Monday, March 09, 2009

Lots going on!

Wow - there's been a lot happening in the last week or so...

First of all Fargo. We had an awesome time. We met some great people, saw some great (and mediocre) films, and had a stellar screening on Friday night. TONS of people there, the old dude playing the Wurlitzer beforehand, lots of Q's during the Q&A, etc. It was a blast. We sold some project, shook lots of hand and made some excellent contacts. The "Framed by Women" lunch panel was not as dreadful as I thought. I was with 4 other very talented & interesting women and it went by really fast. I only said a couple of things that made me sound like an ass. I also ended up being on the lunch panel (unbeknownst to me!) on Saturday. "Unfiltered: Guests of the Fest tell All" it was a LOT of fun. I sat next to Melody Gilbert (who is quite the documentarian -from St. Paul - we met her during the 2007 Fargo Film Festival). She was awesome and I thnk could be a valuable resource & mentor. We also met Alan Abel - the subject of the festivals documentary feature award winner "Abel Raising Cain" - sadly we didn't get to stay for Saturday's films but nevertheless it was a great time.

2ndly Dahlia is just going NUTS with doing new stuff! First there was the pulling herself up to standing - which is ADORABLE. She also can "cruise" down things that she's standing next to - as long as it's low (like the futon or bathtub) cute. She also can walk if she pushes one of our small stacking end tables or her push toy (but so far only on carpet). She sort of walks! amazing. But she still looks very drunk when she does it. Yesterday she gave me a "kiss" for the first time. Open mouthed and very slobbery but melted my heart! Today she gave Steve the same. She ALSO "roared" when we asked her what sound the lion makes today. Super freaking cute. That kid. She cracks me up.

Thirdly, I'm going to Austin, TX on Thursday to attend SXSW. I'm very excited. We're not screening there but we're crashing. Hoping to see some good films, meet some good contacts and get the most out of our mentor sessions & panels as we can. I'm also super excited because I get to meet Donna! We're planning to meet up on Friday night. Whohooo! I can't wait. The weather's supposed to be crappy - but I think that's relative. We're looking at 14+" of snow in the next two days so....a little rain and 60 degrees sounds pretty good to me!

Lastly there are more financial difficulties on the horizon. Join the club, right? I feel great momentum for our company but I'm very worried about our financing. Very. We have a yucky meeting tomorrow. My stomach's been in knots for days. I'd hate to lose steam (and uh, my job) when things are starting to look really good. So, cross your fingers that I'll still have a job by this time tomorrow.

Guess that's enough for now! Fargo pics are on Facebook if you're so inclined.


Meigan said...

Fingers crossed, babe. And all kinds of white light going your way!

Kate said...

Money talks suck. Good luck. And finding a mentor is one of the best things, ever.