Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Today is Wednesday. One day before the Duluth Premiere of Newton's Disease. 3 days after the sanding was completed on my floors. 8 days after the World Premiere of my film. 13 days before Halloween & my husband's birthday. 25 days after we got married.

There are 21 days til my Mom's birthday (gift already purchased); 36 days til Thanksgiving; 45 days til we leave on our MUCH NEEDED honeymoon; 68 days til Christmas (started shopping yet?); 70 days til my Dad's 60th b-day and 75 days til 2007.

I have 291 minutes left to work.

2 knitting projects to complete in the near future.

200+ thank you notes to write (and only 40 bought so far - WHERE DID MY THANK YOU NOTES GO, TARGET???)

2 kitties at home probably dying for attention

and 35 Friends on MySpace.

In other words,
I'm bored.

1 comment:

African Kelli said...

Do you want me to make you some thank you notes? I'd be happy to.
1 friend in Arizona.