Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Jason's cat Bob is very sick. He was lethargic yesterday; Jason couldn't get him out from under his bed (Jason had a friend stay visiting whom Bob DOES NOT LIKE - so it's not unusual for him to hide) and when he did poor Bob peed all over the floor.

Jason was up with him all night - said his breath was "hitching" and he would just lay on the floor looking sad. Wouldn't eat. Wouldn't drink. Wouldn't sleep.

Jason took him to the vet this morning and the prognosis is not good. Initially the vet thought maybe a sudden onset of asthma but after several tests, they find out it's his heart.

Poor Bob. This kitty is HUGE and so friendly and so vocal and just a great cat. I am very sad for Jason because if it is a heart condition or disease, well, there's really nothing that can be done.

Please send any extra good vibes your way to Bob & Jason today. :(

(ps- Bob is only 6 years old!)

UPDATE - Wednesday, 8am
It's not Bob's heart, possibly pneumonia. He spent the night at the Vet ER in an oxygen tent, didn't get any worse, but didn't get any better...more tests & oxygen today....possibly seeing a specialist today or tomorrow.

UPDATE - Wednesday, 1:20pm
Bob's still in oxygen and doing a *little* bit better. His white blood cell count is 20,000!!! (normal is 8,000 for a cat). He either has pneumonia or.....cancer. Hmph.

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Kate said...

I still don't have my head wrapped around what I would do if I lost one of mine. Good vibes to Bob.