Monday, March 16, 2009

SXSW - Last Day

So, today is the last day that we're here. We're finally in our groove and of course we have to leave. And the weather is finally BEAUTIFUL outside...and we have to leave. Hmph. It's 70 degrees and sunny here right now. Perfect. I have spent a lot of time today just sitting outside & reading.

We attended another mentor session this morning and met with a really cool entertainment lawyer. He was very interested in looking at our film and passing it on to the acquisitions department of the company he works with. Hey! We'll take it!

Last night we saw the MN Film FOUR BOXES. It was a lot of fun. It was sort of a thriller; lots of comedy in it and a few twists and turns. I really enjoyed it. Justin Kirk from WEEDS fame was in it...and you all know that WEEDS is my newest obsession so that was cool and at the after party I got to talk with him which really made my day. Another actor in the film, Sam Rosen (nephew of WCCO dude Mark Rosen) was also very cool (very funny in the film as well). We got to talking at the afterparty and I learned that his wife is from Duluth (all the actors were MN natives...or semi-natives...well, maybe not the girl....I don't know) and he got married at Grand Superior Lodge in Castle Danger which is where I got married! There were a lot of "shut ups!" in our conversation. It was really fun.

Now we're just killing a little time before heading back to the hotel to pick up our stuff and go to the airport. Our flight's not til 5:45 but we don't have any other activities to do here and we'd just as soon get to the airport earlier rather than later. It'd be different if we had a car, but we don't so la-ti-dah.

I can't WAIT to get home to see my baby - my 15-MONTH-OLD for crying out loud!!! I think she's going to be walking any day (I hope she hasn't yet!). I get to see her tomorrow. I get in late to the Cities tonight and then my Dad is bringing her up from Austin (MN) tomorrow morning. I can't wait! I can't wait to get my hands on that little cutie.

Guess that's it from Texas, y'all. I've enjoyed myself and maybe will be headed this way again some day!


Kate said...

Y'all. God, I miss saying that as a part of a normal, everyday conversation.

I think I'm going to start back up.

Anonymous said...

Sam Rosen is married? wow

Anonymous said...

didn´t know about that

Anonymous said...

when did he got married though?

carrster said...

Anonymous - I believe it was last September.

Anonymous said...

hey thanks for the info. so he defo is married?
do you know him? Sam I mean?