Friday, February 20, 2009

Florida bound!

So March is going to be full of travel for me....


Austin, TX

and now - FLORIDA!

We've decided to join Steve's Mom & her SO at their condo for a week. It is a cheap vacation for us - we used our frequent flyer miles for plane tickets, they're driving so they're going to pick us up at the airport (no need for a rental car) and since we're staying with them at their condo - no hotel costs! We just figured when are we going to get such a cheap vacation? Plus it's a nice two bedroom two bath condo that it'll be *easy* to have Dahlia at. There's a pool, it's a block from the beach....and since they're driving we can *hopefully* load them up with a pack & play, high chair, jogger (?) etc. And we'll have built-in babysitters if we want to do something sans baby.

We honeymooned here in 2006 and it was one of the most relaxing vacations I can remember. Of course it'll be different this time but I think it's definitely something we need - to get away from our HOUSE for a while and be forced to relax!

Maybe we'll take Dahlia kayaking for the first time!! Whohooo! I hope she does good on the plane. :)


feisty said...

sounds like a great trip- i'm jealous. i'm sure dahlia will love the plane...bring lots of snack and books.

a vacation along with babysitters is a damn fine idea...i gotta remember this stuff!

-Peder said...

That sounds very, very nice.