Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Jessica Seinfeld - 2, Carrie - 1.

So I got a new cookbook for Valentine's Day! I'm so excited because I've wanted Deceptively Delicious for a while now and my hinting must've paid off!

Because I'm really needing to slim down and bit and eat healthier in general, I thought - why not try these recipes? Why not start eating more veggies, more fiber, less saturated fats - why not now? Dahlia has no problem eating veggies right now, but I know that will most likely change so - hey, let's start some good habits now.

So yesterday was my puree day! I headed to the store and set out to make up a bunch of purees for the week. A chance to play with the food processor - whohoooo!

I started by roasting butternut squash. It smelled delicious.

I kind of just wanted to eat it! While the squash was roasting & baked some chocolate chip cookies - healthy ones! No butter (trans-fat free smart balance), no egg yolks, but chick peas! Crazy. They turned out really good. We actually really loved them.

Carrie - 1.

After making that I moved on to steaming & pureeing beets, broccoli, cauliflower, summer squash and roasting & pureeing sweet potatoes. I was trying to use all of our small kitchen appliances at once I guess.

The downfall of the night was when I knocked off an entire container of pureed summer squash and it landed on the floor! it splattered all over me, the cabinets, the stove & of course the floor.

Lovely. Jessica 1

For dinner I made chicken nuggets (w/sweet potato puree) and mashed potatoes (w/cauliflower puree). Well, the nuggets, I would call chicken turds. I think my pan was too hot and I crowded them in the pan. Next time I will try to make them one at a time.

Jessica 2.

But the potatoes were great!

I think overall this will be a fun cookbook to use & try out through the years. I have more ingredients for Mac & Cheese, turkey burgers & lemon blueberry muffins.

Let's hope I score higher on the upcoming recipes.


MamaD4 said...

I keep looking at this book at the store and wondering if I should buy it...the idea of sneaking in nutritious stuff intrigues me. I think mine would know right off that something was "different" about their beloved chicken tenders!

Kate said...


Anonymous said...

Seems like so much excessive prep work? All that pureeing. That was the reason I didn't make my own baby food. SO time intensive. Are all the recipes like that?

carrster said...

Yeah, it is extra work...but I think if I were more efficient at doing it - and storing extra in the freezer - it wouldn't be so bad. I had NOTHING therefore did a bunch at once because I had the time.

A friend of mine also has this book and buys the pureed baby food version of things and using that instead of making her own. I guess that's an option too.

The beets were canned so those were super easy, and the steamed veggies were really easy too. It takes a little extra time, but hopefully it'll pay off!