Thursday, March 26, 2009

Working it Out

Yesterday I decided to work out. I can't stand it any more. I'm out of shape, I'm a gross shape, my clothes don't' fit and when I see pictures of myself I cringe. I have been very lazy. I have not been exercising and I've been eating whatever I want. It's got to stop. Summer is right around the corner and then there's no hiding it! I'm going on vacation on Saturday and I detest how my (post-pg) swimming suit fits. It's embarrassing. I'm constantly pulling down my shirts and UGH.

So, yeah, I pulled out the old Cindy Crawford workout - that was spontaneous - and it kicked my ass. Particularly my legs, actually. It's a wonder I can even walk today.

I'm trying to eat less, eat less junk and watch my salt intake. I'm giving up a diet coke a day (I was back up to 2 a day) and I'm trying to drink a lot more water.

Hopefully as the weather warms up it will be easier to get the kind of exercise I really enjoy - being outside, hiking, biking, etc.


feisty said...

i have both Cindy Crawford video tapes from the 1990's. she kicks butt. congrats on a tough workout!

michelle said...

i'm so there with you!

i put on one of my favorite shirts that i wear a lot and went to pull on it (like i'm constantly doing with all my shirts) and realized i poked a hole in it! :(

i've been meaning to exercise for the past two days but i'm going to take your lead and actually do it! i don't have cindy crawford but i do have jacki warner - she makes me hurt.

Kate said...

I've lost five pounds since I started dancing with the pilot. And it's only been two weeks. Sure, we've gone five times in two weeks, but it's FUN!