stinks on the freezer! But is there anything better than getting home from work and not wanting to cook and finding a pot of food ready for you waiting? I love my crock!