Monday, October 23, 2006

Knitting by the Light of My Film

Well, this round of screenings of Newton's Disease are now over. I can breathe a bit of a sign of relief. They've gone well but I've just been so darn busy since...July...that it'll be nice to be done for a while and take a break and start to focus on upcoming events...holidays & honeymoon.

For the three nights in Duluth we had about 90 people come and see the film. That doesn't sound like a ton, but for a town that doesn't seem to have a huge art house crowd I thought we did very well. We got some really great audience response, lots of people we didn't know at all showed up and we even sold a few DVDs. Each night's audience responded very differently and I find that interesting. Where the laughs come, the thougthful pauses, the "aha!" moments...and people's reactions afterwards are usually telling too. For instance - do people (friends and/or acquaintances) stop and say something either 1) out of honesty or 2) out of politeness or do they just duck their heads and remove themselves from the theater as quickly as possible? I had one co-worker who avoided me the ENTIRE next day (!). That is not very Minnesota-nice. Usually you'd reply to an email (which I sent her) at the very least with a "thanks for the invite." (regardless I was SHOCKED to see this particular co-worker and her husband show up on Thursday night). I understand it's not everyone's cup of tea. That is fine. The avoidance factor is just very strange to me.

My in-laws came. This was their 2nd viewing and they "LOVED" it. That is good. They think it gets better with multiple viewings, and that is the general consensus along with the consensus of the producers (ie: me). My Sweet Husband agrees and says it gets better every time he sees it. He's seen it a lot by now.

We had a party afterwards on Saturday at Jason's party-pad. It was fairly low-key but nice to have time and a place to relax, have a few drinks, some good food and conversation - about the movie or not. It felt like a big sigh of relief, quite frankly.

Oh - and by Friday night I brough my knitting. It's just too much to watch the same movie (that I've seen, oh....5000 times) night after night. I found that I wanted to be IN the theater though listening to the audience's reaction. I also learned that I can knit in the dark. I didn't even mess up my pattern rows which makes me very happy.


African Kelli said...

Love it. I really wish I could have been there! I am so glad you had such a great response.

weeone said...

Multi-talented lady! Happy 1 mos, btw.