Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Date With Me

Yesterday I had a date with me. I have done this 3 times now since Dahlia was born - and it all centers around my dentist appointment.

Exciting, no?

I HATE the dentist. But I go religiously because the thought of something "going wrong" and me needing "work" done is absolutely terrifying to me. My dentist(s) rock - they are up to date with technology (even had digital x-rays done yesterday) and my hygienist is GENTLE and I love having the feeling of clean teeth - so my anti-dentite stand comes not from them, but Mr. Old School No Personality Dentist that I had as a kid. (who incidentally my mother worked for).

Anyway - my reward for going to the dentist like a good girl is to eat at Arby's afterwards - because 1)it's right there and my appointments are always around lunchtime; 2) I like roast beef fast food sandwiches 3) I almost NEVER eat fast food; - So it's my "treat." I learned in college to always reward yourself in some simple way for doing something that is good for you but you dislike. This is my way.

So now? I kind of LOOK FORWARD to going to the dentist. It has worked! Rewarding myself all these years has paid off. And now the added benefit reward is - I get a babysitter for a couple hours, go have my teeth cleaned, take my book into Arby's and then maybe hit the scrapbooking store for a few minutes when I'm done. It's not much but 2 hours of that kind of ME time these days is awesome.

So, I took myself on a date yesterday. I think I might call myself to do it again in 6 months....


Kate said...

Whoo Hoo! I LOVE Arby's and it's my special treat, too!

Meigan said...

That is so cute! I actually love going to the dentist. It's alone time & it's alone time lying down! Damn close to a nap, I say!