Sunday, March 15, 2009

Day 3....exhausted.

I'm old. I mean seriously. I am so old.

This has been an exhausting weekend! It's day 3 of SXSW and I'm pooped! Friday night we went to a film, I met up with the INCREDIBLE and AMAZING Donna for dinner & drinks (she is so freaking awesome, should really go and meet her), and then back to the hotel. At the hotel there was probably 2 hours of DRAMA amongst my traveling companions and I finally hit the wall and went to be amidst the carnage. I couldn't take it any more. It was WAY too late of a night.

Yesterday we got here 'bright & early' (well, 11am...heh) and we went to a panel about distribution and learned that we really need a sales agent or a producer's rep (duh, yes, we know). Later we had mentor sessions where we chatted with managers & distribution people where we learned, we pretty much need a sales agent or producer's rep (ding! Got it). We spent the afternoon walking around, eating lunch, not networking like we should, attending a panel on low-budget effects and then went back to the hotel to change for the evening.

Last night we went to two films. OBJECTIFIED which was a interesting documentary about design (by the filmmaker who made HELVETICA). Then we hoofed it to the 'far' theatre (didn't look that far on the map) but several blisters on the balls of my feet & 45 minutes later we arrived to watch AMERICAN PRINCE (another documentary) about Steven Prince - a close friend of Martin Scorsese and all of his crazy stories. It was very interesting and Mr. Prince was in the audience which was cool.

We still have yet to see a narrative feature. Which is lame because that's what we make...but tonight we will be seeing FOUR BOXES which not only is a narrative feature it is from Minnesota! We plan on attending the after party as well.

Now we're waiting for more mentor sessions to start - this time with festival programmers (WHY WON'T YOU PROGRAM OUR FILM!) and later more panels on distribution & building an online audience & new media. It sounds like a really interesting afternoon.

Tomorrow we have a little Jesus planned - more to come on that later....for now I'm going to try to stay awake and perk up and start networking. Why do I suck at this? Sheesh. I feel like a big filmmaker failure. Hmph.

Anyway - it's warming up here finally - I guess it was 52 in Minnesota yesterday and it was a measly 49 here in Texas!! WTF?????? Of course the rest of this week after we leave it is supposed to be in the 70's & 80's. Figures.

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Meigan said...

I want to be your sales rep! I've got 14 years of experience selling stuff that's not half as interesting as your movies. I'll just work out of my home - whaddya think???