Monday, February 09, 2009

Crying it Out

So I've heard that the CIO method should work pretty in 3 nights or so. Well...yeah, it's not working that great for us. I suspect it's because I can't take it any more by about 5am and go and get her and bring her back for some snuggle time. I'm sure I'm screwing it/her up but I'm at wit's end.

Last night was okay. She slept pretty much all night. I think I heard her a couple times but just let her was her sort of pissed off cry (because i'm not going in there). But not SCREAMING like it has been some nights. Saturday night she was PISSED and SCREAMED for a full hour. I felt bad because my sister was visiting and the ONE NIGHT she gets away from her screaming children she had to listen to mine. Nice. Anyway - she cried from 5am to 6am this morning when I finally got up, gave her a bottle (yeah, I know, that should stop too) and we went back to bed.

So I've been trying to get her to take naps in her crib when I'm home (like this weekend & today) and that has NOT been going well. 3 days in a row it's sucked. The book I'm reading says - give it an hour - even if she cries the whole time and soon it will be soon is soon? Good lord. Day 3 of this is making me want to rip my eyeballs out of my head. I was working from home today due to the ice storm and it's been nearly impossible what with all the wailing. And of course I'd rather be playing but whatever...I have to get some work done too.

So, we tried for a 3:30 2nd nap of the day because you know, she DIDN'T SLEEP EARLIER for her nap and I thought it was going well, but now she's been screaming again for the past 20 minutes or so. The hour is almost up, thank god, and then I can go get her.

This sucks. Why does my child hate to sleep? Why won't she give me a break?!?


Meigan said...

Oh hon, I wish I had an answer for you. You're doing all the right things. It's probably a transition phase & she'll eventually get used to sleeping again. Hang in there.

I offered an incentive to Miss Girl this week to stay in bed: 5 nights in a row without getting up & she could pick out a pretty new headband.

The week passed & we are headband-less. *sigh*

Kate said...

Sounds like you're on the right track. The baby I sat with last night cried for a solid hour before tuckering herself out and even then, it was hiccupy sleep. I can handle it one night, but every night? I might take up drinking again.

J. said...

I hear your pain.... Maddy kept us up for the first 6 months until I cut her off.....I know it seems cruel & is painful, but believe me I have asked many professionals and they all say the same thing, establish a schedule and stick with it. We are pretty strict with Maddy getting to bed on time and even if she cries we don't go. It will take a while - and the longer you wait to do it the longer that it will take her to get used to it - that's the worst part. Our pediatrician also said that if you are going to go in that you should go right away. If you wait for an hour then he says that the child will know that you will eventually come and will continue crying until you come thus creating a vicious circle.

However, Maddy now sleeps from 7:30pm to anywhere between 6:30 and 7 am. But I am NO expert, just trying to give you encouragement that this is really the way to go if you are really committed to having her sleep through the night. And you know what - there's no real harm if you're not ready.... each parent comes up with their own plan. My brother in law and his wife chose to burn the Ferber sleep book.

Meigs - tried that trick too.....we have a red truck that sat in our basement for literally 6 months before he got it. And here's the ultimate question - do your kids always come to Mommy?

gtr said...

Oh, I know everyone has different ideas about this!

But I've had lots of recommendations for the "No Cry Sleep Solution" book by Patricia Pantley, I think that's her name. It's got some good ideas. I've read most of it, haven't had tons of luck with naps yet (that's our struggle) but nights are OK.

She focuses on "loveys" music, routines, etc.

Good luck!