Monday, October 30, 2006


My Halloweening is pretty mellow this year. (Yes, I know that's not a with it. :)) Saturday of course was the Pumpkin Train and that evening my friend Michelle came over for the Great Gorge Fest of 2006. She made the lovely graveyard cake pictured above...sadly we ate so much food that night we couldn't possibly eat cake TOO! So, we'll be eating that tomorrow at work.

We feasted on veggies & Tastefully Simple Bacon-Bacon dip (my fave), Triscuits & a couple different cheeses, pretzels, TS Beer Bread & "Warm the Oven" warm cheese dip. Healthy, huh?

We watched the first episode from the British version of THE OFFICE (and I will be watching more!) and a couple of creepy movies. An American Haunting which is the tale of the Bell Witch in Tennessee in....1818 or so. Interesting story - I enjoyed it. I love Sissy Spacek and though Donald Sutherland was pretty good too. Michelle figured this one out way before I did. The second flick we watched was Identity which I had seen before but she had not. I like this movie and find it to be pleasantly Hitchcockian (a word? I don't know). It was interesting watching it again as I knew the ins and outs and found it had quite a different feel to it. I like it.

We imbibed a new cocktail called "Dracula's Kiss." I recommend it for your spooky evening tomorrow although it is sweet so maybe only one or two would do:

(from cocktails)

1 oz Black Cherry Vodka
1/2 oz red grenadine

Coat the bottom of a high ball glass with the grenadine. Fill glass with ice. Add one shot of Black Cherry Vodka & fill with cola (or in my case DIET COKE). Pour carefully and observe the creepy effect!


**notice the dried up dead looking flowers in the upper right of the photo? Yeah, that's my wedding, it's really dead. Gerberas don't keep (apparently) AT ALL and yet, I cannot bring myself to throw it away! What is my problem?!??!? Steve has been very cool about far. ha!


Sarah said...

Cool cake
Hee hee, I tried to save my bouquet and it wound up moldy! eeeeew. that helped me get over my sentimentality in a hurry. I do still have a bunch of pressed petals, but I have no idea what to do with them.

Holly said...

Mine has lasted a couple of years. It has a bit of an odor (Pete would probably say more). It even moved with us :) My zinnia's did better than my gerbera.

What, pray tell, is the green on your cake?