Friday, March 13, 2009


Hey y'all. I'm here in Texas. I'm tired. It's been a long day. Got up, got myself & Miss Dahlia packed up. Drove to Minneapolis...hung out with the triplets, my sister, my Dad and Dahlia all day. Dad drove me to the airport and he & Dahlia headed to Austin. Then I headed to the other Austin.

The flight was fine, we are in a nice hotel. It is "cold" here (40 degrees when we arrived, but still 40 degrees warmer than when I left Duluth). It is raining. I like the rain but hope it doesn't rain all day tomorrow. And Saturday.

The hotel is very nice. I have to PAY for Wifi which is totally lame, but I am an addict so there ya go. I'm looking forward to sleeping...all night, then eating a made-to-order free breakfast, then hitting the SXSW scene.

That's it! G'night!


juliemac_29 said...

I'm so jealous and living vicariously through you! Enjoy your time in Austin!! It's a beautiful city. I was there for 18 hours during my last year of college when I auditioned for the Masters program at UTAustin. It was friggin' cold then too!

Kate said...

I read the title and thought, I could totally make it over to Austin this weekend.

But I suppose I should tell you to have fun anyway....

feisty said...

i am PEA-GREEN with envy. it is one of my dreams to be at SXSW! or even to visit Austin.

go crazy with the networking and work-stuff, but also have fun and find some cool new bands for me!

Meigan said...

Did I get that right - you're doing something at the Paramount - in Austin, TX? Coincidence!

I am loving White Man's World, btw. I'm learning so much about you - it's just a riot. Love it.