Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Paper Fanatic

I am a paper fanatic.

Seriously. I have an issue.

I love paper. I love lots of different kinds of paper. My current addiction is patterned paper which I usually get as gifts in huge "stacks" and love love love. I use them for making cards, for scrapbooking, you get the idea.

My past addictions have been note cards (okay, this addiction still addicts) and I should be banned from entering the "dollar spot" at Target. They always suck me in with their cute $1 note cards! I love to write letters but I write so few these days that it seems silly. But I love them. I love LOVE them.

Another past addiction...postcards. Someone PLEASE stop me from buying any postcards on my next trip unless I'm planning on MAILING them. Sheesh. I have postcards...don't laugh...from 1976. I'm not kidding. NOT KIDDING. WTF? I have great ideas about sending them to people as thoughtful little notes and then I don't. I still think it would be fun...but then I don't do it.

I also love envelopes. I have tons of them and I dont' know what I might need them for, but I'm pretty sure I'll need them.

Notepads? Check! I just uncovered a WHOLE stack of notepads - all different shapes & sizes. I should never run out of notepads again! Now if only I could keep them in a handy, easy to grab place.

I have a whole stack of mostly-used-up notebooks - these date back at least? High school? maybe. I think some are Steve's. I also have a stack of green legal pads that I bought at CostCo the first time I ever went there in 1997. Whew. Glad I got that 6 pack. I really burned right through them.

So, because I am going INSANE and need to purge purge purge I threw away a bunch of notecards that are ugly, I don't like, won't use, got for free and have been carting around for over a decade. I also ditched some of my own "envelope designs" (ugh) which I again will never use.

Baby steps. But I'm getting there. At least I have everything a little more organized now. I'm sort of feeling like I should write someone a letter.....

Next up? The gigantic horde of OLD nasty national geo's that have been hogging up space in my house/garage for 4 years now. Ay yi yi. Lord help me.


Kate said...

Hahaha! You make me laugh. Buy a roll of postcard stamps and throw a bunch in your purse. Write them on the fly when you see something interesting and send 'em off. I'm all about getting REAL mail.

juliemac_29 said...

Oh man. We're total twins on this. Crazy, paper-lovin' twins. Well, except for the postcards. There, you're on your own. But yeah. Paper - check, notecards - check, extra envelopes - check, notepads in varying sizes and styles - check. And on my list of "to-do-ness" is cleaning out their hiding place. Maybe we should just swap? LOL

Cello Mama said...

Does that feel fantastic?? I LOVE organizing and purging stuff like that. I keep thinking I've made strides with organization but it seems there's always another closet/drawer/cabinet that needs it. And every time I go through one, more stuff gets tossed.

Talk about liberating!! Good for you!!