Wednesday, October 25, 2006


When I'm feeling very blah or down or unenthused about what I'm doing, I visit certain websites which always lift my spirits and inspire me to get back to what I love to do - create! I find that I can read the lovely words written by these ladies (and occasionally men) and the photos fill me with delight and the projects make me want to bust out all of my crafty supplies at once and fill the kitchen with fresh baked goods wrapped in beautiful packages. Sometimes it's hard when I walk down these avenues because I am generally in a place where I cannot immediately run to my "craft room" (currently a card table in the den but soon to be an ACTUAL ROOM!!) to start a project. Often I can't wait til that last minute on my "work clock" when I can rush home and work on something between the magical hour of getting home from work and making dinner.

These are some of the sites that have been inspiring me lately.

Thank you.

AfricanKelli - for amazing baked goods, sewing projects and the most incredible thoughtfulness and kind human spirit. Great photos too.

Slateblu - a new find which has beautiful paper crafts, delectable eats and fun projects along the way. Not to mention some pretty cute little ones.

Yarnstorm - when I am feeling especially blue or frenzied, visiting this site calms me immensely. The prose, the photos, the cakes, the knitting, the English charm. I love this site.

SuperHero Designs/Journal - inspiring entries, beautiful beautiful pictures, an incredibly sweet soul and a very talented artist. She makes me stop and reflect and feel and drool over her photographs. Her jewelry is beautiful too. Hopefully someday I will be able to buy one for myself as a treat.

Dr. Girlfriend Knits and Carrieoke - these sites make me want to throw down my office supplies and pick up my knitting needles right here in my cubicle.

Smitten Kitchen - I've been reading this one for a long time - before the "kitchen" and before she was "smitten." Her photos are incredible and her culinary masterpieces are just that. She is fun to read, her recipes make me hungry and I can't imagine getting all of her fabulous cooking utensils, ingredients & energy in such a small NY apartment!

Hello My Name is Heather, Allsorts - a copule sites I'm new too but have been enjoying.

What inspires you?

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Debbie said...

I go in knitterly spurts of inspiration and I might go for awhile and knit other people's patterns and then I'll go for a few weeks with so many ideas that I can't write them down fast enough. I have a tendency to knit odd things, more sculptural and just plain wierd and so I need to know how to actually shape what I'm knitting so I do a mind bending exercise by looking at what is around me and thinking of how I would knit it...things like city buses and human bodies and food and everyday objects. It's a great mental trick and it also makes you break things down into smaller components and actually think about the structure of everyday objects.

But people really look at you funny when you are staring at the city bus intently dissecting how you would knit the bike rack...I might need to feign talking to voices in my head so I'll have an excuse.