Sunday, February 22, 2009

Oscars '09 - Live Blogging

7:30 - Oscars begin. Fabulous lights on stage. Nice. I've just poured my 2nd glass of boxed wine, I'm sitting in my "knitting is knotty" t-shirt and unmatching purple vikings flannel pants.

Hugh Jackman is hot.

7:41 - I very much enjoyed the opening number. But then again I think Hugh Jackman is hot. so......I particularly enjoyed Anne Hathaway getting up on stage. How fun. I am jealous.

7:47 - The Oscar goes to... Penelope Cruz...I have to say, I'm not sure how I'll like this format throughout (various previous winners introducing the nominees), but I'm in tears during this first one. But that could be because of a whole other slew of reasons. Like, why aren't I THERE yet? Why am I sitting in flannel pants surrounded by Elmos & flowers that play music and Horton (who hears a Who?)? *sigh* I am emotional. It will be a long night.

7:49pm - btw, I don't think I've seen any movies, but I'm adding them to my Netflix queue as I watch. I am a loser.

7:54pm - Just threw a load of laundry in - very un-glamourous. Remind me to host a party next year.

7:56 - MILK wins best screenplay. I have course have not seen it. I've also just added it to my Netflix queue.

7:59pm - I love Tina Fey's dress.

8:01pm - Adapted Screenplay - Slumdog Millionaire...yup - wanna see it. Haven't. (of course)(but I did see MAMA MIA! this year!!) - I just added it to my queue. I would like to go to India some day.

8:03pm - What do you think of the supposed "Brangelina/Jennifer Aniston" 'feud?' I dig her dress...and her "fresh look." Hmmm, haven't seen any of the animated films this year. But I did watch part of BABY EINSTEIN Goes to the Farm last week. *sigh* Where has my life gone.......

8:07pm Wall-E - not a shocker. I added it to the queue earlier.

8:25pm - I think Benjamin Buttons won the makeup award. I'm far too distracted with the boxed wine and texting to pay attention.

I wish I could see more movies when they come out!!!!

8:12pm - (commercial break) should I be knitting? or picking up? or something? Am I a slacker?

8:17pm - Art Direction - Benjamin Buttons....I'm distracted though because I'm texting with Sam and really thinking about booking a cruise with her next winter....

8:21pm - The Duchess wins best costume - and I have added it to my queue. (bored yet?) More interesting chatting with Sam about cheap wine & cigs...*sigh* I miss her.

8:35pm - Ben Stiller's beard was hilarious. hee hee. I think Slumdog won. Makes me remember I need to hire a DP for RILEY.....

8:36 - NO ONE'S signed up for auditions yet. Good lord.

8:36 - I think I will have more wine.

8:41 - I am making popcorn. Organic microwave, if you must know.

8:47pm - I TOTALLY called Spielzeugland!!! German films always win....the popcorn is good. I'm waiting for Sam to get online so we can chat instead of text. It's much quicker. I wonder how long my laptop batter will hold out.....

8:52pm - Hugh Jackman is dancing. I like it....

8:57pm - The Musical is Back - uh, okay. I love it! I love musicals so I'm okay with that. Peder - a little re-do of WEST SIDE? Shall we?

9:07pm - I am totally distracted by posting my kitchen table on Craigslist. I think Heath Ledger will win...

9:08pm - Heath Ledger wins. I've put DARK KNIGHT in the queue.

9:15pm - MAN ON WIRE - wins best documentary. It's available on Netflix-on-Demand. We'll see if Steve is interested in watching with me.

9:22pm - I totally want a cigarette. Combination boxed wine, and "action" montage...I'm not a smoker. Hmmmm....time to re-charge the laptop soon (and refill my glass!) I think I missed some awards....doh.

9:25pm - WTF is wrong with me? I haven't seen the latest INDIANA JONES yet? Ugh, babies...sometimes they really mess with your personal schedule...

9:34pm - I am TOTALLY not paying attention. I am researching cruises. I love wifi.

9:55pm - Music - I'm not paying attentino. I'm worried about my laptop dying.

10:03pm - Steve just went to bed. I am in the kitchen because that's where my power cord is currently and I'm too lazy to move it. There's a commercial on anyway. I think I missed the end of the best song/score categories....I may be winding down...I can tell you're heartbroken.

10:12pm - oh God, the Tribute section.....I am just no good for his. I am a sobbing mess. Doesn't even matter if I dont' know ANY of them!!!!!! And when I do - forget it!

10;15pm - Oh the end of it was just toomuch TOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!

10:19pm - Best Director (me! haha - just kidding). I think Reese's eye makeup is too much. Am I alone? I predict Danny Boyle....

I was right! I must see this film. I am super-duper lame. My parents have seen this film and I have not. *sigh*. I'm glad I call myself a filmmaker!

10:22pm - what a long night if you're nominated for best actor or actress. Sheesh! Nerve-Wracking. I would so much rather be sitting on the couch with Beavis the cat. ...

10:31pm - Kate Winslet wins Best Actress - yay for her! Of course I have seen none of the performances, but I really dig her.

I have just added "Rachel Getting Married" and "The Changeling" to my queue.

10:46pm - I'm happy for Sean Penn....have yet to see the film, of course....

10:52pm - I of course have to go see SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE - this year's best picture! I really enjoyed the best picture montage - I thought it was very unique and fun, and fitting and makes me want to get in the edit suite really really badly. It said a lot to me, and I liked that. It also said, girl, you need to see more films.

I think that's it.

Good night. Next year? Lets' too apps & cocktails because watching the Oscars "virtually" alone gets lonely!


-Peder said...

Sorry, I was in Tivo time and just caught up at the two hour mark. And yes, I'm ready to redo West Side Story. Can I be the world's oldest (and baldest) Tony?

Meigan said...

What a great recap, Carrie! I watched a grand total of seven minutes. So your play-by-play is appreciated.

I'd love to see you accept "Best Director" someday!